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February 11, 2017

February 2017

Feb 28th Tuesday

Fine and Sunny, 30, M to melb to see madge then go and help with kids while K has hair done, Belinda did a flower, I did wood for heart seat and finished that and assembled M seat., did video for margarets exhibition and worked on Holden sculpture. 5 people including Wayne, 2 ladies, Olivia who bought 2 birds, a man called Neil , Sue came with a cake for M’s birthday and worked on ponds, did chicken mustard for tea watched 1 suits and 1 santa Clarita, put up video on website and facebook

Feb 27th Monday

Fine and sunny, 30 did rest of welding on M seat and started love seat, Roni to take down show, Margie to put up show,bit dramatic, M to help with kids in most of day, delivered last sculpture to Jan, shopped at aldi and Drouin, assembled J seat watched 1 santa clarita and 1 suits, put margies piccys up on the website.

Feb 26th Sunday

Fine and mild all day, light breeze, worked on john seat and bill bird also M for mary seat, 20 people through as jindi flower show was on, sausages for tea finish of Roni exhibition, watched last crossing lines and 1 santa clarita

Feb 25th Saturday

Fine and mild,make characters for namaste, M to oppshops  kids in arvo, finished namaste, 8 people through,delivered 3 pieces to Jan ( not home) called in at Aprils and picked up 3 small pieces and vase, called in at Kerries home, did Moroccan chicken for tea watched 1 santa clarita and 1 suits, bed early

Feb 24th Friday

Cool and grey to melb to drop off at Herring island, see madge, 6 people through garden,home to draw with Helen, Sue in shed worked on Namaste, chops for tea and watched santa clarita diet and 1 suits,

Feb 23rd Thursday

Fine and sunny added to farm tool piece, jess and jex came with mens shed guys got old compressors and other stuff off to tumblegym saw Heidi and Mary went to, Warragul steel, shopped for stuff home to work on jeanettes piece, started u piece Sue worked in shed too, 5 people through over day ,Pilates, pub tea, saw David and Julie Hayes, home to watch 1 crossing lines and the last leg.

Feb 22nd Wednesday

Fine and sunny, warmed up to 32, worked on mattock piece and did farm tool piece, still needs a bit of welding 4 people through , went to mooneys to see about a mailbox, nap, to warragul Thai for tea with book group, home to put away chooks back to Judes for bookgroup, discussed wolf hall( I only read 39 percent)

Feb 21st Tuesday

Fine and mild lovely sunny day,Alan and Bronnie dropped in, 1 other lady  did auger piece, cut out pieces for Jeanette plant holder, did 7 day walk, painted lean and both pieces started on next piece for Jan, shopped for metal and scrap, groceries, nap, worked a bit more, snitzel for tea,watched 1 crossing lines, walk and then Never go back.

Feb 20th Monday

Coolish,showered and rained most of day fined up at evening,worked all day on lean bust, mostly done and on stand, 5 people through garden shopped for cat crunchies and a new clock for the shed, M went to Melb to see madge, nap, did tuna pasta bake for tea, watched 1 crossing lines,

Feb 19th Sunday

Coolish worked on cow head, all filled welded and painted, Neil and wife came and discussed exhibition,finished covering bills wine stand  8 people in morning, Heidi came and picked up trolley, kids came and got goat and lizard, 6 people in arvo,graham dropped in, worked on bust, M looked after kids,prawn rice for tea, watched boy choir and 1 crossing lines rained a lot of night

Feb 18th Saturday

Cool and feels showery, odd fine patches during morning and a lovely afternoon and evening, sold stuff at Warragul arts market, (250) including failed bulls head,home to see Sarah and Kristy and baby luke, had a nice time talking to then angie and Kent came and picked up the big girls and also woodsprite( 350) and 3 others wandered through garden, nap, Sue worked in shed, off to melb to meet M who was helping with kids in arvo with em at aquarium, had red rooser for tea then to Baden Powell hotel for Davis party, stayed a while talked to ernie and Sarinas sister, home

Feb 17th Friday

Cool to begin with, went shopping for groceries, M to melb to see madge, both chooks ok, did drawings for my Jindivick project, explored another video re artrage, drew with Helen for 2 hrs, 3 people in morning, 2 in arvo, mowed across rd, started new bulls head, finished painting the girls,nap, steak for tea, watched 1 crossing lines and taken 3,

Feb 16th Thursday

Cool to begin mild then fined up to a beautiful day, worked on finishing girls, added to Davids piece, went to tumble gym saw adie, Heidi and Michelle, shopped for pies, home to play with E lunch nap, did structure of next 3d girl did 3 sides of bills winerack, Pilates after taking kids home, pub tea, saw Adam and Joan, home to find one chook missing, watched 1 crossing lines

Feb 15th Wednesday

Fine day lovely and warm most of day, cut up fallen and dead stuff, mowed a bit around house, 3 loads of washing, did David piece, modified fish tank and worked on girls for the bigger version,4 people through gallery, Sue came and worked in arvo, M had kids all day,2 naps, still a bit lacking in stamina, did rissoles to a recipe for tea, watched 1 crossing lines and worked on computer

Feb 14th Tuesday

Cool fined up lots, No Belinda, I had a restless night legwise so slept until 10 to 9 after breakfast, went and assembled lolly trolley and painted back of Judys bull head, went to Drouin and bought spray paint for wheels and brushes and hammer wedges, also flap discs( 78), had lunch Jeanette came over to use Mig, Sue arrived to do fish, I worked on bigger version of the girls,and cut up more of Judes trampoline frame, demolished cat box too, Nap M went to melb to see madge, then did tea of chicken Korma  watched 1 crossing lines, chainsawed up fallen tree, computer stuff

Feb 13th Monday

Cool; and showery, went and swapped over mig gas bottle and did some basic shopping, home to finish Judy’s Bull head, and paint most of Heidis stand did a plasma cutting demo for 8 people in arvo, 2 naps still a bit up and down with cold, slow cooker for tea, watched 2 crossing lines, 3rd season, did computer stuff, did 1 small artrage painting then looked at a few videos re artrage.

