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February 11, 2016

February 2016

Feb 29th Monday

Cool and grey,M to help Kathleen today,poisoned the path, Girls gardened, did selfie, and rain flower, and 1st balance dancer, cut up some other pieces, had Don Barret drop in 4 people through garden, man came and bought small drip, Maple leaf and Hexagon,nap, pilates, shopped, made rissoles for tea, watched 1 shield.

Feb 28th Sunday

Marians Birthday, mild and grey, adding more to Irenes page,went to machines, back to add more to Irene page, Danny Phillips and family visited… lovely time with arlo and Miles, Jeff brought 3 pieces over,then others to look at Irenes show about 10 in morning, set up for opening, opening about 25, about 20 or so from then on,4 paintings sold and 1 small piece of mine, Margie bear there too, and Alan,Bronny and friends, Natasha Doyle and Sam visited.. lovely to see them.. end of opening naps, went shopping incl pizza tea, watched 1 shield, wrote up computer stuff, the bridge.

Feb 27th Saturday

Cool and grey, worked on Irene’s video,uploaded to youtube, pump died, had to run to Warragul bought facemask, found some nice things at metal recycler,$600 for new pump, home to find I had lost video, people in garden, 10 through out day, 2 bought 2 paintings and a small piece of mine, installed card rack, Hamish in arvo, M had Kathleen and kids most of arvo,2 to 4 learned to weld,did 5 dragonflies, took chair up to show at Jindivick video, made fish stir fry for tea , watched 1 once upon a time, walk, started Irenes page to web site.

Feb 26th Friday

Fine with some cloud, mild, up at 7 and off to Melbourne reached herring Island at 8.45, punt at 9.20, unloaded work and helped a little bit in gallery, then to Johnson collection,interesting, picked up xmas tree, dropped of some flyers, then to Ashburton to drop off xmas tree, on to Dandenong then to Frankston to Seaford to stone man( troy Bramich) picked up some off cuts then went and bought limestone from limestone man, to McLelland gallery for lunch, bough m a necklace and a book, then to Drouin for catfood shopping, Warragul to pick up grinder and sawblade, home to see Sue re bending metal, nap, cooked chicken Kievs for tea, unloaded car ,walk and bit of shield, M talking to Em

‘Feb 25thThursday

Fine and cloudy, mild, worked on card rack, nearly all done, 1 coat of paint, assembled cyclist,3 people visited gallery, webinar form 10 to 11, Irene hanging show today with Tony, sue and David, all hung, titles made and laminated, nap,lasagne for tea from Marian, walk, cleaned off gallery roof,

Work on cocky

Feb 24th Wednesday

Fine and cloudy( 30) finished second seat and painted and wood, also did the cyclist and her shadow, assembled dragonfly girl,mowed sculpture garden, 2 people through garden,sold trishes painting and also 2 of my pieces tree of love and voice of nature,girls took exhibition down all paid except Lorinda at present, M has Eleanor most of day after kinder, dinner at Warragul Thai, bookclub at Judes discussing all the light we cannot see.

Feb 23rd Tuesday

Fine and sunny( 39?) finished seat frames and painted one seat fully did wood for second,did dragonfly girl, returned tickets for chain, redeemable in future,2 people visited garden, got tickets at arts centre, started cyclist and also cocky,went to Warragul twice, bought steel for flowers, did 12 flowers M to visit Madge , M has shareclub, chicken curry for tea watched 1 shield, walk with dogs, back to tidy up elements of backup discs restless night with heat and sore ear.

Feb 22nd  Monday

Fine and sunny day painted seat frame, cut wood for seats and painted one set twice, started second seat ¾ done. Girls gardened, Belinda picked up piece   assembled romeo and Juliet, and flower girl3, Jeff called over,Pilates, slight shower at end of day,kfc for tea, watched 1 once upon a time.worked on website and entry to shows

Feb 21st Sunday

Fine and sunny day( perfect) machines,people came for seat, finished character for Romeo and Juliet, made character for and assembled flower girl 3, fixed small drip, cut out pieces for seat, 13 people through garden, talked to a few,added bits to small cow, did chicken skewers for tea, watched 1 once upon a time walk, Monty Python live

Feb 20th Saturday

Fine and clearing, cool at times Warragul art market, saw Alana and 2 kids, Renee and 1, Natalie and 1, Helen, Jessie, metal men, sold 10 flowers, 1 bee and 1 lizard and other odd bits,( 200) Dropped in at Joys to discuss sculpture placement,home and lunch and nap, mowed across rd and nature strip, dropped off heart piece at Parnassus, Pizza from Dantes for tea, shopped briefly, watched the bridge on sbs catch up, walk, Jack Irish

