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January 11, 2020

January 2020

January Diary 2020

Jan 31 Friday

Warm to hot 43, did email for Ross,M to melb to see madge then home in time to pick up Eleanor,I ground 7 and welded most of 6, filled in most of panel of junk ball , mowed house block,shopped for tablets, boots and wire wheel, home for lunch and nap, finished adding to ross website, read most of arvo too hot for much else, did snitzel for tea, watched the farewell and 2 big bang

Jan 30th Thursday

Mild to hotter 37, take Eleanor to school than shopped and got mower fuel, M minds kids til tumble gym,I mowed across rd and helped Jo and Jessie and Ross Vanner hang exhibition, did video go to tumble gym and then mind kids til 5.00,Pick up Eleanor from school, branches falling from trees due to heat, did sausages for tea then mowed sculpture garden,added to website, watched the teach and who’s line is it anyway and 1 big bang,

Jan 29th Wednesday

Fine and mild, first day of school for kids, I finished emu and worked on numbers all together but needing more welding and cleaning, painted birdstands ,did frame for ½ junk ball Sue o came and worked Julie came and worked Julieanne gardened, Ashleys mum took down exhibition, I went and got metal, M took kids home after lunch, I did curry and rice for tea, watched last 2 episodes of Lost in Space

Jan 28th Tuesday

Fine and mild Lovely day, Belinda did 2 flowers, work on numbers and did 4 1/2 birds, go to melb to let in plumber at Ems went to Zart art for odd things visited Madge, M had kids all day and then a retirement drinks do at evening. I watched Pete and dud and Anne and 1 big bang

Jan 27th Monday

Holiday, fine and mild, the boys worked on various projects I cut out wacas sign did other birdfeeder bowl and joined both together also 2 peacocks and 1 pelican, started on 678 numbers for people who visited, 10 people in morning, Grandkids in arvo went to Drouin west robin hood reserve for swimming, then home for nap, Caleb has an offer on his house, did tacaos for tea, watched Hampstead and star trek voyager,

Jan 26th Sunday

Australia Day, fine and mild another lovely day, finished Ned’s brothers did 2 bases of birdfeeders and 1 top, 10 people through, M and kids home at lunch,mowed a bit, put out 2 sculptures, did chicken filo for tea watched Back, not again, watched star trek and 1 big bang

Jan 25th Saturday

Fine and mild superb perfect day  finish up/down, started on 2 ducks and3 kookas 2 chooks and ned’s brothers and 6 flowers bit more sorting,Julie came and worked for a few hours, 8 people through M to take em back to melb and visit Madge did fish and chip tea, watched last of Valerian and then lost in space and Anne

Jan 24th Friday

Fine and cool, M off to help K with kids shoes then to Pakenham to shop,David off in melb supporting his mum, I worked on big piece up/down dome is attached, ball is made, characters done has had one coat, shopped for bolts, put grinder and sander in place, mowed a bit and cut some branches, nap, did pinwheels for tea Caleb and em home mid evening, helped unload car, watched ½ of Valerian

Jan 23rd Thursday

Rained almost all night, cool and showery, M to take theo to speech and chase kids all day,I did a bit more tidying and most of base of new big piece,and did rest of plasma cutting of universe piece, John Phillips came and talked in the morning, I went and picked up mirror and grinder in afternoon, Grant from Meeniyan came and took snail, hard core and Pilgrim as well as lots of small pieces, did sausage rolls for tea watched last of Face to face and 2 big bang,

Jan 22nd Wednesday

Fine and cool, pleasant, warmed up then sultry, M to melb, I finished windows made stand for metal, found grinder, too old, tumble gym at 10.30, injection at 11.10, shopped for a bag to hold everything, new sander, shopping, Julieanne,gardened, Julie came in arvo and started on peacock frame,I cleaned and glued mats,did chicken and salad for tea watched last crown episode, 2 big bang

Jan 21st Tuesday

Showered overnight cool and gray, Belinda did 2 flowers, I worked on a grinding bench, fixing broken windows and tidying up Sue o came and visited Belinda and me went into. ultrasound at 12.30, another hose split in car, Ross Lyons motors fixed it ( Ben McCarthy) , M helps take kids to tumblegym,then home here, I come home and meet Jillian and Sheldon from Pakenham and discuss exhibition, then Ashleys mum comes to see her exhibition and talks, did tuna leftovers and salad for tea, watched Back, the crown and face to face

Jan 20th Monday

Fine and gray, M to mind girls while theo has appt, did some labels for gallery I started work on simones truck,The boys worked on various projects , I stopped at 12.30 for lunch and to help M with kids, went and bought a new bottle of mig gas, thought I had lost my wallet but just didn’t take it,home to do frittata for tea watched end of vera, Bollywood 2 big bang and part of face to face,

Jan 19th Sunday

Fine and gray to begin, K’s family back home, assembled feather boxes, started on house holders , wayne and 5 others visited , modified gas bottle and started stars on it,  M worked on tax papers all day, did tuna and pineapple for tea, Caleb and em home, rain in evening, watched part of a vera, then a cats and dogs and 2 big bang

Jan 18th Saturday

Cool and grey to start, M to melb with em to see madge, loaded blue flight and took it in the trailer up to Belgrave. Delivered it and came home. Julie was doing a few hours working here, I had lunch and a nap then came down to paint face and boxes, did a small dog, had 7 people through including a sculpture graduate.Did snitzel and curry for tea watched beverly hills cop 2 and 1 big bang

Jan 17th Friday

Cool and grey,heart check improving, M;s car in, finished 2nd face piece as a wall hanging, 2 people visited, mowed houseblock sculpture garden and across rd, picked up M’s car, fish and chip tea with em, watched angel has fallen, Qi and big bang

