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February 11, 2015

February 2015

Feb 28th Saturday

Cool and fine, M’s birthday, working on second dancing girl,all welding on panels done and grinding, Sue coming to weld,brought cakes for M’s birthday, Geoff did final cleanup and painting of door, 5 people through sculpture garden, sold “above the chaos and dog boy and bird girl”painted more on Vicks Mailbox and changed over ends for compressor,, Phil Henshall called in to see where gallery was up to,  caleb and Emily coming as well as Kathleen and Eleanor for birthday tea.roast for tea, then talking until Kathleen and Eleanor went home. Rain at night

Feb 27th Friday

Cool and fine, load car and off to Herring Island with Dancing girl and Tony’s world, met Jess Strang driving the punt to Herring Island, lot of interest in Dancing girl at show, out to Ivanhoe to pick up lounge and chair,car front end being noisy, called in at station to see what it was,home to see Grant and Irene looking at sculpture garden and gallery with Marian and Eleanor, lunch then to drouin to do art with Helen, dropped car into Drouin motors and they fixed it while I was drawing and painting, home with fish and chips to see Sue and M and Eleanor for tea, M takes E back , sue gives me back my compressor which she has sorted out through BJ bearings. Sorted Eleanor Photos and added to Facebook photos,Watched 1 Dr Blake Mysteries, and 1 silent witness.

Feb 26th  Thursday

Cool and fine still, M has Eleanor all day, Baby Rhyme time, Jenny Palmer and Sienna in arvo, finishing Robert seat, start new sculpture of dancing girl, did Vickys mailbox welding, got other plasma cutter compressor hitched up and working,cut out most panels for girl, went to metal man and got bits, Belinda called in, did sunflower head, , Open studios summation at Meg and Nicks, home to watch 1 once upon a time

Feb 25thWednesday

cool, fine and breezy( east wind),M has Eleanor all day, car is in being fixed, swapped loan car for Kathleens car, Painter painting.finish big panels and Robert seat,and jindi sign,did a stegosaurus, assembled ,1 sunflower, 1 seat and painted wood for second seat twice,, Bronwyn picked up piece, went to Warragul, bought small compressor, another angle grinder and paint for eleanors table( 300) also paid metal bill ( 170) and dropped in angle grinder to be fixed, aldi shopping, paid Helen, home , nap, tea at Helen Malones and bookclub. On the silkworm. Home to watch 1 once upon a time.

Feb 24th Tuesday

Cool and gray,fined up pleasantly,Painter painting, M to Melbourne to see Madge, finish Maxfield frame table, do second panel in drawing finished welding Bones seat, did 1 bird, added base to Bronwens bird piece and flower, started on Robert seat, using Jeff’s cutter I cut out rosie Panels and sign for jindi café, several birds and 2 sunflowers, Vickys possum, Belinda, worked on a giant spider,Jeanette,was there for an hour welding edges,shopped for catfood, and hasp and staple, nap. Pie for tea. Walk dog, watched 1 once upon a time, and talked about signage, Caleb rang, thought about Jindi show.

Feb 23rd Monday

Fine and sunny( hot),, clouded over and showered all afternoon, cool now, took mower in to be repaired, went to Chiropractor for back and got hair cut, did vickys mailbox welding, marked out possum and birds for plasma cutting, cut out one panel for  order and drew up bluetongue lizard, cut out most of second panel, metal was delivered, took all into shed and cut to length, cut up pieces for maxfields table frame and ½ welded, nap,Pie for tea, Pilates, watched 1 once upon a time,

Feb 22nd Sunday

Fine and sunny, mow across rd,partly but belt on mower is tired, I delivered seat to Garfield, and then delivered heart piece to Kongwak, jindi flower show, and dinner with Alan and Bronnie  at the royal Hotel, ok, home to watch Broadchurch and Fortitude( Eleanor: noisy clouds= thunder), middle of shoulderblades is out again, night on floor

Feb 21st Saturday

Fine and sunny after misty start( 34) Load Trailer Warragul Art Market, not  a lot of stuff for stall ( 450) home to see people sold seat ( 150) and dancing girl sculpture( 750), 3 people through garden, deliver firepit to Jindivick and judge art,nap and Chris party at Harvest Kitchen in evening

Feb 20th Friday

Fine and sunny, hot?, deliver birdbath and my special place, load up beds etc at Madges,with help from Don, 1 tip trip for filing cabinets and desks, 1 op shop trip for couch and chairs, home, delivered Kerries sculpture,  Marian breakup at night at Middells., lots of people, went from 6 to 11 good night.

