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August 11, 2017

August 2017

Aug 31st Thursday

Fine and sunny coolish but lovely, finished off big white swirl piece and painted, went to tumblegym, helped keltie and Nicole set up their exhibitions,Anita bought a painting  briefly saw Sue and Wednesday,Meyers picked up their seat and birdfeeder, dismantled big blue sculpture and started to reframe it, pilates, ball on bed,tea at passion pizza place very nice home to watch 1 defenders

Aug 30th Wednesday

Cool and light showers not as cold as yesterday,Warragul camera club took down exhibition, I assembled last meyer chair, finished balance piece, finished cutting out and assembling Mark memorial, played with kids, indian for tea at celebration with book club, then book club at annes house,

Aug 29th Tuesday

Fine and cold at times, worked on figure for balance before Belinda came. Belinda made a flower I did a bird and started panel for Mark, sue came and I did some wood cutting for her I shopped for plasma cutting bits and screws mowed house block did pasta bake for tea, tried to get memory thing working but it was a dud, Watched 1 defenders

Aug 28th Monday

Fine but cold, worked on butterfly in artrage class slowly getting it, Jen came to weld, finished welding and painting dog chair, did wood 1 coat and did ball and curve for balance 2, Jeff and joan picked up reaching for the stars modified, chicken skewers for tea, watched 1 frozen dead and 1 defenders, lots of breaking up . reading book last painting of sarah de vos.

Aug 27th Sunday

Cool and showery finished birdbath start 2 seats one all welded and painted, wood needs another coat, second frame done  assembled fish and terrier piece,5 people over day, Cass came and picked up fire pit and bought baroque tea lady did spaghetti for tea and watched the frozen dead, the good fight and prime suspect

Aug 26th Saturday

Fine and mild cool at times, M to melb to see Stephen and Madge and Em, cut top out of angel /orbit, did clog rack and also 1 birdbath, did most of second birdbath , Stef Viscentin came to discuss website, wonderful young lady, 5 people through, also started on Balance again.did souvlakis for tea  and watched guardians of the Galaxy 2 excellent.

Aug 25th Friday

Fine and mild, worked on angel orbit,hungry fish and staple dog,  lyn and lois came to plasma cut, did dolphins and cats,Playgroup came with Sylvia Jaimee Hannah and Megan, 7 people through,including Meyers who ordered 2 seats a clog rack and 2 birdbaths, schnitzel for tea watched end of beauty and the beast

Aug 24th Thursday

Fine and mild, M to kids, tumble gym, work on base of sculpture all structural bits together, people came to pick up gates, very happy, Tara to play, pilates, pub tea fish and chips watched ½ beauty and the beast

Aug 23rd Wednesday

Mild but cloudy, showers,m to melb, picked up mower and mowed sculpture garden lower, Meyers came and ordered seats, fixed gate panels to fit gates, found bolts for second part of circular form and started on base of orbit,3 people to see exhibition, shopped briefly, pie for tea, watched the defenders, and tsars, rained

Aug 22nd Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did a sign for her mum, I did the panels to fit into the gate spaces, tidied piles a bit, Kim gardened, M had kids all day I helped play in afternoon, Whelans dropped in to get a pug dog sign done and a few flowers, Did green curry for tea too hot watched 1 handmaids tale and utopia.

Aug 21st Monday

Cool and light showers most of day, went to Drouin to get mowers steering fixed, shopped, home for Robyns class re teddy bear transforming, small busload came and visited( 10) M had car trouble so I went and got K’s car and waited with the small car while it was fixed, home to do frames for gates, then drive with M to Ks house to take elenor to ballet and Tap, Kathleen came, home to do sausages for tea watched 1 episode of the defenders, added to website

Aug 20th Sunday

Fine and sunny day went to fix mower but I think it needs more, cleaned cars, attached mesh to pergola, moved dirt in front of wood heap, cut up fallen branches,Nicole had workshop in gallery with 5 people,cut up log near shed, talked to jeff, sold reaching for the stars long piece ( 2 people), made chicken noodle casserole, M getting files sorted by Caleb.

Aug 19th Saturday

Cool and clearing showers,fine enough in afternoon, cleaned up gallery 4 people visited( gavin Kelly),  opening of photo show with over 53 people zucchini slice for tea watched the good fight, prime suspect 73,

Aug 18th Friday

Cold and wintery, showers, worked on second side of circle piece, Jen came and worked, Playgroup came with Sylvia, Jaimee and Megan and 3 others came to see photos, I shopped for new boots and tidied up my teapot girl, Lasagne for tea and watched end of tomorrow with Tom Cruise and also a man called Ove good both

Aug 17th Thursday

Cool and showery, to bank place for discussion re heart, tablets for blood thinning 2 a day, shopped aldi, chemist for prescription woolworths for dog food, Tumble gym with M, home to start fire and finish lotus girl character, and piece, started off centre circle piece, 1 side done,Pilates, dinner at Bank, pizza good but salad silly, home to bed after talking with Caleb.

Aug 16th Wednesday

Cool and breezy, pathology check, shopped, M had kids all day , I added to the faces we present, Louis came and plasma cut, started on the T is for tank, played with Eleanor in arvo, 2 people visited, started on character for pond plants, did slow-cooker for tea,watched Florence foster Jenkins lovely.

