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June 11, 2020

June 2020

June diary

June 30th Tuesday

Covid 2050 fine and sunny frost, Belinda did 2 flowers, I did the other side of the gate and painted, go deliver seat to Preston to melb and pick up seats from Nunawading Harvey Norman, Thermostat stuck and we had help near Zart art, man fixed it, Bought a foam cutter and balls at Zart art, home for scrambled egg tea and unwrap and assemble seats. Watched Lethal weapon, wire in the blood and upload

June 29th Monday

Covid 1990 Fine and sunny frost, change over mig bottle, the boys worked on a range of projects I gathered most of materials for neils gate and welded one side M has K and JA and kids to play,went to martin steel and bought 2 new sheets of corten and given some round things, shopped, Pilates, picked up M’s car KFC tea watched lethal weapon and aurara teagarten .. slow.

June 28th Sunday

Covid 1974 Sunday fine and cool, painted chaise lounge frame, Michael came and picked up screens, Adam came and worked, I moved lathe stand and added buffer to end of grinder, small roast for tea, watched criminal minds, who do you think you are lisa Wilkinson,lethal weapon

June 27th Saturday

Covid1947,cool and grey, finish seat welding and painting start on chaise lounge all welding done,wood all cut and routed,and ready for painting tomorrow Adam worked, did rice and chicken and cashews for tea watched Lethal weapon,and beverly hills cop 2 

June 26th Friday

Covid 1917 Fine misty rain,did a few more writeups laminated them , did back of wire face started on seat Mostly welded people came and got eagles and Peter and Helen came and got painting,4 people visited M to mind mae at 11.00,had to pick up M as brakes were faulty, shopped in Warragul for penetrol discs, wood, shopping, home for caf tea of burger, watched Cilla and Cliff Richard then lethal weapon and the great

June 25th Thursday

Covid 1875 fine and grey, take Eleanor to school have some time free wrote up several projects and sent out email promoting Guys exhibition,2 people visited, 11.15 take kids with M to Tumble gym, back to K speech therapy for both at 1.15, stay at K  to mind kids M pick up Eleanor and take to tumble gym home for chores leftovers for tea, watched Lethal weapon, Grand designs and adam hills,

June 24th Wednesday

Covid 1864, Misty grey, M to mind mae in morning Kids in arvo, Bookclub in evening, made 2 rolling tables did onward snails and most of a fine wire face on one of the tables, Helped with kids in arvo did chicken skewers for tea, watched ladies in Black for film night with Anne, Barb and Natalie

June 23rd Tuesday

Covid 1847 cool and showery,but fined up to a nice day, Madges funeral no Belinda, ernie Em and David spoke, nice service,lunch at Mr and Miss, home again, soup and toast for tea, watched lethal weapon, and Cats and dogs.

June 22nd Monday

Covid 1836  Light showers overnight, M shopped,The boys worked on their projects, I did a smallish cloud with bronze lightning bolts fay and jack dropped off flowers, Peter paid for painting,2 people visited I did a slowcooker tea watched rest of bosch, lethal weapon

June 21st Sunday

Covid 1822 Rained overnight, fine, welded Rowbury screen basically finished, kids in arvo, played with them, did a pasta bake for tea, watched lethal weapon and bosch, Caleb home from preparing powerpoint for Madges funeral

June 20th Saturday

Covid 1800, rained overnight  fine and sunny day, Julieanne gardened mainly pruning roses, Eleanor playdate,with Jenna, mind kids in arvo, assemble train seat, paint black on bird feeder,cut out more parts on bottle panel, add to Rowbury screen, talked to Michelle Olsen re whips,did sausages for tea, had 7 people visit, watched lethal weapon, bosch

June 19th Friday

Covid 1792 Fine and sunny, Mary gardened, M tidied kitchen,tested for covid, I finished welding and painting train seat and finished red painting of birdfeeder, started Rowbury panel, cut more from screens for Michael, letterbox stand went away, sold Edwardian lady 5 people visited, caf fish and chip tea, watched last of season 2 lethal weapon and 1 bosch and cats and dogs

June 18th Thursday

Covid,1779  fine and sunny, take Eleanor to school shop take mae to park while theo does , home with lunch play with kids, 2 people visited M pick Eleanor up from school, I made snizel for tea, watched lethal weapon Bosch and upload

June 17th Wednesday

Covid1762 mild and grey, showered at times overnight, finished eagles, constructed birdfeeder order and did another dish, attach rooster to letterbox stand, 2 people visited M helps K in morning then I help M mind kids from 12 to 3,did tuna and pineapple for tea, watched lethal weapon, upload and Bosch

June 16th Tuesday

Covid 1741 Grey and breezy, Belinda did 2 flowers I started 3 eagles 1 finished,added to Lyrebird and bent column for birdbath, Finished cutting out train assembled gold bug and golden bird man, 2 people visited,shopped for metal and wheel bases and springs and bought black plywood for chaise lounge, talked to George brown and Sue came out to see about removing plasma cutter slag, did green curry for tea watched lethal weapon, bosch and who do you think you are Denise scott,

