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August 11, 2020

August 2019

August diary

Aug 31st Saturday

Fine and sunny M has to help K and kids swimming midday, Help lilia hang  exhibition, lots of putting wire on the back, 4 people visited and then whelans talked to them for an hour or so, did steak for tea, watched elementary and big bang

Aug 30th Friday

Fine and sunny but still nippy, take eleanor to school, home to see Julie anne who gardened happily Interview at 11.00 with vision Australia, fixed toilet handle, no Mary,2 people visited Lilia bringing in exhibition, but not while I was here, took bear and other pieces to Staph, car had trouble needed filling a few times,did tacos for tea M has playgroup and speech playgroup, help pick up Eleanor, watched 2 Bosch and 1 cats and dogs.

Aug 29th Thursday

Fine and sunny, take Eleanor to school go and check out materials in Sutton st Ash to do a bit in driveway,Tumblegym help mind kids til 2.30, nap and read book Pilates,with Natalie, stuffed, pub tea with John and ailsa then home to bed.

, Aug 28th Wednesday

Fine and mild showered in afternoon, mopped floor, did bit of mowing out back, Julie worked on her stand,Bruce came and took down show, Karen Whittaker taylor came and asked for a sculpture for smith st, finished dancing queen, did a frog, dropped off simones sign, Mind kids 3.00,shopped briefly, dinner at Railway hotel,Jude, Lois, Nat, Anne Peter and us book club discussed hearts invisible furies.David off to Melb to look after parents.

Aug 27th Tuesday

Fine and mild, Caleb put car in so I took him to school, Belinda did 2 flowers, I did 2 snails and dancing queen,M has kids all day and extra boy with Mary at lunch, I played with May and theo pre lunch, nap helped a bit more, nap, M took kids home, I did fish curry casserole, picked up Caleb, watched Les Norton, Bosch,hard quiz and 1 big bang

Aug 26th Monday

Showered overnight seems fine now, the boys Jim finished his bee and peter worked on the vitamizer, Paul to look at plasmacutter compressor power, well compressor seems to be shorting out everything, so called compressor man, M to melb, finished artist and did 3 chooks and 1 cat, 2 people visited and toilet door lock stuck, shopped for groceries, did beef curry from magazine for tea, finished reading hearts invisible furies.

Aug 25th Sunday

Rained overnight, work on trees for hillside( 30)  plasmacutter started after lunch, finished hillside, did 5 small figures one for hillside , 1 for bloom, 1 for dive 2 one for the artist and 1 for terrys flag. 12 people visited including lady who picked up her dogs and bought at the waterhole( 350) one who bought snitch and one who bought redbird, man came and picked up elainas seat too, did sausages for tea, watched bosch, cats and dogs, last veronica mars and 1 big bang

Aug 24th Saturday

Fine and sunny, M has a day off, I worked on hillside and got second side finished and it mounted on base, mowed sculpture garden andcut up some more of fallen tree, Neil visited re panels, Alan picked up stands,did chicken curry for tea, watched a star is born and 2 big bang

Aug 23rd Friday

Fine and sunny day,  M to melb to take emily to appt, I take Eleanor to school, get wood for seat did seat, Paul the electrician came and redid the lights in the shed, Mary gardened, optometrist at 12.00, shop,finished seat, M late home, watched  black and white night, and bosch and 1 big bang

Aug 22nd Thursday

Grey and showery, a bit finer, put photos on web site,vacuum, put wheels on couch helped at Tumble gym at 10.00, helped with Kids til 2.30 read book Ash called in to see driveway, Pilates,pub tea with John and ailsa, home to watch cats and dogs and utopia

Aug 21st Wednesday

Grey and showery a bit cooler than yesterday, M has Kids all day, Julie did a frame for her peacock, I did a frame of seat and one side of hillside , helped mind kids at 3.00 home for nap and did pinwheels for tea , watched hard quiz, veronica Mars

Aug 20th Tuesday

Grey and showery, Belinda did 2 flowers and a bit of preparation I finished stands did 2  thin dogs started on seat, Wayne came and talked, M to melb to see madge, shopped for tea things, saw Helen and discussed Liens work, did slow cooker for tea, Caleb had Jules in the Gallery, watched last stranger things,Bosch Hard quiz lucifer and 1 big bang.

