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August 11, 2016

August 2016

August Diary

Aug 31st Wednesday

Cool and mild, do last 6 calebs creatures, worked on sheep, did smallish mower man, gone unphotographed went to Warragul after a bus of 20 people from Mornington came, bought wheels for desk(9 each), penetrol( 106), M minding kids, added to sheep in arvo, 1/2finished, nap took Caleb in to get his truck back then shopping for book group to something noodle place in Warragul.. ok, then to Lois to discuss the true history of the Kelly gang, still a bit crook

Aug 30th Tuesday

Cool and grey, Belinda, did a spider I painted old times circle, drilled Calebs creatures, started sheep, Wayne dropped in showed him video M to baby rhyme time,then to melb,Jeanette dropped in and so did Sue who talked to M  went to Lardner park at 6.00 re beyond the valley festival home via mc D watched you and me maybe rained overnight

Aug 29th Monday

Superb day put M on facebook, did video for exhibition, delivered swirl to willow grove,( 500)  home for lunch with M and kids, assembled jewellery case and transferred jewellery, Janine and TA gardened, naps as eyes were still sore, made prawn risotto for tea, watched 1 suits and 1 outlander

Aug 28th Sunday

Cool and grey fined up to a lovely day, opening of Fay’s exhibition, caleb to get a jewellery case from Ikea( bit of a trial) , M to look after kids, Kathleen here 1.00 vacuumed gallery  I worked on other side of Jan’s circle about 35 people over afternoon for exhibition, stuffed, pizza for tea, eyes sore went to bed and listened to podcasts

Aug 27th Saturday

Cool and grey, m to melb to help em and visit madge I did 2 birds and 1 cat, then ½ side of Jans circle piece and a small dog , Tess folks picked up her work and bought Bessie, Anoushka called in for a talk, 5 people visited terry came and soldered chair for his sculpture, finished painting last of calebs kids stuff, Caleb did spaghetti for tea, watched abduction movie and 1 suits

Aug 26th Friday

Cool and showery, took down rest of art works and cleaned spots off walls, delivered Jans totem poles( 300) 3 people visited Help hang Fay’s exhibition,lasted forever! couldn’t deliver swirl to willow grove, nap go get measurements from Drouin.m got fish and chips for tea watched new tricks outlander and exiles

Aug 25th Thursday

Cool and showery rained part of night,and showered and sunny all day,mowed the lower sculpture garden I did 5 dogs and 1 bird girls welding sue made bending jigs and a birdbath and angie made animals for her stand, people came and took paintings at end of show, Keltie and Nicole came and did photos,m had kids all day Kathleen came at 4.00 nap and pilates, watched end of new blood and start of outlander

Aug 24th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, 2 girls sue and angie welding did a stand going well i did another father and sons and a slinky malinky,busload of 50 people from Mt eliza garden club sold lots of bears chooks and some of mine, m minding kids I am achy in joints feeling poorly   Bm took Eleanor to Calebs concert I watched Fargo and slept restless night

Aug 23rd Tuesday

Cool and foggy,fined up to a sunny day with cool patches M had day at home, Belinda,did a flower head, I painted last of calebs kids things, needs another detail coat, did plasma cutting for gate and welded all in, ground, removed sharp edges, painted both sides,Sue dropped out, after lunch I visited Helen and paid her for open studios talked for a bit, shopped for milk etc, home for nap, fritters for tea  m to help Kathleen with kids so she can do schoolwork watched teenage mutant ninja turtles ok and read

Aug 22nd Monday

Cool and still, sunny periods and showers, big hail shower in arvo, Margie started  welding, M to melb re airconditioner at Ems and see madge,I cut out things for man at metung, he took away horse and piano,painted things, cut out last of calebs kids things, bought piece of metal at Drouin, saw sign writer, bought yellow paint at Bunnings and shopped for dogfood, Janine Gardened curry for tea,tidied desk added to excel sheets and added to websites watched 1 suits


Aug 21st Sunday

Cool and grey windy overnight still now, finished figure and sound machine, did a dragonfly did 2 sketches from photos demented echidna poets in arvo did video, also art therapy group came down, including Kerrie Davies,18 people through, Kathleen and kids as well as Margie for tea,slow cooker roasts left at 8.30 watched 3 agent carter.

