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September 11, 2015

September 2015

September diary

Wednesday 30th September

Coolish/mild/ showery, shopping, reprint a couple of pamphlets,. picked up old computer, did 2 characters for heart piece, 3 chooks, M to Bairnsdale, mowed sculpture garden,2 people thru garden, watched age of Ultron, pasta for tea, added files to computer

Tuesday 29th

Fine and sunny, did video of Lynne and uploaded to you tube, Belinda worked on spider and web, I tidied up  heart piece and added to base, Victoria and 2 6 yr olds came to pick up pelican, Helped unload car and move things, did shape for  pond cover, M has Eleanor in arvo, moved couches, dinner at Anitas, talked to Geoff, Vicky Anita, watched Paul Klein video.

Monday 28th

Fine and sunny clouded over but still mild, did a few loads to the storage locker , shopped for lunch then loaded car and trailer to bring home stuff, slow trip home tea at Sale, did emails and computer stuff at home and bed.

Sunday Sept 27th

Misty to begin,fined up at lunchtime, assemble heart pieces did most of base too 8 people in morning , sold umbrella girl( 200) , go to Naomi’s engagement party in afternoon at Caulfield chased Eleanor around, home for basic shopping and nap and M did tea, snitzel and pasta.loaded car and went to Bairnsdale to help Caleb.

Saturday Sept 26th

Fine and sunny, beautiful day, worked on heart sculpture and all of welding on outer heart done,bit of chasing around with Eleanor and Theo, M has Eleanor in morning, Lynne’s opening 3-5 46 people over the day lovely afternoon, sausages for tea, watched new tricks elementary and end of Kangaroos and eagles match( eagles)reading Narrow Road to the deep north

,Friday Sept 25th

Cool and fine,start heart , centre heart mostly done and outer heart done on one side welding and started side 2 sculpture,did labels for Lynne did video of Lynne, photographed Exhibition, discuss opening,M home for part of day doing bills then to Kathleens, 6 people through garden and gallery caneloni for tea and watched the Matador and 1 elementary and end of Hawthorn and freo match( Hawks)

Thursday Sept 24th

Fine and sunny,Kathleen came with Eleanor and Theo,helped Lynne to set up exhibition,kevin and Kerry came out and ordered a sculpture,3 others out too, did 3 frogs and finished Lizard, 3 more people out in arvo bought birds and dog( 210) Played with Eleanor for two hours do article for gazette,M to melb with em ( 10 people) caneloni for tea watched DrWho and

Wednesday Sept 23rd

Cool and fine varied day,power off for part of day, started a lizard, mowed house block and across road,went to Warragul for aldi shopping, get touch pad turned off as well ,home to photograph sketchbooks ,helped Judy take down show,Jillian and Steve dropped in to see show, and Graham Duell called by to talk about videos , rissoles for tea watched Die Hard 4, gruen, Utopia and end of Bangladesh building collapse. M and Em home ( 2 people).

Tuesday Sept 22nd

Rained overnight, fine and cool,showery Belinda bit not sure about what to make I, did peacock, pelican, 3 kookaburras, recycled the blarney book piece into daggy dancing and umbrella man, circles delivered paid( 400), M to help Kathleen, Em comes down, off to Calebs after tea, I ate the pie and pasties, watched Jack Baur, then who do you think you are.then Traitor

Monday sept 21st

Davids birthday, windy ,mild/cool,changed to cold  M to Melbourne to help Em, I go get mower , shop, mow sculpture garden, 12 people around lunch time, viv Collins pick up eagle(200). bought a Judy painting, finished welding of latest girl.. looking lovely nap,Pilates tea at club hotel, home to watch 4 corners re Malcolm and Tony and then 1 elementary

Sunday Sept 20th

Fine and sunny work on girl,all welding done, most of grinding done, stones put in and second mesh put on, Kathleen over again,7 people thru garden picked up stuff from Nossal, also some grinding discs, david and k and Eleanor for birthday tea, watched end of Vera,M talked to Em and Caleb, watched silent witness,

