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April 11, 2020

April 2020

April Diary

April 30th Thursday

Covid 1353 rained overnight cold and showery,I finished teapot and ballerina started a big teapot, painted girl and moved both her and countdown,shopped to Buy welding wire and mig gas, David Windsor to pick up column, slowcooker for tea, M talked to Don and Kathleen and mae, watched 2 silent witness, Started the vanished land.

April 29th Wednesday

Covid 1351, rained overnight, fine and mild initially then rain in afternoon and evening, finished balance girl by adding hair, head and hands then adding to stand, also finished Windsor column, started a small ballerina and a small teapot sculpture, did enchilads for tea and prepared slowcooker for tomorrow, Bookclub tonight. Watched 1 bosch and hard quiz

April 28th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda finished a web and spider and did start of a second spider, I started on windsor column, both skiers done and painted , the column all together except skiers, added to balance girls head, just hair to do and attach head and hands and put on stand,andy Ernst dropped in,did tuna spaghetti for tea, watched 1 bosch,Mrs Maisel, tales from the loop and wilty, finished endal, Caleb set up M for zoom meeting.

April 27th Monday

1349 covid, Fine and mild, started work on Windsor column did 2 characters, and then finished welding girl dress, Norm, worked on a chain flower,nap mowed sculpture garden house area and across rd, did snitzel for tea watched Killing eve and mystery rd and wilty, M talked to K about minding Mae.

April 26th Sunday

Covid 1345 Cool and showery, rained al night,  assemble rainbow fairy, worked on girl and dress, frame done and most of one side,shopped, pie for tea,watched littlewomen very good.

April 25th Saturday

Anzac day,covid 1343, fine and sunny, Julieanne gardened I finished rainbow rest, feather dress,balloon lift, feathered balloon, altered 2 girl plasmacuts to include wire,painted back of jigsaw pieces, start on balancing girldid 2 planters from gas bottle, Maddies mum came and picked up sign and Michael and Theo came and played on playground, did chicken skewers for tea, watched 1 bosch and extraction Liam Hemsworth( very game like but involving)

April 24th Friday

Fine and cool became sunny and lovely.Put out 3 sculptures, painted red on Boom, Paint rims of jigsaw pieces, added to rainbow characters, bought metal for leg for windsors, called at transfer station to get some recycled wood,, M shopped and dropped in flowers to Jack and fay fish and chip tea from Caf, watched 2 episodes of silent witness and 1 bosch and 1 would I lie,

April 23rd Thursday

Covid 1339, Fine and mild, filled in 2 rims from wheels with old bolts( Jigsaws) added to rainbow figures none completed, painted bases of big sculptures black, M took pants to Kathleen, did pasta recipe for tea, ok, watched last two the capture,and Zoe


April 22nd Wednesday

Covid numbers 1336 ,Fine and mild, tidy up numbers do countown boom and assemble, make base for waves and assemble repaint wood for plasmacuts and assemble,talked to Sue with Marian on I pad, Caleb did beef bourbignon for tea , apparently missed book club,watched the capture , Van der Valk and would I lie to you

April 21st Tuesday

Cool and fine, Belinda did a crocodile I welded 4 and 5 made another panel and welded ½ of it for waves and did 5 small plasmacuts, Graham Duell dropped in, did sausages for tea watched 1hardquiz, the capture and country music

April 20th Monday

Rained overnight breezy and cool had a restless night til 2.00, weld second panel for big piece Norm worked on eagle and washed windows of gallery, I welded 3 together and started on 4,M talked to Madge on video, pump for house died, took it in , needs new pump went and got that and shopped at aldi, broke a connection rejoining it M went and got that, did green curry for tea watched Killing eve and mystery road,,

April 19th Sunday

1319 covid,Mild and grey, showers overnight, add to girl, did reading old love letters, and safety in numbers and a character to sleep under rainbow, did 1 panel of new big piece using balustrade and prepared a second panel, tidied more under window, painted wood for girl reading,did another round alien, spaghetti for tea, watched the capture, spicks and specks special and 1 wire in the blood

April 18th Saturday

1302 covid, Cool and grey, showers? Did another 5 small dogs then worked on the combined wood and plasmacut girl, did a smallish alien, tidied up a bit,Julieanne gardened, went to see people at neerim nth re post and gate figures, pie for tea, watched 1 bosch 2 jack ryan and 1 mrs maisel

April 17th Friday

1301 Covid Cool and breezy work on 5 milking machine dog characters, delivered from Meeniyan to Berrys creek,met Melanie and Rick, shopped for mainly catfood, home, reading, fish and chip tea, watched the rise of skywalker, M talked to Pauline and Don

,April 16th Thursday

1299 covid Fine and mild day showers? Worked on other side of eclipse piece,did all welding and painted, cleared out another bucket in shed, shopped for lunch stuff,M rang Stephen and Kristin, did sausage casserole for tea, Wayne rang,watched van der valk, cats and dogs and the nanny,

