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June 11, 2016

June 2016

June diary

June 30th Thursday

Cool breezy and grey, worked on kookaburras 2 and 1 owl, welder kept shorting out, used margies welder, did frame for lyrebird body Barb and Dot came and picked up paintings, Sue and Jane coming at 12 helped Jane make a stand for a post, lunch then nap then took welder in to Phazer, bought washers and screws, M to help Kathleen by having Eleanor for arvo and evening, sausages for tea, made sausage rolls as well internet sort of.

June 29th Wednesday

Fine day to start, Neerim Sth Bower workshop 2 guys, Pete and Paul, pete did a flower spinning and paul did a large peacock, I did 2 dogs, added character to Tower and painted, also soldering Iron bird , started Lyrebird frame and also assembled mirrors and put them out, Leonie dropped round, M went to melb in morning after dentist to see madge, had chicken curry for tea and watched I madame secretary and Cloud Atlas… always good.

June 28th Tuesday

Fine and mild day, Belinda worked on a spider, and tidying up other pieces, I finished my night swimmer and tidied small metal shelf, and made another shelf for boxes of nuts etc started another small piece using a bit off the side table, Keltie and Nic came and talked, 3 people in the afternoon, 2 girls picked up exhibition pieces and csubas as well, M to Kathleen in afternoon and evening, internet is mostly back but still no phone.frozen lasagne for tea, then watched the family man ( not really resolved)and Iron Man 3

June 27th Monday

Cool and grey, M went with K to fairy concert in Pakenham, held up by truck smash,Belinda cut up some of her former pieces and made a tooth with teeth,I welded on one side on girl and mosaiced other side of girl, Janine gardened, John brooks came and got his stools, lady picked up bird bought yesterday, Sue dropped out to say hello, 2 ladies in morning to see exhibition and 6 in afternoon, painted mirrors that I had done and tidied painting bench,did base and stars of girl, shopped for paint and groceries, snitzel for tea, no internet now as well as no phone, watched lewellyn Davis movie and 1 madame secretary.

June 26th Sunday

Fine and sunny frosty to begin,worked on swimmer, finished welding mosaic one side, to Drouin for glue and shopping, 15 people through  garden and gallery, cold in arvo, home made pizzas for tea, watched 1 madame secretary and Barneys version( Ok)

June 25th Saturday

Cool and grey not as cold as yesterday started on night swimmer using a semi circle from outside the door, Jeanette dropped over, M worked on email thing all day, 3 people visited,finished the Hard way, cocktail franks for tea, watched rockquiz and Chicago,,

June 24th Friday

Cool and grey, showers,End of school term M to melb to see Madge,went and bought colourbond for Calebs kids, home added to aria, Dsc kids came and worked for an hour or so, started origin of the plane watched end of Dead pool, cold and hail/snow reading an old Jack reacher Dinner at Sorrells restaurant to farewell Debbie fine evening of talk to Janine Good and others.

June 23rd Thursday

Breezy and cool,fined up but was very windy at times went and videoed Jindi kids then to Grahams paid him brief talk, to Neerim Sth to put in entry form for bower project to Drouin to shop,back home for lunch and deleting pictures on I pad, back to Jindi to do more video, home to edit video, up to Jindi to see joan re names of kids in video M to Kathleens, nap, 3 loads of washing did sausages for tea then to Pilates, home to watch Rake and start old reacher book uploaded video to libraray, finished poets video and uploaded to you tube.

June 22nd Wednesday

Breezy and showery,cool mostly started on singer girl finished mirror frame, man came and bought 2 small pieces, N sth kids coming to plasma cut and do things in sculpture garden and gallery 3 and 4, 5 and 6  6 teachers all good apparently except for one kid, nap pies for tea, Book club and movie Trumbo through gallery data projector and sound system.. all good

June 21st Tuesday

Fine in morning cooler then fine again then showers, M off to Hippo with K and Eleanor and Fay and theo, Belinda did a spider then a web, brought things to sell,Wayne called in with a poster, showed him path on, I did an echidna, a pelican, a junk mirror frame a fish mirror frame, and part of another junk frame, Dsc kids added legs to frame and cut out bar to go across, Jay supervised, nap, worked til 4.30, nap, made spaghetti for tea, DVD player died, Caleb gave us his, went to Gallery to work out how to do stuff for Book club, watching madame secretary, Pauline rang

June 20th Monday

Light rain from about 1.00 showery, added to write ups and website looked at art shows, 2 people through G and G  finished bird piece( you and me), also danger girl and a flower from strapping , bought steel at Martin, nap, fritters for tea M out for girls night, watched a bit of dead pool and then 1 madame secretary

June 19th Sunday

Cool and foggy to begin, worked on stand and Bite mouth, assembled by lunchtime and painted, did most of looking forward again as well started a smallish bird piece, 10 people through the garden, chicken korma for tea watched grand designs, dr thorne and death at Pemberley,M had a bit disrupted night

June 18th Saturday

Cool and showery,worked on ball and did a piece to print and a different flower, Hamish worked in morning, Sue called out to see Marian and Steve brought a friend also, 10 people through the gallery garden, K came in arvo and stayed for tea with kids, watched Rockquiz and Ray

June 17th Friday

Misty and cool,5 people through garden and gallery worked on umbrella girl,mostly finished started small ball, DSC kids coming worked on sign,did more grinding and chose back supports with Jay, shopped in Warragul for paint( 120 red blue and yellow) home to make pizzas, watched last closer and then its about time,

June 16th Thursday

Foggy but probably sunny, worked on forward looking lelu, all welded and assembled and 1 coat of paint and added more on dsc sculpture started on sketch piece, 11 people from Garden club  and 3 from Yarragon , lady picked up dog seat,  pie and potato for tea, Pilates, watched 1 closer and Rake.

