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October 11, 2015

October 2015

Saturday 31st Oct

Fine and cloudy, storm,( well heavy shower) did 2 birds, 1 dog, 1 pelican and 1 cat, went and picked up 2 sculptures from Wayne Foenander, shopped for lunch, edelmans for lunch, nap then did second snow drop,12 people through garden, new order from Lorrae from Mirboo nth, , lasagne for tea played with Eleanor and theo

Friday 30th Oct

Fine and Sunny, M to melbourne, did 10 birds, went to Warragul bought metal,(200) skipping girl vinegar tickets,book from Michael Veitch, shopping for tea and catfood, going out to Flak by Michael Veitch in evening,a good performance, did sketches and gave to him , home to watch Fargo series 2 on I view.

Thursday 29th Oct

Fine and sunny, load trailer deliver to Dromana,( 14 animals) ( 4 big sculptures) pick up bulldog clips, home to help take down Lyn’s show (done before I got back) mowed house block and across rd,someone bought birds of Paradise from wgac show ,M back with Eleanor from Tumble Gym( nap)  set up Sue Coppock’s did raw video but stuffed up,Sue Osborn called in,  roast for tea watched Elementary and Sherlock ( although a bit disrupted by signal falling out) and gruen on Ipad while M talked to Em

Wednesday 28th Oct

Fine and sunny,worked on 3 sitting cats, 6 dogs 2 pelicans 1 peacock,, M to tumble gym,then home after , nap,2 people through garden spoke to Jeff, chicken curry for tea Bookclub in Gallery,discussed narrow road to deep nth with Lois, Sue Lyn, Brian,M  and jen,.

Tuesday 27th Oct

Fine and cool fined up to beautiful but windy day, Belinda,did another tallish insect, I did 4 birds 3 cats 1 dog Lyn and Ted Martin called re a sculpture for their departed grandchild, nap then to sign writers, Helens to pick up open studios stuff, then to arts centre to help Sandy put signs on pieces,Opening 6.00, kfc for tea and 2 elementary

Monday 26th Oct

Cool and grey, did 3 dogs and 1 peacock, 1 pelican and 1 cat, load in exhibition at arts centre and Sue A with Jessie, Sandy Travis, M to fairy dancing then back here with Kathleen and kids , Caleb has ½ day teaching D west Pilates pub tea, home to watch 1 elementary, added to computer stuff.

Sunday 25th Oct

Fine and sunny, framed sketches gardivalia, 50 people through garden,all pieces at Somers sold, sold a few small flowers etc,picked up piece from Warragul, sent off two pieces to Sydney, Kathleen and kids all arvo, Caleb home in arvo Dr who, lie, death in paradise and Humans

Saturday 24th Oct

Fine and grey became a beautiful day,Gardivalia, Caleb swimming Eleanor, , Kathleen and kids here in arvo,assembled love garden and did new base for jelly baby made 2 emus and 1 dog, sold 1 emu,Kerrie Wainwright came and organised payment 1 bird love garden ,billy cart rosie came and picked up Lynnes paintings, sold bird world and another swirl girl,30 people through garden,spaghetti for tea, whelans place in evening, for trivia with Shazza, Simone Cliff and Mrs Pat .

Friday 23rd Oct

Drizzled overnight, fine day,Trip to Yarram to drop off birds and dogs at courthouse( poppy show), also pick up springs(200) from Morwell looked at colin Sugget show in Gallery,picked up metal also(300),M to Melbourne to see Madge, mowed lower paddock, 2 people visited, fish and chips for tea, Caleb and M put up tv in gallery, watched Bourne ultimatum elementary and 1 Fargo ( m didn’t like),

Thursday 22nd Oct

Drizzle a bit, group coming for morning tea, Caleb has a days crt at D west, M has Eleanor,  did another girl and finished 3rd bird Delivered revived ark and 12 animals to somers 20 people through garden, sold 2 emus, shopped on way home sausages for tea, watched 1 elementary and 1 sherlock

Wednesday 21st Oct

Rained overnight,drizzled most of day , work on finishing happy man, did insect, 10 birds on sticks 2 mid sized birds, 3 happy flowers, added hearts to the gardener, painted shoes on insulator girl, did wood blocks ,cut out fern, M has Eleanor,Caleb in and out out for tea with Kathleen and David, steak and pasta for tea, watched 1 elementary, did another sketchbook to photos, Gruen and the ex pm

Tuesday 20th Oct

Fine and cloudy, mild to warm, M has music and movement with Eleanor Belinda made her insect into a spider I made 1 girl with an insulator dress,started happy man with springs, also another insect, Talked to Wayne pollard about a poetry workshop in may and august,Kathleen and M brought esther and wendy to have lunch with us and their kids too,Theo to get needles, drs apt cut off tag and liquid nitrogen, deliver piece to Rotary,bought paint and penetrol, shopped at aldi, and coles,bought petrol for mowing,Caleb went to some schools,tea was chicken korma and rice, then watched 1 elementary. Worked on computer read book.