April 15th Wednesday

1291 covid  Fine and sunny, lovely day, worked on seat all welded, started new eclipse piece one side done,buy wood, paint and rods and shopping, first day back for kids sort of, was going to berrys creek but sculpture was at Meeniyan, painted seat and wood once, did chicken for tea watched Bosch, Qi and the capture,

April 14th Tuesday

1281 COVID  in vic Mild and cloudy, Belinda finished spider on web, did an octopus and started another web, I did a dog creature from a hills hoist handle,then a bird from a tube and mounted that on a circle on a stand, did the back of the seat and tidied a little, did pasta tuna rosemary for tea , very nice, watched last Dublin Murders, Country music and would I lie to you

April 13th Monday

( 1236 covid) Cool but quiet, back to shed Norm came and worked on eagle, I finished dog barking at butterfly and did a spring sentinel, also a bit of tidying up. Noel delivered wood,.did curry and rice for tea, watched mrs Maisel, Killing eve, Cats and dogs and end of big bang.

April 12th Sunday

Cool and possible showers, cut up fallen trees did small ones and started on liquid amber, Marian helped all along and Caleb helped with the Liquid amber. Scott and Stacy came and scott did most of the trunk of the LA I was stuffed. In afternoon I lined the spiky boxes and read. Did home made pizza for tea, watched Van der Valk, Jack Ryan and Celia Paquolia standup

,April 11th Saturday

Cold and showery, morning wake up call from one less tooth Eleanor, worked on eyebrows,circle cat and netballer, as well as an echidna. Julieanne gardened Cold and windy and liquid amber blew down,did rissoles for tea and watched last letter for the king, agent Hamilton,, big bang and

April 10th Friday

Good Friday, cloudy but mild a change later?finished mowing, Finished crocodile and did second off cut box and some plasma cuts also cut out and welded giant flat spider, ,did snitzel for tea,watched Zoe, country music, big bang and   Rained and blew overnight.

April 9th Thursday

Fine and sunny gentle breeze,did one crocodile, also 2 cat boxes and atwo small base boxes for offcuts, one box covered at the top, mowed ¾ of lawns,did pasta and meatballs for tea, Caleb shopped and M did gift bags for kids, also talked to her mum on video.and also Kathleen walk at Rokeby with kids Watched letter to the king, hard quiz and spicks and specks special and a big bang?

April 8th Wednesday

Cool and still, fined up nicely in afternoon (1975 covid cases) I welded new girl together and did edges , made a stand and painted her, made spikyball and did signs for several new pieces, caleb did backs for hexagons, M washed, Nap in late afternoon M helped Caleb pick up car and did some shopping, jindi caf burgers for tea,watched last two good omens, would I lie to you and big bang

April 7th Tuesday

Cool and still , Belinda did the big web for her spider I did rooftop and finished that and also u2 can do netball. In the afternoon I started on new girl and have frame tacked and dress material gathered. Did tacos for tea watched Good omens, Jack ryan, Hard quiz and big bang

April 6th  Monday

Cool and still, became fine then showery and cold,did heart thing,  (1135 covidin vic) take Calebs car in, tax talk via internet, get metal from martin steel for next girl did another birdfeeder and 2 more flat cats, shopped nap  had pie for tea watched good omens, Dublin murders, and would I lie to you and 1 big bang

April 5th Sunday

Cold and breezy, showery most of day,daylight savings ends, did wing then added it to birdfeeder, made a dog planter and a cat out of hills hoist, painted rosie again, and made a face from the letters from N sth sign, finished wisting,made Dublin coddle for tea, Caleb shopped, we watched good omens, Jack Ryan andletter to the king, 1 big bang

April 4th Saturday

Cool and showery, rained for a few hours overnight (1085 covid) I worked on cleaning making base and welding rosie, all done and one coat,cut out 6 more kooka burras but forgot flowers and leaves it rained at times over day, lit fire first time, M cleared off pool table and played game with Caleb, Had caf fish and chip tea, watched good omens, the book club and big bang

April 3rd Friday

Fine and cool, showered overnight,( 1035 covid) started on Rosie girl piece all frame done and all dress filled in and welded both sides, assembled 2 pieces from yesterday, painted birdfeeder,M did biscuits, made sausages for tea we watched agent Hamilton, went to bed early,

April 2nd Thursday

Raining solidly, stopped about 8.30 became a cool then fine day,(967 covid in vic) did write ups did trend setting skiers( social isolation), the work experience girl, and moonriver,did 1 and a bit birdfeeders ,reading wisting Katarina code, M and caleb made care parcels for grandkids and delivered them, I did chicken curry for tea, watched last 2 Valhalla murders,mrs Maisel and big bang,

April 1st Wednesday

Fine and clear, (870 covid in vic) a bit cooler to begin with,became a lovely sunny day clouding at end, rained at night ,Dropped Calebs car off for service shopped., added to website,assemble most of the pieces from the last two days and photograph,did 20 flowers, cut out 5 more characters,tidied a bit, finished dark emu, did steak for tea. M collected caleb and he went pokemoning with dogs, watched Valhalla, cats and dogs and would I lie to you and zoe,

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