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March 11, 2015

March 2015

March Diary

Tuesday March 31st

Fine and mild, beautiful day, Belinda coming did an imaginary insect( up and down a bit)  Margie bear coming cut out chooks ducks and rooster,( 22) Judy McKintosh picked up Bulls head( 150), Margie Hodge coming, lunch talk and picked up surfer( 150), Sally walk coming to do bases of sculptural forms( 45) I added to my special place and started Goblet, M to melbourne to help Em and Madge, home to snitzel showed Em the Gallery then minding Eleanor all evening.. she played until her folks came and got her at 12.30….obsessive.

Monday March 30th

Fine and mild, beautiful day, posted off angel and taking you higher to their owners. Girls  and kids to garden, mow main sculpture garden I made a sink stand for shed, start my special place,( ½ done) helped kids use ride on mower, they also washed the mosaic car, M and Kathleen too Eleanor and went to Mt Worth for the day, sausages for tea Pilates, watched 1 orphan Black, did signs for pieces and fought with printers

Sunday March 29th

Fine and mild,beautiful day  work on finishing birds on perch, assemble pieces from yesterday, and paint seat colours. Did “ ready to fly “piece,Afternoon tea at Don’s new place in Heathmont and his birthday.took Madge and Em home, home for Broadchurch and Fortitude.

Saturday March 28th

Cool and Gray, showers?fined up nicely, I worked on adjusting talking to the angel, winged surfer,fixed other surfer, started birds on a perch, did 19 flowers, cut out feathers for ready for flight, repainted Zeppelin, did 1 side of horse, put feet on ark, lady came to look at heart piece, nap, Noel dropped off wood, Jeanette came over for a brief talk,  Etta James story tonight.Excelent, great music, great story great sound.

Friday March 27th

Showery all day Up early to go to talk on quinlong Emperor at NGV, traffic held us up and got there too late, still wandered around the exhibition almost by ourselves, lovely fabrics and paintings, not as much information as I wanted.. didn’t buy catalogue, just a couple of cards and Richard Flanagans book. Went across to Fed Square. Looked at Top arts, some lovely work painting, embroidered faces, mosaic pixelations, and some lovely layered patterns. Back to car and home via fountain gate to have lunch at chinese bar and buy ear candles, Home for naps, 2 people through garden, then me off to Moe to buy welding rods and grinding discs.Lady came and bought talking to the angel,  toast for tea Back to watch 1 musketeers using ear candles. Watched 1 orphan Black, tea, then Dr Blake and Silent Witness

Thursday March 26th

Cool and Gray, fine day for most of day and at end showers, M to mind Eleanor until after 9.30, I went off to Warragul to drop in angle grinder then to Farmworld to buy another plasma cutter, Home to work on finishing Horse, set up plasma cutter and cut out WRC logo and a few flowers.nap, Sausage rolls for tea.M too Eleanor home and I watched Fury… very gritty.. good.

Wednesday March 25th

Cool and gray,fined up to a mild day M has Eleanor all day rod tiled around sink and Paul the plumber started to put in sink and loo but didn’t have the right stuff so next week, worked on WRC seat,all welding done except dancing man, started Horse and got ¾ done,meat patties for tea, Book club this evening, the dinner.watched bit of Australian comedy show and 1 orphan Black

Tuesday March 24th

Cool and gray, Belinda coming,did flowers, I worked on bird for chanette, all together , attached doors and handles for sink cupboard,finished a standing bird, unloaded trailer, Girls to garden?, Rod Mchutchison came out and did sink for bench top and cupboard and stared tiles,Dropped in Plasma cutter for repair, saw Graham Duell, dropped in money and his entry to Farmworld, got two quotes for carpet for gallery, M to Melbourne to see Madge,Nap, mini roast for tea,didn’t weld scotty back together as raining, out to meeting at arts centre re use of arts centre.( 2 people through garden), home to watch end of our greatest growth thing, and 1 orphan black.

Monday March 23rd

Cloudy showery? And 27, work on  5 characters , 2 for arc, 1 for 30 on a bike, 1 for chanette and 1 for my special place, also did a small flower, started a bird and did a seat frame , cleaned up reflective and put him near shed, nap, M sorted papers and bills most of morning, shopped in arvo spaghetti for tea, Pilates watched 1 orphan Black, worked on forms for shows.

