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May 11, 2017

May 2017

May diary

Wednesday May 31st

Cool and showery, cold at times, M has kids all day, I worked on Motorbike, bus from Peninsular probus( 40 people) Julie came to work, Jen came to work Sue came to work, I started painting motorbike and started tin man, lifestyle mag dropped off, Wood dropped off, TA and Kim came to see what to garden, out to celebration tonight for tea( lovely) bookclub at Lois with Three day road,Added to website Justins piccys

Tuesday May 30th

Cold and rainy,No Belinda, M went to melb to see madge and then home and out to share club. I made two characters for the joys of reading sculpture and assembled, assembled another table with mirror and put together 2 more mirrors, Wayne called in as did Kay to pick up rack and numbers, Diane Eastick called in for kookaburras, I worked on motor of motor bike( ½ done) Beau called in to do sign and see exhibition, (4 in total) Raised rocking chair, Sue came and welded. Did swiss steak for tea then watched 1 house of cards and tried to watch fargo but it kept breaking up..

Monday May 29th

Cool but fine, filled in top areas of back room to prevent dust coming through, M home most of day cleaned floor and did tax, went to take Eleanor to dance at 4.00. I unloaded pieces brought back from Pakenham, went and got pieces from Jindivick, Bus load of about 15 people from Warragul demonstrated plasma cutting, took load of stuff to tip brought back load of Oregon and pine, also bought 30mm angle for clay panels, shopped, home to do frame for panels, assembled wheels onto frame of motor bike and stood up, added support to book piece, Talked to sue did a frittata for tea watched last two episodes of the killing, assembled video of Justin .

Sunday May 28th

Cool and showery, painted books again and assembled onto stand, tidied more of shed with moving of three benches, Justin loaded in his exhibition and did video, 10 people through gallery and garden, poets were to do reading but only two came due to cold and rainy, picked up work from Yakkerboo one piece sold, Chinese for tea watched 1 olive Kitteridge and 1 killing

Saturday May 27th

Mild and cloudy, bought bolts and spray paint from Home hardware( 36) worked on book steps and stand, all painted still need to do characters, moved stuff from back room of shed tidied, did mirror for second table routed and painted, Melissa and Nathan picked up seat, 5 people through over day,Jeff called over and dropped off some stuff, M to melb to see em and Madge salmon pasta bake for tea watched Morgan and then Rockquiz.

Friday May 26th

Mild and cloudy, made frame and part wall for shed backroom doorway ,worked on frame of motor bike and second wheel, all together  but still to be assembled, tidied more of shed,Car loads of U3A people( about 20) enjoyed the place, also 4 others Graham Duell called in, Neil took down exhibition, did kievs for tea watched orbison and everleys in Australia, then the blues brothers

Thursday May 25th

Mild and cloudy, finished welding table top for second table, Cathy smith came to pick up invoice and gave her my old cross cut saw, tumble gym and bought a piece of pine for shed home for lunch M and kids there too Tara coming,6 people visited Neil and Pam took down exhibition, Sue is welding and I cut up a piece of red gum to support her butterflys, loaded car and went to Pakenham to drop 4 pieces off at Yakkerboo( triffid 2, pecking order, the window and joyous dancer) saw keltie, shopped at JB and a bit of normal shopping too, home for nap, out to Pilates( forgot it wasn’t on) pub tea fish and chips, home to watch colin hay Doco and 1 Killing.

Wednesday May 24th

Mild and cloudy, broke up basalt for 1 wheel and attached mesh to 2nd side, Had Jen come to weld, did well and started doing jewellery pieces with the Mig, Julie Hayes came to weld too and did fine and worked on wire sculpture, 4 people visited M had kids all day, I did one dog and part of top of table, also removed more wood and tidied up more. Did chicken pasta bake for tea watched 1 killing and ahn, the weekly and you cant ask that

Tuesday May 23rd

Mild and cloudy, Belinda did a spider and a flower part, I finished the dog from yesterday, did an elephant, welded mesh onto one side of the motorbike wheels and painted and cut out mesh for other side, also did front forks and steering and found parts for the frame, Wayne visited, and took carload to tip brought home wood, paid metal bill( 846) and bought a new saw at Bunnings ( 295) tidied shed a bit, Sue welded, M to melb to see madge, helped set up more playground, prawn rice for tea and watched last Anne and 1 killing. Finished book three day road

Monday May 22nd

Fine and sunny, did top for one table, final coat on coffee table( went home too) Olivia came and got gates, I added bolt, tidied more of shed and painted top of table and a mirror frame, loaded car for tip trip, mowed the sculpture garden and across rd,Jules and TA gardened did a dog and half another, did a frittata for tea and watched 1 killing and 1 Anne

