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January 11, 2018

January 2018

Jan diary

Jan 31st Wednesday

Fine and mild, still crook, had medicine, better, did gilberts stand, did a small bit on first slice, went to house and napped and read most of day, Do came and took down exhibition, Jessie came and set up some of her exhibition, scrap tea, finished girl in the spiders web, watched three Ted talks

Jan 30th Tuesday

Rained and rained overnight, cool pleasant day, Belinda did a flower and a star thing, M to melb to see madge and drop off piece for M hodge,I did back of first slice finished off tree of knowledge and also reading gives you wings,felt achy knees from mid morning and tummy bug also, napped, went to echo cardio gram, saw dcsi re Netflix,home to see three people in garden and Sue, napped again til tea, did spaghetti, M slept for an hour or so, chooks went away, watched backroads violet town and 1 monster. Still a bit crook.

Jan 29th Monday

Caleb back to school, hot clear day, took a long time to get going, delivered riverside to Lardner park, went shopping in Drouin and bought metal for glens rose towers in Longwarry, read book and napped in  morning, then did 5 figures for various pieces, 1 finished rest still needing grinding, 4 naps over day, gradually cooling down, did fish and chips for tea, watched another 2 waking the dead as rest is still buffering, chook went into pen.

Jan 28th Sunday

Clear morning and warm day all over  7 people added to welding of Judo, made frames for bird person and wings then came to house and cut up pieces for wings of knowledge,  Rob and Nicole bought two book pieces M brought home kids and they played happily, took them home at 4.30 then across to Kings arms in N sth to watch Emily Murdica do a set had tea there then home watched 1 monster, still buffering, and started reading girl in the spiders web, hot night

Jan 27th Saturday

Cooler morning but soon warmed up painted riverside again then did base for tree of knowledge and started Judo, M had kids so I helped in part, 10 people through, Joshs folks came and bought around the core, 2 girls to add to angel orbit shopped and pizza for tea dropped off fairy tree at Lynnes, watched 2 waking the dead as Netflix didn’t work.


Jan 26th Friday

Hot night ,light shower, cooler in morning warmed up by mid morning but some cooler breezes, M to melb to see madge, I worked on big circle for Lardner park, finished except for second coat, assembled were rabbit and Gitas piece and moon goddess.6 people through sold sprig and sprite, did frittata for tea watched 2 last stranger things chooks went away.

Jan 25th Thursday

Cloudy and mild,became hot by midmorning, kid( Jack) coming to weld, do couple of write ups,M to help Caleb, K and David to science works.worked on finishing Gitas piece and trees for eleanors kinder, started big circle piece, circle done and some pieces cut out , tidied up the were rabbit and made the other character, Hot in afternoon did shopping for grinding discs, welding rods and flap discs,reading watchmaker, did small chops for tea, watched good wife and stranger things, chook went into cage herself with a touch of guiding.

Jan 24th Wednesday

Cloudy and mild, warmed up gently as day went on, M went to help Kathleen and kids, I did moon goddess onto a stand, repainted the piano started the were rabbit and Gitas piece, did 4 frogs, painted back of tree 2 mowed ,and did 2 small paintings pasta for tea, found chook again, watched 1 good wife 1 stranger things and 1 level.


Jan 23rd Tuesday

Cloudy and mild warmed up by midday but pleasant,M went to help K with kids, Belinda,came and had to go again due to no power I went shopping for plasma parts and then to the chiropractor who nudged things back together. More shopping and then to Longwarry to pay bill, home to find Jon here, then Darren( said 2 others had visited), sorted out painting area and did 2 small pieces, did phillipino garlic rice and other dish for tea, got chook into cage, watched stranger things and good wife through lots of buffering.

