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March 11, 2016

March 2016

March 21st Monday

Fine and sunny, workon heart sculpture and small pieces, M to kathleens

March 20th Sunday,

Open studios day, 40th Wedding anniversary, fine and sunny gorgeous day,worked on star girl,Jeanette brought over bunnies and horses,Graham and Liz called in with signs for sculptures,50 people through as part of open studios,pack up Cardinia 3 to 6, nothing sold there, sold a painting, margies chooks, 1 small piece, 2 birds on sticks, talked to lots of people,Chinese for tea, watched Pixels, not bad, and 1 Gotham.

March 19th Saturday

Showering on and off, Warragul arts Market, sold 120, did video of market stalls, Rhiannon and sisters visited gallery, Graham Duell Dropped off two sculptures for Garden, saw Helen and Allison, also Amanda Browning and Jamie Guerts, M and Caleb and Kathleen to baby shower in Melbourne, for Zora and Andrew, home to Beatles tribute at arts centre,interesting interpretations. pleasant lots of sketches, home to bed

March 18th Friday

Raining from about 3.00, mild,no changed to cold and wet… assembled stone heart chair, tidied area inside wood area, started another shovel girl, did 2 mirror frames, power out, tidied shed, moved work table in wood area, put up clamp rack again, Graham Duell came and picked up petition,sorted nails and screws, Coralie Tyrell came and got chair and looked at exhibition,150, nap, puzzle, fish and chips for tea as still no power.power on at 6.15power back, watched 1 Gotham, and Ricki and the Flash, ok

March 17th Thursday

Mild and sunny 5 people through garden and gallery, did 1 owl, 2 snails, 2 fork cats, 1 fire extinguisher dog, delivered to Cardinia,stopped at Garfield Fresh for photos on way home saw Sue trying to get wind spinner spinning, M has Tumble Gym with Eleanor,M cooked sausages for tea, walk, bath for kids,watched the Bridge


March 16th Wednesday

Mild and sunny, worked on pamphlet and video, went to Tax lady at 9.00, home for morning tea, did some washing,sorted out bits in gallery, did a dog and a peacock, went to Drs about leaking ears, also dropped in sculpture for Shane, to Warragul to get drivers licence renewed, home , lunch saw Sue, nap, did lasagne for tea, worked on pamphlet. Brett speaking tonight, did a great job, very informative and interesting. 14 people, Keltie, Justin, Nicole, Helen, Anita,Jeanette, Pauline and hubby Weir, Denise and David Cole, Ingrid,Alison and Natasha.

March 15th Tuesday

Mild but some clouds, windy through day, went to Herring island to pick up pieces, left 20 past 7 got there 9.00, talked to others as we waited for punt, took up some frames for a4 show, brought back my pieces, stopped at fountain gate and bought chicken stuff for teas, stopped at Tynong, Garfield, Bunyip, home nap, loaded up bottle and went and got it replaced at BJ bearings, then to Traf to get metal , home, unloaded, talked briefly to Sue, nap, made sausage rolls for tea no Caleb, watched 1 once, walk, sorted out money for exhibition, worked on pamphlet

March 14th Monday

Cool and grey, drizzle wrote up words for pieces, did wendys beady rack, did rest of seat order, all welded, still to paint wood, sanded mirror and table top for hall stand, started hearts but out of gas lyn purvis bought fly wheel to deliver, 19 people through garden, talked to quite a few, nap,korma chicken for tea, watched 1 Once, and walk,wrote most of Tynong Longwarry pamphlet

,March 13th Sunday

Cool and grey, fined up as day went on, did flyer handouts and signs for Gallery for next month,28 people through garden and gallery, talked to carissa and Flynn, etc, machines,worked on stone heart seat, all welded , wood and metal painted, m sorted out photos for cards, and cleaned house. Snitzel for tea, watched last two shield,walk, watched Into the woods musical( goodish)watched 2 Ted talks

March 12th Saturday

Long weekend, Rokeby Market,talked to Geoff, and a fine range of people, cool to mild, sold 250, home for lunch with Kathleen and kids, nap, 15 people through gallery/ garden including Alex and Janet Webster, Mary-Royce, and Emily Koenders and family, unloaded trailer, kofta for tea, watched the dressmaker added to website

