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September 11, 2016

September 2016

September diary

Sept 30th Friday

Danny burton welding in morning did a death ray I finished Jans character, started doing wood for seat( I coat of paint and metal added) and new sign order also a dog and a bird, 15 people through gallery,Jeanette dropped over to say hello and also Mary royce, I mowed house block,did chicken coconut curry for tea , watched I saw the light( Hank Williams) slow, and 2 big bangs,

Sept 29th Thursday

Showery, finish Jans character, M has kids all day, Nicole hanging show, looks good lady re red parrots is aunt to Mandy Hamilton,met them both,lady came and bought reading flight and one of Nicoles, man picked up sign,shopped in morning for bolts and paint,sue visited in arvo, spaghetti for tea,2 big bangs did Nicole video and watched the tunnel

Sept 28th Wednesday

Fine and sunny painted Eiffel,  recut bed head, started jans character, finished bird feeder plasma cut sign for the pavilion, M has kids all day as K at classes in melb,Had a parrot or two try to use the bird feeder 2 people through garden shopped and bought paint and washers and an apron( 25), home to nap sausages for tea kids til 9.00 watched 1 outlander and 2 big bang showery overnight

Sept 27th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, showers in evening worked on Eiffel tower and hat finished welding did a bird, Fay and anna packed up exhibition, M to take em back and visit Madge, Wayne paid last of duck money, started birdbath, curry for tea watched 2 suits end of series( 238 saw exhibition)

Sept 26th Monday

Fine and mild day, Janine gardened went to melb to pick up sculpture from Cas exhibition and deliver to Tullamarine,then home again,sue, Ruth and school group visited, to Warragul to swap over argon gas , basic shopping, haircut, home nap then pilates, pie and salad for tea, watched legally blonde rained overnight.

Sept 25th Sunday

Showery to start fined up eventually, worked on Eiffel tower until mig gas ran out all sides done and thick metal and plasma cutting all on, 8 people through one bought hooked sue dropped in to say hello and Janice Hunter, sausage rolls for tea,

Sept 24th Saturday

Fine supposed to be warm, Mowed sculpture garden, added to Eiffel tower,9 people through some bought typewriter bracelets, Kathleen and kids over in afternoon, tea was chicken kievs, watched 1 suits and wild

Sept 23rd Friday

Fine day did back of seat and painted, also one bird, M went to melb to see madge and pick up em, Margie and tim called in talked to them for a bit, shopped for petrol for mower and groceries, Maryanne came and bought flying balloon girl, fish and chip tea, watched London has fallen, violent but impressive,

Sept 22nd Thursday

Showery all day, load of metal delivered( 660) all cut up and racked, did 6 lovebirds and started on back of long seat. Busload of people 33 car of 5, 2 others and single lady sold some cards and jewellery,M minded kids all day I played with Eleanor at lunchtime, nap, made honey mustard chicken for tea, caleb has 3 mates watching movies in the gallery, watched 2 suits, and 1 tunnel and 1 bigbang, M out at night to help K.

Sept 21st Wednesday

Showery at times and sunny most of time, did 4 more birds,6 love birds planed and painted wood for seat once, did heart to heart piece, assembled balloongirls,  John Champion and sister came and bought 2 sculptures, nap, M had kids all day I played a bit with Eleanor at lunchtime, tidied area for metal to go in and cleaned drawing bench, snitzel thing for tea and salad, M talked to Stephen, watched 1 suits and the proposal

Sept 20th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, lovely spring day, Belinda did a spider in a web as an order, M cleaned windows around the house and did washing, I did 4 birds, girl flying with balloons, another silly plane, also cut up wood for 2m seat and painted the back of the DSC sign, delivered duck to delene and did some shopping, lady came and bought triskele seat,  nap, made sausages following recipe and fruitbread, watched 2 suits and 2 bigbangs,

Sept 19th Monday

Showery but fined up as day went on,Janine gardened  I felt good for the first time in a few days, M off to be with Em while she has tradies doing insulation,. Danny burton did welding from 9.30 til 3.30 lots of arc welding done 7 people through garden, I did, new balloon girl seat frame for adele, wood cut up for seat frame, part of shell form started, shopped for steel at 4.00 ordered 10mm rod and flat bar and corten sheet, bought 6 mm rod and gal steel sheet home for nap and shower, Pilates with Lisa Pratt, tea at pub, ran into Joan and Noel, home for 1 suits

Sept 18th Sunday

Showery all day, vacuumed gallery set up for Gardivalia meeting, feeling poorly, nap, reading book, talked to man , lady picked up taller seat and order for spider and web, M sold balloon girl,35 people through I went to Berwick to pick up from Nossal, fish and chips for tea from packets, watched tomorrow land and 2 suits.