Jan 22nd Monday

Cloudy and mild up at 3.30 to send off florence, M drives him to airport then seeing Madge and Em, wiglesworths mid morning,put together the sound section, made character for book seat, and most of frame, did a moon goddess cutout, 4 people in morning sue came and talked in arvo( Nell gone last week), Jen came and welded, back still achy, did curry for tea, Caleb starting to set up school room, watched rest of stranger things from yesterday and also 1 good wife and 1 level,

Jan 21st Sunday

Cloudy and muggy loaded trailer and went to Josephs dropped off angel orbit, then to Healesville for animals with florence, back achy and M’s foot soreish, back to pick up trailer, home, nap, M downloaded photos, did chicken burritos for tea, watched 1 good wife and part of one stranger things and part of avatar,

Jan 20th Saturday

Fine and mild, cloudy , worked on cutting up pieces for small characters, painted trees for tracy, 10 people in morning, florence with M to arts market. Started diver into soundand attached cat to wood, 3 more in arvo including Alisha Jones, big seat went away, took florence to see Graham Duell and garden, M and Em to Eleanors birthday, pies for tea, no tv as nothing worked, showed Florence travel books

Jan 19th Friday

Hot and fine, finished Cello and painted, finished cutting out second tree and base, some paint, did a cat cutout and painted, naps, Joan came and possible order for her house,stopped at 2.30 florence back again, fish and chip tea, watched red dwarf, league of gentlemen and Monster as couldn’t get Netflix to work, Em home to help with icing cake for tomorrow for Eleanor.

Jan 18th Thursday

Fine and sunny , hot, chiropractor 9.00,sort of better, shopped home to work on cello and 2nd tree for kinder, 8 5 yr olds came on a bus with 2 adultsI did plasma cuts for them 3 naps, marlene and party of 3 others called in,did sausages for tea, no florence, watched 1 stranger things, 1 good wife and 1 the level.

Jan 17th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, m looking after kids, finished flower rings and started on kinder tree, most done, back still sore, talked to Adam Price, re working here,Tracy price came to see tree thing, talked to Jenny Palmer re hare on a trike, 3 people visited, 3 naps, did chicken mustard for tea watched 1 good wife and 1 stranger things and 2 ted talks

Jan 16th Tuesday

Back out and giving pain, M to melb to see em and madge, I worked on starting cello and another flower ring, Belinda did a flower, Florence off with Dr Tony,went to Visit albert Rd to get scrap metal, shopped, new bit for plasma cutter home for lunch and nap 4 people through ( Whelans and Vanessa and her daughter Cassie) did prawn rice for tea watched 1 good wife 1 stranger things and 1 star trek discovery.slept on floor to get some relief.,

Jan 15th Monday

Grey and showery,  went to chiropractor, better but bruised, Jan leamon coming 11,00, talked to her and Andy re exhibition did character for heavy seat and attached, florence made sculptures for gifts, took him to Kerries to see her workshop,nap ,5 people visited, showed Florence woodlathe and other tools, M did chicken tenders for tea, watched 1 good wife 1 victoria and 1 adam hills last leg.

Jan 14th Sunday

Fine and pleasant day, worked on seat in morning, all structure done and wood painted, hurt back again, jess came to visit in arvo as well as 2 others Adam Gita came too also, took florence to visit Gary, did chops for tea, watched 1 good wife and 1 victoria and 1 comedians in cars

Jan 13th Saturday

Rained a lot during night cool and showery with sunny patches, went to Rokeby set up saw a range of people including angela gallagher, Geoff Mitchell and others, sold about 200, home to unload trailer and prepare for Florences opening ,about 30 people came ,Tony Donaldson opened it and Florence sold about 5 pieces and I sold head in a book and a few birds and dogs, Danny burton played two songs with the band, and a fine afternoon was had by all, Florence went off for tea with Tony Donaldson and the band also went to the Jindi Caf, we started watching bend it like Beckham , talked to Tony  then showed Florence Australian rules football and he showed us the Phillipines national game

Jan 12th Friday

Grey and muggy light showers, did whippersnipping and mowing, M took em back to Melb and pick up Florence, finished cutlery face and punk echidna, then started on Joshs bloody heavy seat, got it wrong and had to take it all apart and do it again.. structurally together metalwork, no one visited today! Went to Warragul to sort out dates for echocardiogram and dr visit, basic shopping, bucketed down as a shower, Florence back happy with cards, flyers and website, fish and chips for tea, load trailer watched 1 good wife



