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May 11, 2016

May 2016

May diary

May diary

Tuesday May 31st

Fine and sunny,Belinda,did a snake with big chain Jake came to fix phone line.I worked on duck all welded, ground, filled with stones and painted where needed, to Warragul to get computer fixed and errands with M, home for nap, finished off duck, slow cooker for tea, watched 1 closer, also 1 Got looked through computer ideas

Monday May 30th

Fine and mild, worked on duck most of feather side done all of other side cut out, mesh also cut out, gaele picked up Jewellery and payment, talked to her a bit, Janine gardened shopped in Warragul, got computer fixed and new ink, petrol for mower, also metal from Drouin 108.82, shopped in safeway too, home to mow sculpture garden, chops for tea, watched 1 closer,M talked to Em, Caleb out to Volleyball ,

Sunday May 29th

Fine and cool, finished painting seed piece, 8 people through gallery, kid( Jarrod) for work experience in August, Andrew from round in Mason Rd talked about landscaping etc, started new duck/ swan piece, dropped off seat to Cockatoo picked up work from Pakenham bought Chinese for tea, home Caleb back as well and sold 1 piece to Claire Wiglesworth.watched a bit of DNA nation M talked to Em

Saturday May 28th

Fine and cool,became cold as day progressed  M slept reasonably, shopping in Drouin,shopped in Drouin for more medicine and groceries, tidied up and vacuumed worked on seed and now all together, little bit of welding needed and painting, 5 people in morning and 4 seskis family picked up their heart and seat  and a couple of others Hamish welded and Jeanette saw exhibition, K and kids for tea and arvo, talked to lee from Inverloch doing something similar to me, Chicken casserole for tea,Kathleen went home about 8, watched bit of billy Connelly, Rock quiz and last dig.

Friday May 27th

Cool and showery, borrowing Calebs car for part of day, M is feeling a bit better, still needing lots of sleep, did video on website and tv, put up photos on website, fixed cat sculpture, started seed piece, ½ done, 4 people in morning Barb also to sign one piece, pick up car from Warragul, slow cooker sausages for tea.watched show on spain, silent witness and 1 Dig, Caleb off to Gregs.

Thursday May 26th

Cool and grey showers, took over Calebs Keys M went and took Theo to Baby rhyme time, I did video and photographed exhibition , Sue came and visited, Video on you tube, deliver to Yakkerboo,  and delivered birdsong machine did chicken mustard for tea  went off to Pilates but all electrics failed in the car turned back home but only made it to near old tele rd.rang from Sue Achesons Racv, Caleb picked me up, home playing photos and tv.Watched Kitchen Cabinet, Rake, Utopia and Bogan

,Wednesday May 25th

Cool and fine to begin then showery Close of Merediths exhibition, K bringing Eleanor to play( e has ear infection) M still crook,had a night in chair, worked on girl mainly finished, all assembled and painted, nap girls hanging new exhibition, helped them and did video, went shopping for bookclub stuff and then to Yarragon for a pizza at pub with Jude, lois, Sue, Brian, Lyn,Peter, Bookclub discussed a fine balance, next one here at Gallery Fim night Trumbo M had a betternight still ended up in chair from 5 ( 247 seen exhib

Tuesday May 24th

Showery and grey, Justin fixed solar panel on shed and set up a remote monitoring device, M a bit better, Belinda finished her flower thing, I worked on ballet girl,all metal parts cut out and joined except front mesh, painted inside, 6 people from Garden club came,Wayne came out to say thanks  Fay and Kathleen and kids, Fay from up hill, M went to Physio, rissoles for tea,watched 1 dig and 1st Game of Thrones, finishing reading a fine balance.

Monday May 23rd

Showery and grey, M had a rough night , little sleep and coughing, Dr’s today ,shopped for flat bar and 2 metal offcuts for bases( 90) also shopped for dogfood, saw Helen for 5 minutes, Janine gardened, did a cat of staples( black cat ) then started Ballet girl, frame done, Anita dropped in and bought cushion,still unsure on water going into tank, chicken for tea.did more on videos, watched 1 dig, reading bookclub book,Caleb to Badminton training. Ma bit better since inhaler.