Sept 17th Saturday

Fine and mild showers later?great day Worked on Eiffel tower now have a reasonable plan of attack, 12 people in morning, and Jane, mowed rest of yard and across rd, more work on Eiffel,snitzel for tea watched die hard 2 M helping K

Sept 16th Friday

Fine and mild showers, dropped off M;s car to repair, started on Eiffel tower, also mowed part of sculpture garden, went to deliver to Nossal but had wrong day, delivered went to fountain gate and bought Chinese for tea then home feeling achy and uninspired with cold, helped M get her car back, tea watched ex machina( good) and 2 big bangs, Caleb needed a lift home from party M did it,

Sept 15th Thursday

Grey and cool rained a lot overnight, finish balloon girl extended chair and painted, bus group of 30 people, delivered beasties to Calebs school then took work to Yarram( 23 pieces) home via shopping M has kids , 6 people in arvo nap did lasagne for tea with K and kids and Caleb too, watched 1 suits and 1 tunnel

Sept 14th Wednesday

Grey and cool/mild,showered in morning then fined up, finished duck  all assembled did 1 chook went shopping, called in on Helen, went to metal man picked up mower, dropped off gate did girl running with balloons order for john,Joel called in, M  minding kids all day, tea with k and kids frankfurters , watched 1 suits and 1 big bang

Sept 13th Tuesday

Showery and grey,rained most of day Belinda,did a flower,I worked on duck, and did a chook and chook parts, Wayne came out and organised a poetry day for next month, M to melb to see madge, Fay came and picked up painting Christie came and organised a visit for next month, loaded up edna and trinity and went off to red hill, dropped off pieces, back via shopping to home, did lamb patties for tea, went out with M to mind kids while K and D went to hospital ( mastitis) home to watch 1 suits

Sept 12th Monday

Showery and grey, M had a restless night from all the work she did yesterday,I worked on welding on both sides of duck, talked to Danny Burton for and hour or two,Janine gardened  Nicole dropped out some flyers, went and bought river stones for duck, slowcooker chops for tea, Pilates, watched 1 suits

Sept 11th Sunday

Fine and mild day Painted send receive, tidied diverman and painted metal and wood once, started on next duck frame done cut out panel for one side, tidied up for Theo’s party, helped with kids and food, lit fire, 20 people including Andrew and Zora and Daphne, Madge and Don and Pauli, others, sausage rolls for tea, watched 1 big bang, 1 suits and 1 how to get away with murder

Sept 10th Saturday

Up early to load trailer, Rokeby market started off cold and showery, fined up a bit sold 200 of stuff and Jan paid me for sculpture, home to unload trailer and nap then down gallery to help with Fay demo and kids, they finished ( 7 people) then roast for tea, with Em and Margie, watched the walk and 1 big bang

Sept 9th Friday

Fine and pleasant, painted most of send receive dropped M;s car off then off to Melb to deliver sculptures to CAS show, lunch is red rooster with Madge, visited op shops then pick up em home through rain to watch Mr Blandings build his dream house and 1 big bang.

Sept 8th Thursday

Fine and sunny day got cloudy later but still warm, I added to new sculpture,transmit/receive all panels done on both sides, mounted on wheel and stone done also, Jeff dropped in and picked up his carnival sculpture to take to Mudgee, I shopped after morning tea and worked all day on piece, M went shopping at K mart with Kathleen, 2 people visited cache) nap pilates, stuffed, souvlaki for tea, watched the code and the tunnel..head cold still present

Sept 7th Wednesday

Fine and sunny warm,  went to Warragul to buy washers, wheels, discs and petrol and shopping, home to mow sculpture garden, drive belt came off took to Drouin Mowers,home to do 2 peacocks and a fire dog and finish off wood pieces and wedge bird, M has kids all day, tired and theo crook, 2 people visited went to add wheels to cabinet but already there, moved desk and cabinet around in gallery did tuna and pasta casserole for tea watched 2 suits and 1 gotham, finished off open studios video and uploaded it,

Sept 6th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, lovely spring day, Belinda modified a sign and a spider I, worked on 2 ducks did a flower and a dragonfly and filled in ½ of the outside of the new big sculpture 10 people, 2 girls, a n older couple, 4 people sorting out a car rally, 2 more to check out gate and wayne ,M to melb then back, shopped in Drouin and bought metal ( 61) sausages for tea then 2 suits and 1 gotham,

Sept 5th Monday

Fine sunny, lovely spring day Janine Gardened, I Worked on doing 2 kookaburras, 4 cats, 9 flowers, 4 dragonflies bit on diving man, started ½ ball sculpture did John Brooks welding jobs,nap, M tidied and sorted and made bed, curry and rice for tea, watched 1 gotham and 2 suits.

Sept 4th Sunday

Fine but grey  Longwarry market,bought dvds and sanding and grinding discs Kathleen  and david and kids coming for morning tea, shopping ,2 people came  mowed house area work in shed on wood face piece, diver man, and ej holden as well as making 2 kookaburras and cutting out two more, also cat faces and hearts, made rissoles in muffin pans for tea, watched Capt America civil war.

Sept 3rd Saturday

Mums birthday, showery and grey, M to melb to auction with Em and to see madge, I did turning of small balloons and large redgum form which has become taps and steampunk face, had burkes come and pick up and pay for father and sons and also people getting golf trophy also penny and bruce ( 6) jewell getting a flower from Belinda and a dog and bird, I finished calebs drilling in shed, slow cooker for tea, then watched testament of Youth excellent and 1 suits

Sept 2nd Friday

Mild and grey foggy, deliver Jans circle piece shopped at Aldi, added wheels to desk in gallery, did small job for Robyn off to Corinella, M had 6 people over day, met Penny, Deb judged prize Ursula won over Adrian, went to Dumergues talked pizza, back to ceremony, met mayor home to watch 1 suits.

Sept 1st Thursday

Mild and grey, Metung man returned trailer, picked up rooster and chook panels I worked on sheep and finished, also a dog,pelican and peacock, painted last of Calebs pieces and painted Jans circle Marilyn and euan from ecg visted 3 kids as well, M minds babies,all day  pilates kfc tea, home to watch the code and the tunnel, slightly leggy night.

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