Aug 20th Saturday

Fine and cool,breezy at times, showers M helping Kathleen, painted edna’s dress, finished 3rd totem pole, did a flying creature, set up most of the musical form, started a person form,8 people visited, Hamish in arvo, sold pig and metal horse, home made pizza for tea Margie for night, watched open range, good cowboy film

Aug 19th Friday

Cool and showery,5 people visited  girl came and bought ducks, chooks and a peacock, parent came and painted more of kids stuff for calebs school, I did backbone piece, fork piece started axe and pipe piece,also made a duck and father and sons, talked to keltie for a bit ( keltie paid for his exhibition) painted edna with clear coat, did chicken for tea, new tricks,

August 18th Thursday

Fine and mild ,warm and windy, still reading book 2 of the expanse, 15 people through including 10 latrobe info people,Neerim bower girls again todayJackie bought swirl and made a stand for her birdbath and Maryanne did a pipe couple, M has kids, working on edna all up and finished, Pilates 1 new guys, and 1 agent carter.

Aug 17th Wednesday,

Grey and mild ,ava and alwyn coming to weld, did basic welding and 3 flowers, M to toy library and mind kids in arvo, worked on edna, all surfaces on and started grinding,dropped back containers to Kylie and Mick, called in at jan’s for more metal for her sculptures, train engine went away and man and wife came with drawings for his pictures, bought horse and Piano. Did lasagne( reheat) for tea, watched 1 agent carter

Aug 16th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, lovely day Belinda did a flower and painted, I worked on edna and filled in her dress with junk and cut out and tacked on the arms and legs,6 people through garden after lunch( and reading book) went and got scrap from Kylie, and some basic shopping, nap after restless night last night, did chops and pasta for tea, watched Agent carter and bit of catalyst and forces of nature. Entered nossal art show.

Aug 15th Monday

Mild  and grey,fined up to a beautiful day delivered sculptures to Ormond, went to see Madge, had lunch at Fountain gate, to Drouin for shopping, opp shop and metal from martins, home for reading and nap,1 person visited  skinless sausages for tea, watched 1 agent carter and bridge of spies( good_}

Aug 14th Sunday

Fine and clear, springish,variable through the day, mowed sculpture garden, 6 people visited including Tara Cann and Jessie McLennan, painted 6 more of calebs school things and painted some of DSC sculpture. Everyone here for calebs birthday lunch, take Em home after.k and D had naps while M watched kids, home after em Caleb did snitzel tea,watched bit of gruen and Suffragette, finished forensic genealogist( ok)

Aug 13th Saturday

Fine and clear, shopping, did 5 chooks, 6 people over day, started work on  edna scarecrow, painted 6 of calebs things,  M helping with swimming and minding theo in arvo, K brought em home and we had slow cooker chicken for tea, watched room and agent carter

Aug 12th Friday

Cool and mild  and grey,fined up  no ladies came to paint kid things, jane and Sue came and Jane did a frame and things on sticks, M to melb to see madge early,then back to talk with Sue and Jane,10 people through I assembled the 10 birds on sticks and a few flowers, did 3 dogs and a bird and assembled the umbrella after making a solid base,M was supposed to help David with kids in evening  but he coped by himself, fish and chip tea, watched criminal and agent carter

Aug 11th Thursday

Cool and grey,fined up  M to have kids in arvo, worked on umbrella most of day Janine and Ta gardened, added to website,painted most of umbrella, had to go to Drouin for more paint, made meatball mush for tea Pilates, home to watch new team then Jonathan creek.

