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December 11, 2019

December 2019

December diary

Dec 31st Tuesday

Much cooler today, showered overnight, Belinda came and did 2 flowers and helped remove plastic from chooks I was making, I made 4 chooks and cut up parts for 6 more, cleaned up frog,, helped prepare for lunch ,Whelans for lunch New years eve had a fine afternoon 2 people visited, watched part of the Irishman, Em and Caleb back from Bairnsdale, watched beverly hills cop 1 sausages and salad for tea, 1 big bang, em talked to M ,Caleb had new years with Julian in gallery

Dec 30th Monday

Fine and sunny and warm breeze to begin ( 43) worked on frog, all together, needs clean up, did bits of snitches, the boys worked on various projects, shopping chiropractor,kids over, M got my medicine, Ashley Will and Jay came to talk about setting up show, snitzel for tea, watched vera, lost in space and 1 big bang

Dec 29th Sunday

Fine and sunny to begin, M to melb to see madge, finished trojan kitten, started mirror and frog, fixed small toys, 6 people visited,did computer work in arvo did lamb patties for tea, watched steeleye span and Fairport doco, then elementary and 1 big bang

Dec 28th Saturday

Cool and grey to begin but warmed up by noon( 38) Julie wickham to take down exhibition,M has quiet day bills knitting and reading, finished wind rider, did 2 dogs and most of trojan kitten, reading Banjo and wisting, did chicken rissoles for tea, watched royal command performance and 4 xmases, mediocre,

Dec 27th Friday

Cool and misty to begin warmed up as day went on, M off to help K shop and play in civic park then home here, I took car and dropped off keys at Narre warren, home to grind base of new sculpture then had to go and pick up M and kids from Ks house,played with kids and grumped, took kids back at 4 and drove with M to Narre warren to pick up car, shopped for food at fountain gate, Chinese tea , Caleb and em dropped in on way to Bairnsdale, em fixed my problem with coffee cup, watched bit of French and saunders then last two unbelievable and 1 big bang

Dec 26th Thursday

Cool and grey to begin with, pruned some bushes loaded car and off to lunch at Stephens with all the rels, a warm and pleasant day 29, kids had a ball, Kathleen did most of the looking after with M as David had too much talking to do, back is a bit out,drove home, reading wisting the caveman, and did boiled egg sandwiches for tea, watched 2 unbelievable, celebrity hard quiz started watching soul train but too disjointed, 1 big bang

Dec 25th  Wednesday

Mild and sunny to begin, became warmer as day went on 28 driving down to Faversham house for xmas lunch with Madge, radiator split at Narre Warren, had to leave car at an autotune place, Caleb and em picked us up and we went to lunch with madge, Em stayed then Caleb drove us back,then headed off, I cut out stephens Hawks symbol,we did stand up tacos for tea, watched 2 unbelievable and 1 lost in space and adam hills election special

Dec 24th Tuesday

Cool and grey to start, Belinda did 2 flowers and a small octopus, I worked on base for tripod 2,, turned ball and mounted it did a small owl, helped tidy and do Xmas dinner preparations for the evening, xmas here with our family, tuckered early to bed M watched Cats and dogs.

Dec 23rd Monday

Cool and grey to start, delivered roslin seat assembled 3 kookas, cut legs off lynnes stool,assembled free bird did base for second tripod form and attached, Peter and Jim working in shed then and lunch at N sth pub,delivered Dachshund, took down signs to Lillico glass studio, talked to olivia, Aaron picked up horses piece, did sausages and salad for tea wrapped presents .

Dec 22nd Sunday

Cool and grey fined to a lovely sunny day finished girl on horses,started ball for tripod, and assembled and painted once M to shop with K but first removed all toys from back room, I vacuumed, ,Em home  about 1.00, cut up 3 kookas, panels went away and people came and bought birds and bee, 5 people visited,fish and chips made for tea, watched dora the explorer, 2 big bang and you tubeshow on covers  of original songs

,Dec 21 Saturday

Cool and grey, 20 fined up at end of day, hot until 2 last night, M to melb, worked on tripod piece now has base and stand needs ball, started small horses and girl,bird stands picked up and man came and bought vase and small painting, did crumbed steak for tea watched 2 unbelievable, would I lie to you

Dec 20th Friday

Lovely morning and breeze 44, M take Eleanor to school and help with Mae at 11,I welded most of tripods together,got mower tyre fixed, shopped for books and welding wire, aldi,chemist and coles, wrote up missing signs for sculpture garden chicken salad for tea, watched elementary and unbelievable and the crown,

Dec 19th Thursday

Fine and mild grey not as hot as yesterday beautiful day all in all, M has kids until 9.00 I finished stool order did flowers 24 over day,mowed sculpture garden, flat tyre Tumble gym helped with kids til 1.00 then back to shed, went to k after some shopping to help with kids til 9.30, home to watch 2 big bang.,

Dec 18th Wednesday

Fine and sunny Hot,julieanne gardened, I assembled 2 kookas on sticks,did 2 tall bird feeders for order, did 1 and ½ tractor seat stools for order, David Smith came and welded Julie did too, Kate picked up her frog M has Kids here all day,helped play with theo in arvo, picked up Eleanor from school home for nap did enchiladas for tea watched 6 underground, bloody and silly and 2 big bang

Dec 17th Tuesday

Fine and sunny hot in arvo, Belinda did 2 flowers, M to melb to see madge I did a dragon then cut out 6 kookas on sticks and assembled 4 of them did cutting board for archie, John worked in arvo,Mary gardened, 6 people visited including Graham and Tammy pre wedding, bought yellow paint and sheet of gal shopped did tuna and cashews for tea,watched Russian Noir, Cats and dogs and 1 big bang

