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February 11, 2020

February 2020

February diary

Feb 29th Saturday

Cool and grey,

Feb 28th Friday

Cool and showery, did labels for wendys show and a couple of others also, then to melb to see Andrew  after his operation and Madge,Andrew looking good although lost a bit of weight and also saw Diane and her sister and her siters husband. Bus of 20 people came to gallery .M’s birthday shopped at fountain gate on way home, Nap, then did chicken curry for tea, watched endeavour and last 2 the teach.

Feb 27th Thursday

Fine and mild, take Eleanor to school, buy metal from Warragul steel, help ross take down exhibition and also help Wendy set exhibition up, Mary gardened, help with  kids here and then there Deb gentle coming to get frog and mirror, quick nap  Pilates pub tea, home to watch Dublin murders and big bang

Feb 26th Wednesday

Cooler and grey, M has morning off, Julieanne, gardened, Julie did cherry blossoms to send off and then worked on her arm I finished 6 kookas and did 1 dog Then helped with kids from 12 as all three are crook, shopped for book group home to tidy and do tea, chicken rolls  bookgroup here, discussed born again blakfella, Lyn barb, Natalie, Jude Anne and us, all saw the garden and annes magnolias

Feb 25th Tuesday

Fine and mild cloudy warmed up then cooler change in arvo,I cut out pieces for 6 kookas, Helen from meeniyan came and took stuff for their store, Ray Childs brought over sheets for Neerim sth toilets, Belinda did 2 flowers, M minds kids all day,3 people visited, I help from 9.30 Sue came and helped Belinda, I looked after theo while M took mae to fiddle sticks, played until about 3 drove into Drouin but not needed shopped then home to make tacos for tea watched 2 Ragnarok and 1 would I lie to you and 1 big bang.

Feb 24th Monday

Grey and misty but mild, replace mig gas the  boys and norm worked on various projects Tony helped me push mower onto trailer, 2 people visited,did an echidna and metal parts for two pen holder boxes, took mower to fix it place,chicken pieces for tea, watched ragnarok, adam hills and 1 big bang,

Feb 23rd Sunday

Fine and sunny, perfect mild and warm day,30, M and em and caleb to Bairnsdale to see house, shopping and mower petrol, finish mowing belt came off and guide rod vanished, made a new one of that and replaced belt, then drive broke, added a bit to first compartment on truck then mig gas went out,did one birdfeeder, 2 people visited including Stephanie with a project for rope factory. M drove em home Caleb and I had sausages in rolls for tea, watched spicks and specks then star trek, downloaded Tjell and Jd robb 1st book.

Feb 22nd Saturday

Fine and mild, mowed most of sculpture garden, worked on truck a bit cut out some of another birdfeeder, put out more signs for sculptures and hung 3 more mirrors on wall, sold a birdfeeder and some kookas on sticks had 24 people through, Em and m home waiting for Caleb , pruned roses, did roast beef for tea watched the front runner , whose line, and cats and dogs

Feb 21st Friday

Showery fine misty rain, after some showers fined up to a lovely day M takes Eleanor to school then back home I work on truck most of day also made a couple of plasma cutter holders for table, Ross visited the exhibition with a friend, Werner came and picked up the ball, Rupes came with a friend from WA and I did a small dingo plasma cut for her,( 4 in all) minding kids from 5 to 11 as k and david go to show in melb fish and chip tea for us, watched 1 dr who and hard quiz Caleb and em home on way to Bairnsdale and back tomorrow

Feb 20th Thursday

Showery,fined up as day went on, still cool, took Eleanor to school wired up 3 mirrors, Julieanne and Mary here to garden  , kids here all morning , Theo to speech therapy, I mind Mae, then theo while M takes Eleanor to dance,Pilates, pub tea watched Ragnarok and adam hills and 1 big bang

Feb 19th Wednesday

Showery, M has morning off , finished Annes magnolia, did 2 birdbaths, painted and sanded 2 mirror frames did small ragged heart,1 person visited,Julie worked on paw, lunch nap  Mind kids from 3 to 4 shopped for tea etc, did kievs for tea watched last 2 state of play and 1 miracle workers and 1 big bang,

Feb 18th Tuesday

Cool but fine until midday when it rained and showered and became fine and rained again for rest of day and night,M went to melb to see madge, Belinda made 2 flowers I assembled starship and painted once painted 2 small boxes and reassembled a mirror frame, fixed support for mower deck and reassembled started to mow but was rained upon, did annes magnolia and nearly finished, did sausage casserole for tea watched the teach Zoe playlist, state of play and 1 big bang

Feb 17th Monday

Fine and mild. The boys and Norm worked on various projects, I did more on starship panels one last to go and also another small box glued and a mirror repaired, started to mow and belt came off fixed mower deck, did chicken stuff for tea watched 1 country music history, 1 zoe playlist 1 teach and 1 big bang

Feb 16th Sunday

Cool and grey showery fined up in arvo windy, M pruned roses, work on dig and eyeball and star ship and got nearly one panel done 14 people through, picked up work from Ficifolia saw Sue, Jo, helen, made rissoles for tea watched vera, miracle workers and 1 big bang

