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November 11, 2015

November 2015

Wednesday Nov 18th

Coolish to begin, M helps Kathleen with kids, Caleb has a day at D west, Metal to be delivered,did 2 dragonflies,painted second coat on shelves, put signs on foundation  20 finished small flowers, 2 angels 3 knife flowers,bought 6mm rod at Warragul, bought a new angle grinder, oil for compressor, shelving melamine,

Tuesday Nov 17th

Coolish and breezy( warmed up 31?) Belinda did a big ant, I started shelves all welding done and 1 coat of paint, talked to Kathleen and Faye and Eleanor wayne came out re poets stuff, 2 people came re xmas tree,Janine gardened, nap, M went to Melb with Caleb to see Madge, chicken skewers for tea,walk then 1 johnsons, 1 blacklist.did words for a few sculptures.

Monday Nov 16th

Fine and misty-sunny, finish off birds of paradise 2,  did 6 birds finished off 2 small characters, did a seat frame( no more 10mm rod) ordered metal from Melsteel(540),nap 3 people through garden shopped with Marian spaghetti for tea Pilates, watched 1 mighty Johnsons, 2 blacklist candled ears.

Sunday Nov 15th

Fine and sunny,lots in paper re Paris terror attacks,Added Sue Coppocks drawings to website  work in shed 5 people thru garden, planted plants cut off a few branches, did main welding work on birds of paradise 2 did birds and cut out flowers and feathers, Kathleen over for afternoon,sore ankles and shins, fish and chips for tea, watched 2 big bang, 1 dr who and 1 blacklist

Saturday Nov 14th

Cool and grey with sunny warm patches through the day , Rokeby Market sold about 500 of stuff, paid woodworkers fees, saw Lyn, Tracelle, Geoff, Jeff and Jeanette, Steph, and others, home for lunch and nap, 2 other people came and bought blue guitar and a dog and bird, delivered seat to Barrs, reading book, pie for tea then out to Peters party.M went as a pirate and I as a picture, fun M talked to lots of old friends I sketched and looked at all the gorgeous girls

Friday Nov 13th

Cool and grey, M to Melbourne with caleb to visit Madge, visit by 20 seniors, man coming to pay for sketch,worked on base of sculpture did another character started ring piece , Darren came and welded for ½ a day, took car in to get side window fixed, started reading the Bone clocks( exc) home made pizza for tea, watched 2 big bangs 1 black list and the double( interesting but weird)

Thursday Nov 12th

Cool and gray, get gas from BJ bearings, ink for printer, shopping, deliver 2 birds, 2 chooks 2 ducks, 2 pelicans and 1 cat to Wonthaggi, Caleb takes Eleanor to tumble gym, bought gas, bought aldi stuff, Bunnings and more ink for printer,mowed paddock,broke side window of car hamburgers for tea, watched 2 big bangs, 1 sherlock and recent fargo

Wednesday Nov 11th

Cool and gray, car in for fixing, antenna man coming, new antennae, Caleb at D west for day, M with Eleanor ,I did 3 small characters welded, 2 peacocks and 2 pelicans,did pedestal for 1 large sculpture, nap, played with Eleanor for an hour,mustard chicken for tea,watched 2 big bangs, 1 black list bit of gruen and 2 fargo..M helped caleb pay bills, Caleb missed out on job at D west(100 applicants).

Tuesday Nov 10th

Cooler, grey, 20 degrees Belinda, Caleb goes for job interview at D west, did a chook and duck and a small giraffe, then did a seat including wood, Sue came out to see M and we talked for a while, Jeanette dropped over to see Belinda, bit crook too, cut out pieces for 5 small characters,M went to midvalley with K,chicken thing for tea,watched 2 big bangs then out to a little night music, did some good sketches.

Monday Nov 9th

Fine and sunny,lovely morning,warm day finishing writing for lifestyle,cut up metal for ducks made 4 ducks, Jan and girl visited, went to Warragul to get metal for shelves, mowed across rd, pilates, 3 people thru garden Kathleen and eleanor here in arvo,watched some big bang and blacklist, fought with word over doing Jindivick document.