,Dec 16th Monday

Fine and mild, finished other two panels and cabinet  did an owl and a dragonfly, 5 people visited, Grant to call in, the boys worked on their projects, heart echo at 3.30 pick up 12mm rod for birdfeeder and seats,Mary gardened, M to ready steady go then brings theo back here, did chow mien for tea watched the crown and 2 big bang and 1 temple(141.3)

Dec 15th  Sunday

Cool and misty, Fix K’s gate, reattached, did a round vase, started on gas bottle cover panels 2 done, maryanne came and paid for dachshund, 2 came and orderedbird feeder and seats, 5 people overall, cut up a pallett, M to go to theos concert did chicken pasta for tea, watched the Mule, and 2 big bang Caleb came and talked about Julian and Bairnsdale house

Dec 14th Saturday

Cooler to begin, Rokeby market saw chris and mark, sue O deb, others sold $1000,M to melb to see K get her masters then visit Madge, home for lunch 7 people visited including Deb Gentle and Joe Pollock, delivered Joys birdfeeder, fish and chip tea, shopped, watched, would I lie to you,Temple, 2 big bang misty rain in evening

Dec 13th Friday

Cooler to begin, take Eleanor to school, pick up metal from martin and pay bill, shop, unload car worked on vases 6 done all the square ones and 1 round, M minds mae while theo has speech thing did snitzel for tea watched rod stewart at stirring castle, 2 big bangs, M went and swapped cars over

Dec 12th Thursday

Cooler to begin stayed nice but didn’t really warm, assemble seat and photo lions and cats, Tumble gym, Julieanne,gardened, M has kids all day  I made parts of 10 vases, last Pilates,pub tea,home to last two beneath the surface, 1 big bang

Dec 11th Wednesday

Cooler to begin, paint seat again ,did 2 corrugated cats and 1 corrugated lion, did another bigger gear wheel lion Sue O visited, Andrew and Shirley picked up sculptures, Julie worked on lions mouth,John came and worked in shed, Adam came and fixed part of his bus,No Mary to garden, help at 3 to pick up Eleanor, M has kids all day,Played with kids in arvo, did rissoles for tea, Caleb off to a graduation, watched under the surface, the crown and 2 big bang

Dec 10th, Tuesday

Cooler showery fined up to a lovely day, finish bowl bird,did most of seat Belinda,did 2 flowers,4 people visited,Mowed rest of sculpture garden and across rd, shopped, Mary gardened for an hour, M to help with kids in arvo, sausages for tea,watched under the surface,the crown,1 big bang

Dec 9th Monday

Fine and sunny, Hot  Finished birds and frame for high flyers, the boys 3 worked on their various projects, no alma, change over gas bottle, no Heidi,did an emu started a bowl bird mowed 1/3 sculpture garden, nap steak for tea watched under the surface, the crown , hard quiz and cats and dogs

Dec 8th Sunday

Fine and mild, repainted butterfly and shurieken did ringer, 1 kooka on stick 1 horseshoe bird, I flying bird, and started on frame, to melb for Madge Birthday, most of family there maccas tea home, watched below the surface the crown and 2 big bang

Dec 7th Saturday

Cool and calm, went to Jindi market, trimmed branches off trees along rd, did 5 kookas on sticks, helped tidy up gallery, shopped, 5 people in morning opening of julies show 2.30 10 people there, very pleasant afternoon few sales, nap, eggs on toast for tea, reading new bosch and ballard, watched hard quiz, adam hills, below the surface and 1 big bang

Dec 6th Friday

Cool and grey breezy all day, M off to take Eleanor to school, started reviving pieces on path to loo, 3 done 1modified, Marksies here and bought 2 sculptures and 4 paintings, 5 people over day ,Julie did video, got 4 wheel rims, I had to download a new video editing program and it worked fine , uploaded to website, memory stick and you tube, nap reading new harry bosch and ballard book, caleb and em passed through, watched the crown , under the surface series 2 start and 2 big bang

Dec 5th Thursday

Cool and fine, add to website and do enchiladas for tea tonight at artists gathering, Tumble gym, shop a bit, Julieanne to garden picked up cut branches reading book in arvo after adding wickham stuff to website, Pilates last of Natalie , artists gathering at Garys, back sore from Pilates

Dec 4th Wednesday

Wind overnight and all yesterday quieter now, grey and cool,finished Dachshund,helped set up Julie wickham exhibition (with 3 helpers), Julie came and worked, John dropped in to Chiropractor sort of better sort of worse, M has kids all day, cut down nz Christmas tree dead and some branches, did reheated enchiladas for tea watched last 2 wisting and 2 big bang

Dec 3rd Tuesday

Showers overnight cold and showery, Belinda did 2 flowers had to leave early, M helps with kids from 9 then brings them home from 12. 2 people visited I cover other side of dachshund and start to clean up. Play with kids and nap in arvo, did slow cooker chicken for tea, Caleb helped friend move then fixed my computer, watched wisting, big bang and elementary

Dec 2nd Monday

Showers rained overnight,rainy cold unpleasant day, the boys worked on their various projects, Jim brought banana cake, no alma, I worked on 9 flowers did an emu and a dog and then on one side of Dachshund, M to melb to see madge as she has to help K tomorrow.slow cooker beef casserole for tea then watched spicks and specks special, wisting,1 big bang

Dec 1st Sunday

Cool ,showers? Longwarry market, shopped,dropped M off to go with K to K mart, door fell out at their place,bought welding rods and wire at Bunnings, 2 people visited, I worked on cutting down dead shrub at front of driveway, then did flowers 12 finished, then did outline of dachshund, reading Michael Connelly renee Ballard, did spaghetti for tea watched arlo Guthrie show on you tube then watched ate night with emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling, good and 1 big bang.

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