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July 11, 2015

July 2015

Thursday July 30th

Fine and sunny, Hung up most of the works in so far, wrote article for Gazette and sent emails to people re more work,M has eleanor for part of day going to Tumble Gym,Kathleen at a PD with Rob Monk, I finished the Bear and added to Guitar also finished pond cover nap,Sue dropped out her pieces,  chops for tea.

Wednesday July 29

Cool and grey,fined up over day  I worked on guitar,mostly welded and started to paint, Bought 10mm rod( 107) Aldi shopping, M to Kathleens to take Eleanor to Toy Library,did a pelican and ½ a bear,Jeanette dropped in still with a cough, ,lovely dinner at Celebration tonight book group Jude back from walking the pilgrims trail and Bart back for another month, were there

Tuesday July 28th

Cool and showery fined up in afternoon, M to Melbourne to see Madge ,Belinda cut up flower piece and re arranged, I finished the people for the heart then finished the heart and assembled, then started on Blue Guitar Wayne came and paid for “Olive”( 200) Phil picked up his paintings and we discussed a possible talk on his painting trip, Faye and Kathleen and Eleanor came and saw show, nap, Incubator group in evening, Anita, Geoff, Helen, Vicki, Sue O,Alison,

Monday July 27th

Cool and showery,worked on video movie thing for an hour or so, started pond cover, and did middle of small heart also 2 characters, went to Warragul for 10mm rod, None, also ordered circles in pipe ,nap Pilates pub tea.schnitzel, then home to 1 suits and 2 you tube videos on Imovie

Sunday July 26th

Cool and Breezy after showers at night ,went and checked pond cover orientation finish back of bookcase, started mid size heart frame, Giorgio picked up painting, demented Poets in afternoon, about 15, and about 12 or so other people thru garden,Caleb picked up Ralph, Emily and Caleb helped Marian with Ipad and computer password problems, curry and rice for tea, Grand designs and George Gently,David Bowie

Saturday July 25th

Cool and breezy, play with making  tripod fit I pad, and tidy Gallery , Video workshop with Sylvia,added to back of bookcase,  10 people at workshop, 10 more through garden,Spanokopita for tea watched 2 suits, and Salt.

Friday July 24th

Cool and showery,assemble bookcase set up for tomorrow Ipad stuff,went to Warragul got metal( 147)  and 3 new trestle tables( 120) Drawing with Helen, did 3 pieces for Hot August Night, shopped at Coles  2 people through  garden ,M to melb to see madge, lasagne for tea and watched 1 suits and Chappie, Caleb dropped by and left Ralph for a day or so.

Thursday July 23rd

Fine and mild, Mark coming to weld,finished table frame, I did 4 birds, 1 dog and 2 owls as well as painting bookcase, M to take Eleanor to tumble gym,cooked lasagne jindi get together in evening.

Wednesday July 22nd

Fine, showers? Mild, breezy,M takes Eleanor to toy library, Electrician here to make internet connection with gallery,I finished welding video shelf and painted it, did 3 birds, went to Warragul and got wifi extender, spaghetti for tea, watched 1 suits, made signs for sculptures watched Julia, Adam and Charlie as well as history of trains

Tuesday July 21st

Fine sunny and mild, Belinda dismantled Jelly fish and made a tortise, I did 6 birds mowed sculpture garden, started bookcase frame( all frame done and wood with 1 coat), Janine gardened, M had haircut shopped and did minutes for incubator.Osso Bucco for tea, Mother play with Noni Hazlehurst at WGAC tonight.

Monday July 20th

Fine and sunny and frosty,get gas from Warragul, paint again  painting tripod, shopping, work on 4 small characters, paint wood part of wood box, paint Belindas web, did a bird,added character to sculpture and called it countryside, nap, pilates dinner at pub.watched 1 suits and a bit of American highway show.

Sunday July 19th

Fine sunny and frosty, M takes Em to Melb then madge to church, I work on ball and birds,up to second coat, put picture in frame for adele, did 1 ½ characters for heart piece ,went to Derinya with M to pick up remnants only a bird and lyrebird left, fish and chips for tea, watched Grand designs( shipping containers) and George Gently.

Saturday July 18th

Fine and sunny, coolish nice day, worked on outside heart, romping cat and start of world of birds, M and Em moved plants and tidied.2 people through garden steak for tea watched airforce 1 and last musketeers

,Friday July 17th

Cool and Grey, M to look after Eleanor for a bit, then to Melbourne to see Madge, then pick up Em and home,I go to Moe for welding rods and discs, Kmart for jumper and dvds, aldi, Town and Country too drop off 6 birds( 360) station gallery , home, then lunch and  drawing with Helen,to Anitas opening, then to Warragul steel for rod and sheet, shopped at Drouin, unloaded em’s dirt, nap and puzzle, Pizza for tea watched war of the worlds and 1 suits,

Thursday July 16th

Cool and grey,fined up for most of day M has Eleanor all day,I did 2 birds and 2 dogs, painted metal frame of wood box, then 2 people made an order for heart sculpture to be done so I did centre stone heart and one side of outside heart shape. Organised truck delivery of work to queensland, chicken sausage rolls for tea.4 people through garden today watched 1 suits, Glitch, 1 musketeers

Wednesday July 15th

Cool and grey, M has eleanor all day,I did  1 dog, 1 cat and 2 birds, then did frame for Clarkes woodbox most of welding done and most of wood., nap, sausages devilled for tea, 4 people through garden watched 1 suits, bit f history of railways, how to behave, Home delivery and the last leg