Sunday May 21st

Fine and sunny, finished off coffee table, welded two hall table bases together, M home, planted roses and liquid amber tree, fixed vacuum cleaner blockage, cut up pipe for kookaburras, 2 owls and 2 kookaburras finished, did figure for crazy lady numbers, attached and painted, tidied more in shed, 2 families called by Rebecca artist and Marty and 4 kids and 2 more people from mt Martha who had previously bought something, Sue visited and went with M to see Kerries studio, did a leg of lamb for tea and watched 2 killing and 1 anne

Saturday May 20th

Fine and sunny here foggy in Drouin, shopped for groceries and pipe for kookaburras, ( 43) home to do plasma cutting of 2 halflingers for german man then assemble horse seat and most of coffeetable, started cutting up materials for 2 hall tables, M did washing, I tidied shed a bit, 2 people visited with kids then 2 more with 3 kids, I did plasmacutting with both Caleb fixed internet , did birdbath for crazy lady tea was meatballs and pasta, watched 1 Anne and Rockquiz and 1 killing

Friday May 19th

Cooler some showers later, added heart and circle to coffee table and did Kay’s hanging piece, Lady brought back number and birdbath to be redone, 3 people visited and then 4 more, tidied shed( hah) and moved cupboard and bandsaw and started filling in top holes, reglued a mirror frame and sanded some table tops, M to melb to see Madge and Pauline, demonstrated plasma cutting, did sausages for tea and then watched 1 mr robot and Collateral Beauty good, played with router but no internet in house.

Thursday May 18th

Fine and mild, cooler, did some shopping, Dcsi coming now have nbn but no internet due to changed Modem I didn’t go to tumblegym as thought we had a retirement group coming but didn’t, I finished the horse seat and assembled the cat pieces and dancing girl, also did the prints into frames for the gallery, started to do the coffee table order and most of welding done and wood all cut up.2 people saw exhibition, M had kids all day, and Krystal came with Tara for a play date, went to pilates then pub tea, watched 1 mr robot and reading book.

Wednesday May 17th

Fine and sunny, I have a head cold, assembled all my printed pieces and redid curly again, did a horse seat welding, ( slower) Sue came and did leafy sea dragons, 4 people through including Penny, M had kids all day tidied shed a bit more ( pile of wood is gone) , did rissoles for tea and watched 1 anne and 2 fargo

Tuesday May 16th

Fine and sunny, Belinda did a flower, I did the back of the Parrishes seat and then the rest including painting,redid dancing girl flat plate, and fixed negative cat, tidied a bit of shed, still a lot more to do,10 people through including Meyers, mainly probus people, finished painting free spirit, unpacked rollers and played with it a bit, Gary did slope in front of shed and spread stuff in house carpark, did curry and rice for tea watched 1 killing and 1 anne with an e, printed all three plates

Monday May 15th

Fine and sunny, unloaded sculptures and fixed dancing to the music of time, continued clearing out garage , also collected pool surround metal beside shed and got rid of it, and took a car and trailer load to the tip, worked on free spirit and all done except red and 2nd coat, redid curly and painted, gary and Darren put in pipes to remove water from shed door, Stewart delivered load of metal , all cut up and racked, Neil worth and Pam brought 3 people to see exhibition and 6 others so about 10 over day, cut up material for 2 seat frames and started one, spaghetti for tea, watched anne with and E and 1 mr robot

Sunday May 14th

Fine and sunny mothers day, cleared out garage of wood and some stuff tidied piles down near shed, 20 people through including Joseph who bought 2 sculptures, Daniel Worth and Joy, Lyn and Jane Treble, Karla and Nick Kensley Sue welded most of day Pick up work from Mirboo nth, M to melb to see Madge with Kathleen and em,

Saturday May 13th

Fine and sunny, Rokeby market sold bull head and other things $400, home to see Don and Pauli and Kathleen and David and kids, up to Jindi sculpture show Sue , Jessie, Jeanette won prizes, home to do wraps for tea, watched Eurovision

May 12th Friday

Fine and sunny, worked on 2nd curly seat, Gary and Darren arrived and did paths hung out and brought in 2 loads of washing, M home all day , cleaned floor and tidied up, Playgroup with Sylvia, Heidi,Chloe and Jaimee did bird feeders, Dcs came to look at doing something NBN but went away again, I did 5 mass heart flower cutouts and 4 chooks, Sue welded , busload of 15 people tidied shed a bit, did mushroom chicken for tea, watched La La land and then 1 mr robot

