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May 11, 2019

May 2019

May diary

May 31st Friday

Cold and showery, M to melb to see madge, did a small echidna I have 10 homeschool kids to do plasmacutting, Jules and wendy set up exhibition,( 5 people saw it) Tim  picked up horse, Helen drawing in arvo did chicken pinwheels for tea, Wendy and Keltie came in evening to add to exhibition, watched catch 22 and elementary and the ;letdown

May 30th Thursday

Cold and showery, M has kids all day, I did 7 big flowers and finished peacock, sent off emails 157 dead emails write up new piece tumble gym, kids here til 2.30,deleted email addresses pilates, pub tea watched the good fight and silk road

May 29th Wednesday

Cold and showery and windy, M has kids all day,finished off drummer,did kookaburra and part of peacock and curlique m brings kids home til lunch Julie worked on rain chain for quite a while,Helen took down exhibition,  Map man called in 2 people visit,help out after 3 with kids, shopped ,pizza for tea and bookclub at annes, the summer book, ho hum, home to bed on a cold wet night

May 28th Tuesday

Cold showery and windy, Belinda,did 2 flowers and 3 circles M to melb to see madge, started on an echidna, but too awkward I cut out more small flowers and made a spider vase and 2 other small vases,after lunch did most of marys drummer, did slow cooked curried sausages for tea, Caleb and Julian and emma watched last game of thrones in gallery, we watched hard quiz, the recording studio and last leg

May 27th Monday

Rained overnight, breezy cool and grey, M has toy library with Theo, the 3 guys and 1 girl came and plasma cut, welded and made odd things, 1 person visited, I Assembled snitches, put radiator sheep together, did 4 kookaburras, stopped at lunch and read book( the summer book) in arvo . M had a quiet arvo too slow cooker tea watched the Green book, cold and rainy and windy

May 26th Sunday

Rained overnight, fine and grey,M to melb to see madge and Em  did 4 Kookaburras painted bases of snitches, started on windmill cut out more parts for kookaburras 4 people visited dropped off work at wonthaggi, picked up pieces from archies creek, picked up work from Pakenham, Helen and Julie each won prizes( 1st and second), delivered to Harkaway battered balloon, shopped and pizza in Drouin, watched rim of the world ( cliched)

May 25th Saturday

Gray and mild, finished horse and dragged him out, did 5 snitches and red bird 2, cut up pieces for kookaburras Ash and holly and friend came and did driveway at house ( 3700) ,14 people visited,  M helps kids with swimming did chicken curry for tea watched detectorists, the recording studio and sunshine on Leith

May 24th Friday

Grey and mild, Marian to help with kids in morning, worked on horse,Mary came and gardened, M brought kids home, 2 people visited Helen drawing in arvo mostly finished horse, shopped for cat food, did sausages for tea watched end of good fight, silk rd and

May 23rd Thursday

Fine and sunny, assemble  leaf seat( final coat) shop for bolts and groceries, help at Tumble gym, Julie to work, Help with kids in afternoon, Ash came with ashphalter Mark Finger and wife came to see helens exhibition Pilates with Natalie pub tea  home to the good fight and I zombie

May 22nd Wednesday

Fine and sunny finished most of leaf seat and did tail, stand and one of the  front legs of horse. Help with kids 3.00 Took work to Pakenham, Helen drops off stuff, Julie worked on new piece, Guy Price came and discussed an exhibition,Chinese tea,watched the passage,who do you think you are and

May 21st Tuesday

Fine and mild, No Belinda, Peter and Tony, and Jim and jims wife welding and plasma cutting and Lathe work I worked on assembling small pieces and did most of leaf seat, flying horse onto stand, M to help K ( kids are crook) ( no Fay)then to melb to see madge Caleb in gallery with Em and Julian, I did mince and beans and Gnocci for tea, watched last ABC murders,Good fight and Hard Quiz

May 20th Monday

Fine and cloudy, delivered records to Ernie, deliver” in my heart” to Toorak, to Charlie Farren, taked to ernie and Charlie and the boys, home, nap, mowed sculpture garden, M off to pick up Eleanor and help with kids til 5 did chicken skewers for tea, watched abc murders, silk rd and elementary

May 19th  Sunday

Fine and cloudy,fined up to lovely, day M had a quiet day with no kids, finish Shane paint pieces, work on Tims horse stand started and back legs and body support done, delivered to Archies creek home to talk to Jeff and Jeanette re pipe under driveway, lasagna for tea Helen swapped over some pieces, 3 people visited, watched ABC murders, detectorists and bit of eurovision

May 18th Saturday

Fine and sunny voting day voted for labour and David, worked on making bent metal and timber dog, metal and timber turned cat, and metal and timber bird, also balls and eggs turned for snitches and flying eggs, Tims horse cut out in part, sheep head cut out shane tidied up and painted 2 people visited chicken and pasta for tea watched election and stan and Ollie, good gentle movie, disappointing election result

May 17th Friday

Fine and sunny, M to melb, cut out shane piece and made folder wild dog meeting arts centre, shopped but forgot to pick up wheels, 7 people visited including Jules Madden, and Jan, did Drawing with Helen and alice in afternoon finished girl piece did 2 small sketches, picked up metal from Longwarry, steak for tea, watched part of holmes and Watson, tedious, then crimes of Grindlewald

May 16th Thursday

Fine and cool fined up more over the day, framed eddy,rang electrician and he came and looked at the problem, did 2 loads of washing vacuumed, Tumble gym kids here,tuckered out,nap moved records out and put in shelves 1 person visited Pilates pub tea, home to watch elementary but fell asleep

