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July 11, 2016

July 2016

July 31st Sunday

Showers overnight but fine and sunny, finished off girl and bird, 1 coat of paint, talked to Narelle McInnes and Jeff 9 people through over day, worked on cutting up Kookaburras, made slinky malinky and 1 dog, got order for golf trophy, did 6 of calebs pieces, finished off letter box, Pauline R picked up Nevermore, sausages for tea, M worked and read,watched grand designs new Zealand and Pauline Hanson, added to website, 1 Borgen

July 30th Saturday

Finer, no wind sunny, M to help kids, got petrol for mower mowed until drive belt broke, Clea  and dad came and got seat and Sandy and partner  came and got a dog did last signs for exhibition, went to take in mower but closed, played with theo then worked on girl mainly done just bird to do, slow cooker for tea Kids went at tea time watched 1 Borgen and 1 Rock quiz.

July 29th Friday

Gray and breezy, drop M to car did basic shopping,did more labels for exhibition, Keltie and nicole dropped off work,2 people came from wonthaqggi to buy a bird,2 others came for a walk around garden , Jane arrived and did a nest, I worked on girl, took jane to metal recycler and bought more interesting pieces, M to melb to see mum,1 load of washing,Caleb off for tea at Noojee.watched blackbeards ship and life of Brian

July 28th Thursday

Gray, breezy, Tom the Nbn man working on putting on device but couldn’t do it as no line of sight, M talked satellite to dcsi but seems to cost twice as much per month, I set up new exhibition and had visitors Graham Duell, Helen Timbury, Geoff Harrison, 2 people from anglesea,2 people from Bunyip, Amanda ThompsonJohn Sharpe, assembled seat and finished Kookaburra, Pilates pies for tea, watched new guys and 1 borgen

July 27th Wednesday

Showery and gray, Caleb crook, M to Kathleens, I worked on seat all welding done and painted black all wood done, still to paint kookaburra, did back top of girl with leaves and started hair ,4 people through today helped Joan pack up exhibition and stared to hang new work,Drouin Thai for tea excellent, Bookgroup at Jen’s house discussed book ,Lois, Jen Lyn M and L Helen( sore knee) Anne and Natalie  home to watch 1 Borgen.

July 26th Tuesday

Windy and gray,fined up but still cold, Belinda did a whirligig shape, Wayne came out to photograph, I worked on girl all surfaces on, did a peacock, pelican and dog, about 10 people in afternoon, including Denis Horsborough, Lisa from Calebs school and several family groups, slow cooker tea, osso bucco, finished book.,watched 1 borgen,ideas from instagram

July 25th Monday

Windy and grey, alene dropping off work for show went to melb to see Degas show, 27 entry fee and 40 catalogue , caught up with Stephen and went to show with him and also lunch at southbank, then to see Madge, home to see Milner take off chair to fix and Min weggenar had dropped off paintings too.Sausages and chips for tea, Caleb out to sport, watched 1 .5 Madame secretary end of series, reading book. Cold and rainy at night after quite a nice day

July 24th Sunday

Not much wind, sunny patches, Margie off to course, did 2 loads of washing and vacuuming, 10people through gallery, did welds on frame of girl, Hamish welded on tracks on beastie,plasma cut out panels for girl and one side done, M tidied and read book, lamb chops for tea watched Superman v Batman, not a great storyline and lots of darkness and punching, 1 madame secretary, 2 bouts of leg during night, reading a marriage of opposites

July 23rd Saturday

Rain and wind, hail, bloody cold, lots of sculptures blown down, put up some Joan came with ann, then also with Jenny 2 other groups called in for a short time ( about 14 people overall) I started on girl and bird sculpturedrawn and tacked one side, painted wood for seat again and another 6 of Calebs kids pieces,,nap,Bear arrived after 1st day of art therapy course, slow cooked roast for tea, watched ghost busters 2

July 22nd Friday

Rain from 4.00, strong winds overnight from east, Rainy m to melb, after bank apt.shopped in Drouin, started spiral chair, and painted a few more of Calebs things as well as letterbox,lady called in to ask about dark and light show nap,home made pizza for tea, watched 1 madame secretary

