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January 11, 2016

January 2016

Sunday Jan 31st

Fine day packed checked out caught bus back to airport loaded onto airbus,sat next to try Bramich, a lovely young man working as a stonemason.. promised me some off cuts!, home to Vic, drove to Em’s then visited Madge, took em back then to Kathleens to get car, ( keys at home), basic shopping home to greet Barney and Ralph and do this.rice and stir fry for tea, watched 1 shield 1 suits and vera.

Saturday Jan 30th

Fine day, went to bus stop to get shuttle bus to Salamanca market, split up and walked at our own paces, I went everywhere, bought Rocky road, coconut ice, Turkish delight and Baklava, and a book, started reading Operation Napoleon, caught up with M at the fountain, walked back across wharf area saw three more galleries walked up to end, came back and booked a trip around the harbour on a cute ferry  boat, (manned by chinese students) did some sketches walked back to hotel nap then out at 7.30 to meet Jessa Rogers( Koopman) and her son Jeremy and Anna Rogers Thomason and Claire ( shum), a really lovely night catching up… They have grown into beautiful confident and positive young ladies. Such a delight. Back to room to finish book

Friday Jan 29th

Cloudy day thought to do some sightseeing so booked a ride on hop on hop off bus,got as far as Sandy Bay and it rained, hopped off bus and had a coffee, waited for a while hopped back on bus , went to Cascade Brewery looked at gardens, bought seeds at female factory, walked quite a way, back on bus and back to hotel M napped and I went round block looking for Galleries, bought a bottle of wine, went out to Maharajahs restaurant( across rd) and had a great Indian meal, back to finish book

Thursday Jan 28th

After a Restless night up for a beautiful day,breakfast of egg and bacon pita at banjos bakery, then down to the ferry to Mona, camouflaged ferry with a cow and sheep seats in part ,up 94 steps then took photos of truck and cement mixer, then into building, down in circular lift to bottom, Gilbert and George exhibition, worked our way up the steps and galleries. Really interesting, took quite a few photos as reminders left at 12.30, on ferry back to Hobart, then walked along Salamanca place looking at galleries, had lunch in Salamanca square , walked slowly back to hotel, m downloaded everything, nap.out to tea at the shamrock for $12 steaks lovely, back to watch tv


Wednesday Jan 27th

Restless night, did get to sleep, up at 5.15,coffee and last minute packing, to Drouin to post letters and get fuel(111). Drove to Springvale rd, got out of traffic and worked across to Bell St. Brake warning was sounding, called in at mechanic, he looked at fluid and it righted itself, on to long term parking(51.80)then to terminal 4jetstar, used the automated machines with help from the staff ,on Airbus in legroom row, next to an English lass. Pleasant ride to Hobart, shuttle to hotel ( mid city ) checked in then get lunch at bakery, a Cajun chicken sandwich(l) and an egg sandwich ( m)then walked to art gallery museum. Newly renovated but still poor lighting, saw shows on pattern play, tasmania in the Great War, coins and medals, botanical illustration and the art collection. Some lovely Piguinets,bought books at shop, walked back to hotel via salvos store, smelly loo in room, but went straight to sleep.Tea at New Sydney hotel across rd, 2 beers, and crispy lamb( slowcooked lamb pieces with Grandma’s potatoes and feta and olives and spring onions,($80!),back to hotel and reading all the light we cannot see.


Tuesday Jan 26th

Australia day, Caleb home, 2 people through garden, fine and mild, Belinda did a wonderful insect, I worked on swirl girl mostly done and football piece,( finished) pack bags take down big bits of Cathy’s show, deliver car to Warragul for tinting, shopped for cat food Kathleen bringing Pizzas for tea,,

Monday Jan 25th

Cool and grey day, do stuff for Tassie trip, did hands for new doorhandle, nap, hung out washing,start football piece and also swirl girl all started,10 people through garden and gallery incl Alan, Phil ,etc sausages and salad for tea, 1 suits, walk, 1 veronica,

Sunday Jan 24th

Cool and showery,ernie and Fiona went to Neerim show,tidied up, Don and Pauli for morning tea and Lunch,helped prepare closing party for Cathy Smith, 30 people there, order of layers of love and seat, Eleanor and Theo and K most of day, snitzel for tea, watched The bridge ep 2,walk..watched 1 suits and 1 veronica

Saturday Jan 23rd

Cool and cloudy,showery all morning finer in arvo. Fiona and ernie coming for evening,worked on flywheel, also 3 pelicans,8 people thru garden, went to Wonthaggi via backroads and dropped off around and about 1, 2 pelicans, 2 ducks, 1 dog, 1 bird, Home via backroads, David and Kathleen and kids for tea also chicken Kievs for tea, then watched a bit of 30th anniv concert of Bob.

