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November 11, 2016

November 2016

November diary

Nov 30th Wednesday

Cool day, did a bird, started on covering umbrella went to dental apt then home for lunch, off to melb to deliver 4 pieces to Burnley Harbour, 2 hrs of work there, then back along freeway to Yarragon for bookclub breakup

, Nov 29th Tuesday

Coolish , Belinda M has day off,did another birdfeeder, 6 cat boxes, 2 birds, started umbrella, Graham came and swapped sculptures,Jeanette dropped in Janine gardened,nap busload of 20 people from Ringwood, out to tea at open studios debrief, shopped,

Nov 28th Monday

Coolish, fined up to beautiful day assembled alans table, to Melbourne to see John Olsen exhibition, interesting but not inspiring, sketchbooks were lovely, then to Madge for about an hour, home after shopping in Drouin, snitzel tea,nap, M talked on phone to em and K, reading book lost fleet beyond.

Nov 27th Sunday

Coolish, Open studios, M has kids in arvo ,painted wood for alans table, painted table, did 10 dragonflies and butterflies, sold a seat, order for a chaise lounge, 41 people through,pie for tea, watched Spotlight.

Nov 26th Saturday

Cool and showers, Open studios, mow a bit more after moving sculptures, did a dog, painted more on seat, 22 people through over day 11 to do with open studios, sausage slowcooker for tea,watched 2 blacklist,

Nov 25th Friday

Cool and showers,M to melb to see madge,added edge to N sth piece, did most of Alans table welding, went to Drouin to drop in whipper snipper and Warragul to ger pine for top of table $120) shopped briefly home to 3 people through garden, nap mowed sculpture garden put out 3 loads of washing brought in one, slowcooker for tea 2 black list

Nov 24th Thursday

Finer cool, dropped car in, helped set up Ros exhibition, did video and posted it, cut out Neerim sth panel and talked to 2 people. Pilates, pub tea then home for 2 blacklist, added to website Ros exhibition,

Nov 23rd Wednesday

Rainy nearly all day, worked on big girl plasmacut, then 3 dogs and 2 cats plasmacuts( on sticks) then 4 flowers in pots, painted more on cage chair, added to bird head and put on a stick, did 2 birds and a pelican and a peacock, Keltie took down exhibition with help from Nicole and Nicoles parents, 385 through exhibition in total, chicken skewers for tea, watched 1 black list 1 offspring 1 upper middle bogon and last leg

Nov 22nd Tuesday

rainy and showery, cool, man came to pick up release and another came to get noughts and crosses set. did an elephant an owl a giraffe box a bird head and a bird, painted more of seat, went to Warragul to get hose clamps,etc shopped to Drouin to get tickets from Helen, to Martin metals for 16mm rod, home for nap, spaghetti for tea watched 1 black list then Instagram.Belinda,did a large star, M to melb,

Nov 21st Monday

Hot, sunny and breezy, added to website mowed across rd and house block, then finished leap of faith 2 and started chair for order, M home except for shopping,2 people came in morning then  Val and Avon came out in afternoon and Gracie also to pick up 4 sculptures for a wedding, did Moroccan chicken for tea, watched 1 blacklist and 1 offspring, weather changed in evening.

Nov 20th Sunday

Fine and sunny, 30 worked on painting my second diva then did buttons, all finished and started hammer down, 3 people in morning off to Vicki’s for lunch,jeff Jeanette, Sue O, Rosy and Tom, Fionas and others, Caleb minded the fort and said lots of people came, sold a Belinda piece,. picked up work from Rotary light tea after nap, put out pieces and worked on website

Nov 19th Saturday

Fine and sunny and warm, M went to melb to see madge ,Warragul art market sold 250 darren paid 150 for letterbox, home to see couple who bought reader, then 5 rothbergs who bought a few things then 2 ladies who looked at lots, shopped in Drouin and pizza for tea, watched behind the mask silly,

Nov 18th Friday

Warm then cool then warm then cool, girls gardened, 3 people through gallery and garden, Sue and Jane came out after 11.00, I drove caleb to school the n came back home did a line drawing with the plasma cutter of a face from Instagram, then made a piece using an old brace( and bit not) and the girl from dancing on the head of a pin, then made a girl in a dress inspired by an Instagram piece , took M in to pick up car then helped at Kathleens then went to Jindi to hear message from Caleb then to Neerim Sth to miss Caleb then home to load trailer for tomorrow, M took Caleb in to pick up car, I made rissoles baked in the oven for tea, then watched 1 black list and money monster

Nov  17th Thursday

Foggy fine and sunny, cars in for service, M to help with kids, I did a new seat all painted, finished ball from yesterday, cut out 8 big flowers and assembled made 4 birds on sticks, did an emu and a peacock, nap ,Alan semour dropped in to offer some metal things, M’s car held overnight and caleb lost the keys to the ford, he took us to Pilates, picked us up we dropped him at volleyball, had a pub tea, home then back to pick him up, watched 1 blacklist.

Nov 16th Wednesday

Showery to start and fined up to a warm and lovely day,M to kathleens then shopping with kids,  added to stumped, all finished, did walking fish tank, busload of 30 people, did ring ball, made bird on stone ring, cass and Belinda visited and bought a seat, went and bought steel for alans table ( 86) made a birdbath top, fish and chips and salad for tea, watched blacklist, bogon  and hardquiz.

November diary

Nov 15th Tuesday

Showery and cool, Belinda made snakes,I finished off butterfly, started jeffs fish and added to stumped,Angela  Lia and David  came to see kelties exhibition, Wayne came to discuss next years program, Dropped in on Helen and Alice for lunch,M to melb to see madge, buy timber and fittings, nap, mowed sculpture garden, added to outdoor trellice work, M did chicken for tea sweet and sour, watched who do you think you are toni collette and 1 blacklist.

