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July 11, 2017

July 2017

July 31st Monday

Fine and mild and sunny, spring day! Jonquils and daffodils out as are purple irises, worked on cover for outdoor compressor finished, then mowed sculpture garden and across road ½ , did surfer character and also prime bloom piece, all painted , tinicarlow for tea? M did shopping and looked after Eleanor from 3.30

July 30th Sunday

Fine cool and sunny at times cold at others, worked on finishing Sallys big ring, started fisherman, did girl with flower in hair, did a bird with a flower in its beak, and did a professor character,  2 people picked up seat, 2 more bought a dog and cat, nap, did chops for tea, watched 4 shetland

July 29th Saturday

Fine and cool  worked on rings for Sally walk in morning, Sue dropped in for a talk and John Brooks dropped in and picked up his ammo box, Caleb birthday lunch with Kathleen and kids and Em and us, quiet afternoon playing with kids and adding photo show to website. Sandwiches for tea watched Clueless, 2 shetland and 1 prime suspect 73

July 28th Friday

Cool and showery to begin,fined up a bit for lunch and after  M to melb to see Madge and bring home em fixed vacuum cleaner in gallery,I finished off bulb( add roots and paint) do johns wine rack, Johns door, Jen coming to weld,linda and Ruth did finishing touches to exhibition, playroup( 5) 2 others came and bought a seat, kim gardened,did pasta and meatballs casserole, watched 2 glow and from paris with love

July 27th Thursday

Fine and sunny turned cooler and showers, M has kids all day including tumble gym, Nicole takes down exhibition and Warragul camera club sets up theirs, I painted non conformists again, bought steel for sallys rings picked up new end for Mig, played with Eleanor, Pilates, pub tea, watched orphan black and utopia

July 26th Wednesday

Cool and showery, M had kids all day, I worked on bulb all covered and has shoot, went and bought a new sheet of corten and shopped for bookclub, joan and Chinese lass, nap, fish and chips for tea, bookclub with Jude, anne, Lynn Lois Natalie,

July 25th Tuesday

Fine and mild,showers in evening, M went to melb to see madge, 1 did 4 loads of washing, Belinda did a flying spider and a lollypop, I worked on bulb ¾ done went to Drouin to order metal, ,shopped 3 people visited garden and show, home to make honey mustard chicken, watched 1 glow and shimmer lake( ok) wrote up a few sculptures

July 24th Monday

Fine and cool, M stayed home and tidied, I went to Derinya to pick up leftover works ( about ½) went to Warragul to get plasma cutting bits, home to work on bulb, 2/3 done, did frittata for tea watched 1 glow and 2 shetland,

July 23rd Sunday

Fine and cool showers later, Nicole has her workshop in gallery, I started on bulb, all frame done and about ½ covering done. M helped Nicole all day 16 people through gallery and garden,bought more penetrol and black paint, and shopping, casserole for tea, m picks up car from K’s house with caleb watched 1 endeavour.

July 22nd Saturday

Fine and sunny but cooled over day, M helped Eleanor swimming in morning and went with caleb to pick up car in arvo,I finished non conformist piece and added a bit to garden panels, second coat on waterhole, Nicole came and tested AV equipment, 10 people through gallery including Jillian from Pakenham, snitzel for tea, watched digging, 1 prime suspect and 1 good karma hospital

July 21st  Friday

Fine and sunny but cold,M to melb to see madge and get emilys tv,I finished second panel, and started non conformist piece, 4 people , just Sylvia Jaimee and Penny for playgroup,Paul came and did electrical work, Jen came and welded,through gallery,bought a new vyce, a new grinding wheel and 10 m of air tube shopped and went via metal recycler,home made pizza for tea, watched 1 glow and a couple of other dull things.

July 20th Thursday

Cold and wintery, did base for wood pile,started frames for Warragul lady, finished dragon fly, vacuumed, tumble gym shopped Noel delivered wood,worked on assembling first panel for Warragul lady,cut out bits for second panel, pilates, went to pub meal fish and chips, home watched 2 shetland.

