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October 11, 2017

October 2017

,October diary

Tuesday Oct 31st

Cool and showery, put out sculptures and put up Lynnes labels, Belinda did a spider and part of a flower, helped with, Bus group 40 people from Murray Bridge,I did 4 birds, finished off the 10 small birds from yesterday M helped too and also sorted tax papers ,RGM tax 3.30 snitzel for tea, watched last 2 daredevil season 1, finished Ices station zebra.

Monday 30th Oct

Rained overnight,cool and showery all day, M to melb then to Eleanor, I did characters for ½ a world away,and assembled and painted once, assembled 10 flowers, cut out pieces for 10 small birds did a birdbath , Jan came and paid for tree and bought new dress and Ironclad, Marilyn came to see exhibition, rang Lynne re Kelvins comments from yesterday, Margie Bear rang, Narelle came and picked up gates,did slowcooker for tea osso bucco, watched 1 daredevil and 1 good wife, Caleb had interview at Fountain gate

Sunday Oct 29th

Cool and misty, became a beautiful day mig is working, ,work on modern woman, basically finished also cut out world shape, , kids in arvo, 10 people, pick up somers.sold 14 of 28, home to chicken kievs watched 1 daredevil and 1 goodwife.

Saturday Oct 28th

Cool and grey, power out most of day painted kangaroos and survival pieces, read books, mowed house block weeded parts, helped Lynne set up exhibition 8 people through, pizza for tea watched daredevil and good wife and 1 grand designs

Friday Oct 27th

Fine and sunny, heart appt, shopped then go to somers drop off work,28 pieces, M to melb,back tonap then paint pieces and add base to survival Mig returned by Joel,I did Moroccan chicken for tea watched 1 daredevil, 1 goodwife and 1 death in paradise reading Phillip Pullman and Alistair Mclean’

Thursday Oct 26th

Showery and grey, Sylvia takes down exhibition, Lyn doesn’t put up hers, Joel doesn’t return Mig?, man drops off metal and discuss letterbox,Tumble Gym and kids in arvo,did quite a few new signs for sculptures,4 people through  did a bird feeder stand for Jaimee, Pilates pub tea and watched 1 daredevil and 1 goodwife.

Wednesday Oct 25th

Showery and grey, worked on 4 ducks, 4 cats, 1 pelican, 1 peacock, jules dropped in, M had kids for most of day. I helped a bit, Mcdonalds tea, actually enjoyable, shopped, off to Brians at Loch for bookclub, Lyn, Jude, sue, anne, us, Brian ,discussed little paris bookshop,

Tuesday Oct 24th

Fine and mild showers and rain at end, mowed sculpture garden, finished off tree piece and delivered and installed,home to lunch nap and do 2 dogs painted wood for seat, talked to Joan about adam,1 lady visited, Kim gardened,m did tea steak, watched 1 goodwife and 1 daredevil rained most of night,

Monday oct 23rd

Cool, worked on painting bench, cut up and painted wood for bench 1 coat, started on Jans Tree, M sorted papers and shopped, made tax appt, nap, peter Dell picked up Donkey letterbox, did fish and chips for tea, watched 1 daredevil 1 startrek and 1 goodwife, sorted papers.

Sunday Oct 22nd

Cool and showery, pick up from Tessellar,home to send off ducks, lady unhappy due to them being too small, did a bird and a seat frame, then went and picked up stuff from Rotary including prize, home, M did chicken kievs for tea, watched daredevil and the good wife.

Sat Oct 21st

Cool and mild, grey,busload of 10 people from Nsw, did 6 chooks 2 dogs,3 cars from Maldon12 people,M had kids all day, caleb played with them at times, started to put up net,. Did chicken and cashews for tea,watched My cousin Rachel,and last big bang

Fri Oct 20th

Cooler went and got prescription filled , shopped, bought apron, home to help lois and Lyn do another rooster and an owl and shark, did a bird, did me and my dog by cutting up enigma,jaimee and Sylvia playgroup, helped with kids, 2 people visited, pizza for tea watched spiderman homecoming and 1 big bang.

Thursday Oct 19th

fine and warm showers rain then cooler, dr visit,  bought steel get 12mm rod for Jan, shopped tumble gym with David, didn’t find Adam price for lunch,did 2 peacocks with old fan cover and 1 bird, cut out flowers, 2 people in arvo apparently won some sort of prize at Rotary , pilates pub tea, watched 1 big bang and 1 daredevil.

Wednesday Oct 18th

Fine and sunny hot, M to look after kids, did greyhound dog order, did stand for garden ornament 2 birdbaths,cut out some flowers, group of 10 ladies visit, played with Theo and Eleanor, did rissoles for tea and 1 big bang and 1 daredevil

Tuesday Oct 17th

Fine and sunny, finished waterhole 2 no power mowed across rd and house block did whipper snipping, loaded car and went to Yarram 26 pieces home to nap then take load to Rotary show 5 pieces, M did chicken and rice for tea, watched Daredevil and Big bang.

Monday Oct 16th

Fine and sunny, beautiful day mist to begin, went to see jan miller,shopped, then home to finish angel orbit started waterhole 2, about 8 people through including Neville Touzeau and wife , a teacher I met on my teaching round in second year at Terang,did spaghetti for tea, worked further into evening as power out tomorrow, watched 1 star trek and 1 big bang.

