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April 11, 2016

April 2016

April Diary

April 30th Saturday

Fine and sunny, worked on big piece both sides now covered, 10 people through gallery in morning, Hamish welded and box form is done, M cleaned Gallery, Meredith and family came another 30 people through the opening, Sue , Julie Lieshout, Marilyn Wendy and scout lady, 6 quilts sold a good  opening of Merediths exhibition, eggs on toast for tea, watched Captain Phillips, reading the dark blood( book 2)

April 29th Friday

Did Meredith Video,did labels for show, no Helen, M to melb to see madge, back to pick up kids Joel and Sue Tig welding in morning 4people through gallery, some of second side of piece done, shopped for stuff for opening, tea and shed,did more work on second side of piece. Sue left 5.00.Kathleen crashed car as it slipped on oil in Drouin, David still a self centered dick, M mostly sorted her out.

April 28th Thursday

Hung out washing, took down Laurels exhibition, hung Merediths quilts  about 10 people through garden and gallery, M sold a bird, a dog and something else, I  Delivered to Meeniyan, bought a  bowl for a sculpture, home,nap  M cooked tea chicken and rice, watched 1 Da Vinci  complex and a bit overdone, 1 Black sails  ho hum and1 Gotham.

April 27th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, worked on welding all one side on new piece, M minding Theo and top library, then both kids here,3 people visited, deliver pieces to Red Hill in arvo, called in at MPRG saw Salt water and war shows, then to MClelland and saw David Jenz show a drawing book show and their collection home for nap, did meat patties for tea book club here at gallery discussing the view from castle ridge, Jude, Helen, Sue, Jen, Lyn, Brian, pleasant night, started a fine balance

April Diary

April 26th Tuesday

Fine and sunny another beautiful day, Belinda did a weird creature,Janene gardened,  I finished the cutouts from yesterday and did 11 birds on sticks, 2 echidnas, 1 tortoise  and a snail all on sticks also 4 cats and 1 pelican,1 lady came I delivered around and about 2 to Warragul then to Drouin for some shopping and a small sheet of metal, home for lunch and nap the assembled pieces and started betwixt and between. Roast for tea watched 1 gotham and last of season 3 orphan Black

April 25th Monday

Anzac day, fine and sunny, M has Kathleen and kids in morning, then takes Em back and visits Madge, Margie and Ivan visit and drop off welder,  I deliver around and about 3 to Newborough, did 2 dogs and tidied bench, 13 people through gallery,Sue visited;Kathleen cleaned stuff, chicken sandwiches for tea,watched 1 Gotham, finished book the black Guard.M home late

April 24th Sunday

Fine and sunny, got trailer load of metal from property in Labertouche, worked on limestone piece,( Trinity) all welded and assembled, 1 coat of paint, man to approve around and about 3, 10 people through garden, quiet day after yesterday, pie for tea, watched adaptation.. good!

April 23rd Saturday

Cool and grey, iced slice, cleaned BBq took down to shed prepared for K birthday BBQ and Bonfire, M and Em did salads,30 people sold Jaqueline( 150) vacuumed, tidied gallery, did bonfire  tidied up no real tea, watched 1 big bang, 1 not the 9 oclock news and silence of the lambs

April 22nd Friday

Cool and Grey, did 2 pelicans 1 peacock,, 1 small bird, did one side of the circle with offcuts didnt draw with Helen, went to melb to drop off at Camberwell, visited Madge, went to Zart art, also an op shop, bought art stuff Pick up Em, home here for fish and chip tea and Venturers 38 people in total, watched 1 orphan black

April 21st Thursday

Fine and hazy, mild, assembled a voyage of imagination, painted reading, did 1 fairy for Eleanor, tried out the corrugated echidna, shaped a small limestone block and made the surrounding frame for it, bought paint in Drouin, lunch with M and kids, nap, to Neerim sth to talk to Caleb,Jenny and Lisa, home to do spaghetti cooler at evening watched 1 orphan black, 1 gotham, cooked slices and biscuits for Kathleens party.