Feb 19th Friday

Cool and grey, no showers , worked on 3 small pieces 2 finished welding, tree of hearts, and catwalk with flower girl 3 started, Graham, Jeff and Jeanette came at 12.00 and we discussed plasma cutting etc, Brett weir arrived to see gallery discussed getting him to talk on his overseas adventures, Margie and Ivan arrived as other were leaving, set up their new machine, Andrew Kasper and marlene arrived, to see gallery( 3 people ) talked re everything, helped Margie  with cutting, did 2 cats, , M to see madge and then back for lunch, worked on photo cards, spaghetti for tea.Joan dropped in, I drank too much, watched a bit of shield

Feb 18th Thursday

Cool and Showery, rained overnight, did more small characters kite flyer, and not a boring man,cut up pieces for 8 more characters, cut up rest of the steel delivered yesterday ,4 people through the garden/gallery Andrea Court from east Gippsland took 8 pieces for display at Bairnsdale Library ,M to tumble gym with Eleanor,went and bought sound machine and sheet metal in Warragul, nap, puzzle, rissoles for tea,walk, m to kathleens to bathe Eleanor I watched Skyfall.

Feb 17th Wednesday

Cool and showery, rained overnight,finished bee, 2 cats did 7 flowers,  1 small character reading, Metal being delivered, cut up some steel,showered most of day, M got cards made at copy centre and then has Eleanor part of day, Alan dropping off photos, shopped for socks, ink aldi stuff and general shopping, saw sarah smith and also shae,finishing reading deadpoint,chicken kievs for tea, graham dropped off plasma cutting end,watched 1 once upon a time,machines.bit of the weekly, adam hills

Feb 16th Tuesday

Cool and grey rained overnight. Belinda did another flower I finished Romeo and Juliet ,did heart monitor, cut out flowers, bee wings cat faces cat bodies, did 1 bird, saw Jeff ,Helen came out and we cut up wood for her thrushes, 2 people visited gallery Sue came out and made fists for blackwood,pork chops and rice for tea,watched 1 shield, Machines with Caleb, Caleb helping M with publisher.

Feb 15th Monday

Cool and grey,fined up at times, worked on Hanging on and started Romeo and Juliet, also 1 bird, ordered steel from Mel steel( 860) bought steel from Warragul steel (120) Janine and terry anne Gardened,put in crepe myrtle and wisterias.2 people visited Pilates, M has started making cards using, had saveloys for tea, watched bit of Veronica end disc, walk, then 1 shield.

Feb 14th Sunday

Fine and sunny after rain overnight, St Valentines, machines, M and caleb to Melbourne to see madge, worked on  2 dogs 1 bird, golf club coat rack, assembled ½ of dragonfly, car club rally through and 20 people in total through garden including Ros Goodwin, Lorinda and friend,etc, pick up from Drouin slow cooker for tea crunchy lamb and potatoes, watched 1 Veronica and end of spicks and specks, walk, unloaded car,watched Vera

Feb 13th Saturday

Fine and sunny, off to Rokeby, video group here to do tourism video at 7.15, sold 200 at Rokeby, saw Jeff and Jeanette, Geoff, sue, Brad, Anthony hatfield Chris Buckingham, home to lunch, nap trish and family visited, 10 people through today, nap again Eleanor here for evening.watched adam hills happy and bit of live at the apollo

Feb 12th Friday

Cool and grey to begin , fined up nicely, worked on putting together piece for Gippsland Lifestyle, stopped at 11.00 went and mowed garden for video people tomorrow, rang for plasma cutting parts, talked to people who came( 5 people over day) delivered three pieces to Parnassus( reach, layers of love and country links) lunch puzzle and nap then finished country lifestyle piece loaded trailer, assembled seat, did emails etc fish and chips for tea watched a veronica, walk, then Julia Zemiero and Vera on Iview.