Feb 12th Sunday

Rained overnight, cold and windy day, Woke up did brekky and went back to bed for another hr,or so feeling a bit better but still wonky, worked on Heidis cart, mostly done, 8 people through garden in morning and another 6 in arvo, man came and picked up his fire pit( 350),let chooks out for first time today, took a bit of herding to get them in at night, did chicken skewers for tea,watched 2 crossing lines, Louis just been killed

Feb 11th Saturday

Went to Rokeby fine and mild a bit cool at times sold 150 of stuff, feeling crap, home Out of gas in shed, Sue did a bit, I slept most of afternoon, M went off with kids to ficifolia parade 2 people thru garden I watched avengers civil war, then M did sausages for tea, I went to bed and slept restlessly ,

Feb 10th Friday

Cool and pleasant shopping, drawing with the Wacom and Helen,did one computer drg and 1 real Ralph drg, no Sue,Sue came in arvo to do a bit in the shed, I did Judys bull head and cut out 2nd piece of mesh all painted but no rock yet, Warren from Coast coming to take photos, M to melb to visit Madge. M picked up car and brought home fish and chips, watched lethal weapon 3, restless night

Feb 9th Thursday

Warm and windy to begin, hot all day til 6.00, M had kids all day I helped at Tumble gym and also after lunch when sue was here, I did the catches for the chook pen, started on Judys bull head, bought more mesh from Martin steel( 46) , started Heidis wheels, went to Pilates then pub dinner, home to watch bit of tv early to bed as I have a sore throat and felt tired.

,Feb 8th Wednesday

Fine and increasingly warm, did base for fire pit, all done and painted then did 4 small horses for market, M locked kids in car and had to be rescued by David,played with kids a bit, nap, rissoles for tea, M had share club, watched home delivery and a bit of the weekly but kept breaking up did final writing for article

Feb 7th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, mild, No Belinda M had car trouble and had to take mine to see Madge in Melb. I worked on making the fire pit order, all of the pit part done, 4 people visited nap, snitzel for tea, shopped in Drouin, watched 1 crossing lines and did more writing for article.windy all night , a few sculptures down and a large branch of wattle near drain.

Feb 6th Monday

Cool and grey and odd showers, finished off horse seat and started race and circle, Roni had 5 friends here for meeting, I shopped for chook food, straw dog medicine and Marian medicine, did spaghetti for tea as M has a sore throat and tongue. Watched 1 crossing lines and then wrote for Lifestyle magazine.

Feb 5th Sunday

Cloudy, muggy and warm, tidied around gallery, downloaded artrage for comp tidied up from yesterday, did frame of a seat, shopped for chookfood  only wild bird, dropped off pieces at Ficifolia, back for nap and Roni’s opening about 50 all up, fine arvo, 1 sale, scrap tea, watched die hard 4, rained and cleared out gutters.rained most of night

Feb 4th Saturday

Fine and sunny went to jindi market bought two chooks,then started making chook cage/run, bought steel in Drouin (89) and made run part using excess aluminium screening, took most of day had 10 people visit, m got her broken tooth fixed at 12.00 but has a sore throat from kids shopped in Drouin for water etc and pizza, watched 1 crossing lines, computer stuff.

Feb 3rd Friday

Cool and grey,fined up to a lovely day,mowing and vacuuming, M has kids all day, I mowed sculpture garden and across rd,then went to Drouin for drawing but Helen not there so came home and started here then went to work on grants chair, played with Eleanor, finished Grants chair,Linda Zweirlein brought 3 people and one bought selfie, I played with Eleanor, made sausages and rice for tea, Caleb off to see kj and.. started trying to grasp Wacom thing, walk, watched 1 crossing lines

Feb 2nd Thursday

Mild and fine, M to melb early to see madge and Caleb first day with kids at school,I fix and adjust horse added to it repainted it and painted swirly again, Jeff and Jeanette came over to use the mig, started Grants seat,most of it done, bought more 16mm rod (86) shopped, home to do fish and chips for tea, watched 1 crossing lines, walk and put out sculptures, started on autumn piece for lifestyle,

Feb 1st Wednesday

Mild and grey Painted and finished welding wgh sign thing started on keys of C, deliver treble cliff and shop. M to kids in morning then here in arvo and evening worked on Keys in the song of C and did 3 horses and a fish, 2 people visited and bought submarine, solar man came(Kyle) and fixed fault, Roni came to check for opening, Mark the plumber came and fixed leak, middle of back went out, unpleasant, M did pies for tea with K and kids watched 1 crossing lines and

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