July 21st Thursday

Showery and grey fined up over day, M to help Kathleen I worked on letter box, mostly done cut out another class of calebs kids drew up another ½ class, went to Warragul checked into warranty for chair, bought a new red welder and also fittings for letter box, nap, set up new welder near roof,1 person visited,Pilates pasta for tea, watched the new ones  and 1madame secretary.back out restless night

July 20th  Wednesday

Off with M  to knox for heart check up dropped off nest to Pauline talked to Don as well for a bit, , then to Frankston for dropping off Pelican, bird on stick at Derinya. Called in at MPRG for national works on paper, some good stuff Dot dropped off two paintings for dark and light show, home via lunch at a bakery chicken Kiev for tea, watched 1 madame secretary, Sherlock and last leg,

July 19th Tuesday

Fine and mild got cooler as day went on, Belinda made a flower form, dale came and fixed regulator on compressor, hence plasma cutter, Kellie came and worked on a coffee table mostly done, I tidied up up and down, cut out more calebs kids things andhelped Kellie, M went to Melb, had 2 people through gallery, M did sausages for tea, watched 1 madame secretary

July 18th Monday

Fine and breezy some cloud, dropped Ms car in, wrote up signs for new pieces worked in shed on paulines nest, assembled reading flight, drowning in a sea of love,and thinktank, did about 1.2 of up and down, girls gardened,Man fixed tv input, angle grinder died, new angle grinder,Margie came in morning, Drs apt re referral and small bite, shopped and chicken skewers for tea, watched 1 madame secretary

July 17th Sunday

Fine and cold frosty beautiful day, Kathleen and M to go to Traralgon shopping, I worked on drowning in love reading voyage,and think tank, John worked on parrot and finished, 4 people through garden picked up stuff from Derinya, fish and chip tea, watched the Lucky one and a bit of Nefertiti doco

July 16th Saturday

Cool and grey ,came out clear and sunny, nice, M to melb to see madge and em ,I finished off birds with first paint coat, 2nd coat on heart back, fixed black chair started on think tank and drowning in love, John worked on cockie, 10 people through garden, people came and got hanging on( $700) and lady paid for kookaburra,slow cooker for tea, watched Brooklyn, Caleb had set Tv up as apple tv

July 15th Friday

Cool and grey but no wind,hopefully doing third bird form,no Jane coming to work in shed, M stayed home to be with guys installing stuff in the ceiling re insulation, Sue and Jane came about 10.00 and M and Sue did snap seed and superimpose, Jane did a flower gate, I finished 3rd bird and also second re welding, went to metal recycler and got interesting pieces, Mel Henwood and Naomi came to see sculpture garden and have a talk, made chicken curry for tea, went out to see Miles and simone at WGAC lovel though a small audience, did some reasonable sketches,home to watch 1 madame secretary.

July 14th Thursday

Cool but not as bad as yesterday, working with Ray and John again, got my first bird for together and did most of second bird form, John got the wings and tail cut out and the body done and Ray started covering the body, He tripped on my pile and hurt his wrist a bit, 1 lady brought her kids to see exhibition, we had the men putting insulation into the walls and Kathleen and kids were over with M.Pilates Caleb did tea of sausages .The tv doesn’t seem to work anymore but we watched a madame secretary.

July 13th Wednesday

Windy cold, showers,bloody cold at times, painted heart sculpture with penetrol, Ray and John from N sth in shed, Ray doing a pelican, John doing a cockatoo, I did most of body covering of one of birds, 3 people visited today to see exhibition and 3 kids, Kathleen comes over with kids for M,Pies for tea, 1 madame secretary, nap, Instagram, add to computer stuff

July 12th Tuesday

Windy, cool and showery,everything in one day over again, Jeff and Jeanette came over at different times, re Mig and street arrows, Belinda did a big flower with 10mm rod I worked on damaged heart 2 people from red hill bought trinity, M to Melbourne to see Madge, 10 people from joans school group in afternoon, had tyre fixed, chicken rissoles for tea , 1 madame secretary,Rain and wind all night

July 11th Monday

Cool and clear rained overnight,fine and breezy day, 2 people visited gallery with kids, mowed most of sculpture garden and house front, did extra character for hanging on, did another character for head in a book 2, and recycled balancing ballerina into dancing on the head of a pin, cut out and welded 1 structure for a longlegged bird and also bent up 2 parts for a cut up heart, nap, hung out 2 loads of washing, and did writing for new pieces.brief shop in Drouin, saw Jeanette for a minute, meatballs and pasta for tea,watched one madame secretary and read book.

