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February 11, 2018

February 2018

Feb diary

Feb 28th Wednesday

Fine and warm, windy Marians birthday, worked on wall hanging pieces 4 bird pieces and 1 cat, Julie worked on horsehead, Mick worked on storeroom, Jex and crew came and took stuff away, M minded kids, Eleanor quiet in arvo, took her to Ballet, shopped then to Warragul Thai for tea with bookclub, to Judes for bookclub discussed the dry, home to sleep

Feb 27th Tuesday

Fine and mild warmed up, Belinda did a flower and started a “table” thing, I worked on drum kit and attached parts did two cymbal things and a seat, did first coat of paint. Bus load of 7 people and then 2 more later they bought a Belinda flower and one of my flower rings, Adam came to work in afternoon, shopped for basics, vacuumed and raked, did snitzel for tea watched 1 good wife, sent off order to Vistaprint

Feb 26th Monday

Fine and mild,worked on drum kit 4 drums together just needs 2 cymbals, small bus of oldies with renae and rosa including Barry Cunningham, started raking up leaf litter, Vicki dropped in with pieces to be made into a bird, talked to her for a bit, M sorted share papers, delivered birds in the trees to Lardner park, shopped, made appt for car, haircut talked to Helen for a bit, nap made vegetarian sausage rolls for tea, watched 1 good wife, 1 sucks, and 1 wanted

Feb 25th Sunday

Cool and grey, cut up fallen branch and mowed across rd,finish plasmacuts all assembled and work on drumkit 2 drums done 15 people through,chicken skewers for tea and casserole leftovers, watched 1 good wife true murder and 1 everything sucks

Feb 24th Saturday

Bit weary from night, hot and muggy day, did 4 small plasmacuts and a little bit on drum kit, saw our copperhead snake on the garden steps, 1 m long and seemingly well fed!, also a branch fell off the tree in front of the shed while I was there, judged jindi flower show art part, talked briefly to David, naps in arvo, cool change, Meredith and terry called in to see Jessies show,did sausages and pasta for tea, watched movie with Banderas, 1 good wife and 1 everthing sucks.

Feb 23rd Friday

Off to Melbourne to deliver between the moon and stars  and curious cat and dancer to Cas, drop Marian at Madges, said hello to madge, home to nap, saw mick gardiner re storeroom and seamus, did a bit on anna karenina  glued it all, nap did casserole, tea watched 1 good wife everything sucks and real murder hot night

Feb 22nd Thursday

Coolish work on pool pieces, painted between the moon and stars and wave again, tumble gym, worked on anna Karenina piece, kids, nap  pilates, tea at club hotel, home for 1 good wife and 1 everything sucks.

Feb 21st Wednesday

Cooler to begin with almost autumnal,warmed up, do fire thing for Narelle ,also assembled birds into circle and put on stand started rings for drum kit, ,Shopped, talked to Julie, and then Cathy Smith, lsdy csmr snf got somer pool pieces,,4 people through  M has kids in morning then here in arvo, Julie  worked on horses head, took Eleanor to dance, home to have cold chicken and rice, made zucchini slice, caleb updated Netflix again, watched 1 goodwife 1 red dwarf and 1 wanted.

Feb 20th Tuesday

Fine and sunny and breezy, Belinda did a chain flower I painted wave, then assembled branch and part assembled birds for circle piece,Wayne dropped in and talked re plasma cutting, M tidied and cleaned, nap, I did a small painting, Adam dropped in and talked about exhibition,I  did pies and vegies for tea, watched 1 good wife, everything sucks, a bit of adam hills

Feb 19th Monday

Cool and mild,windy in afternoon evening, M to melb to see madge and get penetrol, I worked on wave, all assembled, still to grind and paint, did ballet dancer, gallery artist and another cat plasma cuts, also cut out 4 birds for a round piece and blossoms for a round piece, 3 naps, knee swollen and soreish, did lamb patties for tea, watched everything sucks and 1 good wife and 1 wanted.

Feb 18th Sunday

Fine and sunny, Glenn took off rose towers, assembled cats and girl and birds still doing pool pieces, started the wave, over 10 people called in so did lots of talking, M took Theo swimming, Caleb at school for part of day, did roast for tea, picked up more branches from tree, watched 1 good wife and last Level rained a bit overnight

Feb 17th Saturday

Fine and sunny, M took theo to market to see music, back here for part of afternoon,lovely day Worked on doing wood for cat bases, also girl of birds piece, started cutting out pool skimmer pieces, main panel done 10 people through, talked to maree Wallace, nap, went to Leongatha and brought back sculptures, fish and chip tea, watched 1 goodwife  and 1 level

, Feb 16th Friday

Rained overnight  , cooler and grey do thorpie thing and also plasmacutting  of three cat pieces  10 flowers, assemble two girl pieces, cut up loose branch on path and loaded barrow with wood offcuts, heart guy at 3.15, M to melb to see madge shopped for food, home to make spaghetti for tea, no caleb, watched 1.5 good wife and the snowman( didn’t understand much

Feb 15th Thursday

Cool and mild,tree leaning across path, got compressor working to pump up tyre in trailer for mower, cut down tree with chainsaw( 3 lots of cutting) power off, rang Belinda to come and cut it up, went and helped at tumble gym, home to have lunch then move wood to beside garage 2 naps, Eleanor played with Tara, M looked after theo, took them home then pilates, tea at club hotel, home to watch  ¾ of good wife as kept cutting out, early to bed