April 20th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, m to Kathleen and melb, 3 fairies finished, assembled Bessie on her travels,shopped for dog and catfood, dropped off tax forms, did the reader 2 and did most of seas of imagination as well as the next big thing, mowed a bit across road, Janiene gardened, 2 people visited, chicken burgers for tea, watched 1 orphan, history of China and the weekly

April 19th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, M to Kathleens, Belinda came today and did a flower I continued with fairies 3 finished another started, did a dog cut out Sallys dog assembled bessy on her travels, mowed most of sculpture garden, 4 people visited, 2 busloads of oldies(18) visited, rang Sue,nap, puzzle ,roast thing for tea watched 1 gotham and an orphan black, sorted photos on computer

April 18th Monday

Fine and sunny, m to help Kathleen and faye, Washed and hung out and start on 4 fairies and other characters involving books, shopped for welding rods and food, nap, reading,pilates, deb leaving Pilates, home to sausage tea cooked by Caleb, watched 1 orpan black , phone call to M from em, helped M with Instagram, worn out a bit after the warmup!

April 17th Sunday

Cool and grey,finished view from Castle rock, Instagram for artists and oldies vicki, Jeanette, Lee, Don Barrett, M and me. Really good, Kand kids arrive for lunch, quiche and soup, nap, worked on Vyce piece,painted around and about 3, talked to about 10 people in afternoon, sold man of steel and cocky, also daggy dancing and some birds and flowers., korma curry for tea and watched 1 gotham, 1 orphan and Vietnam war doco.

April 16th Saturday

Fine and mild cooler as day went on, wire brushed and sanded around and about 3, painted first coat, walk, started on good and bad advice, Caleb showed us new electrical connectors in gallery Jade and Ray dropped in and we talked for quite a while, lunch, Jillian brought her grandkids and we did plasma cutting and grinding, Hamish also came to weld, wire needed changing, finished most of advice , fish and chip tea, watched 2 Gotham and 1 orphan black

April 15th Friday

Fine and sunny. M to melb to see madge then back to help David with Theo and Eleanor, Drawing with Helen at helens place,4 people through garden shopped, bought shirts, nap , work on finishing around and about 3,all welded, needs grinding, made steak for tea, watched 1 gotham, 1 orphan black, and sister act.

April 14th Thursday

Fine and sunny day work on edges of around and about,3 mostly done,talked to lady who dropped off some metal, . M to help Kathleen from 11.00 shopped for sausage meat for sausage rolls, made 2 batches and 1 tray of sandwiches for this evening put out 3 loads of washing, Janene and Terry anne gardened, creative Gippsland get together at gallery 6.00 38 people there talked to Jesse, Naomi, Jo, Gary, and a few others, stuffed at end of evening.

April 13th Wednesday

Grey mild morning,fined up a bit  M to help Kathleen with kids, did part of one side of around and about 3, Fay and friend at 12 to see gallery, tidied Calebs room, put calebs stuff in shed, Vacuumed house,shopped for groceries and new glasses record keeping for small business  6 to 8 home to 1 orphan black,, excellent

April 12th Tuesday

Showery,fined up over day M to kelp K with kids, work on other side of around and about start side 2, put both frames together and started finding stuff for edges, No Belinda,Wayne Pollard dropped in and dropped off poster, Bruce Jewell dropped in to buy a fire extinguisher dog, played with Eleanor for a bit,Sue dropped in to take home spinning sting rays,kfc tea go to Yarragon 6.30 to hear Bec speak on her crowd funding.home to watch last once started editing bec video

April 11th Monday

Showery, 1st day of term, M to help K with kids as K goes to school til 12, do photos of sketch books,did kinder gate all welded and safe rusting went to Warragul, copy centre for pamphlets,op shop for books and forks and cups, metal recycler for metal, Bunnings for paint, rods, grind discs, accountants to pick up Tax, to Drouin for shopping, saw Helen, will draw on Friday,dropped off lynnes table, to metal supplier for corten and 12mm rod,to sign writer for sign commission, home for lunch,nap, did 2 frames for about and around 3 and filled in one, welded one side. M to melb to see  madge, Pilates, deb crook so had Gillian,home to do sausages for tea, watched 1 once.