Sunday May 22nd

Fine and cool,Chrysler car club came( 40)  4 others also water tank on gallery was empty! With Caleb’s help we got it working again, M feeling poorly 5 Poets in arvo did a little bit of work on signs for pieces and also Ipad stand, did snitzel for tea, watched grand designs and dna nation

Saturday May 21st

Fine and cool, M to help K with kids hairdresser, cut out geoffs bull head, put out feather, dug out a few capeweed, 10 people through the gallery garden including the wonderful Jenny Palmer, Kathleen and kids in arvo, slowcooker meat balls for tea watched Rockquiz, the commitments and

Friday May 20th

Fine and cool, dropped off a cat and dog at DSC and also small change jar for Cambodian orphans, shopped for tea, M to melb, to see Stephen and Madge K to Traralgon with David and kids to get new car, reassemble Mig, finish seat, finished toaster man and did 2 dogs, Rosalie and Phillip called in, bought chaise lounge,home made pizzas for tea watched die hard.

Thursday May 19th

Grey and windy, worked on feather started painting repainted nevermore, did wood for new seat started new seat mostly finished, M to help Kathleen with sick kids, kevin visited borrowed Calebs car to go pick up Mig tube and also got paint for seats( 200) No Pilates watched  1dig, 1 bogan, 1 Rake, and 1 utopia

Wednesday May 18th

Grey and mild, Naomis daughter Brytney coming for work experience talked all morning to them, had about 8 people through the gallery deposit for birdsong machine, and Pauline interested in feather as well as other pieces,, M has day helping out with sick kids even into evening, she slept poorly in bed had to sleep in chair,I started video of sculpture garden, did loads of washing, shopped to get cat food and drop in mig handpiece, did sausages for tea, Caleb has Badminton after technology day at school, watched the story of China.

Tuesday May 17th

Breezy and coolish, rained overnight, wind let up part way through day Belinda used the arc and made a .. flower? I cut out bird shapes for feather and did Iron Man, I coat of paint, 2 people through gallery  M to help Kathleen chicken slow cooker for tea.watched the wedding singer( still fine) downloaded 2 albums, Clapton and Tom Petty, also a book Stiff.

Monday May 16th

Fine and sunny going to N Sth to talk to kids re their project, talked to 3 classes, home to lunch, nap, sally coming to pick up dog cut out, back to shop and pick up Caleb, tuna past a bake for tea. M off all day with Kathleen, Fay and kids. Still mediocre. watched Human resources( mediocre) and then an episode of Dig.

Sunday May 15th

Fine and sunny and windy, mowed garden and across rd, 25 people through,worked on getting feather mounted, also a column made from angle iron, talked to Marnie, chris Skellern sold nevermore and small alien, did chicken kievs for tea, watched grand designs and end of eurovision

Saturday May 14th

Fine and sunny , set up at Rokeby, saw Jude and mother and sister, Geoff, Sue brought Marian,Jacinta, billy Grace and Jade,Naomi and Bryntie, sold $200 home to 8 people through afternoon, sold next big thing, Pizza for tea shopping for dogfood, watched Xmen days of future passed, and some of Eurovision, M still poorly

May 13th Friday

Cool and breezy better than yesterday, M has Dr  appointment in morning, get kids for afternoon, work on feather and tidied up a bit, Meredith and Annabelle visited to drop off more quilts , handed over $800 Janine gardened,did a peacock and welding in arvo, Load trailer for Rokeby,Sue dropped in to see M, made chicken skewers for tea, watched Pirates of the Caribbean, and a bit of eurovision

May 12th Thursday

Cold and grey breezy again, slow cooker stew for tea, start on feather most of one side done, M has Eleanor in morning all here in arvo to help,2 people thru garden,Sue dropped in, watched 1 dig and rest of enemy of the state and burnt. M sat up sleeping again

May 11th Wednesday

Cold and grey, M to help Kathleen til about 1.00, did 1 dog, 1 frog, 1 emu, 1 bird on a stick,painted engine, did dog seat order,dragonfly,washed vacuumed,did rissoles for tea etc,watching history of china and 1 dig restless night again