Sunday Nov 8th

Fine and sunny, painted gate, added grout to birdbath, started chooks and ducks( 3 done) did 3 bullrushes, had 7 people through, Sue came out Caleb and em fussed over M, picked up gate, Picked up from Tyers, won sculpture prize, back to watch love actually with M, sausages for tea,Caleb took em back, watched 2 big bang, 1 blacklist and a pair of waking the dead worked a bit on writing for lifestyle mag

Saturday Nov 7th

Cool and grey, showery  woke up late after a late night, fined up eventually, finished welding gate and painted socks on girl, also mosaicked birdbath,lunch then opening of Sue Coppock show,about 18 people there, 4 people in morning, 25 people from the Poowong garden club.. had a great time, Helen, don poet, alice, Grant and Irene, Anita, Italian girl,  roast for tea, Kathleen and David and kids and em and caleb, night walk M a bit better watched  2 big bang and 1 blacklist

Friday Nov 6th

Cool and grey showery/ drizzly most of day,Caleb going to see Madge, bringing Em home, worked on doing 2 hands for door handle,mostly finished, M poorly, she watched Holiday ( Katherine Hepburn) went shopping for white paint and supplies for tea, visited Helen and delivered Bob’s table, 6 people through garden, pizza for tea, watched 2 Big bang and Automata, looked at old photos from Em

Thursday Nov 5th

Showery, grey, muggy and warm all day,M a bit better,did photos to facebook, tidied up emails, started on dismantling Chloe’s frame, fixed Bobs table, added to girl, demolished pusher, bought gate furniture and aldi shopping,Arthritis Group coming 2,00, (15 people through garden) Kathleen here with kids all arvo, Caleb went with Eleanor to Tumble gym tuna casserole for tea , watched 2 big bang, 1 black list, Em rang, restless night all around

Wednesday Nov 4th

Cool and breezy,became sunny M has pneumonia after Drs visit, no Eleanor today,went to Warragul and bought more data for computers,sent out email invites for Sue C exhibition, bought square tube for gate frame,home to add to girl, all together and started painting, added to birdbath, birds and leaves on still needs mosaic and paint, set out gate and welded both sides, mowed sculpture garden, 4 people visited, Janine gardened, Belinda came and took insects, nap and puzzle,1 load of washing, did chops and sausages and pasta for tea, watched 2 big bangs and 1 blacklist, channel 2 keeps breaking up.

Tuesday Nov 3rd

Mild and grey ,still tired from drive Belinda,did another bug,I started another girl and a dragonfly and a birdfeeder, Russell and Carol brought out flyers and fabric work to show,lady came to do Interview, caleb set up some stuff down the gallery,,4 people thru garden, Sue came to do flowers,, no internet thanks to dcsi, cup day, M and Kathleen watched the cup,M had bad chesty cold, Kathleen and Eleanor most of day, made chicken curry for tea, watched 2 Big bang and pitch perfect 2 ( one from market didn’t play music properly so Caleb used his files.

Monday Nov 2nd

Mild and grey, showers, left at 7.30 going to blairgowrie dropped off sculpture and then across on ferry and off to Dunkeld to pick up sculpture, took a few photos and bought mesh in Ballarat, home by 8.00 shower,read a bit Kathleen Eleanor and Caleb all here and busy with M, no internet thanks to dcsi

Sunday Nov 1st

Fine and sunny pleasant breeze muggy most of day rain in afternoon, Longwarry market, bought DVDs and discs for grinder and cake,8 girls walked up from glen cromie, home then,deliver foundation and snowdrop 2  to Tyers home for nap, saw Anita,,Picked up Dromana.( all 4 big sculptures and 4 birds and dogs) sold 10 birds and dogs, home M had 4 other in arvo, lasagne for tea, Dr Who lie, 2 big bang,

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