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November 11, 2019

November 2019

November diary

Nov 30th Saturday

Rained overnight, fine and sunny, cool, M to melb to see madge then to Pakenham to see Brian Jeanette and Sharon, another coat on egg ,Kerrie and Chris visited, Phil visited and 2 others,did 2 dogs 1 pelican and 1 bird, cut up fallen tree and some of other dead tree,chicken sweet and sour for tea, watched Shirley temple life and movies, rest of wisting a crown.

Nov 29th Friday

Fine and cool, misty, straighten up egg sculpture and paint, also cut out three girl plasmacuts, meeting wrat at library shopped, M minds Mae home lunch nap, Jan and Dan here and started welding, I put base and paint on pasmacuts and made a gas bottle usable, tacos for tea, em and caleb passed through watched vera and 1 big bang,

Nov 28th Thursday

Fine and cool, drive Eleanor to school, kids  then tumble gym, mind kids til 2.30 pick up car all fixed, come home and get trailer to go and pick up mower,John worked in shed, I mowed house block and lower sculpture garden pilates, Julie Wickham didn’t to put up exhibition, thought next Wednesday, pub tea ( burgers) then home to 1 wisting and adam hills and 2 big bang

Nov 27th Wednesday

Fine and cool became lovely day, get ms car, and come home. Julieanne gardened so did Mary, monsons take down exhibition, mounted egg, and clean up Julie didn’t come pre op, go and help with kids at 3.00 Kathleen and Mae drove me home did chicken curry for tea boy home to do reports, 5 people through book club at sues pleasant home to watch 2 big bang

Nov 26th Tuesday

Cool and showery since last night, M to melb to see madge, then to help with kids then we both help with kids in evening,Belinda did 2 flowers and started a spider,I finished, work on vase, dinosaur and bird as well as covered egg,did meatballs for tea then went with M to help with kids, read to eleanor and sorted clothes, shopped then watched 2 big bang

Nov 25th Monday

Fine and sunny, car to go in for repair, M off to rhyme time, the boys worked happily I started a vase and another dinosaur and a small bird, Open studios rewind, no alma,, Mary gardened,nap, did fish and potato salad for tea watched living with yourself , cats and dogs and 1 big bang

Nov 24th Sunday

Fine and mild lovely day open studios, M off to eleanors practice concert then the real concert in arvo, I finish metal rack reload it, start on egg form 30 people through talked to quite a few,did chicken rice for tea, watched name of the rose , the crown and 2 big bang

Nov 23rd Saturday

Fine and sunny, lovely day, Open studios, M to melb to see madge, I demolished the falling apart metal rack and took ¾ of contents onto the pile, made a new lower rack ½ finished 20 people through  but no sales, did pies for tea watched unforgotten last episode and wisting and 2 big bang

Nov 22nd Friday

Cool quiet,no wind, became a beautiful day My back was fine all day,M off to mind kids and shop, I worked on 3 frogs Mary gardened, I tidied up front corner of shed, Jen and Dan came to work about 3.00, about 12 people through, Grant Flather came and picked up mermaid and about 20 pieces, did steak for tea watched Top end wedding, good, ten rest of cats and dogs from last night and 2 big bang.

November 21st Thursday

Warm and breezy very Hot, added to website, mower to repair man for steering and belt, Tumblegym , Helped with kids til 2,30, Car overheated booked in for Monday watched Mission impossible in arvo,cleaned out patio area and washed tables, cool change with dust winds, Pilates kfc tea watched wisting and part of cats and dogs slept well

Nov 20th Wednesday

Fine and cool.. hot?I added to dumergue website M looks after kids all day, I vacuumed, washed floor, took out 2 loads of wood from shed, collected eggs under bench mowed until belt came off cut up one disintergrating pallett, John came to work, Julie anne gardened I assembled last bee and put 3 on bases, started 1 frog Julie not here today due to medical appts Helens came to visit as did mancave crew and Marilyn ( 7) I help with kids from 3.00 quick shop chicken salad for tea watched the crown adam hills and 2 big bang, warm and windy night

Nov 19th Tuesday

Fine and mild cloudy most of day, M to melb to see madge, Belinda did 2 flowers I finished shell and did 4.5 bees, dentist 12.00 pulled out 1 wisdom tooth fairly easily dropped off gardivalia flags and picked up open studios flag, shopped, got rid of metal scrap, paid bill for 10 mm rod naps did curry and rice for tea watched the crown series 2, dogs and cats

Nov 18th Monday

Fine and sunny, M in Bairnsdale helping Caleb with meeting, deliver sinnet seat, more black Chiropractor 9.20  worked on shell form all offcuts off floor and scrap box into car, The boys worked on their ideas, Alma in afternoon worked on flowers, the compressor sheared off plug went to Pakenham to have it fixed, man from Warragul steel dropped off 20 lengths of 10mm rod, 5 people through over day did sausages for tea watched wisting hard quiz and 2 big bang

Nov 17th Sunday

Fine and cool, some showers overnight ,really poor night with shoulder sore,M also, M off with K to see spot with kids tidy up under cutting bench and started shell  one side done and second started, big bus of people visited 40 people, 2 naps, mince on toast for tea, M off on train, I watched the predator and 2 big bang

Nov 16th Saturday

Fine and cool, some showers overnight, M to melb to see madge and em I mowed more of sculpture garden and across rd, rope caught around blades took a bit to clear it, Chiropractor visit, shopped a bit, finish welding and black painting marilyns seat,moved cutting bench off floor to pole, still needs me too tidy up 18 people through  did spaghetti for tea watched willie nelson library of congress concert then unforgotten and 2 big bang

