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January 11, 2017

January 2017

January diary 2017

Tuesday Jan 31st

Fine and mild, coolish, Belinda did a flower/web form, I worked on finishing swirly, also cut out a small horseand started on keys of c,Lady came and paid for treble cliff, Jeanette dropped in,ordered Wacom tablet M put in money and brought home cards, 4 people visited Did chops and pasta for tea, watched 1 crossing lines and did computer stuff

Monday Jan 30th

Fine and warm, clouded and cooled a bit later, sent off two entry forms, Plumber not  coming, off to see David Hockney exhibition interesting  and Viktor and Rolfe exhibition fashion art, fun and inspiring, Caleb first day at school,called in to see madge in bed, home for nap, metal delivered, cut up all pieces, Alan arrived to get umbrella stand repaired, chicken and rice for tea,1 person through gallery, watched I boy and 1 crossing lines

Sunday Jan 29th

Fine and sunny, worked on swirly piece all one side covered and part of second side, 8 people visited and sold just sitting piece, M helped caleb at school most of day, I went to Lucinda and picked up sculptures did skewers for tea, watched 3 crossing lines walk

Saturday Jan 28th

Fine and sunny mild, M has kids til 5, I worked on finishing flock and finishing face then started the distance nap, made a shelf for part of shed, 6 people visited Ronis exhibition, made small tacos for tea and watched Ferris Buellers vacation

Friday Jan 27th

Fine and sunny mildish, pump staying on so in to repairman, bough mower fuel too, home to add in birds to flock piece and paint one side then started face piece, 2 people visited, picked up pump and dropped off vacuum and did some shopping, chow mien for tea. Watched 1 crossing lines and added to website

Thursday Jan 26th

Australia day, started grey but fine and fined up to a perfect day. 2 loads of washing, Started on flock piece, then helped Roni set up exhibition with Bruce and Marian, did video 7 people through gallery and garden, finished main frame of flock and painted it, cut out birds for inner part. Nap, sausage rolls for tea, watched 1 crossing lines, walk then did posters and things for exhibition

Wednesday Jan 25th

Fine and perfect all day, worked on pillar of society and finishing breaking out, also painted other birdfeeder, Robyn took down exhibition, went to Warragul to see Warragul steel then shopped at Drouin, home to finish ball for top of pillar, nap made brown rice and green chicken curry for tea, watched 2 crossing lines and walk.

Tuesday 24th

Cool and showery fined up nicely as day went on, M had kids most of day, Belinda made an insect thing,I put together 2 birdfeeders, 1 painted and 4 birds on sticks as well as a character for breakout and some welding and grinding on it, 3 people from Meeniyan gallery came to discuss lighting, bryan and Jeanette came and picked up plant pot, 2 people in a camper, Went to Warragul to buy welding rods and electrodes, Kent and angie in arvo learning to weld,stuffed, nap then made rissoles for tea.watched 1 crossing lines, walk.

Monday 23rd

Fine and sunny hot, worked on breaking out sculpture mostly done, bought more 10mm rod( 80) people came and got seats and boxes,8 people through gallery ( bus)  M took em home steak for tea watched crossing lines and designated survivor

Sunday 22nd

Fine and sunny, I did ems cabinet, then worked on first part of new big sculpture, Sue came and welded and Robyn came and set up, 40 people for Robyns demo, man bought fishbowl piece and 2 birds, simple tea, Hydes home can called in, watched Once. Excellent.