Friday Jan 22nd

Cool and mild rain coming, going to Melb to have lunch with Madge and Em for ems birthday, mowed across rd, painted memorial piece, Graham came and talked about Plasma cutting,drove M to Drouin, went to metal man, bought lots of good metaql, went to melb, picked up Em and lunch to Faversham house and had lunch with Madge, Kathleen and kids and M, then drove em to JB bought dvds then to Bunnings to buy mulch, then home on to fountain gate for Chinese for tea and dvds from big w, home for nap, K and kids here as well, they leave we have tea watch 1 suits, walk, then watched Focus, ok

Thursday Jan 21st

Cool and mild, building inspector coming( some things to be fixed), solar panel man coming,( will fix panel and sorted out our gallery password and downloaded solar app, Karen and 4 other arts people coming for meeting, worked on memorial piece, finished and painted, did 2 flowers for a visitor, started flywheel feathers,18 people through the garden, toasted left over sandwiches for tea,watched 1 suits, went to Jindivick the Warragul to use machines, minor shop, home to watch 1 Veronica, reading the gentlemen of the road

Wednesday Jan 20th

Cool and showery, send out emails, went to Loch re social media with brett ,anita, Karen, Wendy, Kay, Helen, Marian,Lyn, went to lookout, then to Warragul, dropped off grinder for fixing, opp shopped and also basic coles shopping, home for nap, warmish, showery, did rogan josh for tea, mowed sculpture garden and across rd, watched 1 shield and 1 veronica.

Tuesday Jan 19th

Cool and grey, supposed to be hot later, Belinda, did another big spider Kathleen and Eleanor visit all day, I did 4 cat boxes,painted” adapt” and hall table frame, 1 sculptural face, put together the cow head, did the top of another hall table, did the mirror and wood for three mirrors, and did most of order for Martin snitzel and salad for tea watched 1 suits, machines and walk, watched 1 veronica Mars, computer stuff.

Monday Jan 18th,

Fine and sunny, 36 Caleb to Brighton, machines us to melb to see Andy Wahol and Ai wei wei exhibition at NGV,lunch at Red Rooster, visited Madge, dropped Em off at her place then to Spotlight for M then home, nap lamb patties for tea.watched 2 suits, walk started to watch all night long, and then behind the candelabra, gave up on both, cooled down in evening

Sunday Jan 17th

Fine and sunny, machines, assemble Adapt, cut up a bit of hiding in plain sight, fixed Horse and painted ,did 6 ducks including 2 with speculums, had 14 people through garden including 2 lovely kids, nap,spaghetti for tea, watched the bridge ep 1 then 1 veronica mars,walk ,

Saturday Jan 16th

Fine and sunny pleasant all day, Warragul art market, found someone to take elizabets place in gallery list, sold 200 stuff, saw ravenhorsts, Sue O Axel and Jeremy, Helen, etc, M had Eleanor all day so played with her,nap  Sue came and talked, Kathleen took her home at tea time, Fish and Chip tea, 2 veronica Mars, walk Never let me go( sad but good)

Friday Jan 15th

Cool and grey, mild,machines,hung Cathys last piece, put out new three small sculptures,worked on base of sculpture, Man picked up train,Eleanors party at lunchtime,muddled through afternoonloaded trailer, walk, sandwiches for tea watched 1 suits,Veronica mars some like it hot

Thursday Jan 14th

Cool and showery, machines, ground horses legs and painted,cut out drawings from concert with plasma cutter, 10 russians from Casey visited, assembled Ladder piece, 5/4 time, quartet, added to rainbow girl, started on pyramid base for…M picked up Em and made Eleanors birthday cake( pink barbie dress) Caleb working in arvo,saw bill who picked up pieces,going out to Jindivick dinner at Brandy creek this evening.Talked to Derek,Graham, Debbie, Jeff and Jeanette,Ruth and Paul,Janet Simmonds, etc, home to watch Veronica Mars.

Wednesday Jan 13th

Fine and sunny easterly breeze, to be 41 vacuumed, machines,M has Eleanor and K and T all day,did 2 flowers and 3 dragonflys, painted pieces from yesterday, finished the welding and grinding of two characters time running out and Rainbow girl ,Pieta and Joanna and Stephanie came to visit, one lady from U3a also then did paper work in arvo wrote up new pieces,.chicken skewers for tea, watched 1 shield, walk, an education( excellent) hot night until 1.30 when cool change came through, showers, restless with back

Tuesday January 12th

Fine and sunny 31?machines, Belinda did a spider to sell,, M takes Em home, sees Madge,I did a small character using a jack and another face using s street sweeper brush and a shovel, added a bit more to horses legs, Peter and Nina Burke came and bought a seat and picked up the mattock couple, went to Warragul for grinding discs, an apron and mirror, nap and puzzle.chicken Kiev for tea, watched 1 suits and 1 veronica mars, sorted files on computer.