Saturday 19th September

Cool and foggy, off to toolbox and artspreneur at Kingston for the day some value, met a few interesting people, Lily, john, Oscar, etc, 50% value, home to play with Eleanor and have tea with David and Kathleen( cooked by M) watched Venus, good,

Friday 18th September

Cool in morning showered overnight, edited Judy video, and published to Youtube, worked on girl all metal on arms and legs and welded ( still needs some grinding) went to Drouin to send off  entry forms for Dromana and Rutherglen,went to Berwick to drop off flyers re sculpture garden, nap back to Berwick with M to get sculpture prize home to watch 2 elementary

Thursday 17th Sept.

Cool,showered overnight, ,M has Eleanor as Theo has circumcision, 3 people visited garden, Vicki called in for paperwork and secateurs, girls called in to check out tree and decorations. Janine gardened I cut out mesh for both sides of girl and welded one side, took computer and printer in to get started, home for lunch with M and Eleanor, loaded car Roger called in with an order for a helix, delivered 3 big sculptures to Nossal( birdworld, country girl and slip sliding away 2) bought Chinese for tea, shopped in Drouin, home for nap, M took Eleanor back.watched 1 elementary

Wednesday 16th Sept

Fine and cool day, no showers, painted slip sliding away 2 started on new dancing  outline shape done  and metal parts cut out ready for mesh, M to kathleens to help with Eleanor, brought home and sleep in arvo, I went and bought steel (140) and also bought new computer(1290) and a new printer( 99), 3 people through garden, Marg austin picked up plant signs for D west,Jeff picked up stairway to heaven,chicken mustard for tea, watched Utopia and Gruen, also 1 elementary

Tuesday Sept 15th

Rain extensive for a bit, cold, I worked on slip sliding away 2 and finished all welding and 1 coat, M to Melbourne to see Madge, Belinda did an ant, Jeanette dropped in ,Lyn dropped off a few flyers, Wayne dropped in to discuss plans for next year, slow cooker for tea,watched who do you think you are Greg Pickhaver, and 1 elementary, loaded 10 things Jindivick onto you tube and looked at other videos there.

Monday Sept 14th

Fine and sunny due for a change later, finished ball, M off to help Kathleen, take mower into be fixed, shopping, talked to UBC re email, talked to DCSI re other email, took computer in to see if lost years could be found( yes) looking at new computer, Home for lunch, then Paddy for afternoon, also Wayne for a bit, and Map man dropped off maps, Pilates with Gillian, then tea at club hotel, home to watch 1 elementary, computer stuff.

Sunday Sept 13th

Fine and sunny gorgeous day, did more on Jindi video with cricket ground, Nangara reserve, Gary, Faye and Rokeby rail trail done, start new piece in shed,( ball ½ done) added sticks to plant signs  Warren picking up paintings, Deb and Bill frew with friends called In Bill Clark picked up fire cover, Bryan and Jeanette called in to talk about their trip, ( 7 people through gallery) chops for tea, watched Roy Orbison, Grand designs, Vera, and silent witness.

Saturday Sept 12th

fine and a bit cloudy, Rokeby Market,started editing Jindi Video,  saw lots of people, Geoff, and Mariana, Lois and Peter, Bruce and Penny, etc sold $350 home to lunch with Edelmans and Caleb, played with Eleanor in sculpture garden,fixed bits on Jans seat, Nap, did chicken Kiev for tea, played with Eleanor and watched new tricks.