Saturday 21st

Fine and pleasant no wind some cloud, lovely day,loaded trailer went to Warragul art market saw Helen Alice Alison, Daryl, Peter and Nina and Monique,Geoff, Jesse Chris and Mark, Laura and Natalie, sold 2 birdbaths and 1 giraffe, delivered birdbaths including to Alan McDonald home to replace timber on one seat, finish off Jeanettes pot thing, 4 people through gallery Sue did some mig welding, M and Em were at Kathleens to help with their party for Eleanors friends, then back here to prepare for whelans for tea and trivia night in gallery which went well

Friday Jan 20th

Rain over night and showers, cool and grey, M to melb, I finish off 2 seats and do fire grate. Also most of jeanettes pot thing, 6 people through gallery including George and peck who bought presence and a small bird, M brought em home with Chinese tea, watched event horizon dramatic, restless night

Thursday Jan 19th

Fine and sunny, not too hot, mowed hydes home paddock, then put together plant boxes and 1st seat, started on second seat and got all of welding done and painted , wood needs one more coat, 6 people through gallery, Sue came and visited and Joel called in, M had kids most of day did lamb patties for tea, watched 1 black books after kids left. Stuffed.

Wednesday Jan 18th

Cool and sunny, M went to help Kathleen shop and take kids to show at Traralgon, most of day, I repaired and painted one seat and did two plant boxes, mostly done except a bit more painting and assembling, I also started to arrange smaller bits of metal from yesterday, Stewart came and got trailer and 5 other people through garden and gallery, did spaghetti for tea with Em and Caleb, watched lethal weapon 2,

.Tuesday Jan 17th

Fine sunny warm cloudy, hottish all day, Belinda did a flower, I did 2 new dogs, giraffe, peacock, dragonfly, looked at seats to repair and went to Drouin to get metal, to do tomorrow, they also delivered the three pallets of offcuts and I unloaded them, 2 people visited, Eleanors dinner lamb roast and birthday cake, watched 1 crossing lines

Mon Jan 16th

Fine and sunny 31 not badly hot, I did the canoe piece, finished the plane piece, made the wedge bird into a singer, did a girl riding a pinecone beetle, assembled most of pieces 8 people through, Margie and Ivan came to pick up margies stands, Cleo came to get some latch plates made, did chicken kiev for tea, M brought Em home , Madge has another UTI picked up bark and took to pile did some mowing of back lawn and some of Hydes, watched 1 a series of unfortunate events and 1 crossing lines

Sunday Jan 15th

Cool to begin with then a lovely day after lunch, did Margies stands, Bills bird and part of bills plane, made the character for bryans kayak, and cut up a range of character pieces, re adjusted the watcher, did the blue shawl,and Headdress,cut out pieces for jeanettes garden things, did presence, mowed across rd, 10 people through, nap, mark and chris dropped off treasures, M had kids since 2.00 ,sausages for tea, walk and garden, watched last 2 midnight sun

Saturday Jan 14th

Cool and breezy cloudy, Rokeby market 350 sold, saw chris and mark, Marilyn, Kathleen, and others, home for lunch and unload trailer, deliver seat to Warragul drop off flyers at Parnassus, talked to Gary on way home saw helen at home and cut up blocks for her 5 people through gallery, painted girls on fish and also welded butterfly to wrench. Tacos for tea watched midnight sun,black widows and designated survivor

Friday Jan 13th

Grey and cloudy but warm drizzle most of day with some rainy patches, worked on fishbowls then went and delivered ballet pose to Cleo. Shopped briefly then home to work on characters for fishbowls, 4 people a mum and daughter and also Sarita and family, finished welding of bowls and characters , nap, loaded trailer when it stopped raining, phone call from J and J ,painted, spaghetti for tea, M in melb most of day with madge, em and David C watched a bit of vera and Geoffrey Robertson and last leg.

Thursday Jan 12th

Fine and sunny, mild, M has kids most of day, I did margies base plates, then fixed send receive,did 4 kookaburras, then 1 fish bowl and base of a second bowl, had Ros and Kay visit and also 8 others, shopped for cereal nap then down to Gallery to help Rotary set up , 40 people sold ballet pose and a belinda spider, perfect evening for their bbq dinner, watched 1 midnight sun.

