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April 11, 2017

April 2017

April diary

April 30th Sunday

Coolish and sunny at times, mowed sculpture garden and across rd, bus of 50 people from Birregurra here, worked on finishing joyful danceand cut out 20 flowers 4 people in afternoon, M had kids from 11.00 til 5,lasagne from Kathleen for tea, watched Dr who and Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children good

April 29th Saturday

Cold but fined up, worked on 3 sisters, finished, started on Heidi( the last book) , girl, and hair, also started on joyful dance, had 9 people through did meatballs for tea and watched 1 blacklist( last of series) and 1 killing.

April 28th Friday

Cool and showery, shopped in Drouin, M went to get phone fixed and then to melb to see madge, I added paint to night swimmer, painted table, and took out triffid 2( fightback) started on the three sisters one girl mostly done drawing with Helen here, did plans for Jindivick card, and sketches of 2 plasma cut works, Playgroup arrived and set up in gallery, Sylvia, Heidi, Jaimee, Holly , they lefts and Marg and Tim arrived to pick up night swimmer, gave splash as well for their wedding and some flowers,Glynis and Jemma through gallery,M looked after kids in late afternoon evening, did fish and pasta for tea, watched Gaurdians of the Galaxy,good, small crimes, poor

April 27th Thursday

Showery, cut out bits for 3 sisters and welded top on base of piece, painted a bit on fightback, went to Warragul to buy paint, then to tumblegym , home to help Neil and pam set up new exhibition,, did video of neil,M had kids all day and had Krystal for a play date, pilates, pubmeal watched 1 blacklist

April 26th Wednesday

Rainy , finished penguin  did swarf creature in cage, cut up big pipe curves into two sculptures did fightback( triffid 2) made 3 character parts and 1 full character for fightback, m had kids all day, spaghetti for tea bookclub Linda took down exhibition( 247 seen)

April 25th Tuesday

Anzac day, rainy all day, Belinda modified a creature into a flower, I ground and sanded the base to the rock and painted, started covering the penguin , 7/8 done, Wayne visited and so did Margaret having an exhibition in Jan, also 4 others,tidied shed a bit ,painted Jens top, did slowcooker for tea, M to melb to visit Madge, watched 3 killing to finish series 2 and 1 blacklist

April 24th Monday

Coolish but fined up, added to penguin frame, added to rock support, worked on Jens table all constructed, still being painted, 5( peter paul, Darren and couple after school) people visited, shopped for MDF and told sign writer about sign for Friday, did kievs for tea, watched 2 killing and 1 black list, finished bookclub book

April 23rd Sunday,

fine and mild,did writing for some of the pieces worked on finishing panels on stone base, also did the buses the giraffe and elephant and Rhino, Sue came and welded, man came and picked up holden sculpture, Cass and Belinda brought 2 friends and they really enjoyed the garden, 4 other people as well, painted second coat on birds on birdie , m did green curry for tea, watched Dr who 1 killing and 1 blacklist,

April 22nd Saturday

Showery But fined up to a mild and cloudy day, dropped off scrap metal , dropped off Kathleens bench, finished ballet girl, did 2 kelpies and worked on another side of rock stand, Coralie and son came to visit and 2 others Sue welded for a bit,Jeff came over for a talk, M went to mind kids in evening sausages for tea etc watched fire with fire, and sum of all fears

April 21st Friday

Cool and rainy in morning fined up in arvo, worked on new ballet girl, no playgroup, Mary visited with Hamish and Vic, no Helen , Sue welded,. 6 people saw exhibition,M to melb to see madge then mind kids in arvo.,did lasagne for tea watched 1 killing 1 black list and the expatriate

April 20th Thursday

Fine and sunny, helped Caleb drop off car put up rest of gutter guard, fixed clothes line, Jules came and gardened, went to tumble gym with M and kids, shopped, worked on the hug, and supported  and a little bit on third side of base, played with Eleanor, helped caleb pick up car 2 people visited  pilates with Lisa, good, pub tea souvlakis, home to watch the killing and a blacklist

April 19th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, M has kids all day,I worked on flowers and dragonflies,went and bought 8mm and 12mm rod home to a 20 something bus from Garfield, lady bought elephant ride and a bird on a stick, worked on base of rock piece, played with Eleanor and theo, helped M set up swing,2 more from Jindivick gardens, did fish patties for tea, watched black list and the killing, did computer stuff.

April 18th Tuesday

Fine and cool,but became beautiful, Belinda did another web and a flower form out of one of her earlier pieces, M has kids in morning going to see madge and stephen in arvo, I finished off triffid piece, repainted bits of others, busload 15 people I then swapped over mig gas bottle, bought more 16mm rod and plasma cutting electrodes and rock cutting discs,cut into big rock and cut down front end pieces, Jeanette came and visited,cut out 10 flowers, did zuchinni pizza for tea, watched 1 blacklist and 1 killing, reading gate to womens country for bookclub

April 17th Monday

Fine and sunny, M has kids all day I worked on ball, about 10 people through, Melissa picked up her seat and I delivered Grants seat, picked up from Sandy point, nothing sold, watched John Clarke tribute 1 blacklist, M talked to bear

April 16th Sunday

Fine and cool fined up to a lovely day ,m has kids all day,finished welding other side of Toyota, about 15 people through, did 2 cats and started seed form, helped a bit with new bits for M s obstacle course, did tuna rice thing for tea, watched Dr who and Maigret.

