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January 11, 2015

January 2015

Saturday 31st Jan

Breakfast then off to see the thai culture show then the elephant show, lunch then to Pattaya to see art in Paradise show( excellent),stopped on way back at a shopping point to get souvenirs etc, back for a swim then across to have an outdoor dinner with letting go of sky candles and lots of singing and dancing.( Rosy, Indu, Yon, Shue, and others)

Friday  30th Jan

Up to leave at 8 but didn’t leave til 9, took bus to Nong Nooch Garden resort outside Pattaya. Met the owner then across for lunch passing the giant fish( arapania .then walk around garden along skywalk looking at multiple concrete animals, the car room the French Garden, a disneyland of plants  with lots of photo opportunities, back and checked in to resort, hot so had a swim in the pool, not many did this,Dinner at resort then out to see the ladyboy show at alcazar( a bit poor really), home again.

Thursday 29th

Breakfast,,bus to Siam Museum, looked at the history of Bankok, M still a bit crook, walked back to uni Lunch Talk to others along with 10 others, shortish time, then prepare  for opening ceremony, more girls and flags, then opening, took photos of lots of pieces, dinner in evening party and dancing, fun

Wed 28th Jan

Breakfast then onto bus, modified piece  ball too far over needed  stronger back stand paid for M went with others to Kamol exhibition students helped pack up gear,nap, back to have piece photographed put in talk usb for tomorrow, drew Yon tea. M still a bit crook, back on bus to hotel to tesco for medicine early night

Tuesday 27th Jan

Up and breakfast with Pimpisa, Aaron, Shue Ruei bus to uni past the pink elephants and palace, worked on piece before students arrived then star student Lieo arrived and welded covering on ball easily all mounted by end of day I had a break and photographed a good range of artists lunch and tea at Uni then home at 7.30 to Tesco and ATM to get money for paying for Marian and also students also paint, disc and another atm, showered and read Cixi.

Monday 26th Jan

Up and breakfasted with Aaron and Misuzu,Mijo,Kubota and Tanya, Met lots of artists, Charlie from Mauritius, Shue Rieu from Malaysia and others , on bus to uni, found welding area out front of buildings some metal thanks to Pimpisa and a welder, swapped benches with wood guy next door, first welder, blew a fuse so a smaller welder was needed, students Far and Aom and Dom?.made jigs and started on ball sent a student off to get an angle grinder and he came back with versions of bending sticks, made arc, did ball form started covering it cut out parts for characters, had an introductory meeting with President etc, Lunch at uni, ceremony with dancers and flags and speeches tea outside, way too many courses, singing by Rahinda, Charley, Yon, and band back to hotel, back a bit dicey for part of the day.

Sunday 25th Jan

Up early did a painting sketch from hotel window, went with Pimpisa in a taxi group to Market with Puspita,Ganesh and Heart and Indu, bought stuff, a fan, tablecloth, t shirts, 2 dresses for Eleanor,shoes for M knee a bit sore after a while, went back early to the hotel, had lunch there, read a bit then across rd to Tesco shopping centre, bought musical instruments for Eleanor and art supplies for me back Frappes with Ingrid in the coffee shop out again for a walk then back to read in room muggy and gritty outside.

Saturday 24th Jan

Up early said goodbye to Ralph and Barney, off to Kathleen’s 7.20 Gippy Shuttle, already there, picked up more at Pakenham and off to Tullamarine, bought papers and Frappes and read checked in at Royal Brunei, flew to Brunei ,good legroom, wached Among the tombstones( Good but grim) Alexander and the horrible day( Good also) and Hector and the search for Happiness( also fine) Deplaned at Brunei and resettled onto a smaller plane with less people, uncomfortable for three hrs, reading Cixi, empress of china picked up luggage.Warm and sultry Pimpisa met us and took us back to SD avenue Hotel… stuffed.

Friday 23rd Jan

M to Melbourne to see madge with K and E and Eleanor, also see Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition.worked on birdsong machine, last bird made and added as well as other parts, painted one coat, to Warragul to get wallet and tea, boots not in yet, started sound sculpture, part done, to Warragul to get boots, too tight to take, sandwiches for tea, Caleb called by to drop off Ralph, Jeff and jeanette called by to wish us well, and Bart called in to say thanks. I watched the Frighteners.Packed and ready.