May 10th Tuesday

Cold and grey, windy and rain,Belinda made a heavy flower, I did 4 kookaburras, and finished Engine no 2 , Anita came and picked up quilt and paid, M to help Fay and K, home after 3, went and shopped did chicken pasta thing for tea, watched 2nd episode of Dig, wrote up bits for website, finished Leviathan book.M slept sitting up due to cold

May 9th Monday

Cool and grey, going with M to K to help look after kids with Fay, rained around lunchtime then fined up then cooled down ,played all morning with Theo and a bit with Eleanor, home about 2.30, quiet, Jeanette came and got quilt, spaghetti for tea,reading book , watched  episode of DIG downloaded new office.another restless night for both of us

May 8th Sunday

Mothers day, rainy, add to stuff to lifestyle and do a few write-ups.15 people through did a spade fairy, started doing the wheels for the engine no 2,sold  a quilt, M stayed home from Mothers day as had a cold/pneumonia, went to drs, I went to Mirboo nth and picked up all 5 sculptures had won the sculpture prize, home and made lamb patties for tea started watching enemy of the state and Caleb came home so I went and read in bed( fighting off cold)

May 7th Saturday

Fine and sunny,did 12 flowers and started on train lots of people including Jeanette, Sue, Simone, Mrs Pat, 25 or so folks, Hamish came to weld and Janine gardened. sold a shovel girl, M went for walk with K and Eleanor and David and others, roast for tea watched a bit of who do you think you are, Rock Quiz and a bit of Eurovision hits, M cold bit worse.

May 6th Friday

Fine and windy calmed down later, shopped for dog food and flea stuff, got mower deck back mowed sculpture garden 4 people through gallery rang for things happening around district, went to N sth saw Christine and Keith, op shopped read books while waiting to pick up Caleb from school 4.30, M has kids from 11.00 at Kathleens still has cold, chicken and rice for tea watched the fifth wave..ok

May 5th Thursday

Fine and mild, girls and glenn coming to weld worked all morning tidying up and helping them 8 people from Labertouche( 1 sold quilt) 4 others, 3 others, finished painting and welding riverbank, also assembled 2 kitchen fairies Sue came to weld, M had kids in arvo, M to mind Eleanor, Pilates, m stayed home with her cold, shopped, KFC for tea, watched 2 Kimmie , not much better, bit of work on lifestyle mag piece.

May 4th Wednesday

Finer no wind or rain, cool and fine,tidied up sculptures, cut up fallen tree, dug out capeweed, washed Barney and Ralph, 4 people to view quilt show M to help K then visit Madge, finished imagination voyage and 2  kitchen fairies, cut off riverbank circle, delivered 5 pieces to Mirboo Nth, shopped in Warragul nap,chicken parcels for tea  watched a walk in the woods, ok, work on writing for lifestyle

May 3rd, Tuesday

Fine very windy,ended up rainy M to chase up getting car fixed, Belinda did another wild insect I worked on betwixt and between, now called riverbank and got it assembled but not quite right, also did another book piece voyage of imagination 2, and started 3 kitchen fairies, 4 people visited took photos of a kid, nap,snitzel for tea,watched the fantastic 4 and started on piece for Gippsland lifestyle

May 2nd Monday

Finer,windy Caleb to N sth to leave for camp, went to melb to bring back remnants of Canterbury show sold about $500, visited Madge haircut, op shopped for knives spoons and books,  M to K to help,.I took in deck from mower as top pulley had come off, bearings also needed doing and blades, worked on riverbank and bought a bag of river stones, nap, M did sausages for tea. Watched Star wars new, then 2 kimmie, finished book

May 1st Sunday

Fine and windy, picked up blown over sculptures,lot of trees and branches blown down in Drouin went to Longwarry market got welding rods and dvds and discs, home, M to Kathleens then to Meeniyan for opening of Gippsland 12, saw Gary, Ross and Di and others, bit nothing, not really needed, Jeff offered to goto Red Hill to pick up remnants of show, yay, home for lighting fire, nap did curry tea .M spent day with K and kids.watched last two Gotham. Reading book.

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