Monday 19th Oct

Fine and slightly misty,( 28?) M has Eleanor in morning,took mattress and couch and em’s seats to tip,tried to arrange transport to Sydney, working on new pieces for market, did trailer trash girl, 2 emus, 1 concrete insect, 1 ram, 1 flower, people came and bought 2 birds and a bird on a stick, 3 people through garden, 1 bought snowdrop,M worked on new cover for bouncer, Caleb bought new shoes, Pilates, tea at club hotel, home to 1 elementary, Caleb helps mum with computer

Sunday 18th Oct

Cloudy and fine,mild,became a perfect day,Gardivalia, M to Melbourne to see Madge and Em, took calebs couch for em, I worked on finishing Foundation..needs 1 more paint, about 30 people through garden,M did rissoles for tea, watched Dr who, Lie, and Humans.

Saturday 17th Oct

Misty to begin with fined up to a beautiful day, went to art market saw Alison, Helen, Mark, Jeff,Carol sold about 150, paid stall fees for season, M took care of garden for Gardivalia 23 in morning and 17 in arvo ( 40 people) sold skipping in red boots( 300), Pizza for tea, watched new tricks and then return of the sith

.Friday 16th Oct

Cooler and cloudy, up at 7.00 paint and McDonalds til 8.00 then to Dunkeld set up sculpture then to Ballarat, to ring rd then home. Got tyre on mower fixed, then mowed house block and across rd, M made lasagne for tea watched Spy and Bourne Supremacy.

Friday 15th Oct

Cooler and cloudy, up at 7.00 paint and McDonalds til 8.00 then to Dunkeld set up sculpture then to Ballarat, to ring rd then home. Got tyre on mower fixed, then mowed house block and across rd, M made lasagne for tea watched Spy and Bourne Supremacy.

Thursday 14th Oct

Fine and sunny 33, went and got trailer connections repaired and also fuse for indicators, home to work on foundation piece,lunch then  go to Hamilton, holdup on Geelong R d, Left at 2.00 arrived Geelong 5.00 arrived Hamilton 9.00  super soft bed slept on floor for most of night.

Wednesday 13th Oct

Misty,fine and sunny day, did tyers entry,M in Bairnsdale,. finished part of the story 2, 2 coats of paint and one on base, mowed sculpture garden, 20 people visited sold a couple of birds on sticks,nap puzzle, modified ark, Joel Martin called in re plasma cutter., chicken burgers for tea, watched 2nd part of waking the dead, sorted photos on computer watched Gruen and the ex PM, Caleb and ralph and M home

Tuesday 12th Oct

Finer day, dealt with emails and stuff, washed 1 load, planted plants, fixed broken pig, loaded tables on and went with M to Yarragon to T and C, back to Warragul for shopping ( cat food) M took car and went to Bairnsdale after lunch,I did phone calls to catch up with people who phoned while we were away 2 people visited. I started on part of the story 2, saw Jeff, puzzle and nap worked more on piece, shower, Chiropractor, shopping home to watch 1 episode of waking the dead. Worked on emails etc

Monday 12th Oct

Up early packed and left (7.00)for Bathurst, lovely day, M took lots of pictures, saw 2 kangaroos, Mc D at Bathurst,everyone going home from Bathurst weekend but quite easy driving, then on to Cootamundra, op shopped, on to Holbrook for lunch( hamburger) then on to Benalla for more petrol and an icecream, off to Alexandria for tea at pub, then to Healesville for milk then home 9.00, answered emails and facebooks. Bed slept well.

