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June 11, 2018

June 2018

June Diary


June 27th Wednesday

Fine and clear shopping vacuum,exhibition comes down, kids in arvo set up for bookclub, pub tea and bookclub,

June 26th Tuesday

Fine and clear, sunny til lunch then cools, M goes with K shopping then on to see her mum,Belinda worked on a dragonfly and a flower bought mig Gas and wire,Finished time out by adding small ladders, then did a vase and flowers in it, a dragon and repaired broken heart, started 2 birds,3 people saw exhibition, 2 others visited, pasta bake for tea, Margies mum died, watched end of Nanette Hannah Gadsby( very strong) and then 1 condor and 1 counterpart

June 25th Monday

Fine and cool grey, cold at times but no showers,worked on artists list for an hr, Caleb gastro, M takes theo in afternoon, sets up bed for guests,I worked on my ladder piece ( time out) and all cut out welded and mostly painted except for 5 small ladders, finished the fort and started Villanelle, did salmon potato thing for tea and made a pasta bake as well, 2 people visited , watched Condor and counterpart and 1 gormsby and 1 detectorists

June 24th Sunday

Fine and cool, showers?, M off to pick up Eleanor and take her to dance rehearsal Caleb takes theo to swimming then home here with him for arvo,K and D go to see dance concert with M, I did a magpie circle, a small robot and started ladder piece, reading the Fort, 8 people through, slow cooker tea, watched downsizing

June 23rd Saturday

Fine and cool/cold possible showers,M went with k and kids to get a train set from someone in melb, long day, I finished off joan and dons birdfeeder, finished off odyssey, did a cat mirror, shopped for catfood and tea,jeff dropped off some mesh,got blower going, did curry for tea, watched last two killing eve and 1 last leg

June 22nd Friday

Fine and clear, M went to melb, I went to Longwarry to get metal then Warragul to get petrol, boots , shopping,home, unloaded metal, to Helens did 2 drawings, to Warragul to get boots, home to Jen in shed, talked a bit then worked on adding to ab flag and started on odyssey,did dumplings and rice for tea, watched 1 killing eve, Home alone M went to help Kathleen with babies while she got her essay in.

June 21st Thursday

Fine and clear lovely,painted most of aboriginal flag and started small driving character,shopping to get boots fixed, penetrol, a new blower,grinding discs, shopping, tumble gym , 5 kids in arvo being Marys 2 and our 2 and walker as a blow in. 5 people saw exhibition and garden,Bliss visits, pub tea at drouin no Pilates, home to collapse after chasing kids watched last bridge and 1 killing eve and 1 gormsby

June 20th Wednesday

Fine and cool Fined up to beautiful day, Julie came and worked on horses head, i finished welding the ,aboriginal flag,did a bit more on birdfeeder, painted sea flower,Lois and peter and 2 visitors came, Kids in arvo,4 people in afternoon, did steak for tea, watched 1 killing eve, 1 gormsby, 1 bridge

June 19th Tuesday

Fine and cool became a lovely fine day, Belinda did 2 flowers, I painted sea flower and book tree again,started on aboriginal flag, added to two more small characters/sentinels and started joan and Dons birdfeeder. Wayne called in, Russell came to take photos, Mary Royce dropped off tickets, 2 people called in to see garden, M brought Theo home about 11.30 to 3.00, and I played with him and Vic, Mary gardened, did spanakopita rolls for tea, watched Gormsby, killing eve, the bridge and home for dinner 60’s.

June 18th Monday

Cool and grey , showery,fined up, M to help K take theo, did more on sea flower shell all welded ready for painting, and painted tree, theo here in afternoon M made bed with new electric blanket, Debbie worked on her Menorah,Jeanette came over to say hello did rissoles for tea, watched 1 killing eve, 1 bridge and 1 continuum

June 17th, Sunday

Raining, did more on shell piece spikes done on one side, and did more on tree,2 came and picked up seat, helped Eleanor and theo swim, M to Melbourne to see em and Madge,cold and wet all day sat and watched the Marx bros go west from 3.30, did slow cooker chicken for tea, watched killing eve( good) and 1 gruen and 1 bridge.

June 16th Saturday

Clear and breezy cool,fixed the chook pen lid and also ems shopper did 2 owls and 2 sentinels, started on reading tree and also setting out shell piece, nap,small bus of 4 people visit and then 2 others, M went to market with Kathleen and Naomi,slept in arvo, I did sausages for tea and we watched last two episodes of the good fight and 1 bridge.