Feb 19th Thursday

Cool and showery,warmed up to steamy afternoon M has Eleanor all day ( baby Rhyme time) working on dancing girl,finished, mowed last bit of lower paddock, schnitzel for tea, added to facebook, talked to Jeff and Jeanette, watched Hollywoodland.. slow and a bit sad.

Feb 18th Wednesday

Cool and gray, Painter still working.M has Eleanor all day, toy library, did 2 seat frames,and one set of wood, painted balustrade frame and wood., repaint My special place, plasma cut with Jeffs cutter, Jeanette a bit crook,added pieces to one side of dancing girl. Sue dropped in tea at Vickys re incubator group, a lovely nights discussion with Mick, Vicky, Jeff, Anita, Sue O, Marian, Me.

Feb 17th Tuesday

Cool and Gray,drizzled most of day, Painter back again, M to Melb to see madge, cut up bits to add to letterbox did 2 birds, started new  dancing girl sculpture, made bronwens wrens and flowers, started cutting up a seat, new seat order from Lois,put up first balustrade panel sausage rolls for tea, worked on Drouin days sheet while M did minutes for last incubator meeting, watched 1 once upon a time.

Feb 16th Monday

Cool and gray,warmed up after lunch then cooled down again,mowed 2/3 lower sculpture garden, Painter Geoff is back again after suffering with Migraine for the last week, empty car,Vick to Garden, started letterbox,did second panel for balustrade, bring home sculptures from Ficifolia, didn’t have to take down screens at ficifolia,,Paint Balustrade panel and wood,Paid money to Warragul steel fish cakes for tea, Pilates watched 1 orange is the new black( 1st ep second disc) and 1 Once upon a time.

Feb 15th Sunday

Fine and sunny ( 37?) Open studios, M to melb to do more sorting at Madges with Em.worked on balustrade panel, Sue came over for arvo, Jeanette came over for a little bit and Jeff set up a group of work, 50 people came through and I sold 3 sculptures( wedgetail, my special place, and birdbath and the face seat and 2 magpies) had a social time with J and J at the end of the day, spaghetti for tea then anghor Wat doco, Broadchurch and Fortitude

Feb 14th Saturday

Rainy, went to Rokeby more rain, I came home about 9.30 ( sort of stopped after that) added kookas to branches( 3 done) worked on sound sculpture, lunch, puzzle , went and got Tynong toppings ( 35) and spread them over driveway, then started on balustrade, went and bought rails( 59), M went off with Kathleen and Eleanor, to Rokeby market, to Drouin Ficifolia parade and K’s place, steak for tea, watched new tricks and Little Women.

Feb 13th Friday

Cool and gray, warmed up then possible storm at end of day did 5 thistles and 1 bullrush,  went to pick up from Leongatha and deliver to Wonthaggi( swapped dancing with reach), home to finish welding after nap, :lady came and picked up order( 100) M to melb to see madge.loaded trailer for tomorrow Sausages and salad for tea.  watched veronica mars( end of series) and Xmen days of future passed, rained most of evening

Feb 12th Thursday

Cool and gray, warmed up ok, nice breeze,went to elizabets and picked up beds, M has Eleanor all day,unloaded then went to get  metal from Warragul as well as paint and Mig tips, did the mosaicing of Kerries piece, then did 20 flowers and 1 emu, nap chicken patties for tea with salad, Ficifolia opening tonight shared sculpture prize with Graham Duell.home to watch 1 veronica mars..

Feb 11th Wednesday

Fine and sunny to be hot, cold in nose, Lady coming to weld, did 4 dogs and 1 bird and helped Debbie weld, Belinda as well, M swap over car, pick up Eleanor and go to toy library, Eleanor a bit flat at lunchtime but fine at hometime, 2 naps, finished the silkworm, chicken skewers for tea, cooled down, a walk with the dog, 2 veronica mars and story club and red dwarf.