Aug 10th Wednesday

Rained overnight , fine and windy day Neerim Bower people today, Jackie and Mary anne happy with days welding,did about ½ umbrella  covering, also man picked up memorial. did video for exhibition, nap, M had kids for afternoon, did chicken mushroom and rice, watched Sherlock raining in evening

Aug 9th Tuesday

Gray and mild became windy, did a bird, painted 6 more of Calebs things, finished off Piano and put out, started umbrella, Belinda did a flower on a stand for a friend, Fay and Kathleen came with kids to see exhibition, worked on spring writeup for lifestyle mag, finished then to Rowville to send off 4 birds to Sydney home via Emerald shopped at Pakenham M did snitzel for tea, no Caleb watched eddie the eagle and a bit of olympics

Aug 8th Monday

Gray and mild fined up to a gorgeous day,worked a bit on writing piece, Calebs car in ,worked on painting 6 of calebs kids work, painted more on piano, cut out notes for piano and painted, did 3 birds and cut out and painted and assembled 13 flowers,also bought metal at Drouin( 135) 5 people through sold the girls and a kooka, sausages in sauce for tea,watched last Borgen

Aug 7th Sunday

Gray and Mild,fined up to a lovely clear sunny day, went to Longwarry market, bought 11 pkts of welding rods and discs and dvds saw Wayne and he gave me pkt of welding rods, m off to melb to see em and Madge, I went to Wonthaggi and dropped in stuff including shark 2 home to shop at Drouin then 2 people here, lunch about 13 people through in afternoon  did more on piano, painted white,nap M did chicken roast for tea,watched grand designs N and Wallander

Aug 6th Saturday

Grey and mild, worked on piano keyboard done and also cover, Janine dropped in art works,4 people in morning 20 people in arvo, including Margie and Ivan, Lynne, Sue, Tess and folks, Graham and wife,Janine, and Rex and group , pleasant time, up to house for nap, eggs for tea watched Borgen Rock Quiz and Creation

August 5th Friday

Fine and sunny, gorgeous day, M to get tooth fixed, , went to drop off stuff at Wonthaggi art gallery but not open, shopped at big w and a couple of others then  visited grant and Irene, came home shopped at Drouin for opening Curry for tea from Indian place, watched Rango, New Tricks,

August 4th Thursday

Fine and sunny most of day shopped and brought home mower ( 450) and metal 66) mowed across rd and nature strip, tidied house, washed 3 loads and hung out, assembled golf man,added to memorial, added to Piano,M brought kids back here about 1.30 Bryan and Michelle came 2.45,talked and then M took kids home, packed up kids stuff, Pilates, Kfc for tea watched new blood and 1 borgen

August 3rd Wednesday

Rained overnight, quiet and grey to begin,up and down all day sent out email re opening, finished main work on golf character and dancing girl, most of memorial piece is done, started piano, M to Kathleen for morning then to melb to see madge, Graham Duell called in as did Cathy Smith,Sandy picked up deer letter box, rissoles for tea,,watched Gruen and 1 borgen

August 2nd Tuesday

Rained overnight  started off showery then sunny then cold then mild then… Plumber came and did 2nd pipe and runoff from gallery, Belinda made a flower on a stand, Wayne dropped in with poster, Janine gardened,Jeanette dropped in, I did 2 chooks, 2 cats, 3 dogs another character for one order did most of golf character and most of new dancing girl as well as painting girl and bird again,nap meatloaf for tea. Jindi meeting then Othello did lots of sketches, very good but a sad ending

August 1st Monday

Raining/showers, M to help k, Plumber came and put in drain in front of gallery, just in time, Took in mower for M to get kids and car, did 4 kookaburras, 1 dog, 2 characters for an order, added to calebs painted pieces, and also did a piston alien. Basic shopping, Caleb brought his school team to meet at the gallery ( 5 people) lasagne for tea, watched 1 Borgen, added to website.started spring writing

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