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June 11, 2017

June 2017

June Diary

June 31st Saturday

Fine and sunny, superb mowed sculpture garden and across rd, prepared for opening M had theo in morning and kids at midday, some for opening but not overwhelmed, (30?) Natalie, Robyn rhinehart Lois and Peter, Danny Burton, lady bought 4 small pieces and deposit on balance, coming back on Wednesday, pies for tea, watched digging and rockquiz and a sense8

June 30th Friday

Cool and showery, Justin exhibition comes down and Nicole goes up,added to paths through life, shopped and saw sign writer and metal people, did homemade pizzas for tea, watched sense8 and ..

June 29th Thursday

Cool and showery, m has kids all day, put together bookcase from old ladder, did a dragonfly and a peacock,Tumblegym, shopped in Drouin, also bought metal and paid for stuff from last Saturday, ( 100) home to turn ring piece and cut pieces for it with plasmacutter, moved lights for both drill and also lathe, made a new plasmacutting table, did a bulldog, pilates, souvlaki tea at pub, home.

June 28th Wednesday

Bus group coming, do emails for new exhibition,30 odd group from Probus, Julie came and welded too,, demonstrated plasma cutting, did 1 peacock and 2 pelicansdid most of other parts of bookcase, started a lathe piece, salmon and pasta one pan dinner,Bookgroup here in evening only Lyn, Nat, Lois, Sue and us watched Moonlight, slow.

June 27thTuesday

Cool and fine feeling better, no  Belinda,worked on painting bookcase again, assemble kookaburra seat,did 2 peacocks and 3 dogs, had visits from Sue Wayne,Nicole, 6 others, shopped in Drouin, made sausage rolls for tea, watched Joan Baez 75th anniv concert , sense8 and Caleb fixed video in shed,I finished Dragon Teeth book

June 26th Monday

Cool and showery, down with stomach bug, lots of vomit and poo,didn’t go to heart check,dingo dudes came and worked on garage( ½ done) watched deep impact, finished Jack reacher book and started latest Michael Crighton Dragon teeth, watched charlies angels at night,

June 25th Sunday

Cool but sunny, M has kids all day so Kathleen can do reports,No Poets in arvo,did 2 pelicans, bit of bookcase, talked to 8 people  watched sensate and movie

June 24th Saturday

Cool and grey,M to melb to see madge and em,went to metal man and got wheels and springs, to other metal man and got gal sheet and pipe, shopped, unloaded car, 8 people visited including Andrew Ritchie and wife, had a lovely talk with them, I finished off the 10 birds, assembled the flower table,, started the kookaburra seat,put up a board for pliers, lamb patties for tea, watched good karma hospital, digging britian, and sense8

June 23rd Friday

Fine and sunny cooled down in arvo and showers in evening, did the Sarah pilates piece, then went to Tarrawarra to see the Dobell exhibition, bought the Dobell and drysdale catalogues( 100) morning tea in Healesville, M was a bit poorly on way up I was a bit poorly in afternoon, home for lunch then cut up 10 small birds, painted the flower hallstand again and finished rocks in his head, naps, out to Warragul Thai to say farewell to sarah who is off to Tasmania, home and to bed for me.

June 22nd Thursday

Cool and grey fined up, M has kids all day,did a dogpainted totem,went to Tumble gym, Jen and Julie came and worked, I did top for second table with plasmacut flowers and leaves,started plasmacuts for ladder bookcase, had 4 people come to see show, sold 2 kookas and 1 dog and 1 peacock, did rack to store sheets of metal,pilates, battered, pub tea, watched 1 sensate8 ,

June 21st Wednesday

Cool and showery, M had kids all day, I assembled table 1, went to opening of woodworkers clubrooms, shopped in Warragul bought mountboards for bigger prints, did 3 birds, Julie worked on her peacock, went to leonies and did the tyre holder for her,Mary Royce called in,  steak for tea watched 1 sensate, then a bit of ronny chieng, reading jack reacher book.

