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November 11, 2018

November 2018

November diary

Nov 30th Friday

Grey and mild, set up gallery meeting with art trail people, 18 people visited Graeme put in exhibition, M to melb to see madge, Help helen do card rack nap shopping Pizza for tea, watched Professor Marston and the wonderwomen and Renegades.

Nov 29th Thursday

Mild and misty, M takes kids to tumble gym, finished off birdbath, cut up some wood for seat, added to book girl, finished second dog cutout, dropped in mower for repair, bought whiteboard, home to help with kids,Mary gardened from about 3, pilates, pub tea, home to watch hard quiz and last leg.

Nov 28th Wednesday

Mild and grey morning, Julie working on stand for barbed wire balls, exhibition people come and get their works,Kids back here in afternoon , did video of sculpture garden, Belinda Mascadri dropped in, started her seat, started birdfeeder, did sleeping dog and started second, talked to Graeme, Naomi, did tuna patties for tea, watched the whole truth and towns of England cheltenham

Nov 27th Tuesday

Mild morning,Belinda did 2 flowers, I assembled together 2, and also circus and final coat on super girl,also did spot and bird on a perch, mowed sculpture garden in afternoon, Theo back here with Marian, Mary gardened ,Jeanette came over for a talk, I did chicken in a jar for tea, then watched inspector gently and no activity much better night

Nov 26th Monday

Grey and mild,assemble backs ontoTogether M car maybe to go in,M to melb, painted more balls, did stand for young supergirl, Mancave bus came ( 6 ? shopped in morning and bought more corten sheet, Dentist in afternoon to start root canal, did meatballs for tea, did 2 loads of washing in and out and 2 more of Calebs, watched Missy Higgins concert and Dr WhoAnd no activity, Ratty night

Nov 25th Sunday

Grey and cool, Open studios, worked on young supergirl, had about 60 people through, lady came and got eagle and others came and got Together piece, very tired by end, slow cooker chicken for tea, watched Charmed and war at sea ww1

Nov 24th Saturday

Showery grey and drizzly, Open studios,6people through, welded second part of together 2, and painted both parts did more on young supergirl, pies for tea watched charmed , and exodus gods andkings,

Nov 23rd Friday

Showery and rainy to melb for xray and knee dr, visit madge, home shopped did pasta bake for tea, watched American animals,Nixon and the man inblack,

Nov 22nd Thursday

Gray and mild, added to eagle, another 2 balls,started on second of together pieces M takes kids to tumble gym then back here,3 people visited helped a bit, Pilates then pub tea home to watch black widows Rained at night.

Nov 21st Wednesday

Grey and mild, finished eagle, did 3 balls  and the sleeping giant ,M minds theo for most of day Julie working on seahorse frame.did fish and chips for tea, went to food andwine meeting,hometo watch Hard quiz and stupid man smart phone.rained again at night

Nov 20th Tuesday

Grey and mild, Belinda, M to melb to see madge, lady coming to pick up Dame edna,did 4 small owls and one ball, finished reacher book, hot foremost of day and rain in evening and night Mary Gardened, I shopped ,did curried sausages for tea, watched 20 feet from stardom, good.

Nov 19th Monday

Fine and Sunny perfect day, Had to take Calebs car in for springs, paid GSE health bill, Mina bringing a disability group, 10 people all in, finished off art nouveau cat and food fight, added to eagle 2/3 done did one ball finished Bosch reading Past tense Reacher,did beef stirfry for tea using up excess salads from weekend, watched Dr Who and Victoria, really disrupted night til about 4

Nov 18th Sunday

Fine and sunny,perfect day,Caleb and Bliss and Andrew and Daphne and Don and Pauli coming along with edelmans for lunch and playdate with kids, helped tidy, Phils workshop guy visited, people came to pick up birdbath, 13 people through, shopped for lunch things, nap, toasted sandys for tea watched Fantastic beasts and where to find them. Reading the drop Harry Bosch

Nov 17th Saturday

Fine and sunny,M minding Theo here much of the daymowed across road  added to problem solver , did three dragonflys and 1 flat dragonfly, mowed a bit at the house ,12 people through,did chicken stirfry for tea,watched the darkest minds( good) and Celia Paquola stand up

Nov 16th Friday

Fine and sunny M to melb to see madge, finish tree and cat piece then add sides to big circle form shopped for plasma cutting parts,fixed laundry steps, cut up dragonfly bits,1 person through,did stirfry for tea then watched skyscraper ok

Nov 15th Thursday

Finer but still mild, grey, M to take kids to tumble gym then back here before going to photo shoot,I shopped for tablets and shopping,I worked on plasma cuts of a displaced cat piece,  garden piece, tree of stars, 3 ducks on sticks, painted big piece again, finished off the two girl pieces,back a bit out went to chiro, Pilates, pub tea, watched the last ship

Nov 14th Wednesday

Grey and cool, showery, M minds Theo in morning then brings kids her at lunch, Julie did a circle and seahorse frame, I did 4 small characters, life in a whirl, food fight and a tricycle rider, also 1 plasma cut of natural thinker, Wayne and Daelene visited, good news for wayne, shopped for cat food, kievs for tea, reading Jon Reznick book watched ….