Feb 10th Tuesday

Cool and mild warmed up to 35, Belinda came and made jacks, Jeanette, came and welded ends in poles, I did a fire pit on legs for Jindi flower show, then 2 birds and 1 peacock, went across to Jeffs and cut out 10 flowers and leaves, lunch nap M to Melbourne to see Madge,got car back ( 780) out to Share club then tea at pub after that.home for walk , developing M’s cold, and watch 2 veronica Mars

Feb 9th Monday

Cool and fine, Interview GG at 9.30, didn’t get to do it then to Drouin, swapped car with Darren, help move screens at footy cub rooms 10.00 til 12 with Graham, Helen Rhona, Ingrid and others, home to have lunch, do telephone interview,took back 1 piece( lake and the cricketers), then back to get the birdsong machine 2, delivered it, shopped for groceries and cough syrup, home to do puzzle and nap, chops for tea, Pilates. Read a bit of silkworm, then watched 2 Veronica Mars.

Feb 8th Sunday

Fine and cloudy, M has Eleanor for part of day, add second coat to Kerries piece, do characters for the cricketers and assemble also character for 6 and tidy up and assemble, lunch( 3 people through Garden) then start on piece for Gippsland lifestyle, David came and got eleanor, Went to Alans Retirement thing, met Sandy and Malcolm and Libby, a very positive evening, home to finish writing for lifestyle.(reading the Silkworm)

Feb 7th Saturday

Fine and cloudy, M to swap cars with Kathleen, went to Jindi market and bought a cake and tomatoes,  came back to grind Kerries piece and do character, all assembled and painted with one coat, dragged myself around most of the day feeling very tired,6 people through garden, M has Eleanor in arvo hamburgers for tea, watched New Tricks and John Wick.. very violent and relatively unpleasant.

Friday Feb 6th

Fine and sunny, worked on  fixing broken seat, painting wood for seat, assembling seat,2 dogs, then morning tea with Geoff and M, went across to Jeff and Jeanette and used their plasma cutter to do a few pieces, did the back of Kerries piece, and also number 6 sides, welded them al together when I came back, lunch nap, mowed across rd and odd spots, put onepiece of mirror back in “lake”, Sue bringing tea.talked Sue goes home we watch 1 veronica Mars

Thursday Feb 5th

Fine and sunny a lovely day, took car in for oil leak, it’s a cracked sump and needs a week or so in there,went and moved sculptures and mowed last bits,Bear arrived and went and talked to M. I finished off the seat from yesterday, about 10 people through garden, talked to most and also Geoff the painter, Bear learned to arc weld and use the angle grinder,Kerrie dropped in,and bear stayed for tea( sausages and salad), moved photos from M s computer to mine.watched Hidden and added to facebook.Started reading the Silkworm

Wednesday Feb 4th

Cool and cloudy, started writing diary of trip in Jan diary place.M bringing Eleanor back here so I drive her in as she has to use K ‘s car. I did shopping and restarted paper, home to update website and send out emails re open studios, Geoff painting, I started a seat all frame done, Lady looked through garden, Jan garden came to get weather vane fixed, out of gasses, went to Warragul and got gas from BOC and metal from Warragul steel, home for a nap with Eleanor and M, pasta for tea, watched Thai video and photos, then watched the Equalizer while M slept.

Tuesday Feb 3rd

Boarded plane in Brunei 10.00 , watched Xmen days of future passed, started watching the adventurer,watched the maze  runner reading Whelan the wrecker, arrived Melbourne 5.30, passed through customs, went and had coffee and muffin, bought papers and I pad guide, sat waiting for Gippy Shuttle 9.00, boarded with one other lady, to Drouin, David drove us home in truck thing, Jeff and Jeanette came over to say hello, said hello to Geoff the painter working on Gallery, slept , up and started to answer emails and facebook, napped,Sue rang, went to Drouin for basic shopping and Pizza, started to watch Beauty and the Beast( but too tired)

Feb 2nd

Up early to leave at 8.00, with Eddie and Zhu and Zheng, couldn’t fit on first mini bus was left for second bus with Rhu, and 2 others showed pictures and talked to airport. .Booked in and had a lunch at café, Boarded smallish plane to Brunei reading Whelan the wrecker, drew plane in Brunei and also girl waiting.

Feb 1st

Up early breakfasted, loaded bus with bags for SD hotel, went to Pattaya beach, looked and drew, lots of para-gliders and a lovely mild day,stopped for lunch on way back to Bankok, then to a shopping precinct where we bought souvenirs and gifts etc. Back to SD hotel and checked in 1205, I went and bought M stuff for … napped went out again to PinKlou central, M has a cold and temperature changes, had an icecream and a hamburger , a bit better, back to room to pack again and rest, Abu dropped off portrait of M.

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