July 10th Sunday

Cool and grey, set up gallery for workshop, Ingrid Jessie and Jex, Roz, Cheryl,Lucilla and jodie Me and Marian doing videos with the Ipad.Iphone assembled head in book in arvo, painted 3 more kid pieces in arvo Di picked up bull head 4 others also, lamb leg for tea, watched big ted, instagrammed,

July 9th Saturday,

Fine and mild added to painting of pieces, did 6 of calebs kids pieces did a pelican, sue came and visited, 2 people through garden and gallery to Kathleen’s in arvo and evening delivered to Derinya dropped Caleb at Em’s, shopped during Pizza making time, watched Rock quiz and a prairie home companion. M home after tea.

July 8th Friday

Cool and showery, shopped, worked on shark  and head in a book piece,painted some, painted Calebs kids (6) Liefmans visited gallery, McArthurs dropped off some steel and bought lyrebird, 2 customers visited and bought hanging on 6, M to melb to see madge, dentist apt after that.meatloaf for tea, watched silent witness new tricks and something

July 7th Thursday

Cool and showery, fixed prices and names in joans exhibition on website, assembled seat, started new sculpture shark 2 and also head in a book piece, 10 adults through today and 20 kids, M went to baby rhyme time then fountaingate with Kathleen,lamb curry for tea, Rake and 1 madame secretary

July 6th Wednesday

Cool and showery, Neerim bower guys peter and paul today worked on their flower and peacock, both fantastic.,Kathleen over with kids, Caleb and Em back to Melb for a day or so, I finished painting the seat and started on Caleb school things as well as a new sculpture. Saveloys for tea, watched Eye in the sky , Madame secretary and the last leg.

July 5th Tuesday

Fine and grey, M off to help Kathleen by bringing kids back, Man fixed phones ( wire out at exchange) ordered new telephone  and broadband, ( NBN) Belinda did a flower thing and also finished a wall hanging, I did a new seat, went to Warragul and got new mig gas, Heather and 2 kids visited, Joan dropped in to get beanies, silverside for tea in slowcooker, watched special correspondents, addedjoans and kids pictures to website.rained a lot of night

July 4th Monday

Fine and mild, M off to help Kathleen who is feeling very poorly, off to Dr, M off to dentist at 12.30 then to Melb to see madge and pick up em, I finished Lyrebird, most of morning, assembled Bills boiler( 2 hrs) and then went and picked up stone tabletops from Lucy Chapman, shopped briefly home to make Lasagne, nap, Caleb off to help Kathleen before David gets home, Lasagne for tea, Em helps M with image programs, internet working again at present.added things to website, sent out emails, watched zero Tango foxtrot

July 3rd Sunday

Fine and mild went to Longwarry market,bought 2 welding rod pkts, discs and dvds, dropped M off to come with K and the kids, shopped home to play with Eleanor the off to work on lyrebird lunch and Hamish in arvo also 10 people 2 families of Jindi kids, ellen Sayers and Max , Christine and Ian Maxfield( bought girl with umbrella),most of body of lyrebird done, nap, K and kids home, caleb played with E all arvo, tea was arancici and Bacon, watched a bit of news then queen at 90.and 1 madame secretary

July 2nd Saturday

Fine and cool, worked in shed after voting, put up shelf and started on covering lyrebird body, Jane arrived and worked on sculpture, stopped at 12.30 to help prepare for opening, 50 or so people at opening, M helped Kathleen with kids in afternoon, fish and chips for tea, watched bit of election coverage and 1 madame secretary

July 1st Friday

Cool and grey M picked up kids and brought them out kids , all their family  have bugs,Geoff to install blinds in gallery, Anita brought 2 friends to see exhibition, Anita George came to get metal bent, Joan came at about 10.00 to hang exhibition, Jane ( girl in shed) coming, worked really well, learned arc welding made 2 sculptures. Sue and Jane came back to make bending jigs,Helped set up exhibition and took video of Joan, M helped where needed,made souvlaki for tea, mediocre, took kids home, watched the Intern .. good, did Joan video.

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