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June 11, 2019

June 2019

,June Diary

June 30th Sunday

Cool and breezy, but fine day, in car to geelong go to gallery saw moon exhibition , visited Jenny Murray Jones at Winchesea,to pick up paintings for wild dogs show then to Sandy and Malcolms at Ocean Grove for Malcolms 70th  back on ferry Lynne sets up exhibition  Home shopped pizza for tea watched Mortal engines, bit busy but quite good.

June 29th Saturday

Mild but showers coming? Did 3 pelicans and 1 peacock, repainted sign, it went away, did star gatherer, and we call him tiger, turned 2 umbrella tops.10 people visited,did fish and chip tea, rained in evening then gusty wind watched no offence, endeavor and Hard quiz

June 28th Friday

Fine and mild, M to melb, finished gate sign delivered books to Yarragon,No Helen Drawing Tony from up the hill visited as did Louie and partner, Wendy and Jules take down exhibition, did carbonara for tea nap Minding kids in evening as K goes to blues bros

June 27th Thursday

Fine and mild, no real frost, did Derinya list, vacuum, picked up angle grinder,Tumble gym shopped look after kids til 2.30, small family group 1  visited,nap started gate sign, painted other side of bridge, Pilates pub tea watched Jessica jones and early night

June 26th Wednesday

Fine and clear frost, I did second bowl bird and added more structure to Chinese bridge, Julie Worked on rain chain, took it home,Mary came and gardened  M looks after kids all day, I help from about 3.00 shopped for Bookclub  did hamburgers for tea watched Greta video ( scary) Lois Sue Barb Natalie Brian and then the recording studio

June 25th Tuesday

Fine and clear and frost, Belinda did 2 flowers, M to melb, then home to mind kids while k has staff meeting,Wayne visited,I worked on bird bowl and pig, started on umbrella wood, then to Morwell to get springs, Mary Gardened with vic and Hamish, nap, did curry and rice for tea,Caleb home, watched live at the Apollo and last leg

June 24th Monday

Fine and clear heavier frost than yesterday, ultrasound of shoulder, shop home to peter and Jules came over too, I did a couple of small birds, started cutting out circles for bird pot holders, helped others, talking at dsc to vcal class 2.00,all girls, seem smarted than vcal, M takes may to toy library,shopped did lamb chops for tea watched elementary, the letdown, Ozark and the recording studio,Cold night.

June 23rd Sunday

Cool and fine frost in lower paddocks, finished 3 small pieces,started small birds compressor started again,,kathleen brought kids over so she could do reports, we minded them til 2.30,10 people visited,did spaghetti for tea, watched rolling thunder review and Alis wedding both good

June 22nd Saturday

Cool and fine, finish frivolity and started on small pieces, finished boat character and 1 pelican and 1 peacock and 2 1`/2 dragonflys as well as making 2 other characters needing grinding, compressor wouldn’t start,M to help with kids swimming, 2 people visited did sausages for tea, watched endeavor, recording studio and the letdown

June 21st Friday

Cold and showery, fined up, worked on frivolity painted bit more on Chinese bridge, Helen and alice drawing in afternoon, I did a cat and a whirl dance, M to melb to see em and madge, then help with Eleanors concert, I had pies for tea and watched the sisters brothers and sicariao Caleb and bliss passing through from lakes entrance with C Car

June 20th Thursday

Cool and showery,vacuum,shop, added piers to bridge on river, painted one side, help at tumble gym, kids in arvo pilates, pub tea, home to Ozark,and early night

June 19th Wednesday

Showery and cool, M minding kids all day,worked on Chinese Bridge, had to cut off arches and make 3 instead of 4,went to bank re visa card and travel shopped help mind kids at 2.45, home for nap, did chicken mustard, watched the letdown unit 42 and last leg

June 18th Tuesday

Showery and gray, M to melb to see madge,Belinda did 2 flowers, I finished Queen of hearts and start on river, see travel agent in afternoon slow cooker chicken for tea, K to hospital, m minding kids in evening,Caleb helped me do tv in gallery, I watched cold pursuit, behind number 9 and a bit of mary kills people

June 17th Monday

Fine and sunny, M takes mae to toy library, the boys worked on a wood splitter,a bee and a tomato support, I painted dress girl and worked on kuroko and did most of marking out and cutting out queen of hearts , Mary came out to have some holes drilled and I went and booked in an ultra sound and picked up tablets and shopping. Steak for tea watched Ozark, the letdown

June 16th Sunday

Cool and grey,fined up finished dress girl, and painted once, started kuroko by turning forms for beating and attaching curved forms to make head and hands, 5 people visited,tidied part of shed, frankfurters for tea watched Terminal, odd,detectorists,and Jessica jones