Nov 15th Friday

Fine and mild,some showers later, M to help with kids, did tractor seat stool, ground off slag on Neils panels, did most of welding on Marilyns seat, mowed ½ of sculpture garden, Mary Gardened, 4 people visited,sorted out sound problems with video,nap did home made pizzas for tea, then to Trafalgar prize giving, bit chaotic, home to watch unforgotten and 1 big bang

Nov 14th Thursday

Fine and cool, warmed up slightly Took Eleanor to school bought cans of spray paint at Home hardware, vacuumed finished sinnet seat and painted cathy smiths stand and added pieces Photographed several items, Tumble gym, Help with kids til 2.30 theo has meltdown at going home, Pilates, pub tea watched adam hills, elementary and 2 big bang

Nov 13th Wednesday

Rained overnight seems to have stopped, fine and cool, M has kids all day, dental appt put off to next Tuesday, had xray at Warragul, assembled most of seat, brought in metal from car, Jules worked on lions nose, Julieanne gardened, Wayne came and took photos, John came and worked, I did 2 small dinosaurs, helped with kids from 3 to 4.30, home for nap and talk to cathy smith re stand, did sausage rolls for tea, watched Unforgotten and hard quiz and 1 big bang, M talked to Em

Nov 12th Tuesday

Showery and cooler, Belinda did 3 flowers, I did fish for mermaid and painted mermaid and rob sinnets seat,no Governors aide coming,moved dentist appt, went shopping for bolts grinding discs and metal as well as shopping, back tolerated that, did cathy smiths bolts in afternoon, 2 naps, did chicken skewers for tea,added monson work to website, watched wisting cats and dogs and 1 big bang

Nov 11th Monday

Finer day warm? Finished bird feeder bath, The boys helped me bring in neils panels and I cut out both of them,started on Cathys stand,The boys worked on vitamiser and other projects only Tony and Peter, alma worked on flowers, marian helps with theo then has afternoon free to do bills, David came and seemingly got all the internet things sorted, I had three naps, did enchiladas for tea, Tess came and I cut out words for her, watched Total control, hard quiz and 2 big bang, Caleb discussed his weekend fixing Bairnsdale house,

Nov 10th Sunday ]

Light drizzle did flower order from yesterday, started birdbath order, all dishes and base done, prepared for Russ and carols opening, 32 people visited,including Adam who did some work in shed, did meat patties for tea, watched wisting, unforgotten and 1bigbang, finished blue moon

Nov 9th Saturday

Cool and odd showers Rokeby market, M went to melb to see madge and also asaw ernie and fiona I saw joan, flower people picked up order, saw Stacey and scott and bonnie,sold 250 home to help set up for savannah but they had it all in hand,rained all arvo and evening naps did fish and chips for tea, Savannah cd launch ( 30) saw Helen and Andrew, back uncomfortable with sitting reading blue moon after finishing the big sleep

Nov 8th Friday

Grey and cool, showery, rained a lot of morning, M off to help with kids, I  tried to send out emails but website in chaos, did 2 emus and flower order, went to chiropractor some improvement,roast for tea, loaded trailer

Nov 7th Thursday

Grey cool and breezy, removed stuff from computer and mowed part of sculpture garden,tumble gym help with kids til 1.00 4 people visited Mary gardened I did 3 cats rained all arvo and into evening Pilates pub tea watched kumis japan, and 2 big bang

Nov 6th Wednesday

Mild and grey, m to look after kids all day,did 7 kookaburras Julie worked on tongue and mouth of lion Julieanne gardened ,went to chiropractor, back a bit better,I help with kids from 3 to 4, shopped korma curry for tea watched under the surface by 2 and 2 big bang

Nov 5th Tuesday

Rained most of night,Melb cup day last of gardivalia cloudy and grey became lovely as the day went on, no Belinda M to melb to see madge and em and Stephen for afternoon tea, I worked on 4 bowl birds had 28 people through, sold cycle/spiral sculpture, adam came and worked at end of day did mince and potato for tea watched 10minutes missing poor, then adam hills and 1 big bang

Nov 4th Monday

Fine and sunny, M to help with kids Had theo most of day, 18 people visited including photograpy group from Ivanhoe I did 3 cats and 3 dogs and then 6 chooks the boys worked at projects No alma, rained in afternoon, back sore at end of day M cooked pork snitzel,,watched total control hard quiz criminal and 2 big bang

Nov 3rd Sunday

Mild and grey, M to mind kids so K can do schoolwork, Longwarry market, do mermaid hair and place on base replaced lounging cat and assembled last of community house pieces and shhhss, 22 people through caleb home, Mary and ben visited, Pizza for tea watched blinded by the light ,unforgotten and 2 big bang

Nov 2nd Saturday

Cool and grey, mild, rained nearly all day went to Jindi market, M to melb to see madge worked on assembling community house awards, and covering mermaid with sheet, 16 people visited,including Yarram girls did satay chicken for tea watched silent witness, 2 big bang and Total control

Nov 1st Friday

Fine and sunny , hot, M takes Eleanor to school minds may while theo is at speech appt, takes theo to xray appt,No Mary or Jen, Unloaded car, worked on mermaid and community house awards, just need a last coat and assemble, did scrap boxes( 3) 6 people through sold sharp dresser,shopped ,sausages for tea watched criminal last les Norton and 1 big bang

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