Thursday 22nd Jan

Cool and misty after a cool night, insurance forms to fill out, M has Eleanor  for day, did 2 more birds for birdsong machine, vacuumed, washed, id forms for public liability, and Ficifolia, also did forms for sculpture garden, took cardboard to recycler, Chair arrived, set up, books to op shop went to Bank and set up cards for Thailand, ordered boots and bought hat, shopped at Aldi, Bart and Lesley out welding in shed, Rissoles for tea,phoned Gippy shuttle and insurer.rissoles for tea, cleaned out gutters, sat in my new chair, M sorted out cards for overseas travel, watched 1 veronica Mars,

Wednesday 21st Jan

Cool, showers warmed up, muggy and sunny,did Toorak entry, M has Eleanor all day, went to Warragul and paid for rocking chair also three corten sheets, delivered, to Drouin, more medicine and shopping, home  to morning tea with jeff and jeanette and m and Eleanor, went to shed and finished birds and added to birdsong machine, lunch with M and E, then Sue came out, cut up wood for her, talked, did a bit more in shed, cut up other flat tree trunk for going around shed door, painted, nap,  made rice and prawns for tea, went to meeting re Knackery,then home to watch 2 Veronica Mars

Tuesday 20th Jan

Warm and sunny, some showers at end of day, tidied shed, did a kooka, a chook and a bird, then did horns for birdsong machine and added them to it, did 1 flying bird for piece, Jeanette came over to practice welding, Belinda did a flower arrangement, 2 people through garden,lunch, took all paper and books to recycler and paid Chris timber bill N sth,home for nap, mowed across rd, added small sheets of tin to shed, brought in washing, M had been to dr today re sore arm, needs ultra sound and cortizone. Schnitzel for tea, rained, watched Jersey Boys… Good.

Monday 19th Jan

Cool and cloudy,did sheets for sculptures , mowed back area and some of front, took sculptures to Mt Martha, Vicki Gardened Em to Dandenong, M has Eleanor while Kathleen has meeting, bird broke off sculpture welded back on,went via JB, and bought jersey boys and guardians of the Galaxy, home for nap then Chris and Jeff helped put in windows in back wall and move old gym floor, sausages for tea, watched Guardians of the Galaxy good fun

Sunday 18th Jan

Cool and slightly showery, brought in washing, cut up wood from old window, hung up lathe tools,( Caleb came during night) painted three sculptures for delivery tomorrow, fixed broken pieces from yesterday,11 people through garden, went to eleanors birthday, talked to Shane and Kerrie, home to mow sculpture garden, nap.painted other side of landscape, chops for tea I watched some of Sherlock, Em tidied house and refound pool table..tons of books to go.

Saturday 17th Jan

Cool and showery, bit blowy too, Warragul art Market,sold 150,saw Jo Draisma Megan Dzur, Allison Cameron, Helen T, Robyn and Derwin, Mark and Carol, Bart and Lesley, assorted Turners,Natalie S and new baby,Jane and Phil Grey, M has Eleanor all day, Chris and Bart coming to help do window in shed, Em cooking at home, nap, moved things infront of window,other window fell over, talked to Bart and Lesley for a while, 5 people visited garden, Nicole brought a Chrysley imperial58 and a bride and groom for a photo shoot, Chicken Kiev and scallop potatoes for tea,watched Wolf of Wall st… hideous behaviour.

Friday 16th Jan

Fine and sunny,Pauline Mckinnon came and bought stuff, Aaron came and did trim, going to Melb with trailer called in on Madge, then to white ave to help Stephen move things,,took door to glass place, brought home stuff,Picked up Em bring her home,Andrew Grant came to have a talk and see gallery  load trailer for art market tomorrow, leftover tea, then to Kathleens to help with assembly of trampoline. Home stuffed.

Thursday 15th Jan

Cool and showery,tidied side verandah, Vacuumed, cleaned Kitchen floor, took 2 hall tables to T and C, shopped in Drouin, got car light fixed, nap, did 3 kookas and 2 ducks,made tabouli, People for arts incubator, Jeff and Jeanette, Sue O, Vicky K, Angela, Kerrie, us, Anita, Helen T, had a nice BBq and discussion

Wednesday 14th Jan

Cool and rainy,find out which airport, finished front of Kerries piece, move cardboard at Kathleens, picked up metal at recyclers, went to Warragul got 2 sticks of 6mm from Warragul steel, got more white chairs shopped, home for lunch nap,made  2 cats, 1 chook, 2 ducks, cut up material for kookas and owls, M at Kathleens all day pasta for tea, watched end of tony Robinson walks in Britian, Hot jets cold war and one episode of Rectify.

Tuesday 13th Jan

Cool and grey, Upset Kathleen with a simple comment, M had to spend the day helping her get over it, Belinda and jeanette came, unloaded car, plasma cut leaves and flowers,did 12 flowers,added to birdsong machine 2, did frame and ½ front face of Kerries piece, fixed red wedge and ½ painted it, chicken curry for tea went and saw the water diviner( good)

Monday 12th Jan

Fine and sunny, vick to garden,order steel, start kerries piece( did base) put arch in place,recycled life cycles piece,. M to take Em home and see madge, 6 people through garden, 4 ladies as a group, bought 3 sculptures and small stuff,shopped for basic shopping, went to Alan’s for a car load of metal stuff, home to steak tea, planted roses and crepe Myrtle and Hibiscus, said hello to Janet and Erica, watched 1 Borgen.