May 15th Wednesday

Cool and fine, went to Warragul bought trolley and ordered wheels then to Lardner park to swap over sculptures home to put out sculptures and bring in ballet girl for repair, repaired moved bear a bit talked to,Julie ,M with Kids all day, I help at 2.00, took may to baby rhyme time saw jess and Kasey,played with theo, shopped home forgot Janine and Laurels opening at arts centre, M not to casserole tea with K lasagna for tea, watched killing eve and who do you think you are Marta,

May 14th Tuesday

Cool and fine, Belinda did 2 flowers I worked on bear neck with new Mig and clean up,assembled chipper and together( bald) also did cleanup and base for Louise and adjusted asian girl into long necked girl 10 people visited,Jeanette dropped over,  Bear now outside, M to melb to visit Madge, ash sent through quote for driveway, shopped, did fish and chip tea watched 1 bletchley circle and 1 hard quiz, Caleb in Gallery with Julian,

May 13th Monday

Cool and fine,tony and Peter coming, M takes May to toy library, worked on front of bear and attached head started on neck, cut out louise brooks, 10 from Traralgon visited Helen swapped over some prints, went and bought small mig gasless, signed tax forms, Ash Montgomery came and looked at driveway job,  did mushroom chicken for tea watched last 2 episodes of star trek discovery and last unforgotten

May 12th Sunday

Showery and cool, Mothers day, finished bears head, didn’t quite attach head to body, did one small piece for bald archies,9 people visited including Jarrads, Anita day and son chris M with K and kids to melb( all tired and grumpy)  for mothers day with Madge, Picked up work from Mirboo Nth, sold flower vase, home to make eggs on toast, watched last two episodes of Trapped

May 11th Saturday

Showery and cold at times, drizzly all morning set up at Rokeby, sold a bird, 2 cats some flowers( 200) home to nap M with kids and caleb and Bliss swimming then home here played with kids 3 people visited Julie rang to say she won Mirboo Nth, did spaghetti and pies for tea took kids home, Katheen came home went to Paris Underground Cabaret, very good, did sketching gave to performers.

May 10th Friday

Rained a bit overnight, showery at times ,worked in shed finished shape of bears head, did 9 butterfies and flowers for Rokeby,load trailer for last Rokeby M shops, Did drawing in gallery with Helen bit late due to funeral, started bald archies pieces 10 people through including Jeff Boote, Dot thorne and 4 and 3 from Debbie Ablett, kids in evening, going to circus oz, M sleeps over there,

May 9th Thursday

Cool and grey,M minds kids all day, worked in shed on bear head, second side almost finished,tumble gym Danny burton dropped in kids  in afternoon til 2.30 nap, bit more in shed was for pilates, pilates with Gilian, pub tea, watched the good fight, and trapped

May 8th Wednesday

Cool and showery,M minds kids all day, Take work to Mirboo Nth, changed tickets at arts centre morning tea chiropractor 12.00 home lunch,, McConville group 1.00,(4)  mind kids 2.45 shopped, did rissoles for tea, watched trapped, unforgotten and who do you think you are Jennifer Byrne

May 7th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda did 2 flowers, I worked on back of head of bear, Peter, Tony and Jim came and welded, community health busload came( 12) Graeme Duell bought a print from Helen, Helen dropped in and replaced Melbourne print,I mowed parts of sculpture garden, house and across rd, M went to Melb to see madge Jess storer and Heidi came at end of day, did chicken parcels for tea Caleb home but having a game of Thrones night in gallery with Julian and Emma, we watched Elementary  M went to help K with babies, I watched 2 Izombie.Rained overnight  ( 20)

May 6th Monday

Cool and fine, drove to Ernies and dropped off first box of records, called in on madge, not awake, pick up from Camberwell,not much sold, home Cassidy crew visited (3) took mower in to be fixed, $500 for a new deck, shopped, M to take theo to music and Movement Did chicken and veges for tea, watched dawn French show and trapped and hard quiz

May 5th Sunday

Cool and fine, Longwarry market, shopping, tidy gallery, wrote up more pieces, Mower pulley broke, Helens opening 30 people Jeff asked us not to use his driveway, pick up work from Red Hill, 2 small pieces sold delivered to man in Mt Martha, scrambled eggs for tea, watched Robin hood modern version, silly,

May 4th Saturday

Showery, Jindi market bought cakes for helen opening, did 3 peacocks and 4 dogs and 1 dragonfly, 9 people through including Joan Price, Maureen Quigley,Hayseys picked up horse sculpture,did Kievs for tea watched Ole ole ole Rolling stones tour of south America, then trapped and unforgotten

May 3rd Friday

Fine and mild, M to take e to school then go to melb to see madge back home to pick E up while I mind kids before K gets home,nearly finished Shoulders , Dave and Jan garden visited, Julie came to finish horse, Mary Gardened, and I did some drawing with Helen in arvo, helped with kids at 3.00 shopped then did sausages for tea, watched elementary, vera and

May 2nd Thursday

Raining, Compressor man coming, did a really good job checking over everything, rang electrician, then Tumble gym, kids all afternoon, Jan Garden visited to see Helens exhibition,did ½ shoulders finished legionnaire book Rain,Pilates, pub tea, watched st clarita(last) and The good fight

May 1st Wednesday

Warm and grey, M had kids all day I worked on joining bear parts and started on shoulders, 3 people ( Indian students) visited, No Julie  due to appt. helped Caleb take car in for service and after playing with Theo and May helped him pick it up basic shopping, home did ok stirfry chicken, watched Trapped, who do you think you are and

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