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August 11, 2020

August 2020

August diary

Aug 31 Monday

Covid 19015 rained overnight fine and grey, finish Kangaroo and do cutouts,and delivered, the boys worked on bender, the deer and sewing machine pieces M has mae til 3.00 shopped at Bunnings and also bought chook food and aldi stuff, green curry for tea watched Shetland and vera

Aug 30th Sunday

Covid 18903 started fine but breezing up maybe showers, do next kangaroo and move fallen tree branches, 1 visitor, Peter and Sarah working on a clock project for school, did fish and rice tea, watched Helen Reddy biopic and luther

Aug 29th Saturday

Covid 18822 fine and sunny reading the burning room Harry bosch, work in shed on  1 kangaroo, cut a bit more tree bits.mowed across rd, 2 people bought 2 plasmacuts and Bill and nephew bought dragonfly on leaf and 2 flowers and bird stand did sausages and salad for tea M talked to Pauline and Em watched wire in the blood and last why women kill.

Aug 28th Friday

Covid 18714 cool and grey fined up to a nice sunny day, cut up trees broken by the storm last evening, kids all morning,left at 12.00 quiet afternoon, feeling worn out after week of kids and cutting tree limbs, Wayne and Delene called in, caf tea, watched can I be me whitney huston then Jumanji the next level,

Aug 27th Thursday

Covid 18608 fine and mild breezy, kids all day managed to paint panel both sides one more to go, eagle went away and belindas spider web small, lasagne for tea.sorted out amazon account.on kindle.did lasagne for tea storm came through about tea time, watched hard quiz and rosehaven and luther and coupling

Aug 26th Wednesday

Covid 18464 fine and cool finish eagle and Yvette boxes attached walkies pieces kids from 12.00 til 3.00 did silverside for tea  book club boy who swallowed universe watched police drama and coupling

Aug 25th Tuesday

Covid 18330, fine and cool, became showery and cold, Belinda,did 2 spiders and another web, I paint lens,did most of eagle, m minds mae all day,I helped in arvo, did sausage rolls for tea watched grand designs aust, why women kill,hungry ghosts.

Aug 24th Monday

Covid18231 cool showers, M mind mae til 3.00, the boys worked on spider, bender and deer, I, finished lens piece and did 2 tube rabbits and 2 small characters, helped mind mae after lunch, read book as it was cold and showery, made tuna pasta for tea, watched vera, secret history of comics

Aug 23rd Sunday

Covid 18029 cool showers, worked on lens mostly welded started cleaning up, painted 2nd coat of front of first panel reading Raymond feist did chicken legs with golden syrupand soy coating for tea, watched war of the worlds, why women kill Shetland and coupling

Aug 22nd Saturday

Covid17852 breezy and showery, finished rocket car painted front of first panel and back, started new piece lens, was very cold and wet, did enchiladas for tea watched eagle eye and cats and dogs,

Aug 21st Friday

Covid 17683 breezy and cool clear showers? Painted next panel, and painted backs of all pieces, made character for rocket car, get steel for flat bar, shopping,M minds mae at 11.00 caf meal,watched ted, why women kill and coupling

Aug 20th Thursday

Covid 17446, raining,painted next coat on first panel, minding 2 kids all day, theo speech therapy zoom meeting,busy tiring day, pie for tea watched last alex rider, Luthor and coupling

Aug 19th Wednesday

Covid 17238 cool and showers, rained overnight, Ja gardened, showered more in arvo,worked in shed til 11, finished dog with a weight problem, reach( ballerina) and mother and son pen holder, minding all 3 kids til 3.30 painted one panel, delivered kangaroos to N sth did slow cooker sausages for tea watched wire in the blood, alex rider and coupling.

Aug 18th Tuesday

Covid 17027 fine and sunny, Belinda started a big web again I, finished kangaroo and plasmacuts reading, ,startle, paint angel orbit again, did axminster car, started small dog with a weight problem, 2 people visited M minds Mae all day,helped a bit, did chow mien for tea, watched secret history of comics, Luther and Alex rider and coupling

Aug 17th Monday

Covid16764 Cool Showers, the boys, finished small plasmacuts, filled in next Kangaroo,Pauline R visited to see screens, Help M with Mae in arvo, did butter curry for tea watched vera, why women kill and coupling.

