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March 11, 2017

March 2017

March diary

March 31st Friday

Fine and cool, M to melb, add photos to website, worked on penguin, finished except for final coat No Helen, Playgroup came with Sylvia Heidi, and Jaimee and a grandma,Marg mooney dropped in re letter box and bought mother, and a Nicole smith calender, John came and welded as did Sue,I shopped for cold Gal paint , M did tea ceaser salad, watched Sing.

March 30th Thursday

Cool and showery, worked on finishing twisted, painted with one coat all over, started on penguin then Linda and Ruth came to set up exhibition, bus arrived with 10 people,exhibition set up, M had kids all day, lunch and played with Eleanor, nap, Sue arrived , Jules came and tidied around gallery, played with Eleanor then took kids home and went to pilates, frittata for tea, watched 1 the Killing, did linda video.

March 29th Wednesday

Fine and mild, M has kids all day,worked on twisted, shopped for metal ( 245) at both metal places, got wheelbarrow tyres back( 75) got most of twisted finished, back went out Margie and ivan taking down exhibition rang painting buyers,5 people visited in bus,  went to chiropractors, drove with M to get her car, pub tea at family hotel, home to watch 3 episodes of 70s show, light rain in evening, M at bookgroup.

March 28th Tuesday

Fine and cool, M has kids all morning, Belinda did a spider and a web, I worked on back of twisted, got mirror put in and started on front, 5 people through shopped in Drouin, picked up calebs wheels,(75) dropped off barrow wheel, bought glue, Sue welded, John welded,Photo shoot for Coast Magazine, I mowed across rd and some of sculpture garden and house, went out for tea at Drouin Golf club to recap open studios, home and watched 1 touch

March 27th  Monday

Hot and breezy cool change later Deliver vase to tyers and breaking out to Yinnar M has kids all day, dropped off wheels in Drouin for Caleb, bought socks at K mart, saw Thom and people picked up Namaste,did romping dachshund and cut out pieces for back of new sculpture,prawn rice for tea, watched 1 the killing and 1 touch.

March 26th Sunday

Cool start to a lovely day, open studios,M to melb to see Stephen and Em.had 34 through, sold vase and Namaste, and playing with the cat, warmed up made 3 kookaburras on sticks, 2 wrens and 2 cockatoos, horse from yesterday was finished, , had rohan and Tom and Glenda singing in afternoon, Pizza for tea and basic shopping, watched 2 touch.

March 25th Saturday

Fine mild perfect autumn day, warm at times, prepared for open studios, did two dogs, had 63 people through,M helped K in morning with kids at fete, nap in afternoon, I sold fish out of water and float, demonstrated plasma cutting a bit, did pasta for tea, watched 2 episodes of the killing,

March 24th Friday

Fine and mild perfect autumn day, went and bought black paint and dwd and turps( 226) then shopped then to Drouin to buy sheet steel and pay for past bits( 124)went to metal recycler too home to  say hello to John who had come to weld, started on new sculpture, Playgroup arrived with Christie, Sylvia, Amy and Jaimee and kids and they painted happily, Kent arrived to do chair repair I had to go buy more metal for that and my sculpture Margie and family 7 people arrived to see exhibition, buy paintings etc. I helped Kent with drilling and welding, Jeff called in with some odd bits of scrap, I got frame of sculpture together, Pie for tea then watched Bridgitte Jones baby

March 23rd Thursday

Cool and fine, M has kids all day Pakky mens shed coming 10 or so had a good time and plasma cut, 9 others in a mini bus, 2 others ,I finished welding circle heart chair,Jules gardened,Pilates, kfc dinner, watched broadchurch and Adam hills

March 22nd Wednesday

Cool and fine showers,worked on Sydney piece, finished painting garden seat, started another seat, finished painting mother, man dropped off parts,Graham and friend dropped in M had kids all day til 10.00 did sausages for tea,

March 21st Tuesday

Cool and fine showers, Belinda did some bits and pieces I finished pensive and sandras tool sculpture,also added to mother, and did most of phylls seat with the garden theme  M has kids til lunchtime then off to melb to see madge, olivia and friend came to visit, Wayne and delene came to see exhibition,I shopped for groceries and bought 16mm rod, nap and made Kievs for tea, watched 1 touch and 1 70s show.