Sunday March 22nd

Fine and Sunny drove to Parkdale, unloaded trailer, parked in service rd, Sat all day at Family fun day( 500) finished book( the dinner)did a couple of sketches, home again via red rooster for tea,nap( 15 people through garden) Scotty and Bec returned sculptures, M had a quiet morning then went with Kathleen and Eleanor to Warragul Nth Fete, home to spa, watched Broadchurch and Fortitude

Saturday March 21st

Fine and sunny with a coolish breeze, fined up over day, Off to Warragul arts market, sold 350 of stuff, saw Allison, Carmen and Natalie, Marian came and talked to Lindsay and Heather, home for nap, 8 people through garden, order for birds on stand, Pete and family gave us some junk, finished Judys bull head,Emily Rang   chicken skewers for tea, walked dog, watched once upon a time features and 1 Musketeers. Caleb Rang

Friday March 20th

Fine and cool, Electrician got place lit,! I worked on stone piece( Ark)( modified stone support), and bull head, cut up Cattle race,Jase Tampaline at 12 for horseshoes,jeff offered some and I gave him some,2 people through the garden, drawing with Helen 1.00 did small sketches and 2 small watercolours, M to Melbourne to visit madge.Ian Maxfield out to see table frame wants a few modifications, Death of Malcolm Fraser..a true Liberal, out to tea at Lucianos for 39th wedding anniversary, back to read and watch Dr Blake and Silent Witness.Warned off by Jeff and Jeanette from bringing other people over to their shed .

Thursday March 19th

Fine and sunny, start work on Judy bull head, work on new rock piece( all base done)  grout and sand reflective, paint a pedestal,12 flowers assembled, 3 dogs( crouching) Electrician has come to electrify the place, Anita came out to use the plasma cutter, worked for a bit then stopped, Talked to Jeanette and Anita finished over there( apparently starting a small fire) ,Sue came out or a small welding job and a brief talk, M has Eleanor all day and evening, reading the dinner

Wednesday March 18th

Cool and showery fined up to  quite warm and cloudy, finish reflective mosaicing, add to stand and paint edges do a heart, seat back and wood, started new rock piece, cut up rock and started base, cleaned up 2 small sculptures dismantled one, did a lyre bird, Alan Tyers came and picked up school seat and a dog and duck. Nap, M made rice salad, M Has Eleanor all day, Incubator meeting at Anitas., lovely night with anita, Sue o, Helen,Vicky and us.

Tuesday March 17th

Cool and fine shower( at end of day.. warm change feeling all day) ? Belinda coming did flowers, Jeff had soil delivered, I did work on peacock and elephant and camel , did wendys stand and did most of mosaic for reflective ,deliver dancing girl to Ros( 800). M to Melbourne to see Madge, then sold seat to Bones( 150),nap, chicken kiev for tea, Phil and vera dropped off fire extinguishers, watched 2 Once upon a time, end of series,

Monday March 16th

Cool but fine and clear,sunny then high cloud , to Herring Island to pick up pieces, both unsold, call in and pick up bench top,shopped at fountain gate for chicken stuff TA and Janine to garden, M home.back for lunch and nap, painted pedestal, painted vickys frogs, painted Belindas ant,, finished 1 lyre bird, fixed a bird, stegosaur and pelican,did ¼ of reflective, man dropped off steel cattle crate,chinese for tea Pilates 1 once upon a time.

Sunday March 15th

Cool and gray,fined up to a beautiful day, M to 50th Kew High anniversary, me to Wild dog family day to do a stall, Cat has abcess on head,wild dog fairly quiet, about 50 people including Axel and Brenda and Jeremy, sold about $50 but bought about the same in stuff, next to Sally, Bonnie, Lisa Leslie, fish and chips for tea, M home after me, talked briefly to Jeff, watched 1 once upon a time, broadchurch and Fortitude.

Saturday March 14th

Fine morning a beautiful day, set up at Rokeby, sold 2 lyre birds, 1 peacock, 1 Kooka, 1 chook, 2 flowers( 300) saw Graham Tracelle( ist time since Robins passing) Lyn,Home 8 people through garden, Mick and isobelle and Ella and boy visited, Colin and Rosie picked up panels( 200) Bob White came and told me his sad news, taked a while, out to tea at Harvest Kitchen with Kerry and Chris and Judy and Bruce.really lovely night, watched  once upon a time

Friday March 13th

Cool and mild, fined up to a beautiful day, worked in shed,did 1 pedestal painting, then 2 lyrebirds and 1 peacock, rejuvenated 1 small piece, painted other side of big 4, and repaired and painted red heart, shopped in Warragul for paint and hinges and handles, rang bench top people ( inc Rod McHutchison) , painted 4 more pedestals,  M to Melbourne to see Madge, shopping,for groceries  mowed bottom paddock scotty picking up some 5 sculptures for wedding,( Gave them the skipping boy piece)  john picked up 2, said hello to Jeanette, Pizza for tea,3 people through garden watched 1 once upon a time, Dr Blake and Silent witness

Thursday March 12th

Cool and mild, and showery,repainted 3 pedestals, rejuvenated 1 small sculpture  and did a bird, an alien, a goanna and a frog,Jeff came over and talked about his trip, and a man named John came and bought 4 sculptures( Arch, positive flow, the big 4 and the horseshoe balls) I repainted positive flow and the big 4( One side). Nap, Marian had Eleanor all day and went to Baby Rhyme time and then to Jenny Palmers place for a play date. Rissoles for tea and watched 1 once upon a time and Predestinationion movie. Added to website.