Aug 16th Sunday

Covid 16517 cool showers, finished surfer added to angel orbit, did frame of next kangaroo,cut out 3 small plasmacuts, visit by Sue and Melinda, home made pizza for tea watched alex rider, Luthor, shetland

Aug 15th Saturday

Covid 16234, mild showers? Finished kangaroo, and modify surfer did board and started waves,put up yvettes titles and some of mine, 2 people visited,Caleb and m moved slack line and added ninja handles, delivered maxfields pieces, did pork mince pasta for tea, watched the sound liked several acts downloaded gordi , war of the worlds, Luthor and wilty

Aug 14th Friday

Covid 15863 mild and odd showers, no kids,worked on kangaroo for 2 hrs, then went to get 10mm rod, shop and replaced mig gas, Bunnings for penetrol, finished first Milton book, caf tea, watched gimme ted, wire in the blood and trading places.

Aug 13th Thursday

Covid 15646 mild and odd showers? Minding 2 kids today theo has speech at 10, thgeo allowed me to help with jigsaws and had dinosaur attacking another toy, ae had ducks in stacking cups, I did smallish table plant hanger, kids here til 5.did sausages for tea, watched Luthor,why women kill,hard quiz and coupling

Aug 12th Wednesday,

Covid 15251, grey and showers, not much here, Work on top part of surfer arms chest and hands done started on head, kids from 11 all 3,lady came and picked up symbol piece (rh), did some sketches, did chicken skewers and cous cous for tea, watched alex rider, cats and dogs and shetland

Aug 11th Tuesday

Covid 14957 fine and sunny, M minds mae all day, Belinda did 3 flowers, I cut up wood boxes, started on surfer, bottom half done,did rissoles for tea, watched alex rider, Luthor coupling and why women kill,

Aug 10th Monday

Covid 14659 mild and grey became fine and sunny, 2loads of washing to hang M minds mae all day The boys did a rocket fire, bender and deer head I started drawing Kangaroo,did 2 chooks 1 small character, did a bird stand Cathy smith casting a toucan, chicken stuff for tea, m chasing lost photos on I pads, watched vera.

Aug 9th Sunday

Covid 14283 cool and misty load up exhibition on website, play with new pieces from treasure shelf,made hungry, gas powered snail flying spider 5th element cousin,an owl for guy,Cathy Smith dropped in did tuna pasta for tea, watched luthor and Shetland and rosehaven

Aug 8th Saturday

Covid 13867 cool and grey breezy, assemble shelves frames, start on tidying up treasures bench, mostly done did a small skipping girl and repainted angel orbit. Photographed exhibition, Naps, did mince with oyster sauce for tea, watched music videos including the sound new charlies angels,fine M worked with em on zoom to change lots of apple passwords..

Aug 7th Friday

Covid 13469,cool and clear maybe showers became cold and breezy, assembled angel orbit, cleaned up and painted,also started on making frame to hold drawers that peter brought last week, David storming around, M brought kids home for afternoon, played with kids finished lost light book caf tea, watched 2 shetland and alex rider

Aug 6th Thursday

Covid 13035  cool and clear, worked on welding other side of circle centre and then did one side of 2nd part of circle centre,2 kids all day Kathleen a bit wobbly,M took them home at 3.30, caleb withdrew offer on house, reading lost light, did lamb patties for tea, watched Luthor, alex rider and cats and dogs

Aug 5th Wednesday

Covid 12335 cold and showery, finished circle for angel orbit started on inner part, then help looking after all 3 kids , M took them home about 3.00, nap, did curry for tea watched Shetland and Luthor and hard quiz and coupling,

Aug 4th Tuesday

Covid 11937 cool and showery, m shopping and talked to Pauline,I did heart thing Belinda modified tortoise, made a crown thing and 2 flowers, I started on base for angel orbit, Jessie came and paid money for paintings, Yvette came and put up rest of exhibition and Paul came and did sign for board, I finished reading Bosch the closers, did ½ leg of lamb for tea, watched intelligence, Vera and coupling

Aug 3rd Monday

Covid11557 fine and sunny cold change coming, stage 4 lockdown in melb stage 3 here, paint furball again, then work on 2nd eagle, the boys,all worked on projects, soft soldered watering can, Pilates last for 6 weeks,watched Shetland and why women kill and coupling.

Aug 2nd Sunday

Covid 10931,Fine and sunny, worked on stand for furball and clean up, do tabs for Maxfield panel did mcdonnell’s birdstands then started on angel orbit did one side of ring, modified fire pit for kerrie, mowed across rd delivered spider on stand shopped kids not coming  M talked to em and sorted toys, very spring like, sat in sun a bit and enjoyed warmth, did crumbed steak for tea watched why women kill, luther and wilty

Aug 1st Saturday

Covid 10860 Fine and mild, greyish became a beautiful day,,work on 1 eagle,then started on base of furball, 8 people visited , did frame for helen to hold bird bath and spider web stand for colleen,Shane and kerrie came and picked up fire pit and sign, M to go with caleb to look at and pasta tea, watched luther, coupling, the sound, war of the worlds

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