June 20th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Caleb has gastro, M went to melb to see madge,  Belinda did a flower with nuts and a soldering iron bug, I completed 1 table frame and top and another table base, did flower form piece,and re arrange the spanner rack and sockets, Jeanette called in,Wayne called in, Sue called in 2 people from Jindi gardens called in and 2 others called in and bought 2 kookaburras,roast lamb for tea , watched 1 sensate8 and added to website.

June 19th Monday

Fine and sunny but cloudy later, did 3 dogs, then added to rocks in head,put ring of rings together, cut up metal for 2 table bases, did beekeeper, moved lathe and drill, and cleared out timber lathe rack, did a spring seat, 2 people visited and orderd a seat, did prawn rice for tea, watched 1 sense8 and 1 fargo, added to website

June 18th Sunday

Fine and sunny, M has kid for day, assembled swirl 3 did 6 kookaburras,14people visited,did table tops( 3) finished Ironclad, and muncher, also punkrocks spanakopita for tea watched 1 dr who 1 sense8 and 2 blacklist to finish series ,

June 17th Saturday

Fine and sunny, worked on tree world and added extra redgum base, did 3 birds, finished ironclad, started on swirl 3, had 4 people visit, sold plane ned and kooka and a dog, M shopped did satay chicken for tea watched 1 sense8 and digging up britian and rockquiz

June 16th Friday

Fine and sunny,M to melb to see madge,paul came and saw exhibition  painted lizard again and delivered it, printed ballet girl and the reader and put on stands, assembled and painted tree world,started on Ironclad, assembled muncher, Phyll and peter came and picked up seats, sue came and welded for a bit, playgroup had a fine time,did pasta and meatballs for tea, watched 1 sensate 1 blacklist and 1 nile

June 15th Thursday

Fine and grey,M with kids, I did face of lizard ,tumble gym,finished lizard,put new sandpaper on disc, painted pedestal, cut out reader and ballet girl, started on Ironclad, cut out trees from aluminium, did teeth for muncher,shopped for metalsheet,4 people through garden,Pilates, pub tea( souvlaki) home to watch 1 blacklist and part of sense8.

June 14th Wednesday

Fine and cool, M with kids all day I assembled Hans seat, started on frillnecked lizard, all body and legs done, still tail head and cleanup to do, painted ned and tree form, Julie came and started peacock, Jen came and worked on all sorts of things,  did frittata for tea watched sense8, ahn do, Ronny chieng last leg bit

June 13th Tuesday

Fine and cool, M to melb to see madge, Belinda made a flower form( like whelans) I assembled the chaise lounge and assembled Hans seat metal, painted the wood for hans seat twice, assemble the constructed nature piece and painted once, started on Plane Ned and painted once, started on gobbler piece, did 2 birds and 1 chook to help tidy up bench, Wayne came for morning tea, and Sue came in arvo to discuss a construction problem, went to chiropractor( seem better) and then to Warragul to pick up grinder, shop for groceries, get wheel from Bunnings, home to do a mince and potato thing, then watched 1 sense8

June 12th Monday

Grey and coolish,m has kids from 12.00 I painted and added tabs to chaise lounge, did metal and wood for restored seat fixed the new dress, tidied a bit, made a cone on the lathe for another idea, 16 people during the day, rudi Michaelson bought tin man and a couple of other things( 690) , did kievs for tea watched fargo,orphan black and 1 sense8

June 11th Sunday

Fine and mild cool at times, M stayed home and raked leaves, I unloaded car and put out new signs, did back and timber for chaise lounge, did see through piece, 20 people over all sold table and fish out of water, M did tea sausages sweet and sour, watched Dr who , sense8 and Orphan black.

June 10th Saturday

Fine and mild, read paper, tidied shelf inside door, fixed arc barrel for gillian, fixed rolling thing for marian, finished pyramid part of star on a string, started chaise lounge, went to Korumburra and picked up pieces, lady came and picked up sign Robs restos, 5 people through gallery skinless sausages for tea, watched 1 sense8 and archeology show then Rockquiz.

