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October 11, 2019

October 2019

October Diary

Oct 31st Thursday

Fine and sunny Hot,back still sore, tidied lounge room Russ and Carol set up exhibition, bought metal at Longwarry tried to get a microphone in Warragul, went to  tumble gym at 10.00 mind kids til about 1.45 nap 2 people visited tried to do computer work nap  Pilates, kfc tea watched Les Norton,  2 big bang

Oct 30th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, back still a bit out sitting down,Pete and Marg pack up exhibition, M minds kids all day mowed rest of sculpture garden and across rd,talked to John Paul re plasmacutters work on mermaid, Jules did more on lions mouth went to Chiropractor, some improvement, 2 people visited shopped minded kids from about 3.00 to 5.00 pub tea at Family hotel Book club at Helen Malones, home caleb helped restart Ipad

Oct 29th Tuesday

Fine and sunny Belinda did 2 flowers I started on mermaid mowed  ½ sculpture garden 3 people through, Josh and Les came and picked up sculpture, went to chiropractor again, slightly better, M went to melb to see madge,did  pasta and meatballs for tea,watched 2 big bang,vera and part of grand designs.

Oct 28th Monday

Fine and sunny tidied up and cleaned up small dog plasma cut and also girl started on seat frame,finished covered birdfeeder,M minded theo most of day The boys worked on various things, 10 people through, alma did flowers with the plasmacutter, I fixed the mower and mowed the house block slow cooker for tea, watched working class boy elementary and 2 big bang

Oct 27th Sunday

Cool fine, M has kids all day , finished second transit piece,cut out small dog and girl started another birdfeeder, assembled steps to freedom 30 people through, picked up pieces from Labertouche, Adam price visited, egg on toast for tea, watched criminal, hard quiz, utopia and 2 big bang

Oct 26th Saturday

Cool, fine for odd times and showers Back stil sore M to melb to see madge, Em and caleb called in on way to Bairnsdale 26 people over day, painted Sisyphus and sold it to Neil and Gail, did most of Joys birdfeeder, sold transit piece to Les Warren,finished metal part of ball dress 2, did fish and chips for tea watched under the surface hard quiz 2 big bang

Oct 25th Friday

Windy and cloudy change showers,K took Eleanor to school M has lung test then helps mind May during Theos speech playgroup Back still out,2 people visited  finished Sisyphus and did steps tp freedom, and started another ball dress and assembled getting into a good book,Mary Gardened , nap did spaghetti for tea, watched clive davis story, vera and 1 big bang

Oct 24th Thursday

Fine and sunny, back improved, bought welding wire  went to Chiropractor initial improvement and sorer over day , shop bought Mig gas , tumblegym with m and kids at pearse st , back here, til 1.30 minded may at k s place for an hour back here to read, back sore no Pilates for me, kfc tea watched black mirror, cats and dogs,12 big bang and grand designs the street

Oct 23rd Wednesday

Fine and sunny  back still sore added  a side to Sisyphus, Julie worked on ions mouth Julieanne gardened, Mary came and worked for an hour with her boys, 5 people through, minded kids from 3 to 5, home to make chicken stirfry, watched beneath the surface, 2 big bang and hard quiz

Oct 22nd Tuesday

Cool and grey, Belinda did 3 flowers I finished one side of Sisyphus and started on second side, 2 people visited. Then I went to chiropractor for sore back,then delivered to Labertouche,then off to yarram to pick up work.Only a few pieces sold. Home again to nap then unload car cooked beef welingtons and fish for tea. Caleb in too.Watched Utopia, Hard quiz and 2 big bang.

Oct 21st Mon

Cool and grey became fine and sunny,did 3 flower vases started covering sisyphus the boys,worked on various things alma came at 2.00 and worked til 4.00  2 people visited,shopped for medicine M helps with theo and may,did rissoles for tea watched hard quiz total control and 1 big bang Caleb home for night

Oct 20th Sunday

Cool and showers, Gardivalia, did small tortoise with brass thing, fixed clothes airer and toy bridge,made stand for book girl, did 2 flowers, started Sisyphus 25 people through including Marg and Pete, Picked up from Rotary sold bird stand and flower vase, M washed most of day and did sausage rolls for tea watched les Norton, big bang, Adam hills

Oct 19th Saturday

Cool and showers, mowed a bit for Gardivalia, M to melbourne to see madge and em. Jen to continue on table, I finished 2 birds, one for recycled Grist  Now called transit and did a second large piece using 2 small birds and flowers .did 2 small flowers about 15 through gardivalia, fish and chip tea talked to Grant, Caleb home, watched 1 big bang and 1 elementary

Oct 18th Friday

Fine and sunny 23? Drop Eleanor off at school Donna from Traralgon 10.00, Jen making seats and checking welders, M minds kids all day, David to look at computers in arvo, did well all operating,15 people ( 2 minibus)visited I recycled Grist to the mill into a birdbath piece, mowed most of sculpture garden went and bought 6mm rod and 12 mm reo, did carbonara for tea watched utopia, new series with Deborah mailman, and 2 big bang

Oct 17th Thursday

Rained overnight showery, M gets kids going, I write up last two big pieces, take Eleanor to school, saw sue shopped brieflyTumble gym, mind kids til 2.30 M takes home, talked to Indian Telstra man and also ubc re internet problems, Pilates pub tea,home to 2 big bang and reading Bernard cornwell. Rained overnight and late in day

