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December 11, 2018

December 2018

December diary


Dec 31st Monday

New years eve, cool and grey worked on truck, coming together, went to whelans for lunch, nice talk, dropped off cactus, shopped back home Caleb back home with sore back, scrap tea, watched Taylor swift concert and bit of new years eve  concert . up til about 2.00

Dec 30th Sunday

Cool and grey,  added to website all anitas pics and video,M helped K shopping with kids, I worked on ampersand and basically finished, did a bit more on truck talked to joan price and Janet Chandler also 6 others visited, did tuna and anchovies for tea good, then watched Victoria xmas and the team

Dec 29th Saturday

Cooler and grey, did labels for anita ,stuck them up,painted together again, worked on truck got most of trailer and some of cabin done, Anita put her labels up did video, did jeanettes cactus started and, 1 lady visited did curry and rice for tea, watched the team,

Dec 28th Friday

Pleasant to begin with, painted  together started on simones truck , M takes Em back to melb reading girl who takes an eye for an eye,mowed sculpture garden, 3 people visited and picked up thinking outside the box,shopped for petrol new bench top and groceries, lunch nap,reading eric idle book, did fish and chips for tea, watched springsteen on Broadway, good

Dec 27th Thursday

Fine and sunny,became hot, tidied metal rack and welded second half of together 3 Graeme came and got paintings Anita came and dropped off work, 7 people visited, small welding job for sally, helped anita hang show did salads and cold meat for tea,Jeff and Jeanette dropped over, watched ab fab girls and champagne, and the last leg.

Dec 26th Wednesday

Grey and misty, xmas here for our family,helped tidy and cook 4 people visited ,Bliss and Caleb, Emily Kathleen and David and kids and us, way too many presents again, nice lunch, quiet afternoon after kids went home, finished book, watched antman and bee

Dec 25th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, load car and trailer, to Melbourne to pick up Madge, going to Dons, pleasant xmas there warm, Bliss’ mother renee as well took madge back then home here reading the blade itself, watched the yearly and royal command performance.Em tidying up

Dec 24th Monday

Fine and Sunny,started cleaning shed, also started on maxfields together piece, one half done with junk other outline and some pieces found,M off shopping with Em dropped in at K ,did chicken skewers for tea watched endevour and victoria

Dec 23rd Sunday

Fine and sunny beautiful day, tidied up after Caleb party, worked on train design for seat ,finished seat, except assembling2 people, K and kids here, K went shopping with em and Mae leaving Theo, fish and chip tea, present wrapping, watched Mission impossible again.

Dec 22nd Saturday

Fine and sunny, made a Bee, picked up scrap metal, started seat, Mary gardened with kids, came Kathleen came over with kids, she helped mary and swept out the loo at the gallery, 4 people for Caleb dinner ,Paul picked up chook letterbox we all helped Caleb with his dinner in gallery

Dec 21st Friday

Last day of term for caleb,grey and mild, M tidied main room for tree then to melb to pick up em and visit madge,helped em at school and then here to tidy up,I paid Martin Metals and got more steel, shopped, Picked up tree, home to unpack, started Mowing, Wayne came for coffee, mowed sculpture garden, sold light as a feather to a man  and man picked up sinuous piece, vacuumed main rm and kitchen, delivered slices to Shirl, helped make home made pizza, watched no activity and red dwarf 2

Dec 20th Thursday

Slept better, grey and mild maybe sunny,M to tumblegym and then shopping with K and kids, worked on chicken letterbox finished and started seats, one done, lady and hubby came and picked up eagles, people came and bought a dragonfly,did tuna bake for tea, watched black panther, lousy night til 2.

Dec 19th Wednesday

Didn’t sleep much til 3.00, Grey and Mild,worked on finishing thinking outside the box, cleaned out drains, worked on chicken letterbox M to help K with kids, Julie came and gave a pressy and talked to me and Mary, Mary gardened ,rainbow came and bought three pieces, Graeme and wendy came and replaced painting for Gary did sausages for tea then watched Sherlock 1

Dec 18th Tuesday

Grey and mild Belinda did two flowers, I did 2 eagles, 2 people visited, Belinda and Dad picked up her bench, started on outside the box, read Reacher book, M to melb to visit Madge then with Caleb shopping, watched 2 no activity

Dec 17th Monday

Grey and mild, worked on 3 dragonflies, added to sues seat, started on eagles, added to chicken letterbox, helped bear with her mig, bought new mig gas bottle, chicken for tea delivered bench to dog walking park with sue, watched Victoria

Dec 16th Sunday

Fine and sunny, check gallery redid with wet and dry vacuum ,finish bench uprights, start on chook letterbox, M to Warragul bruce Langdon and Cathy came and got sculpture,Andrew and Shirl came and chose Slices sculpture as his retirement pressy,  made a packet meal from freezer for tea, Jeff dropped in watched last big bangs

Dec 15th Saturday

Grey showery and mild, 27?Ruth called in with Annika, Sue called in with Daisy, Fixed all seeing, Assembled tree of life start sues bench,people came and got the 4 sculptures they had ordered, ( 7people)also couple came and bought fire ship, shopped in dry warragul, after rainstorm here, Gallery flooded, lots to clean up, , M to melb to shop with Emily, then home to get wet vacuum to help dry out gallery,did steak for tea, watched 2 big bang didn’t get to aabsolutely fabulous at arts centre as were cleaning gallery