June 15th Saturday

Cool and grey, worked on dress girl all day, all parts covered and added in junk for dress, still have hair and mounting on base to do. Cut up 3mm sheet to make card size, assembled seventh book , 6 people visited, M had a quiet day at home did pork snitzel,for tea watched endeavour,my fair lady part 2

June 14th Friday

Cool and grey, M to take Eleanor to school then to melb to visit madge, work on girl in shed, tonimbuk to pick up burnt metal re fires exhibition, bought metal at Longwarry, shopped, started cutting out cover pieces for girl, put base on mangled typewriter, Helen didn’t come Jeanette came to see exhibition, did tacos for tea, watched first part of my fair lady and the letdown and Jessica jones

June 13th, Thursday

Fine and clear, 2 people visited, weld rest of dress girl frame together, assemble  cat and most of book and scout trophy small pieces, tumble gym, kids til 2.30 nap, finished good omens pilates pub tea, home to watch the good fight and I zombie.

June 12th Wednesday

Mild and cloudy, rain for part of day, did heart monitor, take caleb to school, Julie is in Broome, help with kids at 3.00, added to seventh book, finished most of second scout character, did turned cat,started next dress girl, all tacked on one side then lunch and kids,did slowcooker beef stroganoff for tea, watched hard quiz, last leg and Ozark.

June 11th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda,did 2 flowers and played on the lathe, I added to scout figure, turned a ball for a balloon, moved all the metal between the gallery and the shed, mowed most of lawn area, Mary and vic came to garden,lady came and picked up traveler, M home for lunch then back to kids,went to Dr re cough, Vietnam, shoulder, went to chiropractor re back and shoulder and neck( Better) home, M did tea, picked up Caleb from train, watched the recording studio, the letdown city on a hill and last leg

June 10th Monday

Holiday, showery and mild, M to melb to see em and Madge,,finish animals for windmill,( 2 small birds and 2 cut out possums)finished thin cow and longlegged girl, the boys,worked on all manner of stuff, shop for cough mixture, 4 people visited inc Min and Lazz, did fish and chips for tea, very mediocre at tea time,watched 1 ozark 1 last leg, and 1 letdown slept better but head spinning a bit

June 9th Sunday

Fine and sunny, M to go with k to help with kids at model train expo, assemble parts for windmill, started on a thin love cow, 6 people visited,including Sue and Bliss and Caleb did sausages for tea, watched elementary and 2 silent witness, cough annoying

June 8th Saturday

Mild and grey, became sunny, m helped k with kids swimming and part of afternoon, I worked on face vase and love cow and small longlegged girl painted frame again,3 people visited,did meatballs and noodles for tea, watched endeavor, Ozark and the let down

June 7th Friday

Mild and grey, M to melb,saw travel agent,(1260) send off profile no Helen drawing did some shopping added to and painted  windmill blade frame started on love cows and vase fine sunny afternoon cut up branch,bought round pipe ( 89) did chicken roast M helps with kids at night David away for weekend watched bit of Ozark.

June 6th Thursday

Fine misty rain, assemble traveler and add joining parts cut out,to windmill blades, tumblegym, help with kids til 2.30, Pilates,with diana, kfc for tea watched line of duty and the letdown and the good fight

June 5th Wednesday

Cool and grey, Take eleanor to school , Julie crook, I finished painting traveler, added to leaving and  started blades of windmill, help with kids in arvo, dogfood shopping, Jim worked on fence, 2 people and kids visited, did curry for tea , mediocre, watched last Catch 22,line of duty and the letdown

June 4th Tuesday

Mild and clear, Belinda did 2 flowers, I worked on traveler basically finished, also turned a wooden mallet and handle and a small dress part, Tony and wife visited,Paul put up sign, Jim visited to prepare to fix fence  M to melb,replaced gas and bought spray paint, did rissoles for tea,Caleb home. watched Catch 22 and the recording studio

June 3rd Monday

Cool and grey, feeling a bit better  started on traveller,the boys did all sorts of work, did base and cutouts for leaving, Anita called in to pick up Chris print,Olivia and man called in,did tuna bake for tea, watched a simple favour and call of duty

June 2nd Sunday

Cool and grey Longwarry market I have a cold, spent the day sleeping and by the fire, reading good omens , scrambled eggs for tea  watched the letdown, catch 22 and Vera

June 1st  Saturday,,

Cool grey, did diary and work done, printed Jules list vacuum gallery ,shopping, Jules and wendy opening 2.00 20 people there nice afternoon did wendy video at end of day did sausage rolls for tea, watched the letdown, killing eve and

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