June 15th Monday

Covid 1732 Grey and breezy bug assembled circle seat, cut out train and rooster, start on casting pieces, did flight of my heart and the gold Bug did a lyrebird, the boys, norm finished his possum, Jim added to his big sunflower, Pete worked on the mulcher and Tony did the log turner and helped others,did chili concarne for tea, watched grand designs, lethal weapon and upload

June 14th Sunday

Covid 1715 shower and grey  fined up to sunny and breezy,rained a bit overnight, start on train seat order, and also bending tube for letterbox as well as casting pieces.finished painting girl and circle seat, did a dragonfly, 3 people visited, marian saw casting process, did chicken pieces for tea, M slipped in kitchen, hurt shoulder, watched lethal weapon, upload,and the great

June 13th Saturday

Covid 1705 fine and sunny, finished Rowbury panel, start on seat with rings on ends, mostly finished, Julieanne gardened,pruned roses 10 people visited, sold a teapot, dragonfly extreme surfing and metal face shopped for merbeau decking dropped off sewing machine at Kathleens,,Jeanette dropped over to talk to M Jeff still cutting down pine trees, did home made pizzas for tea watched lethal weapon, Bosch and cats and dogs as well as some music videos(Leanne rimes with the gay mens choir, breathtaking)

June 12th Friday

Covid 1699 Fine and sunny no kids for three days, work on Rowbury panel nearly finished all welded one side, Mary gardened, tidied near gallery, M had a quiet day,caf parma for tea, watched Lethal weapon, Bosch, upload and cats and dogs,

June 11th Thursday

Covid 1690, fine and sunny, take Eleanor to school  shopped, home to set out next Rowbury panel and choose some metaassembled small junk face moustache,help with kids most of day,3 people visited, sold dig and ballerina with a diff, David down with something worries about covid, had to stay out of house, bought sheet of gal steel, home to do chicken parcels for tea watched cats and dogs,lethal weapon, Bosch and upload and

June 10th Wednesday

Covid 1687 fine and sunny,worked on girl head and stand and arms all together and painted once, started a small face junk piece, also ground up bird from casting, help with kids from 12.00 did lamb slowcooker for tea, watched lethal weapon, upload.

June 9th Tuesday

Covid 1687 fine and sunny Belinda did 2 flowers, go and help mind mae while M takes kids to school, work in shed,finished dress and bodice moved girl on stand, help mind kids, 2 people visited( lucy ward) chiropractor 3.20, shopped did fish curry for tea fine, M slept 2 hrs, watched lethal weapon and grand designs

June 8th Monday

Covid 1687 Madge passes, Fine and sunny, tidy shed and go to melb to see the family. The boys worked on things, I did 2 dogs, 2 people visited Norm did some more windows made spaghetti as a sort of tribute to Madge, watched Lethal Weapon , cats and dogs and the great.

June 7th Sunday

Covid 1685 grey and cloudy M to melb again, to sit with madge, didn’t start next Rowbury panel , finish small star juggler do next casting, had trouble with my makeshift crucible other crucible worked fine, added to girls dress, 8 people , sold dig and a number of smaller pieces, did pies and veges for tea watched Hobbes and shaw, silly, and then pitch perfect.

June 6th Saturday

Covid 1681 grey and cloudy, finished Rowbury panel added to girls dress 2 people visited did 2 small pieces M to melb to see madge and Em,Madge now given morphine, did tacos for tea watched lethal weapon, bosch and who do you think you are Cameron daddo

June 5th Friday

Covid 1682 fine and sunny, take Eleanor to school finish loading rack under bench, Rowbury panel Mind kids til 3.00 4 people visited, Caf tea watched lethal weapon, last 2 cardinal and cats and dogs

June 4th Thursday

Covid 1678 Grey but fine, take Eleanor to school ,shop and get prescriptions, started sorting steel in rack, several divisions made,Help mind kids all day, Melanie Capel and mum and Wayne and delene visited, sold backless bench and small bird piece, did lamb patties for tea, watched lethal weapon, wire in the blood and cats and dogs

June 3rd Wednesday

Covid 1670 Showery and grey to begin, M minding kids all day bringing home here 12.00, I worked on 2nd Rowbury panel most of middle and foreground done also another panel for new girls dress and decided on a sorting system for flat pieces, did chorizo chicken for tea Caleb and Kathleen visited Madge today, watched Lethal weapon, Mrs Maisel and Cardinal

June 2nd Tuesday

Covid 1658 Showery and grey, Belinda made a centipede from a spanner and a flower, I assembled private garden and animals and started a new girl, legs torso stand and part of her skirt done, M to melb to see madge I shopped and got rid of Calebs old battery, dropped in an angle grinder for repair, shopped at Bunnings, posted off rainbow tree 1,did sausages for tea Watched lethal weapon, the great and best of cats and dogs

June 1st Monday

Covid 1650 showery and grey, work on private garden, animals, starting a circle landscape, 2 ducks,cleaned out drawer of keys and made knife and fork box, hung up casting apparatus, cleaned out box of nuts and bolts near cut off wheel, cleaned and fixed box, the boys worked on a koala, signs and a dog like mine, M has day off, nap, leg of lamb for tea write up a few pieces, 2 people visited to get some gate pieces cut out.watched lethal weapon killing eve last, cats and dogs and cardinal.

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