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September 11, 2017

September 2017

September diary

Sept 30th Saturday

Cool and showery,did a bit on spade girls bothground and 1 painted,4 people visited  played with kids watched grand final, Tigers won,for part of arvo, M took theo home did slowcooked chicken for tea watched Gattaca, had a very restless night with both kids.

Sept 29th Friday

Fine and mild, working on fairy tree finished, Lois and Lyn to plasma cut,6 people visited, M to melb to see madge, started on spade girls,nap, shopped ,did prawn rice for tea, watched the new magnificent seven and 2 new big bang.Em worked on calebs room

Sept 28th Thursday

Cool and cloudy, birthday, worked on cutting out fairies and leaves, to baby rhyme time and a little bit of shopping, took kids home while M has stitches out,helping look after kids in arvo, 10 people visit including reids and wilkinsons, did frittata for tea, watched 1 luke cage, 1 star trek and 1 line of duty.

Sept 27th Wednesday

Cool and cloudy, fined up and was quite warm at times, I mowed sculpture garden, took em to train computers with Robyn til lunch time did landscape home to help 2 girls Cas and Lee weld, sue and Jane welded in morning, 3 people visited and Nicole took down exhibition, M has kids all day, did tuna thing for tea and watched 3 episodes of the expanse.( end)

Sept 26th Tuesday

Coolish and grey no Belinda painted leaving the chaos, and teapot, did 3 plants in pots started fairy tree, Gary and Ryan worked on gutters and moving dirt M to melb to visit madge and pick up em. Did Mexican rice for tea, Keltie demo of 3Dprinting, had about 12 people there including Sue, Robyn, Kay, Anita, Fred, Chris Garden, Geoff Thomas,Roz ,tall friend of Keltie ,all went very well.

Sept 25th Monday

Cool and showery Caleb in America,,M stayed home and did sewing drove to Williamstown to drop off screen,picked up from Cas early had sold lotus girl,3 people visited  home out for tea at Drouin hotel ok home to watch the expanse, luke cage and the good fight.

Sept 24th Sunday,

Mild and cloudy, M in Melbourne since Caleb, visit Madge, I finished attaching rails to payground did teapot painting and start leaving the chaos behind 5 people visited, Ruth fred and chris did a chook, made honey mustard chicken and noodles, watched 1 expanse and 1 luke cage

Sept 23rd Saturday

Mild and cloudy  then fine and warm , M to mind Eleanor, then help Caleb get to airport, I worked on playground, bought one set of timber( 114) then another set( 140) and just worked away, 2 people visited,did spaghetti for tea, watched 1 expanse then tried to watch the good place, Wynonna earp  Nope

Sept 22nd Friday

Fine and mild, Last day of term, Dentist visit, worked on teapot mostly finished, sue and Kerrie came to visit, bill and Paul visited ,Playgroup, Sylvia Jess, Megan, Heidi,Jaimee, ) 6 new people to see exhibition) Gary and Ryan and .. worked on making playground,   M to mind Eleanor and take to Dr, shopped, did home made pizza and watched wonder woman and 1 expanse.

Sept 21st Thursday

Fine and mild ,Dr visit, upped medication, shopping at coles,picked up punchings from Martin steel, to tumble gym help M with kids, m to taras for play, home after 3.00, I added wheels to screen and ground and painted parts, Jen came and worked 5 people through, did casserole for tea  , M took kids home at 8.00 , K has parent teacher night so no pilates, watched 1 expanse

Sept 20th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, mild, M into hospital for having lump on side of nose removed, did some shopping, plumber coming,worked on covering teapot sphere all arvo did green curry for tea watched 1 expanse, 1 luke cage and end of gruen read

Sept 19th Tuesday

Cool and showery, fined up over day, Belinda finished her seat and started a flower, very happy, I did most of screen frame and more of teapot , assembled Kathleens piece, Wayne dropped in, M to melb to see Madge, did beef patties for tea watched 1 expanse and 1 In the house and 1

Sept 18th Monday

Fine and mild, computer class with Robyn did collage piece, 1 person visited,mowed across rd and rest of garden,  finished cutting out screen and added to tea pot  did Swedish fish pudding for tea, watched the expanse, the good fight and the bureau, reading the little paris bookshop, wind and showers back again at night

Sept 17th  Sunday

Fine and mild perfect spring day, painted gates and read until photo shoot with Louise ,Kathleen and kids, em and caleb and M, home to add to teapot and finish characters for Kathleen book piece, 1 person visited, mowed lot of house block and sculpture garden, still more to do, M took em back did mixed grill and salad for tea, watched last two Jessica Jones.

