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March 11, 2020

March 2020

March diary

March 31st Tuesday

Fine and cool to begin, clear,( 867 cases in vic) Belinda I Did 2 flowers, M takes Caleb to have operation I assembled cricket match, Edwardian girl, modern girl, added a flower to girl from yesterday, added a bunch of flowers to long necked girl, did ring work, 2 dogs , did snitzel for tea, watched Jack ,Valhalla murders, letter to the king big bang

March 30th Monday

Cool and pleasant rained during last evening,( 820 cases in vic) Peter came and did pipe cleaner,I had a day of small plasma cuts1 girl, sitting with the cat, 1 steamy dancer, 1 fairy, 1 dance sketch, Job done( Ladder cat),upside down cat,, active shapes, rosy ring,, most on the way, Caleb shopped, M talked to Pauline and sent a bunch of flowers virtually to Madge, I took photos of N sth panels, spaghetti for tea, watched country music, Dublin murders, would I lie to you and big bang

March 29th Sunday

Fine and mild, finished hillside piece added birds and made 2 big birds to fly over it, assembled between books onto base and painted once finished adam savage book,, m did pilates and talked to em and kathleen did chicken skewers for tea with cous cous,watched Jo Jo Rabbit, ok

March 28th Saturday

Fine and mild,perfect fine day,55 covid cases in Victoria, I finished Octopus assembled base of hillside piece and made all trees for both sides, I assembled Between books and dahlia man came and got his dahlia dipper(1).Reading Sarah Maas book and adam mythbuster book, did fish and chip tea,watched Jack Ryan a letter to the king and cats and dogs

March 27th Friday

Fine and sunny and lovely, did more on octopus, did most of between books assembled captured covid and also catching a ride( butterfly) finished good turn book,Ray came and took away Nsth panels,vacuumed and did 1 load of washing, M did corned beef for tea, and face visited Madge, watched amazon prime with Caleb, marvellous mrs Maisel, Man in the high tower and Jack Ryan

March 26th Thursday

Fine and sunny glorious day, did second side of hillside piece  added to octopus one side tacked, went and bought metal and shopping Chloe visited, made sausages for tea reading” a good turn”, watched adam hills, Hard quiz, a letter to the king( seems ok) futureman( didn’t like), and 1 big bang

March 25th Wednesday

Grey and overcast mild, no kids as K keeping them home in isolation from us,added to n sth panel and cleaned up backs,assembled butterfly lift,Julie worked last time on tiger, I started on side panel for hill side and made one tentacle for octopus, turned part of covid prisoner, enchiladas for tea, watched Valhalla murders , Lost girls movie and 1 big bang

March 24th Tuesday

Grey and overcast mild and fine day did 3 loads of washing, Belinda came and did 2 flowers, M minding kids there in morning and here in arvo I helped Caleb home to work here, I did last two panels of N sth pieces just need to add to one panel. Mowed part of garden assembled a couple of pieces from yesterday did tuna pasta for tea, watched country music, miracle workers and 1 big bang M talked to em on phone 400 or so cases of covid in Victoria.

March 23rd  Monday

Cool and overcast but a fine autumn day,  only peter and Norm of the boys as non essential travel is suggested not to happen I cleaned up characters and finished sideways bend and backward bend, home isolation and social distancing 1, got Mig gas M had kids in morning and I picked up Eleanor from school which has closed early( Tuesday before holidays to help with social distancing , teachers are to work over next few days to create work that can be done by internet after holidays,did chicken Kiev for tea watched Dublin murders, cats and dogs 1 big bang

March 22nd Sunday

Cool and overcast but a fine autumn day, bit chilly at times, assembled small characters  unique travel finished and flower song, solved problem of bending over ,3 people visited M has day off ,finished year of the farmer, hum. Did pasta and meatballs for tea, watched dr no and 1 big bang

March 21st Saturday

Cool and overcast, M with kids swimming and K  go to melb to pick up pieces from Herring island, drop off bird stand and deliver ups and downs, to carmel and Ian O connor, shop at fountain gate,Caleb Ruth and Paul sold 1 painting to Rob Vermay, home Mary and Ben and kids were visiting, made Chinese tea watched ride like a girl, hard quiz and 1 big bang

March 20th Friday

Wedding annive.. 44 yrs, cool and over cast, cut out next panel NS and started 10 small pieces, all cut out, assembled flying man onto log and mowed part of sculpture garden M minding kids from 10 as David goes to Warrnambool for Naomi, Mary Gardened, I picked up Eleanor and took to playdate at crystals, did shopping and made chicken and rice for tea, watched some you tube clips and Norwegian thriller,and cats and dogs, M talked to em, watched 1 big bang

March 19th Thursday

Warm and overcast, Eleanor to school,  marked out next NS panel, schools considering closing, delivered trolleys bought bird seed, tumblegym, kids here, speech therapy for theo, mind Mae who slept til 5, M to pick up Eleanor and take to tumble gym, mind kids til 5, pilates, pub tea at passion place. Lovely souvlaki, home to watch miracle workers  and 1 big bang, early night, cool and rain in evening

March 18th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, M to help with kids all day, I start on second N sth sign basically finished, painted birdman, Julieanne gardened, Julie worked on tiger, Sue and Jane and Julian visited, lady paid for trolleys to deliver tomorrow,( 5)  I picked up Eleanor from school M took them all home, I made snitzel for tea watched the repair shop, Valhalla murders, hard quiz and 1 big bang,