Tuesday July 14th

Cold and showery, Belinda, did spiders for her web and a stand, I finished sails on ship, and did a peacock, a lyrebird and 2 dogs and a bird,went to Helens to pick up flyers( 800) shopped briefly, tried to find transport company M to Melbourne, nap,chicken stuff for tea,watched 1 suits 1 musketeers, sent off entry form for mudgee

,Monday July 13th

Cold and windy, showers and rain, Trip advisor training, Electrician Paul and offsider working on wiring in phones and internet in gallery and small jobs around the place.slow cooker chicken stuff for tea, watched 1 suits and 1 musketeers, Em upset again over missing photos, started the Rosie project

Sunday July 12th

Cool and grey rain and showers all day,loaded trailer, deliver to Derinya,home to Bill clark order for dvd stand and firebox,worked on ship got rails on and bow finished did a dog, Kevin and Rhonda called in to see gallery, Only road hog sold at truffle festival,M to Kathleens to help,chcken curry for tea, watched Mark Knopfler dvd, Grand designs, George Gently

Saturday July 11th

Cool and grey, cold snap? Tidied up gallery, 3 people through garden Jeanette came and dropped off her piece and helped, M shopped, Opening of snow show 2.00 about 20 people overall, Warren Phil Georgio, Keltie, Nicole Jeanette, Laurie  all there, Ros sold a piece, pies for tea watched Birdman and room 101, finished Vorksigian book started Cellist.

Friday July 10th

Cool and Grey, Fast Glass people coming to redo door, Jake coming to pick up Zeppellin,and flight of fancy Ben and jess and kids( eliza and …)coming to talk creativity, Sue D coming to pick up Saxophone, painting ballerina, adding mast supports to shop and bow sprit and front deck,M to Melbourne to see Madge and Em, Ivan and leanne came and brought Lisa and Michaela and 2 boys to see garden,Man came and talked about heart sculpture,snitzel for tea,watched Mad Max 2 and 1 musketeers 12 through garden

Thursday July 9th

Cool and grey, added to ballerina,( firebird) all welded part painted, added to ship, , M home and a bit sore tummy,prawn and potato for tea, looked at a few shows, watched 1 musketeers and Glitch, reading next vorkosigan book.

Wednesday July 8th

Fine and sunny,cooled in afternoon touch up paint on seat, add to dancer,up to arms hands and dress,visit people at Nilma re order,picked up metal and mesh, , M minding Eleanor while Kathleen has ultrasound, stayed til 7.00, Jeff visited sausages for tea, watched the weekly, Julia Zemeiro, the last leg and Utopia

Tuesday July 7th

Grey and cool, fine and mild  Paint more on seat,, did cut out and assemble 9 double flowers and 6 single flowers,started on dancer form paid noel, Belinda did a spider web,went to sign writer as he came here, went to Keith to get springs, ( 50)  get metal for masts, nap, Graham duell came and picked up 3 pigs, M to melb to see Em and Madge prawn rice for tea.  watched who do you think you are asher Keddie,M talked to Kathleen and Caleb, I finished book 3 Vorkosigan.

Monday July 6th

Grey and cool, showers, paint more on seat, started boat, did 4 chooks and 1 cat, Connor and his dad  welding in afternoon, Sue dropped in to do some welding, Pilates, then fish and chip tea,home to watch Paper planes, phone from Em, still anxious,

Sunday July 5th

Grey and cool,fined up, Longwarry market bought 3 dvds and washers and 4 plants and sanding discs, M takes Em home visits Madge, back to see Kathleen and Eleanor with sprained wrist, I do 1 dog , chicken pieces and wood and painting for seat and mowed sculpture garden and across rd, 15 people through garden with lots of interest, sold sketch, cat and entry to snow show, chicken Kiev for tea,watching grand designs and george gently

Saturday July 4th

Grey and cool showery,went shopping in Drouin,Then to Warragul to get air things to make compressors useful( 37)and petrol for mowing, work on finish cleaning bench at shear, did most of welding on seat, 4 people through garden.spaghetti for tea,watched Brothers Grimm and Rockquiz, looked  thru old photos.

Friday July 3rd

Grey and cool, fined up, going to Melbourne for a preraphaelites seminar, a couple of good talks, some ideas for me and a couple of sketches, bought catalogue, meet Em, meet stephen for tea at south gate, chinese tea fo us, bring Em home, still fussed about school photo thing, watched 1 arthur and george

Thursday July 2nd

Breezy, showery, grey and cold Did article for gazette, rang re pre Raphaelites, start seat and assembled pedestals and small drop, photographed them, tidied near cut off saw, cleaned out boxes under bench, 1 person through gallery, cut hole in roller door,M to Kathleens, all getting cold again, reading, pie for tea added to website, watched 1 Musketeers, alberts and a bit of the checkout.

Thursday July 2nd

Breezy, showery, grey and cool,Do article for gazette, ring re pre Raphaelites, start seat and boat

Wednesday July1st

Mild and grey fine all day  M had Eleanor for part of the day,painted drop again and did pedestal tops and bases, shopped in Warragul, dropped in Ems dishwasher, bought all clear and MDF sheets for windows, dropped off gardivalia stuff at Vickis, tried to pick up signs but not ready, home to do lunch., nap then 2 dogs, lady brought her grandsons to visit, finished 3rd vorsigian book, steak for tea watched Julia Zemiero, utopia and Last Leg

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