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December 11, 2017

December 2017

December diary

Dec 31st Sunday

Cool and mild became a lovely day, mowed across rd, cut out pieces for a dragon fly and a dinosaur  Motorbike went to its new home, lunch at Bryans very pleasant, home to nap, 1 good wife eggs on toast for tea, 1 stranger things and abc new years eve concert, New years eve

Dec 30th Saturday

Cool; and mild, showery and cold at times,hung florences pieces,Florence went off with M to Do’s place, m to see madge and take em home, I did a pelican, peacock, emu and bee, added to skipping in red boots, 17 people visited demonstrated plasma cutting, teapot went away, pizza for tea, watched Paddington and 1 good wife

Dec 29th Friday

Cooler but muggy worked again, did 2 spiders, 5 horseshoe birds, 2 dogs and 1 bird, painted dancing in red boots, jeff came over and met Florence we went to afternoon tea at Hydes, 3 people visited Em helped M with computer and caleb with financial papers, tuna casserole and salad for tea, watched the Indian detective

Dec 28th Thursday

grey and mild Back sore, went to chiropractor, still soreish, , do and jes didn’t come  stephen and Kristin came for lunch as did Kathleen and David and kids, 6 people over day,2 naps, had kids in afternoon and into evening, did scrambled eggs for tea, watched history of magic, M took kids home at 9.00 home after 12.

Dec 27th Wednesday

Fine and warm 10 people through, florence worked on sculptures I did skipping in red boots version 2( back out a bit) nap Russ and carol took down exhibition, M went to dentist then to see madge, brought em home caleb home too, watched table 19 good( 190 through exhibition)

Dec 26th Tuesday

Fine and sunny warm, work on angel orbit, djd circle and feet assembled and painted did small dreams piece and found materials for two pieces tomorrow 2 naps as hot afternoon, lovely evening sausages for tea and salads, M showed Florence superimpose, he finished 2 pieces today for exhibition went for a drive to search for kangaroos, found a mother and joey and a brown wallaby, home for a goodwife

Dec 25th Monday

Cool and mild, xmas day, off to Richmond at Fiona and Ernies for lunch,pleasant warm day with a lovely breeze, M and em did and florence had a pleasant time, nice food, presents,home by 5 watched the good wife and stranger things finished Tom Clancy book.

Dec 24th Sunday

Cool and mild, did other small side for base of angel orbit and started central disc, 1 side done, xmas dinner with Kathleen and David and kids , all pleasant, sue dropped in and Jeff and Jeanette dropped over, florence came back with Do,, talked about exhibition, ,watched Bright on Netflix.

Dec 23rd Saturday

Fine and mild, lovely day, worked on base for angel orbit, 2 big sides done, 1 small side and attached to ring, 5 people through simone came and picked up top of lamp, delivered ladys seats and sundial and small table, florence went off with Marian to Do’s place for jam session and night, Em and caleb home, did some tidying of garden in evening, starting to prepare for xmas

Dec 22nd Friday

Fine and sunny some cloud, worked on sound and fury piece, did simones top, made a small piece when you least expect it and another plasma cut combination called hidden, olivia visited Florence worked on his rock I also started the stand for angel orbit delivered Jans seat nap and also mowed sculpture garden chicken rolls for tea, Watched snatched tolerable

Dec 21st Thursday

Fine and sunny,perfect day worked on finishing single chair, fixed jans seat, made a platform in the tree, did sarinas blackwood cutting board, did most of sound and fury( assemble tomorrow) took florence to get canvases and shopped, did spaghetti for tea, mowed a small part of sculpture garden, some pruning, watched 1 good wife.

Dec 20th Wednesday

Cool and grey,pleasant,worked on finishing sheep, shower Florence around and shopped and delivered Jans table and ship picked up swing, played with Eleanor and theo, naps,put together frame of single chair, found wood for cutting board, chicken satay for tea, ben the butcher picked up birdbath, watched 1 good wife and 1 stranger things

19th Tuesday

Cloudy and mild Hot? Florence to be picked up at 10.00 Marian to melb to see madge, started sheep, did tiger for ernie and 2 kookaburras, 3 people visited vacuumed, washed and tidied, nap, coolchange to airport, waited a while. Home.

Dec 18th Monday

Fine and warm, chiropractor at 9.00, shopped paid metal bill and got heavy metal from Martin steel, home to work on Wall e for Bill, started sound and fury, small bus visited 9 people,took car in to see about petrol smell. Sat most of afternoon waiting reading book, M out for tea, Caleb has speech night toasted sandys, watched 1 wallander

Dec 17th Sunday

Fine and mild warmed up, worked on 10 flowers, 4 birds on sticks finished flower children,and did the birdbath order for ben the butcher, Bill called in also 8 people over the day cut a ladies gas bottle to make her a small fire thing, M worked in house, did pork chops for tea, watched 1 goodwife and 1 wallander

Dec 16th Saturday

Fine and sunny, visit Warragul arts market,saw jessie, Helen, Kerrie Anita, Allison,  M to help Kathleen,painted bird feeder,worked on flower children, sue dropped in talked to her, 4 people visited, Allison Brotherton and her partner visited, talked for a while. did chicken curry for tea,m went off to help at carols by candle light with kids, I watched big game, stranger things and babylon