July 19th Wednesday

Winter has come, rainy and cold,did 1 elephant, 1 emu 1 bird and 1 dragonfly, bunyip community house visited( 21) Grant came as well and Joy came to pick up pelican cutout and Mrs Daelmans came for another pelican, Jules worked on her peacock I played with Eleanor and theo, nap, did casserole for tea( exc) watched 1 orphan black,

July 18th Tuesday

Fine but cool at times, M to melb to see madge, Belinda did 2 dogs for me,Wayne brought his daughter alice to see the garden and 2 others called in, I did 2 pelicans, 2 birds, 3 dogs, 2 peacocks and 3 cats,rang the phillipines consulate, Aaron Martin , Pimpisa and tried to contact the community group.shopped for groceries and brought home 2 sheets of corten.did curry for tea and watched 1 glow and 2 shetland

July 17th Monday

Fine and mild, m has a quiet day, I assembled seat, painted lollypop,did the base for waterhole and assembled and painted, mostly finished up 5 of 6 small figures( some for panels) cut out several bits for birds and dogs, moved all the wheels, springs and bench and put a concrete block for compressor to stand on, 2 people through garden, Robyn came and discussed a class on art rage in the gallery, got a commission for gate panels and a pelican, did chicken pieces for tea, watched 1 glow, and 1 danish law drama.

July 16th Sunday

Fine and cool, deliver to Derinya 59 things dropped off, M has kids all day, I played with E in arvo for a bit, ,then to shed, added more paint to seat, lollypop and started grinding characters( 4 done of 6) also added to waterhole by adding reeds flowers and doing a dragonfly started base piece, 1 person through garden, sausage rolls for tea, watched 1 glow and 2 shetland last day of school holidays

July 15th Saturday

Fine for a lot of the day, cold at times bwent and got tube for panels, shopped briefly , 9 people through including the lovely Steph and a lady thinking about a show, made 5 small characters, no grinding yet,M went to melb to see madge and em,Lasagne for tea, watched bit of digging and 1 glow and 1 and a half orphan black

July 14th Friday

Fine for most of day but also cold and showery at times, Jen came to weld, M had her haircut, caleb got internet sorted,I finished the chair and did a dragonfly, 10 people through gallery, some tidying,shopped and pizza for tea, watched 1 glow and Sherlock holmes movie

July 13th Thursday

Fine to begin with but changed in arvo, 2 people through gallery,M went with Caleb to see about car, no clear result yet, routers in to DCSI for reprogramming, I worked on finishing welding on lollypop, painted with penetrol, sorted out a few of the tool boards, started new seat frame done, did 9 flowers, did tuna mornay for tea and watched 1 mr robot and 1 endeavour

July 12th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, M takes em back and visits madge,madge has a uti,I had 8 people through and Jules welded her peacock tail, Steph came and got her sign,I did 2 big birds, 1 kooka 1 smallish bird 1 dog and started new sculptures including waterhole and under the surface, did lamb fritters for tea, Caleb had to go rescue M as car broke down with cracked head,home at 9.40, Caleb got a new router for house. Still not working yet, I watched Spectre.

July 11th Tuesday

Fine and cool, heart ECG at 9.15. Belinda came and did a flower and part of another flower, move last load of calebs stuff, get more plasma cutting tips and M and Em at Kathleens for arvo had 5 people through garden including Pieta and Viv collins, made a file rack and  2 dogs, 1 kookaburra, Internet on at gallery,did swiss steak for tea, Caleb ok again, watched perfect,pitch started player piano.