Aug 19th Monday

Gray and showery, the boys worked on their projects, cat bike and bee, posted off last portrait to Ngoc,worked on stands all welding done 2 cleaned up, did 1 dog,did bird stand, M to take may to toy library,did pasta bake for tea, watched stranger things, bosch hard quiz and 2 big bang

Aug 18th Sunday

Cool and gray,  fined up to a sunny and breezy day then rain at end, 9 people over day did 2 dogs, then small folded reading girl, assembled a small tube horse,started on Alans stands for his benches,Talked to Neil and Gayle re walls and asia, M went shopping with K and kids to Pakenham, did snitzel for tea, watched lucifer, 1 big bang, 1 jessica jones and 1 bosch and

Aug 17th Saturday

Cool and grey, fined up to a lovely sunny day, I mowed one small area of sculpture garden, M to melb to see em and madge, pulled out capeweed, did 3 smallish plasmacuts, 1 dog and simones sign, Peta Wallace and family visited, demonstrated for kids(4) shopped, did home made pizza for tea, watched stranger things, cats and dogs,1 big bang and glow

Aug 16th Friday

Grey and breezy, davids car still out of action, M helps get kids to school  I did a bird talked to staf who came and bought the bear and 3 other pieces, lady came and bought rest of keys in the song of C Mary gardened etc,I mowed back lawn,Opening of Wild dogs exhibition 2.00, saw staf, sue, Kerrie Gary Eileen Jenny 100 at opening, home for chicken wraps for tea watched stranger things, Veronica mars 2 big bang and Glow

Aug 15th Thursday

Fine and sunny Yay, M has kids all day, David  has car serviced, I help at Tumble gym, Pilates get prescriptions repeated and drop in angle grinder, 3 people visited,added to website pub tea, watched bosch, hard quiz and 1 big bang

Aug 14th Wednesday

Gray and cool, finished up 4 ducks and 1 dog, skin tags removed at 12.15, no Julie, home for lunch after small shop Help with kids 3.00, M has kids all day, started McKinty stories, brought in washing, did chops for tea watched Bosch and cats and dogs and 2 big bang Caleb came and got chairs

Aug 13th Tuesday

Gray and showery No Belinda, unloaded metal from car, M to melb to see madge did a bird, cut up 4 ducks and 1 dog, chiropractor to fix hotspot in back, dropped in boots for fixing, made optometrist appt, sent out wild dogs email, added to webpage, did most of a duck in the shed, made chicken lasagna for tea, m to gumnutguides as a special person for high tea, Caleb passed through for tea back later, watched elementary, hard quiz and 2 big bang

Aug 12th Monday

Grey and showery to begin, order metal ring ubc,tidy bench of ½ completed work, the boys al worked on their projects, M taking may to toy library, finished 1 dragonfly and 1 dog and cut out next dragonfly, went to longwarry and bought and ordered metal, unblocked the loo and emptied out storeroom of water 2 ½ buckets, helped M with wet and dry vac, made spaghetti for tea, watched captain Marvel and 8 10 cats and 1 big bang.

Aug 11th Sunday

Cool and grey was a reasonably fine day but cold, painted oculus then did 4 smallish portrait plasmacuts of characters from Vietnam workshop, had 2 families visit and demonstrated the plasmacutter, did slow cooker chicken for tea, watched last no offense and les Norton and waltzing the dragon

Aug 10th Saturday

Cool and rainy lot more movement still gastro, some stiffness in back, did a bird in shed, cold and rainy, had lunch M off to melb to see madge and em and go to Caleb and Blisses dinner at shark fin restaurant, I watched the twelfth Man( Norwegian grueling survival story) 2 ant man movies, Jimi hendix doco and John Mellancamp doco, boiled eggs on toast for tea, feeling much better, slept all night

Aug 9th Friday

Cool and rainy all day, Up 7 times overnight, drs appt now back has gone out too, sat and watched 3 episodes of preacher, chiropractor, still very stiff and sore, cant do much, scrambled eggs for tea, watched no offense, 2 big bang and hard quiz, eased up during the evening, anti inflammatories and ice

Aug 8th Thursday

Cool and grey showers, still have bug, help with tumble gym 10.00, Painted oculus,helped with kids in arvo, slept didn’t go to pilates, talked to caleb and bliss, watched 2 big bang