Dec 15th Friday

Fine and sunny put together second birdfeeder and painted first,had details of florence arrival on Tuesday, Russ dropped in to fix photos, I did 6 small birds and 2 dragonflies, Sylvia dropped in with a gift, lady came and picked up letterbox, bec came and picked up big chook, metal delivery came and I cut that up and stacked it, M went to melb to see Madge( good today) home to go out to Pilates dinner, I didn’t go had fish and chips and watched die hard,

Dec 14th Thursday

Fine and mild, finished mowing,load of washing  tumble gym, shopping, back to play with kids, assembled mirror in a fine cup, 3 people visited did rissoles for tea, did more garden edging, watched 1 goodwife and 1 wallander,

Dec 13th Wednesday

Fine and sunny,up to 37,  worked on assembling music seat, assembled a birdbath and made another top and bottom,cut out lilies,2 people visited, picked up mower from Drouin ( 235) did a double kooka, played with Eleanor and theo, nap, did shaslicks for tea, mowed sculpture garden, watched 1 good wife and 1 george gently.

Dec 12th Tuesday

Cool and grey, but became warm and sunny by mid morning, Belinda Didn’t come add to book piece, worked on musical seat, finished painting mailbox, assembled book piece and did coffee cup girl and base, alan and cas came and picked up heart seat and gave me their old seat to repaint, did a top and bottom of a bird feeder, alyssia and kid came to visit, man came to discuss bird bath, did chevaps for tea and M moved stuff from back room and we put up xmas tree, vacuumed, M went to visit madge and also saw Pauline. watched 1 goodwife.

Dec 11th Monday

Cool and grey,fined up to lovely day, M to drs with Theo  then xmas shopping, I finished the two tall birdfeeders for Marianne, did the small iron ship for Jan, did the book climbing character, started a seat, did the 6 triple flowers assembling for market order, Sal dropped in and dropped off horseshoes, shopped for stuff at coles and woollies, ordered steel, dug a bit of the path, made sweet and sour for tea, watched 1 goodwife and 1 victoria.

Dec 10th Sunday

Fine and mild gentle breeze, added to website, dug a bit of edge of path, worked on creating and painting letterbox surrounds, people came and got plant holder, 20 people in arvo, Theo also with Marian, did 2 bases of birdfeederscut out rest of 6 triple flowers, sold birdfeeders Pizza for tea, Caleb and em at Madges birthday theo had a virus rash so M and Kathleen couldn’t go watched 1 goodwife, talked to Jeff and 1 wallander.

Dec 9th Saturday

grey and mild, Rokeby market sold $600, few orders, saw Lyn, sue Geoff, Steph,and others, home to unload trailer 7 people here, tired, did spaghetti for tea M to help Kathleen with theos rash, to hospital, watched 1 goodwife and 1 chance and 2nd episode of easybeats

Dec 8th Friday

Showery day, but fined up in arvo, Jen back ,vacuumed gallery, worked on finishing seat, then did plant holder fish out of water,M minds kids at lunch, scout breakup here in evening, 40 people and 30 kids, everywhere, watched 1 good wife.

Dec 7th Thursday

Fineday rain after 6, M with kids, theo a bit sick, added to website, delivered mower to repairman, shopped then to Kathleens to pick up Eleanor for tumble gym, back again to play with kids for a bit, off to buy new vacuum cleaner, home to see Jen in shed, man about seat, Julie had picked up horse, lady had picked up sign and dragonfly, nap, helped prepare for evening, BBAA artists get together, 30 people, tidied a bit watched 1 goodwife

Dec 6th Wednesday

Fine day, M shopping with Kathleen and kids, I assembled teapot, thinker, and the cat and I , did a cat and a cat box, started the heart seat,cut out and painted Gillians piece, Wayne called in, Julie came and finished her horse, man came to get more leaves for gate, Laurel and Mick billington visited, nap, did chicken bacon things for tea, started to mow but pulley broke,watched 1 good wife and 1 victoria

Dec 5th Tuesday

Finish, Belinda did a flower, I worked on printing thinker and cat, then assembled thinker and did wood and also assembled me and my cat and wood, did 2 cats nap, replaced gas and wire in MIG, sold 4 small pieces in gallery, 4 people visited talked to Graham,nap, Pilates then Mcdonalds tea, watched 1 goodwife and end of Victoria ep 1.

Dec 4th Monday

Finer and pleasant, ms car to be roadworthied, xmas shopping 2 people visited, did 4 ducks and 1 cat cut out thinker and also me and my cat,did steak for tea then watched 1 goodwife and 1 wallander.

Dec 3rd Sunday

Rainy and showery, no Longwarry washed out, worked on 5 chooks, 1 more dinosaur and a flower ring, tim dropped in, went to eleanors dance concert, quite good, home after shopping to do fish and chips for tea, watched 1 goodwife and 1 dark

Dec 2nd Saturday

Rainy and showery, went to jindi market, then home to finish circle for next angel orbit, did 2 dogs, 2 love birds 10 people through,did a dinosaur, nap, rissoles for tea M did washing and lunch with sue, watched 1 good wife and 1 wallander

Dec 1st Friday

Rainy and warm, tidied part of shed, started circle of angel orbit 3, Lyn came and did a sheep, M went to melb to see madge, nap, went to metal recycler for springs, got locked in, home for nap, wash helped with set up for exhibition, Carol and Russ all went well 22 people despite rain, sausages for tea watched the dark tower, quite good, more guns though.

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