March 20th Monday

Wedding anniv, humid, fine showers and warm, worked on finishing pensive( just needs a cleanup and paint) started on Sandras sculpture and assembled the window, John came and worked in shed most of day Robyn dropped in and Phyl and husband dropped off wood for 1 seat, M had kids all day and theo was grumpy and both were tired,did a frittata for tea( worked well by cooking pan in oven) watched 1 touch and looked at Instagram ( 5 short of 1000)

March 19th  Sunday

Up at 3.30. to Briagalong, got there miles too early, Fine and sunny and bloody warm, set up sold 400 looked at art gallery Little Milligan, home again chops for tea, watched Dr strange( great effects)

March 18th Saturday

Fine and mild and sunny up to Warragul Market, saw a range of people and sold 300 Jan dropped off 600 for sculptures, home to lunch 4 people looking at Margs exhibition, Kids with M here, nap, 1 girl called in to see show visit whelans Chinese for tea.watched 1 touch

March 17th Friday

Fine and cool but will warm up, finished a pelican and tidied up small birds tidied up mail box, mowed briefly sculpture garden, 4 people organising bus trip came, Helen came for drawing with alice, Heidi, Jaimee and Sylvia came with playgroup 2 people came to buy things the gardener Jules came, I helped Alice make a light box, nap, tidied up and loaded trailer, did hamburgers for tea, M went to K in morning,melb in arvo and k for a short while in evening then out with the girls for tea, Caleb had tooth looked at, we started to watch midnight special but power went out, went to bed.

March 16th Thursday

Muggy then cool, showers but no rain here, did a pelican and a peacock, refixed balance and added dish to stone net sculpture to make a classy birdfeeder, off to tumblegym,then to Warragul to get more electrodes( 50) tried to pay for rolled pipes, shopped picked up repaired boot, to Drouin to get sheet of plain steel and order a sheet of corten, to Keith to get springs and wheelbases, home for lunch and nap, M home with kids,Olivia  came to discuss chairs etc, Janine called in to say goodbye gave her a flower mirror, Sue welded,Joan dropped in,off to Drouin to drop off kids, Pilates, KFC tea to get home in time for chooks then just Ipadded.

J March 15th Wednesday

Fine and sunny cloudy but hot at 5,had kids from 7.30 K off to melb and David crook, M looked after them mostly,2 people called in i finished the 10 small birds I had been doing yesterday and made bird perch and flower bird and added to 2 birdbaths, also finished cutting Goanna for john, did a pelican and started another birdbath, also started 2 small plasma cut pieces,Sue worked in arvo, meatballs for tea, watched 1 touch

March 14th Tuesday

Fine and sunny and got hot,Belinda worked by herself  went to Melb to pick up work from Herring Island, sold swirly sculpture, delivered it to Kallista, lovely property and view, back via Pakenham, petrol shopped, to Drouin, shopped and haircut, home for lunch at 2, rings had been delivered and queen of hearts chair picked up and another repair job dropped off, nap,M went to see Madge and Pauline, back to help David take kids to dr, both a bit crook, finished the two bird feeders and cut up 10 small birds assembled 2 , snitzel and salad for tea, watched 1 touch

March 13th Monday

Fine and sunny warm and clear,Holiday , assembled 8 flowers, did 2 flower mirrors, started 2 birdfeeders,had Rhys here for welding, bit of a battle but ok in end, Sue came and welded, had about 10 people through, had steak for tea, finished book club book the unexpected pilgrimage of Harold fry, very good, then watched broadchurch ep 2, the weekly and adam hills.

March 12th Sunday

Cooler and grey,worked on flowers welding and painting cut out bigger flowers from feed bins, about 15 people in morning sold 2 small pieces,and 1 of Margarets paintings, did Johns goanna cutout, also 4 owls and 1 butterfly and a little bit on sitting girl another 12 in afternoon, kievs for tea watched alice through the looking glass.