March 11th Friday

Showers decreased, cool/mild grey, warmed up, muggy, machines, M to Melbourne to see Madge, did 2 mirror frames, I table top glued, 1 table base welded, 1 chair frame welded, Jeff called over and Jeanette, photographed sculptures, shopped for scrap metal lots of springs and wheels, shopped for lunch and tea things,called in at ed centre with latest pamphlet, home. Sue here working on spinning things, lunch nap, talked to Tex’s wife in Mortlake, home made pizzas for tea, watched 1 shield, walk, loaded trailer for tomorrow,computer stuff

March 10th Thursday

Showered overnight, coolish,rained and showered a lot of day, Janine gardenend, dropped in on Helen and gave her 2 gippsland Lifestyle,( with her article in  it) M has Eleanor all day, evening 2 people visited  Do stuff for Rokeby( 2 ducks, 3 chooks 1 dog, 1 lion, 1 peacock) shopped, naps, played with Eleanor, spaghetti for tea, K leaves about 8, watched Jack Irish, finished pamphlet, watched the Bridge.

March 9th Wednesday

Warm and grey humid, m free til 11.00 worked on attaching new card rack and doing rails for pamphlet rack all painted and attached, shopped for new paint and distributed 2 flyers at libraries, reading killing floor finished, chicken stroganoff for tea, watched 1 shield and M talked to Em, walk, cooler, looked at data projector,

March 8th Tuesday

Cool and grey, to be humid and hot, did 3 Dogs, finished bee, painted pamphlet rack , Electrician came and moved data projector, maybe fixed sensor,  Belinda, did a flower, got an invoice,jeff dropped over, Sue came in afternoon talked, shopped for groceries,hot in afternoon and evening and night,chicken skewers for tea, watched 1 once, walk Finished Don’t know Jack,started Jack reacher 1 worked on darnum pamphlet

March 7th Monday

Cool and grey, added to seat, mostly painted, did 5 birds on sticks did bee, and 2 ducks, thought about dogs, did pamphlet stand wood part, did new card rack wood part painted card rack twice, 3 people visited garden and gallery,hot and humid as day has gone on Paddy and Lyn for tea until 8, visit gallery and walk and talk, watched 1 shield,,

March 6th Sunday

Cool and grey Longwarry market,bought dvds welding rods and discs saw Laurel,home to finish reading Jack Reacher 1 bought a Kim otto book, 10 people through garden, painted seat black and wood once, cut out bird shapes, M takes em back,did chops for tea, watched 1 shield, walk, then watched Spectre

March 5th Saturday

Cool and grey, painted the things we do for love, started on seat for Rob, Machines, stopped at Jindi market, sue came over for part day, Kathleen and kids here for ½ day, 10 people through garden , hamish welded and started on Wall e M birthday lamb slow cooker tea,watched 2 onces.

March 4th Friday

Fine and sunny, machines sort out Cathy exhibition and money for tax, work on things we do for love  three girls came and bought dragonflies, three hanging pieces insect, tortoise, and picnic at hanging rock, (350)also Warragul special school kids came and Jeff, 8 people saw garden shopped for food and dropped in angle grinders for new cords, sue working in shed, M to Melbourne to see Madge and pick up Em,bbq for tea ,walk, watched Cinderella.ems photos

March 3rd Thursday

Cool and grey,fined up over day finished fork in road, started seat, Jessie coming to discuss gate for Kinder, also did 2 dog stools, put together the sunflowers, painted the hexagon and also rest of maple leaf, bought wood for pamphlet rack and front card rack and cut to size , took vacuum cleaner in for repair, needed to get receipt from Harvey Norman,M has Eleanor all day and part evening, made pasta for tea, watched Jack Irish and The Bridge

March 2nd Wednesday

Fine and sunny, machines,photo sketchbooks finished cocky,Keltie and Nicole came and visited gallery, talked about Pintrest and Instagram, started on 2 figures Dive finished and fork in the road started, painted Maple Leaf again, nap, puzzle, Caleb out to tea,watched a once, walk, watched a shield, photod sketchbooks

March 1st Tuesday

Fine and sunny( hot?) worked on cocky, Belinda did a lawnmower flower Wayne visited, Sue visited, Jeanette visited, tidied up  a bit, shopped in Warragul for more data for boy also aldi,home nap, more on cocky, Adam Price visited,M to Kathleens and then to Melb.( 4 people looked at exhibition) Caleb out to tea, watched 1 once, walk assembled 3 small pieces and put in gallery, tidied front room,

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