July 10th Monday

Fine and cool, showery later, tidied a bit and read book as power was out til 9.30 ( finished forensic geneologist and continued with the husbands secret)  , went with Em and M to move Calebs stuff( 2 trips today) ,talked to dcsi re routers, fixed but still no connection, Caleb still with Gastro,home to have lunch and talk to Prue Goodwin looking over her grandmas old place( here) 4 people through Gallery, did chicken skewers for tea , watched the theory of everything( good) and 1 endeavour( good too)

July 9th Sunday

Fine but cold in afternoon. worked on finishing new ballet girl, lots of grinding and a bit of welding, also did Joans other pelican and did 2 kookaburras em helped M prune roses etc, 4 people viewed exhibition, Sue dropped in and M talked to Jeff for a bit, Caleb has Gastro,corned beef for tea, watched Trainspotting 2( excellent)

July 8th Saturday

Fine but showered later, shopped in Drouin, added more to the ballet girl, set up the water trap on the compressor, did 1 flat pelican for joan, rang people re things to be picked up, order for seat, 5 people through gallery,did 5 tiny birds, Em and M did some gardening,Kathleen over after lunch Eleanor played with Kathleen chandlers daughter amelia, roast for tea watched fathers and daughters ok and then and the wonderful world( odd)still no internet.

July 7th Friday

Started cold but became fine and sunny, I went to Drouin to drop off scrap steel and picked up more, then to Martin to get rings and pay for sheets of steel( 486) , to Drouin for shopping and opp shop for knives and forks, to Warragul for air fitting then home to see Joy and measurements for panel, altered it and painted it,started welding new ballet girl, playgroup with a good range of new mums and boys, assembled butterflies and also landscape, kept working on ballet girl.Keltie and Liza in arvo,8 people viewed exhibition, M home from Melb with Em, fish and chips for tea, watched the space between us( very good) . Em fixed phone and loose key on keyboard.

July 6th Thursday

Fine and sunny but cold at times, shopped for birdseed etc, M has kids all day as K and D off to Van Gogh, no internet,Jeff and Jeanette called over,6 people saw exhibition, discussed with dcsi, did rest of joans sculptural piece all finished,finished cutting letters for stephanies sign, chaise lounge went away, Lady from Omeo came and bought sculptures, Mick and Carissa came to plasma cut, also Jen to weld, I started on new large ballet Girl, spaghetti for tea watched Greatwall. Fun.

July 5th Wednesday

Grey and cool, M with K to Traralgon,I did Stephanies sign and Joy;s pelican, then had 2 people and granddaughters to do plasma cutting, Carissa did a face and spiders, and M did a dragonfly and a turtle,4 people viewed the exhibition, I then did a butterflies in the stomach piece, and finished another roller creature,as well as doing a cutout for lady named Joan, dinner was butterchicken and cous cous, watched a United Kindom very good

July 4th Tuesday

Fine day,No Belinda, M off to melb to see madge, Jane came to work,I did 16 flowers and 3 dragonflies, a bird bath, finished Dog box, started small wheeled creature, went and got steel from Martin( 45) and also from Keith Recycler,5 people viewed exhibition, shopped in Drouin, Jane started the umbrella, did rissoles for tea and watched okja( ok in parts)added photos to website

July 3rd Monday

Started out fine and sunny but ended the day showery and cool, went to Pakenham to get trailer plug assembled it went to Williamstown to drop off large screen, then to Geelong and Ocean Grove to drop off sculptures, had lunch with sandy came back by ferry drove home chicken tenders for tea watched last sense8, did Nicoles video and uploaded it.

July 2nd Sunday

Fine and sunny, off to Longwarry market bought discs and plants, shopped in Drouin, home to finish off sculptures to deliver tomorrow, lady came and got balance piece and paid for it, talked to 15 people, sausages for tea, watched hidden figures and sense8

July 1st Saturday

Fine and sunny, superb mowed sculpture garden and across rd, prepared for opening M had theo in morning and kids at midday, some for opening but not overwhelmed, (30?) Natalie, Robyn rhinehart Lois and Peter, Danny Burton, lady bought 4 small pieces and deposit on balance, comin back on Wednesday, pies for tea, watched digging and rockquiz and a sense8

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