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May 11, 2015

May 2015

Monday May 25th

Cold and grey, work on painting girl and send off Pt Fairy piece.Pick up pieces from Jindivick.

Sunday May 24th

Cold and misty, M has Eleanor in afternoon and evening, I  worked at finishing Olivestarted painting girl and did a bird and a duck  talked to people who visited,including Mike Stanway who dropped off a geocache,25 people through garden and gallery,Lasagne for tea watched a bit of Eurovision, M and Eleanor baked 100s and 1000s biscuits.

Saturday May 23rd

Cool but fine, go to Moe for welding rods and grinding discs,( 135) and speaker for gallery drop off books at lifeline , back to work on Jive,girl, 16 people through garden and gallery some on bought tea lady, did “olive” lyn an Chris Bickhoff called in, fankfurts for tea, trivia night with Andrew and.Helen and Alice, came 3rd..

Friday May 22nd

Cool but fine, 22 people at Gippland leaders group arrive 8.30, stayed til around 10 4 more people, Kay Knights and hubby came an picked up My special place and flying with the songbird  then 11 ladies from Traralgon came for a bit, painted xmas tree, 2nd coat on Dunkeld and way it works started grinding jive girl, cut up dollshouse, saw Jeff and Jeanette re movement across the road( just a sprayer), took metal to transfer station, shopped and vacuumed,,nap, kievs for tea watched Eurovision and 1 once upon a time.

Thursday May 21st

Cool and grey, showery, M has Eleanor all day tumble gym, did 1 peacock, 1 emu, 1 pelican, and 1 lyre bird, reconfigured unicycle, and started a new mid sized dancing girl, window man came and put in window in shed, Gary came and assessed paths and roundabout, Fridge man came and fixed leaky fridge and antenna man came and fixed antennae( 200), sausages for tea,Eleanor til 8.30 worked on power point for tomorrow and watched agony.

Wednesday May 20th

Fine and sunny,did 4 dogs, painted how it works again, also Dunkeld piece, tidy a bit, rang antenna man, rang fireplace people, Tree guys came and untreed the carpark( 700),5 people visited garden, Sue came and visited, Russell came and picked up windchime, started cutting rock for another small piece, M has Eleanor all day, nap, schnitzel for tea,1 once upon a time and 1 musketeers

Tuesday May 19th

Fine and grey, not cold, showers  No Belinda today, do entry form for Blarney books, did 4 birds,lined up tree man, 4 people and 3 kids visit garden talked to UBC Jamie,  add to small characters  and increased by making the note taker tidied up a bit ,nap, M to Melbourne to see Madge then share club, party pies for tea.  watched 1 once upon a time and 1 musketeers did writing for new pieces

May 18th Monday

Fine and Sunny day,magnificent, , start on new small characters,revamped Tea lady, made flying with the songbird,flutter, and the butterfly dress ,tidied more of boxes of scrap and started filling trailer , Janene Gardened, M stayed home and played bills,Pilates tea at O and H fish and chips, then home to a once upon a time and transposing ideas from Pintrest.

May 17th Sunday

Fine and sunny gorgeous day, finish direction signs, tidy up more boxes in shed, opening of Libby’s exhibition,30 people including Paddy and Lyn and also Sharon Marshall sold zeppelin and  ready for flight,and getting a bit closer  and several birds and dogs M taking Em back to melb,watched independence day, 1 once upon a time and 1musketeers added photos to facebook

May 16th Saturday

Cool and grey..fined up to a beautiful day, hung up entrance sign, trimmed trees to see gallery, put up sign on gallery, made A frame for outdoor signs, started on 100 yd sign,10 people in morning and 30 people in arvo, opening of gallery 2.00 in arvo Em coming home and Caleb,meatballs for tea with James and Bonnie and Em and Caleb watched James Brown story, talked to kids.

May 15th Friday

Cool and Showery, Darren coming to weld, did fj holden line piece, tidied up for this weekend, Chris came and put in last window,shopped for stuff for weekend, Picked up signs from Drouin signs Pizza for tea,fined up in evening.Vicki and Mick and two friends came to gallery as did Jeff and Jeanette,and Faye stayed to 8.30 then left, watched 1 onceupon a time and 1 Musketeers.

May 14th Thursday

Cool and showery, M has Eleanor all day, tumble gym,I worked on barret core then started on ball, got that finished and all pieces assembled,  did 2 flowers and cut out more and also did 2 spoon windchimes,tidied up a bit, Electrician Paul and Reine here to install track lighting, mostly done, Jeff dropped in some 6mm rod , enter Yakkerboo, had chicken skewers for tea, watched the Giver and one once upon atime.

May 13th Wednesday

Cool and showery, M has Eleanor all day, tidied up desk worked on Barrett piece all legs welded and ground, started central core, nap shopped for 6mm rod and shopping warragul and Drouin, added red tree facebook page, snitzel for tea made ikes for red tree gallery on facebook, watched 1 charlie pickering and agony then 1 once upon a time, reading the invention of wings

May 12th Tuesday

Windy and cool, not showery,finished welding second leg of Barrett piece and started third, cut out corrugated Iron and made 3 flowers, 1 snail and 3 butterflies, Belinda tried stuff, went to sculpture show and saw all entries, brief talk to Niki, Wayne in arvo re poetry in gallery,steak for tea, M to help Eleanor in evening then out to see age of Ultron…full on punch fest..ok Rained most of night