April 10th Sunday

Fine and mild day, M looking after kids while K plans for tomorrow worked on pieces for kinder gate,added to seskis seat  Hamish came to weld, did most of box for robot, Pauline Bones McKinnon reading from her book 2 to 3 had about 7 mainly family, George Ronalds and wife called in, also another 3, sold handling the weight,and cards and order for 3fairies, did washing, stirfry for tea, watched bit of David Attenborough, 1 Gotham, 1 vietnam war and 1 interview with Ken Done

April 9th Saturday

Up early fine coolish Autumn day, to Rokeby saw lots, Debbie, Geoff, Nocentinis, etc, Sue, sold $100 home to unload trailer, Girls gardened, paid $100, Laurels opening about 20 people at the speeches and about 50 through over the time as people came from plant fair, tired, made party pies for tea watched Tracks, then 1 once,

April 8th Friday

Cooler and grey, did 4 cats, 2 emus, painted nails and heart piece also pipe people, jeff and Jeanette came over and discussed plasma cutting at farmworld,mowed rest of lower paddock , 10 people through the garden sold 200 stuff, dragonfly, cow,dragon fly 5 flowers, fixed things for john, M helped Caleb unpack at school with em, took em back to melb,visited madge,, loaded trailer, home,made lamb frittersin souvlaki for tea, watched taylorswift concert 2013 also 1 once

April 7th Thursday

Finer, to Bairnsdale to hopefully get all rest of Calebs stuff,did 4 small birds and 1 big bird before we went,drove, loaded, back to Warragul, unloaded, shopped, chicken kiev for tea, watched Royal wedding and 1 gotham, stuffed.

April 6th Wednesday

Rainy to begin with and most of day, Caleb takes car in for fixing, did 2 birds, 1 peacock, 4 cat boxes, 5 small birds 1 tiny bird, 6 dragonflies, and 1 pipe dancers,nap spaghetti for tea , circus under my bed at wgac in evening, very good, light was too low for drawing, home to watch the weekly , video on royal wardrobe, Last leg,

April 5th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, smoke haze,beautiful warm day, broke bench under vyce, fixed it, did 4 dogs jeanette came and bent steel for a lasso and welded with the mig 5 people through gallery and garden, Sari put a deposit on Laurels painting for Jeanette Clark, Kathleen and kids over all day, Caleb and Em to Bairnsdale to bring back another load  M did pork chops for tea, watched Mr Turner, interesting,

April 4th Monday

Fine and sunny, tidied table, did forms for Gippsland 14 and sent off,M to Melbourne after lunch to pick up em and see madge M helped Caleb deliver stuff to school and sort stuff off verandah, I did finish off heart piece and painted, also 4 birds, drop off stuff for Belinda,mowed across rd and part of sculpture garden, and shopped for dogfood etc, made tuna a la king with variations for tea, watched the abominable bride,good, complex

April 3rd Sunday

Daylight saving ends, cool and grey,went to Longwarry market bought 1 pack welding rods, paid for 10 for next time, bought 3 dvds,saw Jacinta, did laurel video, put up Laurel video on youtube, prepared for the afternoon, jeff and Jeanette, dot, Barb, Anita and Daphne to hear Grahams talk, nap, made sausage rolls for tea, helped bring in ems new bed, watched Matilda and me,then the Martian, excellent,

April 2nd Saturday

Fine and breezy now showery and cooler, put up laurels labels  finished Geoff’s seat, assembled heart piece and stood upright , assembled Lynne’s seat, 6 people through gallery, machines, Jindi market, took photos for a video, did 2  characters welded,Kathleen and kids over for lunch and afternoon,Sue came and played with comnpressor, attached new vyce, Hamish welded, Geoff’s party good night, put up jindi market video on you tube

April 1stFriday

Fine and sunny away to Bairnsdale to bring home a trailer and 2 cars of Calebs stuff.loaded two trailers( One so heavy it damaged Calebs car on way home,) unloaded trailers and cars at new storage shed in Warragul, took trailer back after swapping trailers, tea at Kathleens, Pizza, home to unload car,watched 1 once, bed.stuffed.

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