Jan 16th Thursday

Cool and damp, M fasting for blood test, worked on girl with black plaits, painted boxes and assembled seat then flat bar face piece,sue o came and talked in morning Julie came and worked on tiger in afternoon,did roast chicken pieces for tea, watched when buildings fail, face to face and itch and 2 big bang

Jan 15th Wednesday

Hazy and mild, warm before cool change,M to melb to visit madge, Haircut, finished seat , made 5 small blue wrens,put bases in boxes, did base for changes piece,started a new face form, noJulie, Julieanne gardened , I watched last of Dracula in arvo , gave wood and seat a last coat, rain, did souvlakis for tea power out for 3 hours, watched face to face and

Jan 14th Tuesday

Hazy and mild, Belinda did 2 flowers, M helped em do roses and a bit of tidying, then em and caleb off to Bairnsdale. I had to help them with petrol in arvo.I did a small ralph plasma cut a bird plasmacut using up a piece on the desk, a rough metal face and started and did most of a backless seat/bench. Did sausages for tea, watched a bit of Dracula, henry 9th, face to face and 1 big bang.

Jan 13th Monday

Hazy and mild,warmed up, the boys worked on various projects, I finished center of the universe and did homebodies and armchair traveller,drs appt to get more tablets and M had drs appt too re heart and lungs, I bought new boots, did mince and salad for tea, Caleb and em home, Jeff and Jeanette came over to say jeffs dad died, watched cats and dogs. Anne,1 big bang .

Jan 12th Sunday

Fine and mild, took over last of budlia, put a load of mulch on top garden bed, cut up fallen branches and tree, mowed nature strip on this side, cleaned off paint off globe and made stand for centre of the universe, made character, needs final clean up 5 people visited,home made pizza for tea, watched face to face, the crown and 2 big bang

Jan 11th Saturday

Cool and grey sold a few things ($200) home to lunch nap did other side of disc and started on ball, 6 people visited,shopped for dogfood, M went to lunch with em ernie Kristen Stephen and fiona in melb, saw madge ,watched more of Dracula, then vera and On her majestys secret service

Jan 10th Friday

Warmer and windy cloudy cool change at lunch Heart dr at 9. 30, no, moved most of budlia to fire pile, , next week chiro at 10 20, bought laminating pouches and cover paper, birdseed, 3 people visited ,home to work on one side of disc, helped Caleb unload trailer and loaded trailer for Rokeby did chicken casserole for tea watched 1 dracula, cats and dogs  and 2 big bang

Jan 9th Thursday

Warmer but nice to begin, M tidied kitchen I started new piece,Mary and boys arrived talked to them for a bit, Emma and Charlie arrived and I talked to them for a bit, lunch nap  bought more metal, M shopped and did Ks cats and dog, pub tea met Prices and Jenny Prout, home to watch the crown and Lost in space and 2 big bang


Jan 8th Wednesday

Gray and misty, M fed Ks cats and dog, I talked to Cathy smith who dropped off newsletter, Julieanne came and gardened, John and Julie came and used shed, we went to Calebs Noble park house and helped move him out, a bit of a struggle for us they did 2 trips and had help from Stephen with he second trip. We drove home stuffed, nap watched blinded, and 2 big bang and

Jan 7th Tuesday

Gray and misty, Belinda did 2 more flowers, I did 4birds and 1 dog and assembled snitches,2 people visited re visit by motor homes, Jeff and jim finish side fence, M to melb added to website  got car back, bought welding rods and washers at Bunnings, home to do chicken skewers for tea watched 2 silent witness, bleak, then 1 lost in space and 1 big bang, Caleb and em home at 2.00

Jan 6th Monday

Cool and gray showery can still smell the smoke from the fires, The boys worked on their projects car seems to be ok,I did 2 elephants then a creature from an air filter and a beetle, M has kids all day, played in arvo, did sausages for tea,watched Vera, the crown, 1 big bang

Jan 5th Sunday

Cool and gray,  m doing bills and shopping, I did 2 birdfeeders, sanded 1 mirror and assembled another mirror frame, did 2 peacocks 1 elephant and cut up 2 others,2 people came  helped Ashley set up exhibition, did snitzel for tea, watched Dr Who, how to be a god,1 big bang showered all night

Jan 4th Saturday

Fine and sunny warm wind, cool change at lunchtime M to melb, added to website dates and people, cut up fallen branch and then also bits of Budlea talked to 2 people who bought blue butterfly and then talked to Ross Vanner set out and welded emmas panel, assembled seat, cut up wood for mirror and glued 1.did fish and chip tea, watched the crown and elementary and 2 big bang

Jan 3rd Friday

Fine and sunny 33, Kids over again, worked on seat all ready to assemble and did titanic moment again drove to pick up eleanor and car died at Drouin west.. might be the end of it,dug bit more of garden bed, 2 people visited, did butter chicken for tea, watched on becoming a god,adam hills and 1 big bang

Jan 2nd Thursday

Fine and sunny , not too hot, 28?  Started digging garden opposite kitchen window and Julieanne did more, started cutting back blackberries near tank and branches of budlia, also mowed under clothes line and back lawn,, 2 people visited, started Seat, mowed sculpture garden, M went with K and mary to river, then back here for water play with kids,did spaghetti for tea watched American version of the bridge, very dark, then last in space, and 1 big bang

Jan 1st Wednesday

Fine and sunny, not too hot? M visits K Em potters around here and goes back with Caleb to Bairnsdale, I assemble other 6 chooks and 10 ducks, 4 people came and picked up bird feeder, Julie works on tiger head,shop for hot chicken for tea mow under washing line and across rd, watch 1 crown, 2 big bang, 1 cats and dogs

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