June 15th Friday

rained and winded overnight showery today, M to melb to see madge she has a bug so went to drs too, I did 3 cats to tidy up bench, cut up bodies for 2 owls and a few sentinels Helen at 11 discussed artists trail or groupings, did 1 mediocre drawing,shopped, stopped at 4 as cold and showery, added to Margies pizza for tea, watched last 2 mystery road and 1 good fight

June 14th Thursday

Fine and cool ,assembled 6 kookaburras and 1 cat , Tumblegym, Kids in afternoon, 2 naps, Cathy smith came and talked through aspects of her exhibition pilates pub tea, watched Mystery Road and the good fight.

June 13th Wednesday

Grey and mild,fined up  Mowed sculpture garden Margie coming who worked on her spiral girl piece, Big bus came only 10 people visited I did 4 dogs and assembled elephant and caught, cut up 6 kookaburras , Julie worked on horse head, Kids in afternoon rain a bit in evening did fajitas for tea with Greek meatballs, watched Mystery road, the good fight and Gruen,

June 12th Tuesday

Grey and mild  Belinda did a flower , I did 5 chooks and 1 sentinel, did the caught sculpture and also the elephant book sculpture, bought more plasma cutting bits and metal from martin,shopped ,Mary Gardened, 2 naps, chicken korma for tea, watched 1 bridge, 1 Good fight,and 1 last leg, restless start of night,

June 11th Queens birthday Monday

Fine and sunny, finish painting of girl, did 4 cats and cut out faces for 4 more , debbie coming to weld her menorah,Belinda came and modified her egg sculpture  assembled rose gardencut out hands and fairy for caught, cut up bits for 6 chooks 8 people visited, sort of sold living on the past, 2 others interested in wave piece, M to melb to see em and madge,did steak for tea, watched final sense8 excellent.rain at night.

June 10th Sunday

Fine and clear, add extra paint to blue flight, did aprils girl, took nearly all day, did new signs and write ups for many pieces, shopped for more scissors, did very basic fish and chips for tea, 10 people visited Joan called in in late afternoon, watched mystery road, 1 good fight and 1 continuum

June 9th Saturday

Cool and grey mild, Davids property has sold so changes for Jindivick,finished blue flight, did axel and axeline, started on Aprils girl bought scissors and a bit of other shopping, 13 people through including Amys family,did fetta and spinach rolls for tea, watched the bridge and the good fight, Caleb has Bliss home.

June 8th Friday

mild but windy , showers? M to melb, start new piece, visit Helen for drawing, did 2 drawings,visited Sue and Paul, shopped then home,nap, vacuumed Timmy picked up car, sent off flowers to Perth made fajitas for tea, watched Black Panther and The Bridge.,

June 7th Thursday

Fine and mild not cold in morning, do other side of heart and add character,clean up and paint, tumblegym Pick up grinder, kids in arvo,4 people through, pilates, pub tea, 1 good fight and 1 continuum

June 6th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, M has kids all day,kids in afternoon, 12 people sold 2 sets of earrings,worked on finding pieces for in my heart , shopped in morning dropped in grinder and blower,saw Wayne and delene, dog walkers, Bill, people from perth who bought stuff at foster,,girl and mum doing art course, played with theo for a bit in arvo, 1 ½ heart all welded,spaghetti for tea watched 1 continuum, 1 fringe and 1 back in time for dinner, reading the fort by Cornwell

June 5th Tuesday

Fine and cool, fined up, Belinda,did a flower for wayne, I worked on timmys truck, then heavy to light, then vase of flowers, Mary gardened with vic,  M to melb, did sembak fish for tea, watched 1 continuum, 1 good fight and 1 justine Clarke who do you think you are

June 4th Monday

Fine and sunny but cooler later, M to Pakenham with K and kids shopping, I added to website then did video, talked to kerrie, Mary and vic came to garden, set fire to fire pile, cut out last mask for masquerade, painted both, started on Timmys truck 1/3 done, hot dogs for tea then 1 good fight, 1 continuum and 2 bordertown( end of season)

June 3rd Sunday

Fine and sunny after cold morning,Longwarry market for discs and videos, shopped, added to website, put together 3 cupboards with Marians help, 6 people visited, Darren picked up his sculpture, tidied and rearranged storeroom, did skewers for tea watched 1 continuum 1 1good fight, elvis the searcher

June 2nd Saturday

Fine and sunny tidied gallery and did video of kids,mowed across rd, openings started off quiet but 20 or so people including Phil, Dot,,chicken drumsticks for tea watched continuum, good fight and song for Marian

June 1st Friday

Fine and sunny, added to website,M to melb to see madge, tidied gallery started cutting out masks for masquerade ball, shopped,

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