June 9th Friday

Fine and mild, M to melb to see madge, I shopped in Drouin for some frames and dogfood, home to paint robs restos again, do a pelican as part of an order, do the base of star on a string, Graham called in and got birdie for Narkoojee, Helen and Alice called in and did a bit of plasma cutting and saw exhibition, Kim came and gardened, Jaimee and Sylvia and antony called in for playgroup, Sue came and welded at end of day, did pizzas for tea, watched 1 sense8 and 1 uncovered and 1 silent witness.

June 8th Thursday

Cool and fine, tried to get press thing working in morning, didn’t really did 9 prints using a spoon, went to tumble gym, shopped for paint and glue at Bunnings M has kids all day Tara in arvo, I finished second side of Robs resto’s and assembled print pieces to bases and painted, nap, off to Pilates, pub tea home to watch 1 sense8, made labels for pieces

June 7th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, M has kids all day, I cleaned up tinman, cut out 3 new cutouts and made a cat from forks, did one side of Robs restos, Julie came and finished her first piece, Jen came a bit later and did more spoon based flowers, did chicken skewers for tea, watched sense8 , then ahn doh, the weekly, ronny chieng and Last leg

June 6th Tuesday

Fine and cool, M had kids in morning then to melb in arvo to see madge, Caleb crook home from school, I went to Nsth to get work for him,then home to Belinda who did a patterned flower, I did arms and hands of tin man, then covered his body with panels,also cleaned up and assembled 4 pieces cut out yesterday including cello and curl girl, Robyn Rinehart dropped in to see exhibition then 2 others came for a kookaburra for abbey homes, 1 lady in arvo, and sue came and welded in late arvo,I put up shelf and door catch, made apricot chicken for tea and potato egg fritters, then watched 1 newsradio, ho hum and 1 sense8 and 1 law and order Britain.

June 5th Monday

Fine and cool, Gary and Ryan did concreting, M went to look after kids all day, I put up door and panels in shed, assembled 3 cat ( small sculptures) cut out 3 small plasmacuts, started on arms and hands for tin man, busload of people from old folks home Drouin( 12) concrete man looked at garden, did spaghetti for tea, watched 2 fargo rained at night,

June 4th Sunday

Cool and foggy, M to melb to see Madge I went to Longwarry market for discs and dog bits, shopped in Drouin home to finish welding and painting last of Parrish seats, put out sculptures and did a few signs, started doing door for back room cut out area for glass, Justin opening about 40 people including Glen and Jan and Tim and Chris Garden( and tims lovely girl) also Keltie and Nic, Dominic, Jess and Amy edmondson and kids, Carl wagner, diane and Glenn, Howard and Joyce, Mitch Hynds folks, Simon Rigg and others frankfurts for tea, Caleb home later, watched 2 Fargo.

June 3rd Saturday

Cool and fine, finished 2 cat pieces, M went with K to midvalley, she also cleaned Gallery went to Yinnar to get back breaking out, 6 people through garden, worked on seat and ½ done, fixed a sash clamp, made 8 new sign holders, did 2 tiny birds, made chicken sesame and honey for tea, watched 3 or 4 ted talks including Rhiannon Giddens then watched Rock quiz.

June 2nd Friday

Cool and fine, cut out 4 cat pieces and painted ballet dancer and wood, off to Warburton with M to visit Joseph and Pauline to drop off slip sliding away and pensive, dinner at curry club very nice then shopped at Yarra junction and home again, John Brooks dropped off stuff, Lady came with 2 boys and Alexandra Sue welded, I assembled 2 small pieces and also set up motorbike did 3 small birds, did chops for tea, watched 1 law and order britain and Child 44 dark Russian set movie very good

June 1st Thursday

Cool and fine, did a seat frame and added head to tinman, tumble gym Bought dwd( 126) and dropped in grinder for fixing, shopped at aldi, home to lunch 2 people came and bought $2000 of pieces, painted motorbike, cut out birds for back of seat,lady ordered a small bird , did 3 small birds  cut out dancer for small piece, constructed, M had kids all day, to Pilates then pub meal, home. stuffed

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