March 11th Saturday

Mild and grey Rokeby market, saw a range of people, closter, Geoff, mrs treble, Sue, sold $250 home for lunch and nap,13 people through garden in afternoon, Warm and humid in afternoon worked on cutting out and welding more flowers,did pasta bake for tea, watched Ashby( good) M did a housework day and made the bed

March 10th Friday

Fine and sunny, mild, mowed what needed mowing, worked on finishing snail seat, bus from day tripper arrived, 40 people, bus of others 10 arrived, Heidi, Sylvia, Christie and Jaimee came with kids for lunch Drawing with Helen,, finished seat, did giraffe started waiting girl, loaded trailer, prawn rice for tea, watched Inferno, and did computer stuff

March 9th Thursday

Fine sunny and warm, did 2 cats and 1 dragonfly, went to tumble gym, M has kids all day, then to Warragul steel, to check on rings, dropped off shoe for repair, picked up pamphlets from ed printing place,shopped for dogfood etc home for lunch, played with Eleanor, nap, Sue in shed, started snail chair, part done, pilates, pub meal, watched 1 touch.

March 8th Wednesday

Fine and sunny no breeze yet, M to Kathleens , I went to Warragul to get more brochures for Jindivick, went to store and tavern to check details, bought more computer ink, saw about rolling round rings, home did 4 ducks, 3 people here, Graham called in and Nicole and Rhys to discuss exhibition and helping Rhys weld, did 2 cats, and assembled moon maiden and mirror of flowers, went to Drouin to pick up Calebs wheel and also Mower,M did tea, ceasar salad, watched 1 Touch, sorted papers on desk and computer.

March 7th Tuesday

Fine and sunny with a lovely nth east breeze, did 2 small hinged boxes, 5 chooks, 1 flower mirror , talked to wayne, 2 people visited, Kay and Bill came to play plasma cutting,did dragonfly wings and painted one side of moon maiden, sausages for tea no caleb, watched 1 touch, walk, rang people but were not home worked on computer.

March 6th Monday

Cool but fined up with a lovely breeze, unloaded sculptures and started on birds( 5) and 1 echidna, assembled tree of stars,Jeanette dropped over catalogue, Paddy came and talked for a while, M had day to do her stuff, Jeff came over in arvo,did spaghetti for tea,watched 1 episode of touch interesting, walk, caught up with computer stuff.

March 5th Sunday

Cool and cloudy, up at 7 to maccas for breakfast then along Hamilton Hwy til stop at Geelong servo, air show traffic all heading other way, through Melb and home by 12.30, Sue and Em and Caleb had organised gallery with Margie, nap, for me then opening, over 50 people and over 10 works sold, lovely fun afternoon then off to Berwick to pick up sculptures, basic shopping at Pakenham, then chinese tea, Caleb took em home, watched Ab fab movie, and 2 suits.

March 4th Saturday

Cool and cloudy, mild fined up to a warm and sunny day, dropped off poles for wedding, then went and captured kids and went to lady bay beach, played in sand and also with water, then to art gallery , saw a lovely video art piece, had a sandwich and icecream Theo asleep then played in park a bit then dropped kids back at K and D’s went and got ready for wedding, to Flagstaff hill, helped mind kids through wedding then went back with kids and Joel kid to K and D’s and played read, music and video, KFC tea and salad, kids asleep about 9.30  K and D home 12.30

March 3rd Friday

Fine and sunny, packed up and went to Melbourne, saw Madge then back in car o Geelong, went to gallery after lunch on steps, saw women abstract artists, ok, bought 4 books, then off to Warrnambool, found motel, then went and saw Aunt Helen, had a pub tea and back to hotel for evening watched 1 broadchurch

March 2nd Thursday

Fine and sunny 30 loaded 4 sculptures for edrington drove down there and dropped off, back for tumble gym,shopped for paints for quilt stands, home to do lunch then painted stands, did plasma cutting of moon girl, repainted holden sculpture and did painting of Lyn chair and made insert,2 cats on sticks, started the tree of stars and a ball girl, Sue worked on her ponds,M had kids all day, took them home on way to Pilates, pub tea saw Hayses, home to watch last 2 episodes of Santa Clarita diet.

March 1st Wednesday

Fine and sunny, 30, did mowing of lower sculpture garden,mower broken with one pulley sheared off, took in to be repaired, did basic shopping, and bought metal( 204) made Naomis stands, assembled heart seat, and tidied up holden sculpture, did 1 bird, Sue came and worked in afternoon,. M had kids all day, home in afternoon, nap, sent out emails re Margies exhibition, did a few signs , chowmein for tea, watched 1 santa clarita.

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