May 11th Thursday

Fine and misty, went to Warragul and did pathology, bought steel at Martin metals ( 186) home and unloaded off to tumble gym and played with kids,Jim visited gallery, home to load sculptures for Korumburra, delivered, 8 people through gallery home M and kids had play date at Krystals,did a bit on back of second seat, nap pilates for me, KFC tea watched 1 the killing and 1 young pope( didn’t grab me)

May 10th Wednesday

Fine and sunny,M had kids all day, took theo to see train photos at Warragul ,I loaded car and went to Mirboo Nth ( discrepancy, baroque Birdbath and Balance), came back via Yinnar to see sculpture show there ( breaking out my piece), ok, shopped in Warragul and then took pieces to Jindivick, (Pieces of 8 and twisted and birdie) all 3 pieces and Cetta’s pillow,Neil Worth added some new paintings to replace what had been sold and Ian Plant came to see show,  worked on back of seat and did all welding and timber for one seat, Sue did some welding, did swiss steak for tea Yum, watched 1 Mr Robot and The Killing, added to website

May 9th Tuesday

Cool and fine sunny day, Belinda did a butterfly influenced by Sues Butterflies,I did 4 catboxes and painted lady as a house number, Talked to Cetta who dropped off her mosaic Pillow, two people visited gallery and garden,after lunch I did 2 seat frames and 1 bird, M staying home due to cold Sue welded a bit ,did chow Mein for tea, watched 1 mr robot and added to website.

May 8th Monday

Fine and cool, to Red Hill to pick up sculptures.all three back home, stopped by metal recycler and picked up some stuff shopped, did 2 kookaburras and 2 birds, did a corgi for George,Sue welded, M at home with cold, made a chicken thing for tea, watched Mr Robot and Dr Who and finished writing piece for lifestyle,

May 7th Sunday

Cool and showery with fine periods, Caleb and Em went to Zoras and Andrews for Daphnes birthday, M has a cold, I went to Longwarry market to get discs and things, shopped in Drouin, home to make 2 dragonflys and sell seat Neil and Pam set up food for exhibition opening, 50 people there including Glenn and Diane, Sue and Melinda and Dale came and fixed Mig, went to Canterbury to pick up birds and a few gift shop items, home to watch Lion good

May 6th Saturday

Fine in morning but showers in late afternoon, went to Jindi market and bought cake for tomorrow, talked to David and Graham and Marilyn, did 5 cats, 2 dogs, 1 lyrebird, 1 peacock and 1 elephant, 14 people including Ian Maxfield car group,through demonstrated plasma cutting, M to melb to see em and Madge did wraps for tea, watched 1 killing and Men in Tights, worked on writing.

,May 5th Friday

Fine, M has kids all day, I went to Canterbury to drop off sculptures and dogs and birds, called in to see madge but sound asleep, bought a rolling mill, home to Playgroup with Sylvia and theo, Christie and stevie and …, Jaimee and sage  and Chloe and scarlett, M came home and joined in, Sue and Jane in shed welding, I did a dog, did fish and chip tea, watched 1 mr Robot and shes funny that way, lovely work by Imogen Poots but a bit of silly story

May 4th Thursday

Finer, worked on wheels before tumble gym, added to wheels in afternoon 7 people through M has kids all day and into evening I had pilates and KFC tea, helped M a bit then home to watch Mr Robot

May 3rd Wednesday

Cool, cloudy, assembled pieces of 8 and paint,lady wants a birdbath/feeder  started that and cut out house numbers for same lady, Geoff  and wife and Joy and hubby came to see Toyota piece fairly happy,dropped off Pakenham show entry, delivered to Red Hill, M has kids all day, Sue worked in shed, chicken roast for tea, watched 1 Mr Robot and 1 Nobel started on piece for paper.

May 2nd Tuesday

Cold and rainy, working on pieces of 8 Belinda did a flower, 3 people visited including Gillians nephew, M to melb to see madge, finished welding both sides of sculpture, did snitzel for tea, and watched Passengers and 1 Mr Robot

May 1st Monday

Fine cool , warmed up at times and showers in evening, uploaded pictures to website, went to Dr for referral to heart guy in Warragul, shopped, bought metal sheets ( mesh) and dropped off Jens table and dog, home to work on Toyota piece, welded and painted fully, to Drouin to get more paint and new tyres for car Peter came and bought buttons, 2 more called in to see gallery and garden, Paul did sign for board and Cathy smith called in as well, did 20 flowers welded but not painted, Mig out of action rang Dale, did egg and bacon pie for tea, watched 1 killing and 1 Nobel.

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