Oct 16th Wednesday

Cool and grey, showery later in day, Deliver Eleanor to school,shop home to make 1 small figure Jules came and started on a lion head, 4 people viewed garden and exhibition,Mary came and finished gardening, Julieanne, came and gardened, Grandparents day at Kinder 2.15, went and then minded kids til 4.00, nap, chicken stirfry for tea.unplugged modem to use chips, watched 2 big bang and read

Oct 15th Tuesday

Restless night due to shoulder mainly, cool and grey, Fixed whippersnapper, whippersnipped til I ran out of petrol, and rang Telstra to get house line fixed, no Belinda initially but she came later, I finished other bird for pilgrim and painted Mary Gardened with vic, 4 people looked at exhibition, delivered 5 pieces to Warragul rotary ,dental appt 2.00 new filling 250,home to mow house block and across rd,spaghetti for tea, Caleb has been helping try to get the internet up and running,M off with K to speech therapy, watched 2 big bang

jOct 14th Monday

Fine and cool, worked on pilgrim coat done and first bird done, the boys did a pallet splitter and a pedal powered mulcher No girls in arvo, 4 people visited M to help with kids in morning, NBN in arvo all connected to Telstra, went and picked up my apple pencil and left dcsi, bought bird seed and had a thai massage for my leg, ( vigorous) sausages for tea,internet very sporadic, could watch big bang on Netflix but not much else watched 2 big bang.

Oct 13th Sunday

Fine and sunny,  did 15 flowers then finished shadowy figures and added to pilgrim,3 people visited,M had kids over while K got new glasses in Pakenham,pizza for tea and some shopping watched 2 big bang and shrek 2,

Oct 12th Saturday

cool and fine to begin became sunny after lunch, Rokeby, saw Jude, Axel, the girls, and others sold 350,M getting cold, went to Rokeby took Eleanor swimming, home to nap not a of energy , did an hour finishing ballerinas and painting, sat in sun, tacos for tea watched 2 big bang and widows, not as good as other versions

Oct 11th Friday

Cool and fine deliver eleanor to school M off to funeral of sarinas dad and see Madge,worked on my 2 ballerinas mostly finished No Jen, Mary Gardened, Mowed sculpture garden, went to Warragul to Pick up Ipad, loaded trailer, home to make steak tea, watched spiderman far from home and 2 big bang

Oct 10th Thursday

Cool and misty, deliver Eleanor to school, pick up belindas spider,called in to pick up open studios pamphets saw helen for a short while, went to Warragul  see about phone and chip and new I pad , tumble gym home to help with kids who are a bit sick and tired from last night, back to Warragul to see Eliza Jane Gilchrist exhibition at arts centre, bought glues dropped off belindas spider again, picked up phone, home to glue in feathers on small pieces, off to Pilates feet( have a sore back of calf al week now worse) pub tea fish and chips home to watch Mercury Rising

Oct 9th Wednesday,

Cool and showery fining up, Julieanne gardened, Jules finished seahorse, Deliver Eleanor to school,M has kids all day take david to dr, I look after kids from 2.45  til 5 I worked on finishing it seems to be working and go for it, started assembling one of the ballet dancers, rang rotary people re Jules , shopped a bit, did green curry for tea, watched 2 big bang and spiderman homecoming.

Oct 8th Tuesday

Cool and showery, Belinda did 2 flowers and finished big spider, I did tractor chair, added to first flying character, did more on ballet dancers and did 2 bees delivered spider to Belindas , M has kids in arvo,David sick, I helped mind kids til K came home,nap, did sausage rolls for tea, watched 2 big bang and 8th grade, good, reading another Bernard Cornwell( Caleb tells me Lana Prout dies)

Oct 7th Monday

Cool and showery, did 3 small characters cut up and 2 welded ,dental appt( $387) home to morning tea with the boys, back to Warragul for channel 9 photo shoot at 12.15 at sculpture with Mayor, picked up wheels and some pipe from metal recycler Frank Brown home for lunch and help Annette and alma weld with migs, cut up 2 ballerinas did enchiladas for tea watched 2 big bang and the wife good

Oct 6th Sunday,

Daylight savings warm and grey then fine and breezy , Longwarry market bought wheel and clamp and sanding discs,Mowed rest of sculpture gardened, added a tiny bit to sentinel  added clamp to lower bench,M has kids over played with them a bit, finished working class boy, did fish and chips for tea watched 2 big bang dvd and Yesterday good

Oct 5th Saturday

Cool and grey, Jindi market, finished 2 dragonflies and added stand to 1 bee and nuts to another, attached head and arms to sentinel, did bowl bird using an old wheel, Yvette and Geoff, Pete and marg David and wife jewellers, lady,Coralie and Noel,( about 10 people overall) M did washing and had a quiet day, did kievs for tea watched broken arrow

Oct 4th Friday

Cool and grey,Photo shoot at 9.30, shopped, bought welding rods, added base and fairy to big flower, made head for sentinel, did 2 birds, nap M went with K and kids to Pakenham to see light sculpture, did lamb patties for tea watched doco on 2 rooms Elton john and bernie Taupin then the wed

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