Aug 15th Tuesday

Cool and showery, No Belinda, started firepit stand, went and found out about pathology requirements and shopped, talked to Helen for an hour, M to melb to see madge, did rest of firepit plasma cut and also did the different faces we present, did chicken kiev for tea, watched Housemaids tale and added to website

Aug 14th Monday

Fine and sunny did Robyns class pear shape,2 people visited, put together 5 kookas Lyn came and plasmacut, did green curry for tea, watched  prime suspect Joanna Lumley India and family law

Aug 13th Sunday

Cool and breezy, M to help Kathleen in arvo,I worked on finishing welding on hard core then painted, did a cat cutout and an elephant cutout, painted dive into the book, and assembled tiger, sue called in 5 others as well, cut up material for 6 kookaburras and made one, did fish and pasta for tea, watched the good fight and last two orphan black.

Aug 12th Saturday

Fine and breezy did dive book piece

Aug 11th Friday

Fine and sunny, breezy, M to Melbourne to see Madge and Pauline did 9 flowers including some doubles, then I painted white piece again, then did window book piece then flying book piece characters and assembled also cut out tiger, Jaimee and Megan with kids at playgroup, 2 tourists from Nsw visited, shopped for groceries, home made pizza for tea then watched the fate of the furious

Aug 10th Thursday

Fine and sunny, windy at times, lovely day, went to heart man top areas a bundle of worms need to get under control,then to tumble gym M took kids to Krystals and I came home to work in shed. Jen as working on a rubbish bin flower pot, 1 person visited, I did a star mirror then worked on book window and other book things,pilates ,pub tea then home.

Aug 9th Wednesday

Fine and sunny cooled off at end, painted edges of arch, painted bean people, finished turning bean people, did a flower mirror,  washed floor and carpet swept, put out loads of washing, paid metal bill, M had kids and her car door broke while she was at toy library, had to try to organise help for that, and supposedly pick up Eleanor( david did it) drove to Warragul to help M, Mary and boys came in afternoon, did spaghetti for tea watched  handmaids tale hard quiz

Aug 8th Tuesday

Cold and showery, Belinda did a flower, I finished off Island girl and started 2 bean people, painted seat, mary, Jeanette, jo craig and kids, 2 photography people, (5)  made satay for tea went to BBAA meeting Jeannie Haughton spoke,

Aug 7th Monday

Cool and showers, M to melb to see Stephen and Madge, 1st artrage class in gallery with Robyn,worked on finishing seat and starting body for island girl 5 people through,M to take Eleanor to dance class,made osso bucco for tea, watched handmaids tale and last endeavour.

Aug 6th Sunday

Cool and showers, breezy cold, sunny grey, Longwarry market for sanding and cutting discs, shopping, M has kids all day, Louis coming to weld did fine, started new seat with butterflies,most done 5 people visited, chicken skewers for tea, watched Handmaids tale Prime suspect, and

Aug 5th Saturday

Cool and breezy sunny, fix big white dancer,bought big steel channel as her new base, added parts and painted some, assembled birds on sticks from birds and trees and assembled butterflies, lady came and picked up surfer and also butterflying 11 people through, did sausages for tea and watched handmaids tale and the good fight

August 4th Friday

Cool but fine, showers expected in evening, Lois and Lyn coming today, each did a plasmacut bird on a stick, no Jen today, did more on arch basically finished needs paint and maybe a bit more drilling, delivered seat to lady shopped in Warragul, home for nap, 2 people visited, hamburgers for tea, watched last Cardinals and ten another 48 hrs( not as good) ,showered overnight

August 3rd Thursday

Cool and showery, cold at times, expected visit from a community college so stayed home, finished birds in the trees and 1 coat of paint, finished waratah, cut out 4 aluminium butterflys,cut up mesh and brought in tube for arch, did frame for top of arch, Sallys hubby came and picked up rings for sal, M had kids all day, 2 people visited gallery, I went and replaced mig gas bottle, bought 6mm rod nap, pilates, pub tea fish and chips, home to watch utopia and Cardinal

August 2nd Wednesday

Fine sunny day, M has kids all day, added to website and started new diary page, what I did over July, I worked on putting sides on birds in the forest and starting a waratah, then mounted piece on stand, lunch, played with elenor a bit then nap metal delivered, 2 sheets, arch materials, al off cuts and mesh offcuts and 50 10mm rod, cut up rod, Ruth and hubby brought sign, I put that up,2 saw exhibition, Sue came talked to her played with theo ,Kim gardened, Beau put on street sign, did lamb casserole for tea, watched 1 cardinal and Drive( bloody)

August 1st Tuesday

Fine and sunny all day superb day, No Belinda, did 2 cats to move them off the bench, 5 gal flowers,2 more frogs,cut a saw with the plasma cutter, put together 3 wheels, finished fisherman,started birds in the forest with lots cut out and pieces found, 2 people came to see the photo show, delivered 2 panels, M to melb to see madge( seems a lot better) then to k to look after kids til 6.30. I shopped at Aldi, home to do sweet and sour for tea, watched 1 pilgrim and 1 hinterland

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