June 15th Wednesday

Fine and sunny,6 people through gallery  assembled barstools and painted rest, did an hour or so on DSC kids sculpture, back all cut out ground welds and started assembling, did second head panel and assembled most of face panel for bad hair day, Margie went and talked to Helen re graphic stuff, M to mind kids for morning, Margie in arvo slow cooker chicken for tea, watched 1 closer and 1 movie veronica Mars

June 14th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, frost in morning,M has cold and goes to Dr in arvo, Belinda did a spider, I worked on old girl head hair and face and new girl support junk, sue and Jay came to supervise 4 dsc kids,did a fair bit on their sculpture, went to Drouin to buy metal and shopping and bolts, home for spanakopita tea and then watched 1 closer, went through costs and expenses from M

June 13th Monday

Fine and sunny lovely day ,Queens birthday holiday, deliver plague ball, finished coin piece, worked on head, 15 people through gallery picked up from Hill end and took photos of area, home to sausage tea then watched oddball and 1 closer.

June 12th Sunday

Cool and grey but finer than yesterday,mowed across rd and nature strip,helped tidy gallery   Opening 2.00 had about 40 people over afternoon sold 3 pieces, and also plague ball, stuffed,mince on toast for tea, watched siccario and death at Pemberley and Dr Thorne.

June 11th Saturday

Cold, breezy and showery,assembled coin piece after an hour and ½ of grinding, worked out stand and painted black parts, did modifications for bar stools and did johns barrel holder John and Darren called in, Anita and friend, 3 others Hamish welded M minded kids while Kathleen went to fountain gate slow cooker tea watched a closer, Rock quiz and I walk the line

June 10th Friday

Cool and grey, mowed lower garden worked on coin piece til compressor broke, Joel came and fixed it, restarted on head form,  9 on bus from special school as well as Csubas came and bought a painting, Mark came and sorted out why we were getting no water in tank, went to Warragul bought toaster, bolts for barstools, sheet for Calebs kids, 2 welding helmets home for soup and rissole tea then to Tanjil Valley art show,dark and showery night, not asked to speak, home to a closer

June 9th Thursday

Fine and pleasant , rain overnight, M to help Kathleen with kids in morning then also in evening,finished up swirl piece, did most of bar stools finished off dog from other day, shopped and chased up discrepancy with steel supplier,2 people through gallery. Made rissoles for tea went with M to look after kids at Kathleens, home to watch a closer.rain overnight

June 8th Wednesday

Fine and cool, feeling better judging Tanjil Valley art show, called in at Traf gallery space, called in at Yarragon T and C and Station gallery,shopped in Drouin .picked up sheet steel from Drouin, 2 people through gallery nap and sit by fire M to help Kathleen with kids, Caleb made tea chicken Kiev, watched 1 closer and Mr Holmes, Fiona rang up.

June 7th Tuesday

Cool and dry grey, finished main welding and cleaning up of swirl still to be checked over, ,did 3 dogs, Belinda did a sign, 6 kids from Drouin came out and we started their sculpture/ sign, Margie and Ivan as well talked to them, Janine gardened, feeling mediocre had soup for tea watched the big short and listened to Podcast.

June 6th Monday

Cool and dry,became a nice day, started swirl with rocks, mostly done, shopped for food, sausages and chorizo for tea watched a closer, rearranged lounge room

June 5th Sunday

Cool and dry to begin,light rain later went to Longwarry market and bought grinding discs and welding rods and dvds,then took M and Em back to melb, saw Madge, dropped em home back for lunch and nap  No Hamish in arvo,6 people through gallery,welded rails in middle of dollar piece sausage rolls and sm pies for tea. Watched Rogue Nation mission impossible

June 4th Saturday

Cool and soft rain most of day,workshop on digital collage with Kerry spokes went well with Alison Karen, Emily, Simone Marian Jeannie and me, learnt about snapseed and superimpose, tired at end 2 people visited from Vue, slowcooker for tea,went to see educating Rita at WGAC,

June 3rd Friday

Fine and sunny, M had a up and down night, added to dollar piece all kangaroos done, second circle done, one side finished still to do Queens side, Anita and another man came to gallery  DSC kids from 12.00, M to investment talk, shopped went to get 12mm rod, picked up mower deck, went and got metal from keith, Em home via Pakenham, watched Spell bound interesting.

June 2nd Thursday

Fine and sunny cold to begin with, take car in for suspension problems, did second bull head and started dollar, M has baby rhyme time, plasma cutter played up ordered new bits, cut out second bulls head for di, started on dollar piece, spaghetti for tea Pilates home to Rake and Cleverman

June 1st Wednesday

Fine and sunny but cold early and later in day. K gets new car,2 people through M minds kids, took mower deck in to get new pulley after touch up mowing, vacuumed, washed floor,shopped for dogfood, Sue and Paul dropped out to pick up argon bottle, Sue has had arm operation, nap played with kids,New sign on road ,chicken stuff for tea watched 1 GOT then 1 closer, reading the red prince,

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