Nov 13th Tuesday

Grey and warmish, showers?,Bus load of 30 people and 2 others during day Belinda,did 2 flowers, finish Dame edna,M to melb to see Madge and maybe ernie,, no ernie, I worked on new big round piece, all welded junk and painted once,needs second coat before covers put on it, shopped,called in to talk to Sue, 1 chook died, did steak for tea watched  last ship,light showers overnight

Nov 12th Monday

Fine and mild, M minding theo in morning, Bus group, 12 people, added to dame edna and painted half, did 2 ducks and 4 chooks, Janines sitting on a rose piece( maybe) Mary and vic gardened,spaghetti for tea, gardened watched Dr who and Victoria

Nov 11th Sunday

Grey and mild became a beautiful day, mowed sculpture garden, painted letterbox on red girl, started eagle and did a small owl, also a axe piece and plasmacuts called bird song, 12 people through, reading darkest minds, fish for tea,watched mama mia again, good, restless night

Nov 10th Saturday

Fine and sunny, lovely day, finished girl with hoop and red bird, did a cat plasmacut, assembled letterbox girl,, about 10 people through, vacuumed and hung out washing,did curry for tea with Caleb and Bliss, watched the spy who dumped me, good and eddie perfect show

Nov 9th Friday

Grey , Kerrie meeting at 10 so tidy up and set up gallery,M to melb to see madge, 10 people there for meeting, shopped after that, M got plasma parts, mary and kids gardened, did snitzel for tea watched last two bodyguard and

Nov 8th Thursday

Grey and showery, shop for plasma parts (no) and prescription, did 2 dogs, 7 people visited Kids in arvo, pilates, pub tea home to watch Nolan and hard quiz

Nov 7th Wednesday

Grey and mild,paid metal bill, bought more gal sheet , went to recycler got wheels and springs, shopped, home to unload ,Julie worked on ring for ellie, I cut up Kookaburras, M brings home kids in arvo,10 people from wellways, assembled 4 kookaburras, did shoulder roast for tea, tough and fatty,watched bodyguard and daredevil. Tolerable evening

Nov 6th Tuesday

Cool and showery overnight, showered then rained then muggy, Belinda did 2 flowers,I worked on finishing submarine, did light as a feather, 1 pelican, 3 horseshoe birds ,finished 3 cows and started redgum turning for a few ideas,  Melbourne cup, 5 people visited, M to melb,did chicken skewers for tea, watched Victoria, Dr who and Spicks and specks reunion, didn’t sleep well until 3.

Nov 5th Monday

Cool and showery,fined up, sort of long weekend, John and Jenny back again,M cleaned out pond and did roses, I finished engine put together letterbox,did one small cow and a bird,tidied up 12 people through, m shopped did steak for tea, watched bodyguard, and Freddie Mercury, reading a reacher.

Nov 4th Sunday

Fine and sunny, Longwarry market, vacuum gallery, John and jenny  alcock coming, learning to weld and plasmacut, started work on train engine opening of Naomis exhibition about 50 people over day,sold $500 of stuff including toaster man and Iron man, worn out did tacos for tea, watched antman and the Wasp excellent

Nov 3rd Saturday

Cool and breezy, cool and windy at times, Jindi market bought cakes for opening,back to do 2 pelicans, did 3 kookas on sticks,start engine piece, cut branches off roof of gallery, 28 people through,  M off to do something with K and kids,did sausages for tea, watched the last ship, reign, and

Nov 2nd Friday

Warm night cloudy showers,hot and windy at times,M went to melb to see madge, finish birds and dragonfly piece, finished curly 2, assembled juggling girl created feeding the cat, couldn’t  pay for metal as their internet down ,shopped, 5 people through, did chicken and mushrooms for tea, watched the last ship and newtons law

Nov 1st Thursday

Fine and grey heated up to 29, mowed sculpture garden and across rd, did balls for juggling girl,started on recycled dragonfly piece,3 people visited ,Mary gardened, M and kids in afternoon, pilates mcdonalds tea looking at view, home to see tomorrow today and hard quiz

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