Nov 14th Monday

Showery and cool, danny welding, I cut up and welded letterbox for stumped and finished cutting out front  panel, needs grinding and hinges, also did a birdfeeder, unpainted, and started butterfly sculpture, ½ done put plasma cutter up high ,34 people visited( 1 busload from daytripper) slowcooker for tea, watched central intelligence, unfunny

Nov 13th Sunday

Fine and mild showers in evening, did a dragonfly, 2 birds on sticks, 1 small goat, cut up two wheel rims, started on stumped piece, most of front cut out,  did 2 giraffes on sticks and 1 meercat, 34 people including James and laura Stephenson ( ex student) through, chow mein for tea, watched last expanse, and 2 blacklist

Nov 12th Saturday

Fine and mild( showers were expected) Rokeby market, saw a good range of people, sold $250 sue for lunch, nap, 3 people through gallery did the wood for ¾ of verandah, Indian takeaway for tea, watched 1 expanse, Margie arrived, talked.

Nov 11th Friday

Fine and sunny, finished seat,cut up sheets in preparation for next week, cut out 6 birds and wings and dragonfly and bee wings, made 4 birds on sticks, made a bee, went to Warragul to get timber and pick up pamphlets, to Drouin for shopping and to pay metal people( 980) , 3 people through gallery, M to melb to see madge, cold chicken and salad for tea, loaded trailer and assembled seat, painted top of piano stool, watched blacklist and 1 expanse and Cretan home doco.

Nov 10th Thursday

Fine and cool, M has kids all day, I did 6 ducks, 4 chooks, painted piano stool underside and started seat, Dale came and fixed compressor and hence plasma cutter, Joel dropped in,6 people through, talked to Alan and Bronnie re table, walked and played with kids, nap, Pilates, Kfc for tea, Tripod at arts centre, sketched, home to watch 1 expanse,

Nov 9th Wednesday

Fine and mild a bit cool at times, did frill necked lizard, cat, 8 lovebirds, and the piano stool, 12 people came went to Warragul re Noojee pamphlet and Drouin to get timber for outdoor area,( 90) nap, M had kids all day, did rissoles for tea watched 1 expanse, hard quiz, upper middle bogon and last leg

Nov 8th Tuesday

Fine and mild, no Belinda, plasma cutter stuffed up, finished birdbath and did a bird, tidied a bit went and bought a new plasma cutter and trellis saw Helen for a cup of tea, home to have lunch and assemble new plasma cutter( didn’t work!) started mowing, damaged deck, repaired deck and mowed, sausages for tea, watched 1 expanse, bit of who do you think you are Geoffrey rush and then 1 blacklist, more writing,

Nov 7th Monday

Fine and breezy, warm m did bills all day, I worked on treble cliff, all done except for last coat, also 1 bird and part of a birdbath, Danny worked on a star wars figure, I picked up mower ( 200) and M did chops for tea, watched 1 expanse and 1 blacklist started on writing for Lifestyle

Nov 6th Sunday

Cool and showery fined up as day went on ,went to Longwarry market bought dvds, sanding discs, plants and screwsand washers, shopped in Drouin, M has kids home to people at the gallery 15 people over the day, did a birdbath and started a bit more on treble cliff, talked to people all afternoon and played with kids, watched ghostbusters( new) good and 1 expanse.

Nov 5th Saturday

Cool and showery, went to jindi market and got a new head for whipper snipper and some cake for opening, then  across to N Sth for looking at endangered exhibition and sculpture show, feather still looks ok, astro boy was excellent and a lovely piece by Rudi Jass was impressive too. Talked to keith and Christine saw Cathy smith, anita and Graham  home to tidy gallery,Keltie opening 2.00 45 or so people through,including Kayne, Sue O, Justin, Liza, Robyn R and others ,hamburgers for tea, Em missed out on her house by just a bit, watched the expanse ( excellent) and air. Ho hum.

Nov 4th Friday

Fine and sunny, M to melb to see madge and em,I worked  a bit on treble cliff and cut up birdbath pieces and base for TC, did 1 birdbath, went to Warragul to booksale for Theo, bought tickets to Tripod home for lunch saw Jeff, and bus of oldies, ,( 10 plus 2 I missed and 1 later in arvo, mopped up after a magpie in gallery new steel was delivered and I cut it all up,shower, nap reading book conandoyle bio, chicken skewers for tea, watched last elementary and star trek beyond( bit hokey),

Nov 3rd Thursday

Fine and sunny, painted gates again,finished character for seat and started new work treble cliff, dropped off gardivalia signs, 2 people visited, Girls gardened ,bought M a storage unit for desk, shopped bought metal for cliff, home, nap, tacked cliff together, put unit together, people picked up gates, M had kids all day, Madge moved to another room, Pilates, pub tea, souvlaki for me pumpkin risotto for M home to watch upper middle bogon and elementary

Nov 2nd Wednesday

Mild but cloudy,did posters for gallery, took mower in, metal from recycler, dropped off 10birds and dogs at Yarragon, got washers and gate stuff at Bunnjings,shopped dropped off gardivalia stuff at Lillico,M had kids all day,both a bit crook, home to do other side of gate and side panels,nap,Man picked up deer, Ruth and 3 others visited, chicken stirfry for tea, watched 1 elementary, upper middle bogon Rosehaven and Last Leg

November 1st Tuesday

Cool, showery? Belinda,did a spider for last weeks web,I finished wood for stevie seat,still needs character and assembling,  started gates, 1 done and 1 ½ done still to do side panels, 10 people through ( cup day holiday) sold feather in N sth show, chops for tea, watched upper middle bogon and elementary reading book( lost fleet 5?) showers at night

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