Wednesday Jan 11th

Fine and mild, did a bird and a pelican, went to Warragul to get more grinding discs and electrodes for the plasma cutter, also saw dcsi re more data, home to do 2 chooks, 6 more flowers, a giraffe and a Lyrebird, mowed the lower sculpture garden, K bought more chairs for the gallery,M had kids all day, prawn rice for tea, watched 1 midnight sun, walk and 1 designated survivor

Tuesday Jan 10th

Grey and mild, fined up to lovely mild sunny day, Belinda did a lovely snail, wayne dropped in and so did Pawel, m has kids for most of day,I did an elephant, 1 bird, 2 old style dogs, 1 peacock, 2 new style dogs and 14 flowers including 6 or so dogfood tin flowers, shopped briefly and also bought 12mm rod( 73) home for nap, chicken skewers for tea, watched 1 midnight sun, walk and tidy then watched designated survivor and 2 music videos.

Monday Jan 9th

grey and cool, wonthaggi to move pieces,nice new space, brought home shark 2, lunch then to Drouin to buy 5mm rod( 22.20) then to Greensborough to drop off cat piece, called in to see Madge and Stephen and Em and Kristen, nap at ems then Stephens dinner in evening at indian plce on Belmore rd, listened to ted radio hr on way home.

Sunday Jan 8th

Warm and overcast,12 people including Graham,Chris and Lyn Tim, Mick and Vic, Russ and Carol, cut up body pieces,did steve present,cool change about midday, mowed other bit of Hydes, kids in evening, then K and D and Naomi for a bit, watched midnight sun  

Saturday Jan 7th

Fine and sunny( 36?) tidy pile more  did 2 ducks and 3 dog food flowers, cut out lots of sheet flowers, 2 people came and bought a birdbath, 2 other and Robyn’s opening about 30 people I sold missubishi, unruly hair , toasted sandwhich for tea watched midnight sun, designated survivor and how to be single( not bad)

Friday Jan 6th

Fine and sunny became very warm, worked on ballet girl all together and painted, added character to fish out of water,2 people through, tidied pile some more, shopped for things M went to melb to see madge and em nap did 3 of the new cats,watched whitehouse down pasta bake and salad for tea mowed a bit of J and Js and 1 designated survivor

Thursday Jan 5th

Fine and slightly cloudy, now hot and clear, worked on ballet girl all stone in and mesh on, needs clean up and base assembled then dress ,finished another birdbath, helped Naomi with a stand or two, Marilyn dropped in,went to Inverloch for swim with M and visited Grant and Irene, home through a lovely evening and watched last Paranoid.

Wednesday Jan 4th

Fine and sunny, wrote up email for Robyn and writeups for new pieces painted birdfeeder,did a second birdfeeder, added to ballet girl, Em and Caleb back to melb 5 people through including Phillip, pub tea at Drouin family hotel snitzel,then back to watch 1 paranoid, 1 longmire

Tuesday Jan 3rd

fine and sunny, No Belinda, worked on Nappy man and dog cutout, and tidied pile, 6 people in morning bought Danger girl and 8 in arvo including Erica who bought a birdfeeder, started a new birdfeeder and worked on top part of ballet girl, M had theo in arvo, shopped for metal and bought offcuts $300 snitzel for tea, mowed house block and across rd, watched 1 travellers and 1 dirk gently and 1 hard quiz

Monday Jan 2nd

Drizzle and showers, worked on doing knife and fork couple and doing the outline of new ballet girl, about 8 people through garden, Robyn dropped off T shirts, Sue came and bought 3, Rowan and Glenda came and talked about music, Kathleen over about midday and kids all arvo, did sausages for tea, watched 1 travellers, walk, Ahn do with Magda, also a hardquiz and a would I lie to you.

Sunday Jan 1st

Light drizzle to start the day, mild and pleasant, looked at Instagram ideas,worked on small cat sculpture and playing with the cat piece, Man from win Tv to video Robyn and show, added to website and put up video, 10 people visited including Sue Paul and Moreno, M went to melb at lunch time and saw Madge and brought back Em, Pasta bake for tea and watched the 100 year old man who climbed out the window and also Rockquiz Christmas special.

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