Feb 11th Thursday

Cool and grey to begin fined up quickly, worked on jewellery stand, finished did cannon and started dragonfly, broke o ring,2 people through garden, went to Warragul bought sign for toilet( 63.70), Bunnings bought penetrol, aldi shopping, dropped in big grinder for repair, went to Cole shopped, home for lunch, puzzle and nap, Kathleen and kids here ,Kathleens car tinted, M did spaghetti for tea, K and kids in evening,

Feb 10th Wednesday

Cool and grey fined up over day,up at 5.15 drive to Drouin for petrol, then to near Geelong for breakfast, on to Warrnambool to stop at gallery then on to Pt Fairy to deliver swirl girl and bird world, home again via Mortlake ,nap, m did steak for tea, 1 veronica, walk, electricians have been here and put up data projector and fan,did a bit on website went to bed early

Feb 9th Tuesday

Cool and grey then fining up, Belinda, M to Kathleens then Madge, work on seat, mostly finished,10 people through garden, simone Denereaz cane amd talked over a wide range of topics including some signature lamps, Keltie and Nic came to see show,Tracy and Rhys came to pick some sculptures, nap,beef risotto for tea ,watched veronica,walk,and the bridge on Iview

Feb 8th Monday

Cool and grey to begin, warm and fine, breeze, added to website with video and pictures of my new work, started gathering info for lifestyle piece, went to help hang ficifolia show shopping,home at lunchtime naps start on 2 seat frames and 3 dragonflies, ,Caleb has photo day at school, Pilates picked up stuff from Kathleens,watched 1 veronica, and then Dallas Buyers club on sbs

Feb 7th Sunday

Beautiful day, write up stuff for new pieces, mowed sculpture garden added new signs, put out new pieces, did artist statements, did video of girls, Kathleen over for afternoon with kids, Caleb played with Eleanor, dogs stayed in the house, opening of Floral frenzy in afternoon about 60 people , bit hot but good time, sold 2 paintings and 2 small sculptures,chops for tea, watched bit of Vera but kept breaking up, watched Molly, then edited video and uploaded

,Feb 6th Saturday

Good night sleep, beautiful day with an east breeze, up early small walk and photos, back for drawing( 7 sketches done) and talking, lunch, stayed til 2.00 then back to Bairnsdale, op shop, home via Warragul and catfood shopping.watched 1 veronica, nap walk photographed in gallery,added to facebook and website, watched a bit of last leg

Feb 5th Friday

Fine and sunny, lovely day, work on another shovel girl piece, small reflective piece, dancer( with forks) and painted sweeper girl, put on board on gallery to hang things from, go to Paynesville, Caleb to Dr and Chiropractor after school, dropped off money for mirror to Damien, dropped off two hall tables at Yarragon, bought watercolour supplies, stopped at Morwell looked at exhibitions, Colin Suggett excellent, Home ex interesting,bark painting and some crystal vases with leds creating lovely patterns, to Sale looked at Horror show, picked up info for gallery bought collection book( 40) tobairnsdale for shopping, then to Paynesville, lovely spot, dinner at pub then home to talk and draw .

Feb 4th Thursday

Cool but becoming mild, Caleb better and off to school, took Kathleen’s car in for maintenance,fitted door lock to toilet in gallery, put on fire extinguisher Sue came and talked to both, M to melb to see madge, Geoff( painter) came to discuss making and selling, Baw Baw buses of oldies arrived for a walk( 15) 2 more people, Peter Simpson came to get bits welded, Pauline McKinnon dropped off book, 2 more people in arvo, mowed across Rd, Anita came and bought Margies chooks, then order for screen at Vue,Margie off to Newborough,curry and rice for tea.1 veronica and 1 sherlock, Caleb late home after phone troubles.

Feb 3rd Wednesday

Showery grey and cool, Margie bear coming,bought metal for her, put together 21 flowers, cut out 40 leaves,did the butterfly cage,cut out pieces for 6 characters,bought metal welded 2 characters , finish swirl girl refix slipsliding away, M podiatrist appointment,Joy and Les named all pieces in gallery and added a piece.chicken Lasagne for tea, a walk and I talked too much again…watched 1 veronica and Last leg down under and the weekly.

Feb 2nd Tuesday

Fine and sunny day, Belinda did an insect, I mostly finished swirl girl , ran out of gas, did 30 flowers cutouts,went and got more gas, called in at Brandy creek to drop off flyers and also Parnassus, home for lunch then off to deliver memorial piece to Leongatha, also pick up slip sliding away 2 and country links, home Caleb to Dr and Chiropactor with M, spaghetti tea, watched last 2 suits and walk with dogs and unload trailer.watched last weeks the Bridge.

Feb 1st Monday

Up early, fine mild day, 3 loads of washing, mowed sculpture garden, worked more on swirl girl,all clean except for one arm, stone done and mesh mostly attached, proofed ad for gazette,M to Kathleens to play with Eleanor and pick up car.Amy and Maddie Van’t Hof visited the garden, Nap puzzle mince on toast for tea and pilates.Home to watch 1 suits and 1 veronica and a walk. Added to website and facebook,

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