Friday Sept 11th

Spectacular day, started the Judy Mackintosh video. M to Melbourne to see Madge,went to Jindivick to post off parcel and video Caf, Jindi Gardener, and Jindi Tavern, home to fix leonies sound sculpture, went to Drouin for basic shopping and petrol for mower, mowed sculpture garden, did a pelican, talked to Joan Leary, nap.loaded trailer,went and got fish and chip tea, watched Veronica Mars to end of season 1 played with Judy Video

Thursday Sept 10th

Cool and grey,not as cold as yesterday, worked in shed on finishing umbrella girl, Eleanor to tumblegym,, delivered sculptures(slip sliding away and Bird) to Geoff and Penny Sargeant at Nar Nar goon, talked to them for a while, then video of Mt Cannibal, Gumbaya park and Garfield fresh produce, back to Drouin to shop , ran into Adam, brief talk, home to steak for tea.Glenn Buchanan and mates dropped in after a hard days trail riding, left for queensland, watched 1 Veronica Mars, put up first photos on Instagram.

Wednesday Sept 9th

Cool and showery Tourism Conference, M takes Eleanor to toy library and dinosaur concert, then home called in at info centres in Traralgon and Yarragon, saw John re tables,aldi shop, called in at Morwell gallery and dropped off info and saw shows,of Graham Base, big charcoal drawings, a 12million year old Kauri Pine,home for curry and rie tea, Eleanor all night, watched Utopia, Last leg and

,Tuesday Sept 8th

Cool and showery, Tourism Conference, Traralgon, Kathleen due today,had baby Theodore Sampson, Conference had lots of ideas for me, did sketches too,Spaghetti for tea, Visited Kathleen in evening with M David and Naomi there too, watched Getting Frank Gehry and bit of Restoration Australia

Monday sept 7th

Call at 3.30 re Kathleen, M off to mind Eleanor until Fay, Gray, cool and breezy, Mena coming 10.00, work on birds of paradise, started umbrella girl, reading Make me, Pilates,souvlaki and pasta for tea at hotel, home to watch 1 Veronica Mars, read book do computer stuff

Sunday Sept 6th

Cool and gray, Longwarry market, tidy up for Fathers day roast lunch with Jack Fay Naomi, Caleb, Emily, Edelmans,helped with preparation, Janet Chandler visited gallery,David fixed M’s computer,,sandwiches for tea, watched Grand designs, Vera and silent witness

Saturday Sept 5th

Cool and gray, Jindi market, M takes Eleanor to swim,take small drip to Tessellaar ,back to talk to ann Jones and Geoff and Penny Sargeant, tidy up for Judy’s opening at 2.00,about 30 people including Russell Broadbent, Chris Deppeler, Kerrie and Chris, Lyn and Chris, Glynis, lots of friends and rels of Judys,nap teasausages in bread, watched britians islands then zero dark thirty

Friday Sept 4th

Cool and Gray, feeling almost normal, M to Melb too see Madge, Baby still not here, modified horse sculpture, haircut and basic shopping,prepare for talk,did part of a small bird  Caleb in evening, Talk at community house re markets, home to pizza and edelmans, then watched woman in gold.. enjoyable, Caleb drops Ralph off.

Thursday Sept 3rd

Cool and gray showered last night,feeling a little better but still crook,improved over day did 3 figures for a structured Life, David Iser come with friend Rob for some redgum,took away sculpture as well,Epa Meeting Jindivick, then to remembrance.opera,good did lots of sketches.

Wednesday Sept 2nd

Fine and Sunny, still a bit burbly,put up photos of exhibition on website and Facebook, mowed rest of garden, watched Notting HILL,took metal to recycler, Penny rang re sculptures, Napped, bought more anti Gastro stuff, watched the bourne ultimatum,bit on history of Greece , the weekly, Utopia, and adam last leg.

Tuesday Sept 1st

Fine and sunny, crook tummy from the thai food yesterday, or eleanors virus did a dog Belinda worked on a structure, Mowed lots of garden,I read and slept, Lyn and Chris called in, Janette called in Geff Sargeant and Penny and Ross called in and bought slip sliding away watched 1 orange, and restoration aus still crook.big clean out overnight

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