Feb 14th Wednesday

Strong winds for part of day, shopped for more shelves, steps for house , plasmacutting bits, penetrol( out of stock) shopping, then home to work on flowers from red panel and cupcake girl, drew out love piece, and cut it out, talked to Julie re Instagram and armatures for sculptures, M had kids, Jenny came and picked up Rabbit and cathy came with a blind client, took Eleanor to dance, home for nap, Caleb has meet the parents night, I did honey mustard chicken and rice, watched 1 goodwife and 1 level

Feb 13th Tuesday

Mild and cool cloudy, Belinda, did the spider for her web and a flower form, I did 6 flowers, ½ of the round piece of the next angel orbit and the rest of the tricycle rabbit, M sorted things in the house, nap, did meatballs for tea Caleb reset TV and Netflix and it is working fine. Watched 1 good wife and last startrek

Feb 12th Monday

Cool and mild cloudy, to melb to see triennial and Madge quite an interesting set of shows,bought catalogue, drove to madges saw her after lunch at red rooster then home after shopping in Drouin  to see three people in yard, nap, did sausages for te watched some tv as Netflix wasn’t working.

Feb 11th Sunday

Cool and mild sunny,worked on rabbit feet and legs, had over 25 people through, sold 2 pieces of Jessies exhibition, and a few flowers, a piece of Belindas and did lots of plasmacutting demos. Fish and chips for tea, watched 2 good wife and 1 berlin station.

Feb 10th Saturday

Rokeby Market, fine day cooling in afternoon, saw Tracelle, Geoff, etc, sold $350 M cleaned up gallery nest of ants in plastic chairs,2 people  Home to unload trailer had jessies opening about 30 people including Sue and Melinda, Sari and Alistair,Glenn and Diane,Jo and anton and kids chicken legs for tea, watched 2 goodwife( death of Will) and independence day revisited( Cliché!)

Feb 9th Friday

Coolish and cloudy, will warm up,muggy , got 6mm and 20mm metal from Longwarry,  , shopped at Drouin, called in to see Helen, not home, home to do flowers( 6) 2 flower rings finished welding horse table 1 coat of paint,2 naps  2 people through, M to melb to see madge,, did home made pizza for tea, watched 1 good wife

Feb 8th Thursday

Fine and mild , warming up, breeze and cloud, good for a lot of day, did ready to eat and finished big beetle, did 4 flowers from dragonfly offcuts, and started horse table, 2 people through, went and helped at tumble gym and helped a bit with kids in afternoon, Pilates (groan) and kfc tea, Netflix working again watched 1 good wife and rest of star trek episode. Started secong adam Falk novel.

Feb 7th Wednesday

Fine and mild warmed up 37, mowed most of lower sculpture garden, Julie came to do another horse form, I did 2 peacocks and 1 dragonfly started cutting out knife lion, and flowers from car panels,M had kids, quiet afternoon, M took Eleanor to ballet, I had a nap went and bought material for shelves in shed and also wheels for chairs, cold chicken and salad for tea watched golden guitar awards,watered plants

Feb 6th Tuesday

Fine and cool to begin warming up , finish rose tower and painting of other three pieces also did a pelican, Belinda did a spiders web, went in to pick up car, also brought home car panels from Mr Anderson, basic shopping, lunch, nap, Jessie added to exhibition, I did painting of hoop girl and added petals to dress of plasma cut out dancer.tea .netflix gave us ½ an episode of star trek before freezing,

Feb 5th Monday

Fine and cool to begin warmed up over day to 27, took car in for service etc, M to melb to see madge(crook) I finished welding on dancing with the stars, and on ballet girl and added to man of letters, started on next rose tower, frame and 2 sides done, Jen came and welded, gig bike frame and 7 people through, did tikka curry for tea,Caleb got Netflix working again and we watched last two episodes of monster

Feb 4th Sunday

Fine and sunny and lovely day, worked on rose tower. Took all morning, about 12 people through, lunch about 3, did sun form for lady, cut out figures for star dance and paper dress balletpiece and welded man of letters, m did chops for tea, watched 1 monster and 1 last leg.

Feb 3rd Saturday

Fine and sunny gentle breeze, did jessies video and uploaded to youtube and facebook, went to Jindi market , 2 cakes, worked on slices/judo all upright and painted once, 15 people through another order for an angel orbit and slices bought, Brian grist dropped off excess tool from woodwork club auction, Janet dropped off bed etc, Jessie put labels on pieces, I assembled  bird book feathers piecestarted on rose tower but mucked it up, M does zucchini slice for tea watched safe house, and instagrammed.

Feb 2nd Friday

Fine and sunny, feeling better, M to melb to see madge,worked on getting rest of welding done on slice, went to see Dr at 10.10 more tablets low blood pressure, shopped briefly home to see Jane Bennet who I then took to scrap metal man, home to help Jessie and Zoe and Jarrah hang exhibition, 4 people visited worked til 3.30 made support for jessies heavy panel, lunch and nap, M home from melb, went and joined two slices, M did tea watched a fish called Wanda, walk, looked thru Instagram, computer

Feb 1st Thurs

Fine and sunny, still a bit of tummy bug affecting me,M  had kids all day and David helped at Tumblegym, I did article for Gazette and ordered ad, went to chiropractor, all pretty good, shopped at Drouin for gastro medicine and groceries, hung out washing,2 people visited, worked on covering other two sides of slice, did small stand for Kay Lancashire, Paul came and put up new sign, several naps over day, soup for tea, M went to Pilates, watched 1 monster and helped Jessie with more for exhibition.

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