Sunday 11th Oct

Pleasant day decided on a drive to Rhylstone and other Town, stopped at Lue and talked to Des Howard Potter bought a mug, a really scientific and organised approach.. lovely workshop. On to next town and passed through to small town with a garden and junk shop and bought some plants and metal scrap. Had lunch by the Windemere dam wall.. not quite as attractive as we had thought but warm in the sun.back to motel for a nap then out to Rosby to pick up stuff, 2 sold Hillside and ugly duckling,,yay had been feeling a bit disheartened up to then,back to to tea at Irish pub , back to motel for Dr who and vera.

Saturday 10th Oct

Shopped for chairs to sit on and bought a nice shirt at op shop, went to Rosby, sat near a sculpture, sketched people walking by, lots of people but no sales for me( lots of others had sales) stayed til midday back to Mudgee for nap then out to the Drip ( didn’t quite get there but enjoyed the walk and photos along the river and rocks),small storm came through with thunder lightning and a solid shower, went to art space and bought some port  home and tidied up some watercolour sketches, tea at Orient hotel back to watch episode 2 of star wars

Friday 9th Oct

Up earlyish and found way out to Rosby set up pieces met the organisers Amber, Kay and others also some other sculptors took trailer back to Ningana motel and then to McD for breakfast off to Gulgong walked about town , took photos, visited museum, old stuff, stopped at honey place back to Ningana motel for a nap, shopped at Coles( next door) and target for stuff for food and setting up, had lunch then out to Rosby for Canapes and wine met a few people kangaroos on way back saw then back to motel and watched better homes and gardens and the Bourne identity

Thursday 8th Oct

Up at 7 shower and off to Benalla, drove thru Mansfield area , lovely country nearly went wrong way to Lake Eildon,got to Benalla had breakfast at Mc lovely serving girl, great murals on walls opposite, off to Springhurst to turn to Rutherglen. Had a battle unloading car as it had all wedged in rewelded Ben’s piece wood fell out too, then off to Wodonga kept going to Tarcutta had a mediocre lunch there then on to Bathurst..but it was the weekend of the race so decided to continue to next place with a motel….. Mudgee….had a lovely meal( comfort inn) and a nice night.

Wednesday 7th Oct

Fine and mild, cooler, back still a bit out,load trailer for NSW,Janine gardened started  base for new concrete work M to help Kathleen with Eleanor,Caleb still in Bairnsdale doing renovations, posted off surfer to NSW, also entry form for Warragul( country connections), finished mowing sculpture garden.loaded car and headed off to Alexandria,about 6.00 went on Acheron way gravel road over the mountains so was a bit adventurous, saw lyrebird, 2 wallabys, reached A , had pizza and found a motel for the night.reading narrow road to deep north.

Tuesday Oct 6th

Hot and blowy night, back still tender but better, Belinda did a flower, start new piece,country ties, mostly finished, unloaded car and trailer,Ben dropped off fish piece for Rutherglen, Jeff called in Graham called in 2 people through garden, finished mowing fixed bracket under mower, laid down calebs rubber flooring in shed, caught up with a bit of I view, went and picked M off train, Kfc tea,M home watched 1 elementary.

Monday Oct 5th

Fine and sunny, back still sore but iced overnight, drove to Newborough and dropped off Father and son to Peter( gave us a book) then to Bairnsdale to help Caleb move stuff to storage and her to home, I drove trailer back her then had Chiropractors Appt.missed Pi;ates, watched Spy excellent

Sunday Oct 4th

Fine and sunny getting warmer, Longwarry market,washed car and back now out video workshop with Sylvia Helen, Geoff, and us, M to melb with Kathleen  to see Madge and Don ,Clio and Jess coming for pond cover about 20 people thru garden, didn’t do much due to back

Saturday Oct 3rd

Fine and sunny spring day,, perfect, link to video on website and facebook tidy up patched piece,11 people thru garden Grandfinal between Hawks and Eagles.too much beer, M did tea, watched star wars 1 on tv and 1 elementary

Friday Oct 2nd

Fine and sunny, starting to move address book over to new computer, paint kerries heart piece and girl again, finish surfer,5 people thru garden, Janine gardened, Stephen stayed til 4.00Kathleen and kids for lunch, reading book and enjoying sunny mild day, home made pizza for tea, watched 1 elementary and 1 dig. M uploaded her video of me in Thailand to You tube.

Thurs Oct 1st

Fine and sunny, worked on finishing kerries heart piece by adding two girls and cat and painting it, and also did surfer, shopped in arvo then cleaned and tidied house,Stephen coming for tea, M and em  coming home,lamb roast tea, watched end of Pl travers story, and Marians video of me in Thailand

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