Dec 14th  Friday

Grey showery and mild, painted more on tree of life, shopping, start on table frame and delivered flying ducks to Cranbourne sth, Mary gardened, M went to melb to see madge and then home to play with Marys kids, nap for me, made chow mien for tea, watched 2 big bang and Jurassic world

Dec 13th Thursday

Grey showery and mild, work on tree of life didn’t get to assemble, Min visits and talks about exhibition for  a bit, 2 people come and buy chooks, 2 people and kids come and build a pelican, Dumerges drop in after going to Phillip snoxalls funeral,Kids here for afternoon,Pilates, pub tea.watched 2 big bang and 1no activity

Dec 12th Wednesday

Fine and sunny hot? 33, then showers? Pay metal bill and get springs and wheels, worked on tree of life, Julie visited and talked,lunch nap,  M has Kids brings home after lunch, water pistols Wayne came to talk and see exhibition, off to take kids home then to Trafalgar to support David and Phillip with nursery application. McDonalds tea classic angus, not what I wanted, watched 2 big bang, warmnight until about 3 when showers came.

,Dec 11th Tuesday

Fine and sunny,beautiful day with lovely breeze, Belinda, did 2 flowers, I did 2  dragonflys and worked on tree of life, went to dentist, shopped M to melb did green curry for tea nice, watched Dr who, mowed kids play area house block and across rd, watched stath sells flats( Irritating) and Victoria (exc) and 2 big bangs

Dec 10th Monday

Mild and grey, worked all day on flying ducks, martin steel delivered ordered metal an a pallet of metal offcuts, Mick jungwith visited with friends and 1lady came and bought180, (4) did rissoles for tea, M helped K with kids shopping, watched peppermint( violent) and 3 big bang

Dec 9th Sunday

Mild and grey, Madges birthday 96,finished mowing in garden and partly across rd, added to some of the flying ducks, went to melb with M for madges birthday, quite a crowd, home to snitzel sandwich tea, watched Christopher Robin, very good and 2 big bang.

Dec 8th Saturday

Fine and cloudy, hot at times in morning and muggy hot in afternoon, cooled at end of day, Rokeby market saw Geoff, Axel, Lois, Lynne, Peter Phillips, Bryan and Jeanette Whelan, Steph Martens, Narelle McInnes, and others,M helped K with kids at market I sold $300, called in to see Phil Henshall on way home, lunch and nap, mowed in afternoon, shopped for petrol tea and dropped off sculpture to Maxfields, 1 Person visited and bought $180, home to have chicken salad tea and watch searching and 2 big bang.

Dec 7th Friday

Fine and breezy hot, did a birdfeeder with a bird, cut out more of the threebirds and 3 pieces of mesh ,too hot ,3 people visited,tuna bake for tea watched Solo again, good,loaded trailer, hot night

Dec 6th Thursday

Fine and sunny hot, M has kids all day, finish off seat ,assemble book person, play with kids,I pulled some weeds,3 people visited, Mary Gardened,Pilates,pub tea, home to watch French gardens, Finished 61 hours up 3 times over night but slept well inbetween

Dec 5th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, Drouin Sth coming, started on adding seat back and arms, part painted book girl,and started tree of life piece, 45 kids and 6 adults, did plasma cuts,Julie did stand for balls, Mary gardened, Kids here in arvo ,nap ,reading reacher, put together rice salad, shopped for bookclub  Bookclub dinner, home to read

Dec 4th Tuesday

Cool and grey, Belinda, recycled her three piece into 1 giant flower and 2 bits, I did 2 ducks, 2 dogs, 2 kookaburras and finished tractor, 3 people visited, went to Kinder concert , home to read 61 hours ( reacher) made spaghetti out of excess sausages, watched Victoria then the ballad of buster Scruggs. Slept reasonably

Dec 3rd Monday

Cool and breezy, M up early to clean floor, work on seat back , M to take theo to toy library then see madge in melb I fixed toilet door, then did more on cleaning floor, worked on tractor order, 4people from special school dropped in,(2) nap, shopped,picked up mower, mowed house block and across rd, did kievs for tea, watched Dr who and alun Davies live,and 1 bigbang, slept reasonably up 3 times

Dec 2nd Sunday

Cool and showery, went to longwarry market for discs, M takes E to ballet concert rehearsal and concert, Graeme Myrteza opening 2.00 about 10 to 15 over day, sold angel piece and dog, head cold bit furry sausages in bread for tea, watched Mission impossible fall out  and 2 big bang, reasonablenight.

Dec 1st Saturday

Fine and sunny, 30, went with M to Jindimarket, home to work on Belinda M s seat back and 3 ducks, saw vermays sent them to Graeme, saw Maxfields sent them to Graeme, saw Phil and annie, bob and Loris, 2 others , 3 others,(13 ) did video of Graeme, uploaded, started on photos, aching hips, Nap,came down with a head cold, did burritos for tea, watched george Gently very disrupted night, Rain

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