Sunday 11th Jan

Cool and mild gray  fined up to mild day, M and Em and Kathleen go to Morwell Be me, work on finishing arch, had 2 girls and kid in morning, Jesse Mc at Lunch, and Caroline and Luca and twins late afternoon, unloaded trailer, moved chest of drawers,tidied edges of pile, got back wedgetail from Gary, repainted, also life cycles probably to be recycled,Gave Gary Shield and Kangaroos,roast chicken for tea, talked to Jeff and Jeanette watched 1 orange is the new black.

Saturday 10th Jan

Cool and Gray, showers, Rokeby Market no rain all day, talked to a range of people, Natalie and Paul, Jeff  ( 250) then Mossvale Park ( saw Wilsons, Jo Clay and Emma, sue A, Deb gentle, etc)and saw Perch creek , Melbourne Ska orchestra,Paul Kelly, vika and Linda, Dan sultan, Clairy Brown came home before the Cat empire, picked up Em from Kathleens where she had helped unpack and tidy.

Friday Jan 9th

Cool and gray, showery, M has Eleanor all day, Em and Caleb helping Kathleen with unpacking, went to Warragul to get metal( reo and flatbar( 107) to metal man to get springs and stuff( 50), home to work on arch,Kerrie and judy came to garden commissioned piece, loaded car and trailer for Rokeby.talked and watched 2 Veronica Mars.

Thursday Jan 8th

Warm and sultry to begin( 32?) do signs for garden,( took 2 hrs) work on paint other pieces again,started new birdsong machine,Kaitlyn and her dad visited, and Tammy and 4 friends visited( 260) visited Jeff and jeanette,Sausages for tea,watched end of Arrow series, M home in evening watched Jack Ryan spy recruit

Wednesday Jan 7th

Cool and mild to begin( 35?) mowed across road, did  2 chooks, made two characters for patched, painted patched, did 2 tops for hall tables, painted them,2 people through garden, Lilian and Mark and Jan came to check out junk balls, took off with 2 sketches will return, were also thinking about Jeffs big ball, beer, hamburgers for tea, watched Arrow,

Tuesday Jan 6th

Cool and Gray to begin,warmed up considerably No  Belinda , work on 12 birds on sticks, 1 bird, 1 frog, sue’s flower and stall stuff, M has Eleanor all day, Em coming in evening to go to Bairnsdale with M spaghetti for tea, watched 1 disc of Arrow.

Monday Jan5th

Cool and grey to begin,warmed up to a beautiful day in the afternoon, delivered seat to Leesa,get 12mm rod, deliver Turkey, buy new welding helmet, to Pakenham,buy 1omm rod and mesh, did 4  birds for stall, M has Eleanor all day, I vacuumed in morning, drop in other vacuum for fixing, all fixed.2 naps, Sue visited, also talked to Jeff and Jeanette for a bit, chicken mash for tea, m nap, I mowed ½ of sculpture paddock, watched 2 orphan Black and went through 4 more sketch books.

Sunday Jan 4th

Rainy and grey, cool change in early morning after a warm night, Judy Mackintosh called in and dropped off my portrait, looked at new Gallery , me and M to Melb to see madge.fined up during day 23, took dressers, side table and washing machine to David’s and Serena’s brought home 3 outdoor seats some books and some pots, dinner at Salsas, home for walk and Em rang up and 1 veronica Mars.

Saturday Jan 3rd

Fine and hot and north wind blowing gustily( a pretty crap looking day 43)did turkey, chook and finished grinding heart pieces, joined and patched, laminated signs for sculptures, read book.went to Anitas and Pauls for drinks and talk with many others, cool change came through( small fire at Dr west and Warragul under control) Home for an orphan Black, chicken toasties for tea and 1 Veronica Mars

Friday Jan 2nd

Fine and cool morning heating to 38, did a bird and dog, did welding on the other two parts of the heart and ground off lumps, M went shopping, I redid all the titles for the outdoor sculptures and made an inventory of the small pieces cold chicken and salad for tea, walk and watched Desolation of Smaug.

Thursday Jan 1st 2015

Fine and cool morning fined up to a pleasant and sunny day, swept out gallery and rearranged pedestals and work within, New helmet gives lovely clear vision,started on second side of heart piece, all welded did 2 birds as well, tidied shed some more and dusted benches, Lyn and Chris came to see the gallery and garden and we talked to them for a while showing them stuff from the China trip and them talking about Camp Creative. Green curry for tea. Walk, watched 1 orphan Black and 1 rafters.

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