Monday Jan 11th

Fine and sunny morning,helped Cathy hang another piece, did one side of horses socks, started on frill necked lizard, finished, delivered, went to Drouin to fix mower, fixed, went to Warragul to get new welding helmet (80) also to get mirror but walked out on rude person at fast glass, shopped,picked up mower, dropped off lizard, saw chiropractor,sausages for tea.walk, 1 lark riseto candleford and Con air.

Sunday Jan 10th

Cool and gentle morning,hot in arvo, machines, Cathy coming to add to exhibition added 3 pieces including hangings, mowed long grass near house, cut legs off horse, and welded part back did cow,did signs for school re herbs, 2 people through garden,nap, made chicken and rice for tea( Kathleen as well) M went home to help Kathleen, walk and plant plants, then watched Ghostbusters,

Saturday Jan 9th

Rokeby ,cool and gentle day, saw a range of people Geoff, Niki, Brian and Deb Ibbotson, Ian and Phoebe, Kathleen and David, sold $200, home unloaded trailer lunch with Ian and Phoebe and Caleb and Em, showed gallery and new pieces, people came from Kingston and bought a dog, others discussed having an exhibition, about 10 people through garden, M and em talked to Ian and Phoebe they left naps all round, made rissoles for tea, watched Blues Brothers.

Friday Jan 8th

Cool and still, did Cathy Smith video,uploaded and on memory stick in gallery, M to melb with em to see madge, worked on train ,nearly finished,painted wood and  assemble seat, went to Warragul shopping and getting metal, sold firebird( dancing girl) 6 people through garden, mowed lower sculpture garden, belt came off 5 times, pizza ( home made ) for tea, load trailer for Rokeby,watched last three Johnsons.,

Thursday Jan 7th

Cool and still, machines ,added to train piece, did seat and wood and painted, also 1 dragonfly, people came and bought 1 dragonfly, 7 people through garden including Sarah new art teacher at Chairo and Tina photog teacher at Wantirna, M and Em went to Baby rhyme time and brought Eleanor home for afternoon, Caleb worked in afternoon at Anaconda, did spanokopita for tea, helping Cathy add to exhibition, did video rough, watched 1 johnsons, and part of the crusades.

Wednesday Jan 6th

Cool and still, Cathy finishes setting up exhibition, worked on train letterbox, bout ½ done cut head off cow , did dragonfly, 8 people thru garden and gallery, went to Drouin to pick up stuff for frill necked lizard order, sold the big adventure and dairy queen, nap puzzle, picked up frill necked lizard pieces from Drouin,snitzel for tea.walk brought in horse to fix, 1 johnsons, and I was a male war bride( good)

Tuesday Jan 5th

Cool and breezy east wind, odd showers, Kathleen coming over with kids,did wylie Coyote sculpture started on train sculpture and did ½ a cow, 9 people through garden lady came and picked up weathervane and lady came and got coyote,shopped for dogfood and removed scrap metal to recycler, nap puzzle, Caleb to work, curry and rice for tea, 1 johnsons, walk, watched Enid about enid Blyton.. very odd woman.

Monday Jan 4th

Cool and Breezy east wind still,did paint around and about 2 chooks, 4 cat boxes, 3 cats Bruces funeral 11.00,did Machines with M and em,Belinda made a centipede, Janine and tribe gardened,nap,lasagne for tea, 1 Johnsons, walk, rounders movie( very good,)

Sunday Jan 3rd

Cool and breezy, did 1 chook and cut up pieces,finished around and about 2,welded and painted, Cathy added a bit to her exhibition, 12 people through the garden, tidied ½ pile, Machines, talked to Sabina. M talked to Liz and Graham Duell, said hello to Jeff, quiet day, talked to Lyn Bickhoff and Melissa,nap, went and watched star wars, then had KFC and Em and Caleb came home finished the magicians( ho hum)

Saturday Jan 2nd

Fine and cool, grey,warm for a bit then cool and breezy, machines, finished one edge of around and about 2 and another piece added for Cathys show.,Margie and Ivan came for lunch with Kathleen and kids, 14 people through Garden, pie for tea, watched end of Hairspray and 1 suits

Friday Jan 1st

Fine and cloudy, mild and muggy, breeze, added up last years numbers..went to machines,Cathy Smith sets up some of exhibition this evening,2 people visited the garden welded more of around and about, both sides finished started on edges, M to melb to see madge with Em, souvlaki for tea, watched an affair to remember, dated but ok, helped Cathy set up some of her exhibition.

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