Sunday Oct 15th

Fine and sunny lovely day, m and caleb went to traf garage sale,I worked on setting up new mig , built a trolley for it still not working, worked on new angel orbit most of stand done moved metal into pile, Lewis and dad came and finished off his piece, about 8 people through garden, some orders, did fish chips and salad for tea watched Dicte and 2 big bang

Saturday Oct 14th

Fine and mild became sunny, M to melbourne to see madge see em Pick up Caleb from airport , I had Rokeby market saw Lyn, Axel and Eddie Miller, Sue and a variety of others, sold about $400 home to 7 people through garden sold another $100 whippersnipped garden and mowed lower sculpture garden did chicken kiev for tea and watched Dicte and 2 big bang

Fri Oct 13th

Fine and coolish, dentist, M has day off Lois  did a gecko and Lyn did a rooster, shopping,I worked on angel stand and loaded trailer,bought a new mig and 2 more sheets of metal, playgroup with Sylvia Michael, Jaimee and Christie, tea at Neerim sth Thai,home to watch last luke cage.. wont watch a second series as very violent

Thursday Oct 12th

Fine and mild cool at times, m chasing kids, I made a frame for chook pen, and painted donkey letterbox, 4 people visited, tumblegym ,home to chase kids and do a bit of work on base for angel orbit 2, Dale came to look at MIG ,Pilates, home to sausage tea, watched 1 luke cage did emails.

Wednesday Oct 11th

Fine and mild, M off to chase kids, work on donkey mailbox pole,mostly done did base for arrow order, then bought grey paint at Home hardware and then computer class with Robyn doing birds, chased kids in arvo, did green curry for tea.watched luke cage and read.

Tuesday Oct 10th

Fine and sunny, Belinda did a flower possibly for a seat, Mig died, M had restless night I worked on putting sticks on ducks, then  donkey mailbox head, mane tail done all doors on and catch,shopped for hasp and staple and picked up stuff from metal recycler, talked to girl  and hubby from Ripplebrook winery cello and drum kit, watched 1 luke cage, 2 big bang

,Monday Oct 9th

Raining to begin, fined up, Wayne came and picked up book, I started second angel orbit, big circle done and smaller middle piece started finished cutting out ducks , M went to melb to see madge and Stephen and Kristin and Lewis came with Jackie in arvo to work on sign,I bought 16mm rod and 6mm rod and some I beams , I assembled my yoiks piece and kim did some gardening, slow cooker for tea, watched Luke cage star trek and 2 big bang,

Sunday Oct 8th

Cool to begin,Lewis and mum coming to work on project added to donkey letterbox and a bit on yoiks, did 5 flowers and started on 20 duck order,Opening of Sylvia exhibition about 20 people,did frittata for tea, watched 2 big little lies and 2 big bang

Saturday Oct 7th

Cool to begin, printed things for Sylvia ,went to Jindi market, worked on video, Sylvia came and also worked on video, Ian and Phoebe Macdonnell coming for lunch, 20 people through garden sold waterhole, and delivered it, Chinese for tea, watched Big little lies, Luke cage and Star trek,

Friday Oct 6th

Mild cool and warm at times, M helped K with theo  then went to melb to see em and madge, I shopped in Warragul aldi, coles Drouin and bought melamine at Home hardware,home to see Bill who took tiger piece, worked on superhero and yoiks and away pieces also 5 triple flowers, helped Sylvia and Jaimee set up exhibition, worked on donkey letter box all legs on,Lady ordered a seat and a stand, Reids bought teapot, M made pizza for tea, watched a bit of Tom Petty and then big little lies and 2 big bang and comic con talk

Thursday Oct 5th

Mild and cloudy, mowed everything, bit battered, worked on donkey letterbox main body all together, 4 people  2 girls bought lots of pieces,visited M chasing kids .did chicken skewers watched big little lies and luke cage and gruen, finished nevernight

Wednesday Oct 4th

Fine and sunny, went to Warragul and bought plasma cutting stuff, also put in prescriptions, then to Drouin and shopped a bit, to Robyns and did portrait of Jennifer,shopped again then home,also bought welding rods, to Narkojee to pick up sculpture with M and also sues sculpture, called in and saw the Magritte exhibition, ho hum, then to sues to drop off sculpture and talk. Home to watch Big little lies and 2 big bang.

Tuesday Oct 3rd

Fine and sunny, no Belinda,worked at finishing me and my dog 2, started donkey mailbox and cut out 13 triple flowers, did 5, Paula and Charlie rupe came and picked up Julia dancer , paul came and did sign,2 girls visited, Mary came to have a play date with Marian and Kathleen, kids in arvo, did lamb sausage things from coles magazine for tea, watched 1 big little lies,1 luke cage and 1 star trek

Monday Oct 2nd

Fine and sunny, worked on making a sheep and another type of chook, did most of me and my dog 1 and part of me and my dog reading nevernight, M to melb to take madge to dentist, did tacos for tea, watched 1 luke cage and the good fight.

Sunday Oct 1st

Fine and mild, Longwarry market, bought discs etc,home for nap, still tired from last night, m took kids home in afternoon I painted the fairy tree again and also a spade girl,Jo came and talked for a bit, Kim gardened, watched 2 big bangs and pirates of the Caribbean, ok

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