Wednesday March 11th

Fine and sunny, mild, work on assembling seats and repaired bird girl, painted 1 pedestal, rejuvenated flight of faith, did 9 birds on sticks, 2 dogs, 3 bugs ,2 weird owls,2 snails,. M has Eleanor all day, Toy Library shopped in warragul for 12mm rod( 35.90) and aldi lemon and flour, went to shire offices re closed meeting re Knackery, home for nap.tea was chow mein, watched 2 once upon a time,added to Madges story and watched witnesses.

Tuesday March 10th

Cool and Gray fined up to a beautiful day, Belinda coming painted birds and worked on ants, I go to Pakenham to pick up sculptures 8.00, paint chair, paint pedestal, revive another small piece, did 2 seat frames, 1 made into seat, did wood for this piece, went to Neerim Sth and put up sign, , M to Melbourne to see Madge, beef patties for tea, painted more wood and seats, put back 2 sculptures small walk with Barney.watched 1 once upon a time, reading 100 yr old man, downloaded Doc Watson at Merlefest

March 9th Monday

Fine and sunny, lovely day, added to website, worked on attaching back to reflective piece, do wood for columns and adjusted 2nd Balustrade, paint pedestal,cleaned up and painted leaf girl and fairy,put out 3 loads of washing  M to shop with Kathleen,forgot to pick up sculptures from Cardinia, roast for tea, 6 people through garden, walk with dog, watched 1 once upon a time. Tidied desk and stuff

March 8th Sunday

Fine and sunny,perfect autumn day, basic breakfast, people heading back including u, did 2 sketches in morning, played game of exquisite corpse, drove back for lunch, nap, caught up on email etc, welded frame of reflective piece, cut out back panel, cut poems into back of Hillside,painted a pedestal, painted scotty again, 4 people through garden, sausages for tea worked on writeups for sculptures, watched Broad church and Fortitude, added photos to facebook and website

March 7th Saturday

Cool and Gray, going to Mt Baw Baw to stay overnight, help Caleb load trailer,drove up, found lodge, did 3 drawing/paintings, back to lodge after morning tea at café, had a café lunch did more sketching in arvo, Sandy, Rodney, Jessie, Zoe, Aeysha, another family and another family there, also Sue and Roger, a nice combined curry tea, reading, drawing and talking, a slightly restless night.

March 6th Friday

Cool and showery, Taxgirl at 9.00, M to Melbourne to see Madge,started reflection piece,Ryan Parsons coming in morning,wasted afternoon doing a few drawings and watching guardians of the Galaxy, Pizza for tea, said hello to Jeff going to Leeton and Murray for 5 days or so, went to Dan Sultan show in evening,did lots of very mediocre drawings, M enjoyed the Pierce brothers.Caleb and Ralph here..

March 5th Thursday

Cool and gray, showers, fined up a bit in arvo,M has eleanor all day, Bear coming, worked on calebs piece,re did scotty the fireman, also did 2 characters,, re fashioned Ballet girl( small) tidied up a bit painted wood for bases,Bear did chooks,  spaghetti for tea, took Eleanor home then film night second best marigold hotel, good and age appropriate!

March 4th Wednesday

Cool and mild, M has Eleanor all day, load car and trailer for tip trip, ( 70) load car to deliver three pieces to Cardinia art show, work on 5 small characters, hopefully mig will work,( yes) did little girl for hillside sculpture and surfer with wings for Margie Hodge, cut out pieces for other sculptures, 2 girls visited garden 1 interested in welding,nap,pained with Eleanor, steak for tea, did a walk with dog, watched 1 once upon a time, did computer stuff watched sbs Witnesses show,

March 3rd Tuesday

Fine and mild, Geoff handed in bill 4600,Belinda came and made a giant ant, jeanette did practice,I continued on Hillside piece, all structure done except character,painted back of N sth wetland sign, moved all plaster waste into Trailer,Mowed rest of house block and across rd, M went to melb to visit Madge and picked up stephens door, moved all doors to house verandah, moved bench in front of shed to side, Mig sleeve damaged, had to get new one from Warragul,, nap, chicken patty and pasta for tea, did entry for sandy Point, watched who do you think you are( sam Cody) and 1 once upon a time, night walk for barney in the moonlight, back to do computer stuff

March 2nd Monday

Fine and Sunny, rang electrician to start process of setting up gallery, Vick to garden, finished  dancing girl2, did Neerim Sth wetland sign and cut out Vickys frogs,picked up mower , mowed part of block, started on Hillside piece.,nap chicken skewers for tea, Pilates. Home to watch  the 100 ft Journey( ok a touch clichéd)

March 1st Sunday

Cool and showery, fined up nicely, worked on updating website re diary, things sold and things to do,went to Longwarry market, bought cake, DVD’s and sanding discs, shopped at woolworths, home to do one side of dancing girl re mesh, Caleb went home, Kathleen and Eleanor came over, lunch, nap, drove Em home, tea was sausages and chips, talked to Jeff and Jeanette, Broadchurch and Fortitude.

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