Aug 7th Wednesday

Cool and grey, burbling, M off to chase kids all day I help at 3.00, Caleb home for tea and Ralph, I worked on assembling seat and finishing oculus. visited Most of welding done and its on a stand. 2 people Did slowcooker sausages for tea, watched 2 big bang, Caleb sorted out my appe ID

Aug 6th Tuesday

Cool and grey,still a bit up and down, M a bit better, Belinda did 2 flowers, I did seat frame and timber, Ralph sick off to vet shaking, high temp. sorted emails and payed bills, 2 people visited the garden, sent off paperwork for Yarram Caleb home for tea and Ralph,did rissoles for tea, watched no offense, waltzing the dragon and 2 big bang, started on page for website

Aug 5th Monday

Cool and clear , hung out washing, did diary and      downloaded pictures. The boys arrived so I went down the shed and did 3 chooks. Back to diary and napping M now down with a heavy cold, cant get warm , soup and lasagna for tea, still poorly watched no offense, elementary and 1 big bang

Aug 4th Sunday.

Grey and cool in Melbourne, relatively soon through airport. Marian picked me up and apart from some visa card parking issues soon on our way. Stopped at Preston Red rooster for breakfast then home. Let out chooks went to sleep for a bit, about 10 people visited the gallery including Elise and her family. I now have a tummy bug and it is sort of controllable but no fun.Had soup and cordial for tea. Watched No Offense and Hard Quiz and went to bed.

Aug 3rd Saturday

Up at 7, moved out of room ready to go home. I walked up with Said to the mall, sat for a bit as it doesn’t open til 9.30bought some chocolate and said bought a shirt.. or tried to. Back to a coffee house for iced coffee and cod green tea and museum with Duong.. no one there other than staff, lunch at a nearby hotel, vietnamese mint cabbage pork slices, spring onion wrapped in rice paper, then back to hotel to pick up bags and off to airport. I was a bit early but soon booked in, they shipped my bag through to Melbourne without my fuss, went to Ho Chi Minh, nowhere near as chaotic as last time, booked in had a dodgy roll and waited for the plane. Cramped seating for me very uncomfortable, didn’t sleep at all, watched Battle of the sexes and Alita battle angel, both quite good.

August 2nd Friday

Breakfast was only me as everyone else partied on after I left.I am reading the keeper of lost things and that is a lovely book. After a nap up again and went and bought coffee waited around then with Long, Said Kimico, Edam Ngoc and Eunah and Dorothea. And went to an “open air market” in a building where I bought pens, a set of pears and tried to get a shirt but all just laughed.Back to hotel for lunch with bigwigs before they went away A quiet afternoon saying good bye to people who were catching planes Then at 6 by electric open air car to a seafood restaurant Mon Guiseppe, Duong, Long Ngoc Edam, Eunah Dorothea had a lovely meal including mussles and peanuts . we went to a store near there but didn’t buy anything. Back from restaurant by taxis to riverbank passing through mil/s of nightlife. Everything is lit up and looks great. People everywhere, Icecream had by many of our group but I just sketched. I am now sharing a room with. But he had to go to the beach at night. Still hot

August 1st Thursday

Up early and breakfast. Did a little sketch out the window.of buildings . Edam, Said and me went by Taxi to the museum to see Edams piece have sanskrit roll taken off. ( anything religious is a bit of a no no)

we then went by taxi to buy souvenirs but were sent to the toorak type area. We then went to the mall, I bought a sheet and some tiger balm. Back to the hotel and they still had missed the washing( 2 days) so I wore shorts to the opening. Apparently that wasn’t appropriate so after the boss rang the hotel they did the washing there and then and brought me the washed pants

.At the opening they had a group playing well and I stationed myself out side the gate and tried to call people in after a bit I was told they had enough people. There was a big presentation with lots of bigwigs and each had a part of the “ribbon” to cut. We all were given flowers , a certificate and the catalogue and I then went inside with everyone else and talked to people while I sat near my work. Most others didn’t do this but more or less took selfies.

We then went back to the hotel and to the third floor for tea and singing and dancing( party) I tried to get balloons to lift a beer can, I danced on stage and drew a door prize for someone. I sang opera with Guiseppe and dorothea nand Minh sang beautifully and so did one of the big wigs.

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