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October 11, 2016

October 2016

October diary

Oct 17th Monday

Fine and pleasant,vacuumed, picked up clothes, load of washing, did 10 lovebirds, 2 birds and a peacock, also cut a piece for a birdbath,delivered shell to Peter and ullie,shopped, M applied for a loaqn and was rejected, bus of 10 people through, 3 people in afternoon talked to Marian, did lamb slow cooker for tea, sue came and talked Janine gardened, watched 1 orphan black 1 elementary and 2 big bang

Oct 16th Sunday

Windy overnight and through the day at times, mild and warm but cloudy, showers in evening,I did machines, bit stiffish Gardivalia again, 40 people through, no power til 2.00 tidied a bit talked to visitors, steve,Yvette came out re book launch next week, Peter bought shell and aria,curry fish casserole for tea, showery overnight, watched 1 orphan black, 1 elementary and 2 big bang

Oct 15th Saturday

Fine and sunny perfect day, Warragul art market, new spot, sold $200  saw range of people Geoff, Tracelle, Helen, Jessie Anita etc Home to Gardivalia,M had kids most of afternoon,had kievs for tea  M sold a small piece and a couple of creatures, 40 people through, watched Rosehaven,1 elementary

Oct 14th Friday

Fine and sunny, M to melb to see madge,did a dog and a birdbath, to Warragul to buy washers, and petrol, then shopping, to Drouin to pick up open studios brochures from Helen, also saw martin metals for 20mm flat, then keith for wheels, home for lunch and unload car then mowed everything, nap, M did homemade pizzas for tea, watched the Jungle Book and 2 big bang and 1 marchella.

Oct 13th Thursday

Fine and mild,

M helped Kathleen for most of day at her place, Danny came and worked on his star wars gun, I did 2 birdbaths, 2 birds, and 3 dogs,10 people came to visit, including Nic, Gabby and Maddie bought 1 birdbath and a bird, talked to Ros about her show, Pilates with Gillian, pub tea, then 2 fall finished and 2 big bang.

Oct 12th Wednesday

Showery and cool, fined up at end, vacuumed, put out washing took feather to N sth for show, went to grandparents day at oak st kinder with M and Eleanor, shopped briefly, home to do 6 cats and 1 bird, coated other brids on stands, finished pinecone princess,nap, played a bit with Eleanor, did lambshanks for tea in slowcooker, watched 1 elementary 1 fall and 2 big bang

Oct 11th Tuesday

Showery and cool day, Belinda came and did a flower and a spider, John came and did creatures,David dropped in to get a birdbath fixed, I did a peacock and a bird, then 2 small birds which I combined with a fairy and a ring, added to painted sign, added stand to spoon and pinecone bird, started on pinecone dancer, M had kids til 3.00, shopped for stuff, watched 1 fall and 1 elementary, Jeff dropped in to say hello and talk about Mudgee

Oct 10th Monday

Fine at times showery and cool other times,Breakfast with Fiona and ernie, then help Caleb return car, back to Pt Arlington, off to queenscliffe for ferry back to home 16 sculptures blown over but no real damage, spaghetti and meatballs for tea, watched 1 fall and 1 elementary

, Oct 9th  Sunday

Cool and breezy, grey, rain and very strong winds, Off to Pt Arlington for Andrew and Zoras wedding, arrived at Paulis B and B, helped Caleb with car, to our motel for a nap, off to wedding, pleasant, home earlyish bed.

Oct 8th Saturday

Fine day cloudy patches but sunny wonderful afternoon,sold a bird, 2 birds on sticks, 1 kookaburra, flowers, about $400, home to unload trailer, Nicole had her opening about 50 people including Steph, Sue, sold heart to heart, father and sons and a couple of birds, rissole hamburgers for tea,watched bit of deep water and American princesses

Oct 7th Friday

Warm and breezy looks like rain? Mowed sculpture garden, planted rose and rescued jonquils from pile, finished shell piece, 4 ladies meeting in gallery,did 8 birds onsticks and 1 bird in a circle as well as a pinecone and spoon bird, Nick had friend Sarah come to gallery,M to melb to check on Madge,nap, slow cooker for tea, watched 1 elementary and hunt for the wilderpeople( good)

Oct 6th Thursday

Cool to begin 20 later but also breezy in evening, Angie and john coming to weld,worked on various odd creatures also  Sue Russell working on another plant arch , I worked on shell piece, all covering welding done, interior painted and stone inset, mesh cut out and ready to weld on also painted a bit more on rosellas and fixed loose connection on sca welder,Janine and Ta gardened, went and bought more stones , nap then off to meeting at lardner park re beyond the valley, McDonalds for tea then home to watch 1 fall ( windy so couldn’t watch the tunnel) M had kids all day

Oct 5th Wednesday

Cool and breezy,showery worked on shell form back done and started on front, shopped at 11.30, saw sign writer, saw and had a cup of tea with Helen,lunch with kids and M,nap, John Champion called in and borrowed trailer and took away girl and bird and red umbrella, paid for them,painted start on parrots for order, M has kids all day watched 1 elementary and 2 the Fall

Oct 4th Tuesday

Cold and rainy day, sunny patches,Had to drop Calebs car off to mechanic.,Belinda did a creature and a flower,I worked on back of shell form, ½ done, then to Warragul to drop off seat with wood replaced, then to Red Hill to pick up edna, M has kids in part most of day, snitzelburgers for tea watched 1 Elementary and 1 fall, finished book 5 of the expanse.

Oct.3rd Monday

Showery, fine at times, Danny burton welding from 10 to 5.00 I did Andrew piece , 2 pelicans and started on shell piece, inside lines done and started covering back,M to melb to see madge, big discussions re pain relief,Liza Naylor came today and bought a kitty print, and also 4 other people, Caleb back at school,prawn rice for tea, watched 1 fall and 1 elementary.

October 2nd Sunday

Change over to Daylight savings Fine and sunny, windy later, rain coming? Went to Longwarry market and got welding rods, discs and dvds, home to mow across rd, put together seat wood and the girls 2, did a dog,painted, reading book 5 expanse, 12 people through sold release, Sue and Melinda visited, home made pizza for tea Jeff dropped in watched x men apocalypse rained from11.30 to 4.00

October 1st Saturday

Cool breezy and showery, Jindi market, Eiffel tower, add more to Nics exhibition on website, long seat goes, deliver Jans piece and Yarragon piece also shopping, M to melb to see madge ,worked on the girls piece and also a bit of painting on sign, Grand final bulldogs vs swans ½ time 2 point difference.Keltie andNic came out to see exhibition.bulldogs won, slowcooker meal for tea,watched 1 the fall and 2 big bang

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