Jan 11th Thursday

Fine and sunny,  worked on putting together around the core, also started a small cutlery face and a punk echidna, lunch nap, Jo Caminiti came to discuss plasma cutters, Maureen  and her sister came for a look around and Sue came to do a base for a cat plasma cut did slowcooker for tea, M helped with Theo and baby rhyme time, em and caleb painted roof of playground M and em finished Calebs past tax, loaded all florences exhibition on new website watched 1 good wife.,

Jan 10th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, M off for filling, put together 4 kookaburras, painted frogs did a bird, contacted phillpino association and consulate and Gipps fm radio show.5 people visited  Did two wood and metal tortoises,nap,did spaghetti for tea, sorted washing, talked to joseph and Pauline, watched Bernard and the Genie and the good wife

Jan 9th Tuesday

Mild and grey, Belinda did a star form, 1 finished 3 frogs, went and got a sheet of corten and some pipe off cuts, shopped then to Bunnings to get timber, home to lunch and nap, did punching sphere and cut out flowers, cut up 4 kookaburras also 1 part of seat, nap, did curry for tea watched 1 good wife and Life and 1 beastmaster M helped look after kids and picked up fliers

Jan 8th Monday

mild and grey showers? jack coming to weld ,finished hair and head on girl, re cut up adapt and made an unnatural balance, also started frogs, M to melb and brought back Em, Caleb home too,  8 people through gallery/ garden nap,florence and do  arrange exhibition, Do and paula in arvo, florence off with Do we went out to tea, home to watch a good wife

Jan 7th Sunday

Cool and pleasant after a cool change in evening last night  worked on dancing in red boots, bigger version, most done except head painting and tidy up, 8 people through including Josh and the beautiful Taryn  order for a seat and sold ½ a world away,took florence to see Helen,shopped, did chops for tea and watched 1 good wife and ½ 5th element

Jan 6th Saturday

Fine and sunny, 41 degrees hot, did 2 dancing girls as choice for hodgey, painted seat black and colours and wood,wrote up rest of florence’s titles, M did a card of one of Florence’s pieces,1 person visited, did snitzel for tea, watched Joan Baez 75 concert and 1 good wife and 1 indian detective

Jan 5th Friday

fine and sunny M to melb to see madge and em,get tablets assembled plasma cut pieces, bought sanding discs and turps started seat all welding done, compressor stopped for a bit, wood done too , Jen worked on dog bowl, florence painted pieces and did big piece,8 people through garden new mig gas bottle( 159) did rissoles for tea, did a bit in garden, watched 1 goodwife and last of season 1 stranger things

Jan 4th Thursday

Fine and sunny, wrote piece for gazette, printed plasma cuts, put together 12 flowers and 3 flower rings, painted sail and put it out, put gutter guard in verandah of gallery, M minds kids midday,took florence to metal places bought more welding rods, 20 people through garden, chicken kiev for tea, showed florence Instagram, watched 1 good wife and 1 stranger things

Jan 3rd Wednesday

Fine and mild sunny later, finished sail( now called) and did 2 small plasmacuts, Steph helped with the website, M looked after kids while K had a drs appt, Jen came and welded and Florence made several pieces,10 people through garden and gallery, did pasta for tea, planted plants and watched 1 good wife, 1 stranger things and 1 indian detective.

Jan 2nd Tuesday

Fine and cool, Belinda came and did a spider, happier with music and welding, Wayne dropped in and 2 people came one from queensland, I worked on sail piece mostly covered on 3 sides,off to Chiropractor and then shopping, mowed house block Florence made more sculptures fish for tea.watched 1 goodwife and 1 stranger things

Jan 1st Monday

Fine and cool,  fined up to a lovely day,fixed shower, put out washing and vacuumed, did numbers for last year , M to melb to see madge and pick up florence.I worked on doing a dragonfly and a dinosaur, then started new piece sail 7 people through nap,mowed sculpture garden, did chicken skewers for tea, watched the Edinburgh tattoo with M and Florence then one good wife.

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