April 15th Saturday

Fine and cool, shopped for birdseed and catfood, home to weld tommy butterfly seat together and made a brace for back leg worked on Kathleens seat, , cut out letters for back and welded all together and did wood as well, 20 people over day, sold penguin and reflective piece from Lindas exhibition, did pasta bake for tea, watched 1 blacklist and 1 nobel also 1 warren zevon documentary and a comedy gala

April 14th Friday

Good Friday started off cool but then became showery, M went to melb to see madge, loaded car and drove to Sandy Point to drop off 4 pieces for art show, back home, lunch Sue here for a bit, Graham and 2 others from Cardinia mens shed came  Graham made a sculpture to reflect his disease, I made a seat frame and tidied up a bit, nap then did lamb patties for tea , watched 2 episodes of Nobel,

April 13th Thursday

Fine and sunny, gorgeous day, did I think I can fly piece,and did another thinner fish out of water for sandy point.worked on cutting up Toyota pieces and filling in two side panels, both done on one side, Thommy  dunham came and plasma cut a butterfly chair, sue worked in afternoon, M had kids all day some help from caleb, I made butter chicken and rice for tea , watched 1 the killing and 1 blacklist.

April 12th Wednesday

Fine and pleasant, worked on infilling the smaller circle for Toyota piece, all filled and then with Marians and Calebs help I have positioned it in the big circle to work on tomorrow, Had Phyll and John Parrish come and pick up seat and drop off wood for second seat, Christie Proctor called by with 3 of her kids and tried out Marians playground, Marian and Caleb got more pallets for the playground, 2 ladies came to see lindas exhibition, I picked up a Toyota front end from Keith, M did chops and sausages for tea and we watched 1 black list and 1 continuum and you cant ask that down syndrome.I did more writeups for work completed.

April 11th Tuesday

Finer cool, finished screen piece ,all painted and sort of braced, started Toyota piece, made 4 stands to support it, Belinda,did a spider and web, Hans picked up seat  and dropped off a repair job, someone dropped off lots of nice metal when I went shopping ,1 lady visited M to take em back to melb and see geriatrician, chicken drumsticks for tea, watched 3 episodes of touch and finished series

April 10th Monday

Cool and showery,worked on screen piece all day cut out design made frame made stand, bought wheels( 56), shopped in Warragul, Olivia and Will came to pick up seat and pay for gates( 250)  2 people came to see lindas work Em and M and Caleb had Kathleen and kids over and played until 3.30 did rissoles for tea, watched the boss fairly poor, and automata good,

April 9th Sunday

Cool and showery, worked on chook roost, took most of day, added to butterfly piece , and did wood and ladder for mirror box piece, bus load ( 30 ) came and also 2 others to see lindas work em and m pottered around, did meatballs pasta bake for tea, watched jack reacher and a prairie home companion.

April 8th Saturday

Fine and sunny, m to melb to visit madge and pick up em, Rokeby market,saw jude,sue Melinda Natalie, tracelle, sold 100, home to shop in Drouin, unload trailer demonstrate plasma cutting to 3 ladies, about 7 through over afternoon, rain in evening, em home caleb for tea then left, roast for tea, watched fantastic creatures and where to find them.enjoyable

April 7th Friday

Fine and sunny, mild, worked on discrepancy homage to alberto, all welded and painted once, 2 characters attached, did a tricky way to get around, still needs another coat and also elephant bus, started two more characters . did drawing with Eleanor and playgroup Jaime and Sylvia here, also 2 others later, m looked after kids all day, put up gutter guard and mostly good , still need another 2 pkts, fish and chip tea and watched 3 touch

April 6th Thursday

Fine and sunny, mild, finished deer chair and started discrepancy homage to alberto , cut out 5 figures put together 2, had 6 people through gallery and also interview with Eleanor from Coast. M had kids all day, I did steak for tea, watched 2 touch

April 5th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, m had kids most of day,I did 3 peacocks, 1 lyrebird, 2 pelicans, 4 ducks 1 dragonfly, painted rosemarys seat and Margs sign twice, shopped in Drouin,Sue welded, 7 people and a 9 group on bus, did chicken skewers for tea,watched 2 touch

April 4th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, M went to melb to visit madge, Belinda did an insect thing and a flower, I did 5 birds and 4 dogs, Heather and grandkids visited went to N sth and did Marg Mooneys letterbox and couple of other things, went to Drouin and bought metal (268) shopped did a frittata for tea, watched the Accountant lots of shooting, ok

April 3rd Monday

Fine and sunny day, worked on gates and seat for olivia, delivered Sandras sculpture, put up gutter guard and bought 3 more packs,M went with Kathleen and kids shopping at Midvalley painted splash, did 20 flowers, Sue welded for a bit of morning,Jules gardened and kids did drawings for plasma cutting, 1 lady visited did pasta bake for tea, watched 1 touch and last leg

April 2nd Sunday

Cool and mild, grey, went to Longwarry market to get welding rods, discs,etc, saw wayne, shopped in Drouin, home to work in shed, did second part of olivias seat and also most of gates, still hinges and catch and bottom pin to do, Sue welded, had 7 people through including Sandra who was pleased with her sculpture, sold where are you wolfie, nap, Kievs for tea and watched Rogue one.excellent

April 1st Saturday

Cool and showery, Jindi Market bought slices for this afternoon, worked on olivias seat most of wood done and seat frame, Opening of Lindas exhibition about 40 people, including Cheryl, sue and Janet,spaghetti for tea, watched pride and prejudice and zombies, and 1 touch.

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