Sept 16th Saturday

Cool and showery fined up in afternoon, 4 people visited, M went to melb to get em and see madge I cut down big corten sheet, did 2 characters for Kathleen s piece and did 2 panels of tea pot, Bought more penetrol to paint gates and goat, did roast beef for tea, watched sisters, mediocre, Em sorted Ms photos off computer

Sept 15th Friday

Cool and showery painted both gates, did elephant piston, and swarf goat, started teapot , sue did some work, 2 people visited, m went with K to Pakenham, left over casserole for tea, made zucchini slice and cake slice.watched Jason Bourne and 1 jennifer jones

Sept 14th Thursday

Cool and showery, x ray in Warragul shop at aldi and at coles,got fittings for gates and screen Tumble gym Jen welded, finished off gates re welding Sue came and talked, pilates chair dinner at passion pizza, home to 1 jennifer jones and 1 gruen,

Sept 13th Wednesday

Mild and showery,Gary and Ryan came and put up one set of poles but were rained out, I worked on second gate Keltie came and discussed 3 d printing, shopped ,M has kids in arvo and I played with E for a while then gets car back,did slow cooker casserole watched 1 Juliet Jones and 1 expanse  and the house Annabel crabbe

Sept 12th Tuesday

Mild showery, Belinda worked on seat,I finished  painting the seat, help with seat, started gate most of one gate done, added to handle piece, Jen came and welded, Ian Plant came to see exhibition,2 others as well, Ms car broke down again coming back from Melbourne, did chicken tenders for tea watched 1 juliet jones and 2 final frozen dead

Sept 11th Monday

Light showers mild, computer drawing with Robyn, Paddy rang, Grant and Irene and Jane visited for lunch, 2 others visit,worked on sign for Meyers and finishing bird,did chicken curry for tea and watched Jennifer jones and Joy flawed but involving.

Sept 10th Sunday

Fine and not showery, cool, go to Eltham for Theos train party for his birthday,Caleb em, david Kathleen, Jack faye M and me,  3 people came ,fine day, home, did rissoles for tea,watched the good fight, Jessica jones and frozen dead.

Sept 9th Saturday

Cool and odd showers, delivered to Tesselar bulb, drove home and shopped at Pakenham, set up for Keltie and Nicole, M did lots in morning and also minded Theo, Kathleen and Eleanor came for lunch, nice opening with 30 people, some sales, Min and Larry and Maddy, Justin, jemma, Sue O, and others , they went on into evening, I did a chicken roast and watched Going out in style and 1 Juliet Jones

Sept 8th Friday

Cool and showery deliver to Church st for CSA exhibition. Went to visit Madge, home, did 2 dog boxes and a cat, watched a Lego Batman and the Mummy

Sept 7th Thursday

Finer still cool and showers and rain, dr visit, tumble gym Eleanor has Tara to play, shopped and op shopped, worked on 2 dog boxes in arvo and tidied unded cutting bench, put out regrowth and big blue, brought in birds in trees for tomorrow, pilates went to reopened club hotel very busy waited an hour for tea and then had very mediocre fish and chips, home to 1 juliet jones, bed early due to pilates arc barrell

Sept 6th Wednesday

Cool and showery windy at times, M has kids all day ,no power due to works, tidied boxes and piles in shed,1 person visits  finished painting big blue and rearranged pantry, played with Eleanor , made chili con carne for tea dentist visit for filling, watched Jessica jones and tried to watch professor T too much buffering watched utopia and Katering show( not my humour) and a bit of adam hills but kept breaking up.

Sept 5th Tuesday

Cold and showery windy at times, worked on finishing 2 cat boxes, did a piston robot, Belinda started on a seat, main frame done, pleased, Shopped for blue paint( 59) and shopping and steel 444) home to unload car, paint rest of big blue and robot, Wayne visited and Bill dropped off Neerim paper, did sausage rolls for tea, watched 1 jessica Jones and their finest( quite good)

Sept 4th Monday

Cold and showery windy too artrage class(3 people) did angry bird form, then worked on finishing aluminium flower cut out, clean up and bending, made support piece and centre round form, part cut out some cat box parts, did zucchini slice and made tuna ala king for tea, watched Jessica jones, utopia and the good fight, added to website.

Sept 3rd Sunday

Mums birthday, fathers day, windy and warm ish showers initially , Longwarry market then rained and cold all day, did 3 piston puppies, 1 wall hanging, started on 1 aluminium flower, and did base for big blue, 2 people visited, did lemon chicken for tea watched 1 defenders and once upon a time in Venice

Sept 2nd Saturday

Mild and cloudy worked on putting mark piece on base, did 2 dragonflies and found wood and painted sign for Rosalie, 8 people through incl Graham Duell and Paul Ledger, people picked up Balance piece, did keltie and Nicole video, started putting pictures up online Fathers day lunch with kids and grandkids, nap toasted sandwich tea watched utopia and frozen dead

September 1st Friday

Fine and sunny, Lyn lois coming, M to melb to see madge and bring home em,car broke down,fixed part of wall in shed, I worked on big blue recycled, then helped lois and Lynne, playgroup of Jaimee and Sylvia and megan and man on bike came I mowed sculpture garden, shopped , did some plasma cutting, brought in washing, Ms car broke down at Hallam, had fish for tea and watched guardians of the galaxy 2 with em and caleb.

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