May 11th Monday

Cool and breezy fine at times rainy and cold also,started another leg of Barret piece and ground first leg, moved more metal, put ad in Gazette,picked up Grinder, saw sign writer,applied for seniors card,tried to find about liquor licence, tried to chase up about blue signs, had lunch out at hotel, tried to see if someone wanted to sign off on gallery, saw printmakers exhibition( mediocre)home to finish painting seat and assemble tea lady out to Pilates, home to watch one once upon a time


May 10th Sunday

Cold and windy and showery,Do sign for libby exhibition 2 people thru garden,cut out leg sides for barrett piece welded one fully,M and Caleb to melb to pick up Em and go to Mothers day at Fionas,I go to Mirboo nth to pick up work with Helen, nothing of mine or Helens sold, keltie had 2 ad Nic 1, shopped then home before M, just a roll for tea, watched a once upon a time, bit of great wall and Poldark, then looked at what money had come in.

May 9th Saturday

Fine but cool windy at times, Rokeby Market, sold a bird, dog Dragonfly flower,Saw James and Bonnie, Judes mum, Tracelle, Geoff and Mariana, Lyrebird lady gave me 250 from owed for Ring my bell, and also gracie gave me 100 for dog order( 700) went to Geoff ..opening at Lillico( arrived and left before everyone)home for people visiting( over 20 people thru garden and Gallery), all afternoon, Maggie and Peter, Don and Bev Barrett, Kristy Mills, Vicki and Mick,Meg  Hayley, Sue Osborn, Sally and Greg,Helen and Hubby Masin,didn’t get to sculpture show opening,didn’t get noticed among all the good work, green curry for tea, Caleb in evening  watched Pitch Perfect.. very good.

May 8th Friday

Cool and gray, Darren coming to weld, did most of base of piece , I finished seat and did another, M to melb to see Madge then after tea out to child mind while Kathleen has a pamper festival.I went to drouin to drop off ticket to Helen who is going to Mirboo Nth opening ,also Kelties, shopped, home to assemble seat for order( 150) and put second coat on second seat, Pizza for tea,watched beverly hills cop 2 and the empire strikes

May 7th Thursday

Cool and gray,did 1 seat, moved corrugated iron in front of window,started wood for second seat, M has Eleanor all day and evening, Tumble gym at 10.00, Alan and friends coming, Don Bartlett dropped in, put signs on sculptures at Jindivick M made tea( spaghetti) and we played with Eleanor until 10.00, I did start on my piece for the Gippsland lifestyle mag.

May 6th Wednesday

Windy but fine after yesterdays showers,deliver 3 sculptures to Jindivick, M has Eleanor all day,Margie Bear and Ivan for lunch with me, Libby brought exhibition at midday we all helped set it up, Barry Rogers and Christie came too discuss leadership program for young men then delivered to Mirboo Nth( my 4 pieces, Keltie and Nicoles and Helen’s, showery in arvo,home to shop at Coles ran into Andre and Lexie( yr 7) then home to play with Eleanor.M cooked chops for tea.Eleanor all evening

May 5th Tuesday

Rainy and grey M to melb to get computer cord, see Madge and pick up Em, Bob Hickman called in for a talk, Jeanette dropped in briefly on Belinda and Jeff returned Ocean from Red Hill. I did 1dog and  2 birds,1 emu  a dragonfly,a character for tea lady,a seat frame,Talked to Irena at Rutherglen, nap,then went to Warragul to get 12mm bar but not in, bought washers and scrap instead( 99.70) Belinda,did a big flower on a stand,M out in evening taking Em back then a share meeting, I watched The Hangover, Bridesmaids and 1 Parks and recreation.

May 4th Monday

Cool and misty start, load up Ruther glen pieces, try to get new cord for computer,( did not achieve) try to get magnets( did achieve,$ 67) Rutherglen pieces sent by Pack and send $450 Pick up from Canterbury( 3 birds 3 dogs and 1 pelican) Jeff to pick up at Red Hill?, home tidy up” complex “to deliver to Hayses (done) nap paid Janene( 100), Jeff dropped over selling list from Red Hill(735) Pilates dropped off dog at hospital, complex at Hayses home to meatballs and 1 once upon a time

May 3rd Sunday

Cool and gentle start, Longwarry market for sanding discs and dvd , back for car rally clues, did a dog and a peacock and a startle,cleared up a bit and talked to 24  people through the garden, Hayses came and bought complex, Helen finishing painting today,all paintings taken down and gone, shopped, saw jeff about taking dog down to Red Hill.watched 1 once upon a time, 1 poldark and fortitude

May 2nd Saturday

Cool and gentle start fined up nicely, Helen Masin coming back, went to Jindi market,saw Lisa, did wood for Rutherglen seat painted a bit,1 dog and 2 pelicans and cut out a few bits for small birds, M helping Kathleen by taking Eleanor swimming then shopping, Karla dropped clues out,Ruth and Mary Royce called in, 20 people through garden, sold Ring my Bell and 2 small birds and a dog, Jeff and jeanette dropped in,dinner at Caf with Helen, lovely evening with GrahamDuell and Liz and Niki and Jeremy, home to watch 1 once upon a time

May 1st  Friday

Fine and sunny, solar man here to see why it isn’t working,  did 1bird and 2 dogs,. M to Melbourne to see Madge, Simone Schroeder with folks here for visit, Keltie and Nic dropped off work, Helen drawing here, talked to UBC re red tree gallery website, sourced flat nylon hangers, put ad in art almanac,sausages for tea, watched Paul simon Library of Congress, then flight

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