Feb 15th Saturday

Cool and misty showery , both off to melb in separate cars, M to see em and Madge, me to see casting sand man in Coburg. Also called in to see Ivan and Margie, then home to nap, and read papers, Showered nearly all day. Did chicken curry for tea watched 1 1/2 state of play, 1 Ragnarok and 1 big bang

Feb 14th Friday

Cool and misty start, Theos operation day,  put together 4 mirrors made another 2 smaller frames, assembled the girls dancing, 10 people visted in all Youralla group came and I cut out 7 plasma cuts 3 dragonflies, lunch nap Tim visited talked to him most of afternoon brought in washing as cool change rainstorm came, M shopped and brought home pizza, then went back to help K with kids, I watched 1 ragnarok, 1 kidding,and a couple of music videos, also 1 big bang

Feb 13th Thursday

Fine and pleasant morning , take Eleanor to school home to paint ball and mirrors Tumble gym then home to play with kids til 5 , 3 people visited Julieanne gardened pilates and pub tea. Watched part of state of play and 1 big bang.

Feb 12th Wednesday

Cool and misty to begin, became muggy after M to melb to see madge then back to mind kids , I did 10 flowers, another coat on mirrors, finished the dancing girls, painted ½ ball second time, Talked to Marilyn who dropped in then helped Julie a bit lunch nap off to pick up Eleanor played with kids a bit while k took Eleanor to dance, shopped did fish and chip tea reading first inspector morse book watched state of play,and 1 big bang

Feb 11th Tuesday

Fine and grey, coolish but became warm and muggy, Belinda did 2 flowers I painted rest of ball routed 4 mirrors and painted 3, reglued one, did small water meter cover camel, I made 10 flowers and cut up bits for more, nap went to metal recycler and got wheels,went to art show, shopped  Theo has all day kinder( stuffed) did spaghetti for tea watched 2 episodes of silent witness and 1 big bang

Feb 10th Monday

Fine rain all night and start of day, the boys worked on frogs and poolcover mulcher and sunflower I finished last panel wire brushed, then painted ½ of ball,cut out 10 flower bits, help with kids in arvo M has them all day, Picked up Eleanor from school bought 5mm rod and penetrol and shopped,  did chicken skewers for tea, watched the teach and adam hills and 1 big bang

Feb 9th Sunday

Fine and breezy, sanded and painted shelf and  did rest of panels of ball, except one where we had a power outage, mowed sculpture garden and across rd, 3 visitors, started inspector morse books, did steak and sausages for tea watched the teach,and adam hills and a bit of you tube music( rockquiz)

Feb 8th Saturday

Fine and breezy Rokeby market saw Jennie prout bruce and Penny, Raelene Kelly, Bec, ,Noel and Coralie Mosterts Axel, sold 20 flowers, dog, owl dragon,and 2 birdbaths to bonnie,( $500) shopped for tea and wine, home for lunch and nap finished banjo book and then also Charles book, did snitzel for tea, watched 2 episodes of silent witness

Feb 7th Friday

Fine and mild to warm up , work on shelf  wood glued and brackets made and ball panels load trailer for Rokeby, 4 people visited M has day off watched star trek and 1 big bang

Feb 6th Thursday

Fine and cool warmed up later morning 30? , vacuummed, took Eleanor to school, shopped for groceries then bought welding rods and wire, kids at tumble gym, kids home here til 1 then  back to Drouin while Theo has speech therapy and then mind kids at their place from 3 to 4 , Nap Pilates starts again with Deana  pub tea fish and chips then home to watch the teach and cats and dogs.

Feb 5th Wednesday

Fine and cool warmed up after lunch, did a panel and 1/2 of junk ball fixed mower belt cut up fallen tree, Julieanne attacked the back garden,  4 people visited,Julie worked on tigers paw,mind kids from 3.00 to 4.00. M to melb then back to mind kids in arvo and take Eleanor to dancing, brief shop, made zucchini slice for tea , watched endeavour, hard quiz and 1 big bang

Feb 4th Tuesday

Finer day cool,warm and sunny in arvo Belinda did 3 flowers. I welded inside of ball and did a chook and frame for next ½ ball M had kids all day and brought home Kids in arvo, nap did chicken rissoles and salad for tea, 2 loads of washing out,watched the teach and last two Anne and 1 big bang

Feb 3rd Monday

Gray, fined up after showers, cold wind , I finished panels in 1/2 junk ball took all morning, deliver pieces to ficifolia,called in to see helen for about ½ hr before picking up eleanor The boys worked on a variety of projects, M chases kids all day, Theos first day at Kinder, I shopped then home for nap did chops for tea watched 2 big bang and endeavour

Feb 2nd Sunday

Gray has stopped raining, slept til 8.15,another panel  and ½ in junk ball and finished off numbers, nap 4 people visited, did Moroccan chicken for tea watched you tube Daryls house and cheap trick , adam hills and whose line, and 2 big bang

Feb 1st Saturday

Sultry , muggy gray rained in afternoon and evening , Jindi market for a few cakes then add another panel to junk ball, Ross opening exhibition, about 30 people and a few sales, naps then snitzel sandwich tea then minding kids from 6 to 1.Finished reading the Anarchy excellent, and started Born again Blakfella Jack Charles also very well written.

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