March 17th Tuesday

Fine and sunny Belinda did 2 flowers, M to melb, I finished frog 2 started on marking out and cutting out first N sth sign, also did wings for flying man and attached, 2 people visited, mowed across rd and nature strip, reading year of the farmer, did lamb chops for tea, Caleb a bit crook, watched Valhalla murders, adam hills , Zoe and 1 big bang

March 16th  Monday

Fine and sunny, did an emu and 1 frog order and part of second,1 lady looking at work as a Hangover from open studios, the boys worked on their various projects pet nearly finished mulcher, went to open studios de brief at commercial hotel for lunch, had good response overall, minor shop, nap made burgers for tea watched country music, Dublin murders,cats and dogs and 1 big bang

March 15th Sunday

Fine and cool to begin, became a lovely day, did 20 flowers for customers and cut out about 15 more, did a small cat, open studios about 45 people through, did a curry and rice for tea, watched ford versus Ferrari, very good,

March 14th Saturday

Fine and cool to begin but fined up Rokeby market, last market due to covid, sold anemu, 2 sets of flowers and a cat, bought a few plants, Stephen and Kirsten came down with Em to buy roses, they had lunch at Jindi Caf, I came home to talk to people with open studios (20 people through) including Maggie and Peter,started cutting out flowers for people tomorrow, did sausages for tea then watched endeavour, cats and dogs and 1 big bang

March 13th  Friday

Fine and sunny, M has quiet day,take stuff to herring island, help set up show worked from 10 to 2.30, drove home  via Pakenham found bolts plus and bought washers, to Drouin for fish and chip tea, Julieanne had gardened, minor shopping,home to watch Knives out, very good, and 1 big bang

March 12th Thursday

Fine and sunny, drive Eleanor to school, home to finish mowing, took mower in again with seized bearings then tumble gym picked up mower, Jen loading up jen stuff, help with kids all afternoon  including at Drouin, then home for nap then Pilates pub tea watched endeavour and big bang, semi restless night

March 11th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, M has kids all day, did 2 dragonfly and 2 pelican and 1 bee, add hands to flying man, Julie arrived about 12, kids here from lunchtime, help mind kids at Drouin from 3 to 4, picked up mower and mowed house block and 1 part of sculpture garden, did chicken snitzel for tea, watched adam hills and Zoe and 1 star trek and 1 big bang

March 10th Tuesday

Fine and sunny, Belinda, did 2 flowers, Wayne came and took photos 9 people through, I finished umbrella stand, then worked on flying character, then marked out 1 of the Neerim sth Panels,made pasta bake for tea, man came to look at firewood holders and rejected the rectangular one, feeling not so cold ridden watched endeavour,would I lie to you and 1 big bang

March 9th Monday

Cool and fine fined to a perfect autumn day, the boys worked on a variety of projects had 16 people through( 8 in last hour) I finished truck, painted and assembled, did a version of chopper,did ½ umbrella stand, worked on my character and got his feet/boots on, did chicken pinwheels for tea, watched ZZ Top doco, then cats and dogs,my cold still slows me a bit,

March 8th Sunday

Cool and grey, nice day,M went with K to moe with kids, I worked on assembling 2 birdfeeders and did most of truck, tidy bench, Joseph and Pauline visited,and about 11 people in total including Mel and Tony developed a cold, M cooked sausages for tea, watched Spenser and 1 big bang

March 7th Saturday

Cool and grey fined up to a lovely mild day, did second firewood holder did more on truck, tidy up first firewood holder, 25 people in morning got umbrella stand order, M to melb to see madge and em, nap, did chicken skewers for tea watched country music, cats and dogs and endevour

March 6th Friday

Cool and showery,  did heart machine,, did one fire wood holder and add to truck, chase up mower, and wheels, also some shopping, Julieanne gardened,showered most of day, did homemadepizza for tea, watched a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, adam hills and 1 big bang, finished dead and naked

March 5th Thursday

Raining, take Eleanor to school, quick shop,assemble flower trolleys, unpack furnace, M minds kids Tumble gym, kids here for an hour or so, speech therapy, mind mae, then both kids while M takes Eleanor to tumble gym,home for nap, Pilates, and pub meal,watched Dublin murders, 1 big bang, rained overnight

March 4th Wednesday

Cool to begin, Julie,arrived after lunch and did a bit, talked to M and Mae,Julieanne,had a meeting so here tomorrow or Friday, I worked to finish plant trolleys and painted them,did another 2 panels for truck trailer,Kids home here then to Drouin, kids from 3 to 4.30 home to make sweet and sour for tea, watched Griff train journey Australia, would I lie to you and miracle workers and 1 big bang,Raining overnight,

March 3rd Tuesday

Cool and grey to begin, fined to nice day, Belinda did 2 flowers then ran out of 10mm rod, I did 2 birdfeeder tops added to plant trolley and started flying figure, went and collected pump( not complete) and picked up metal order from Martin metals, unloaded car, nap, Furnace arrived, did fish and chip tea, watched adam hills, the a word, Zoey and 1 big bang,

March 2nd Monday

Showery and grey, rained overnight, fined up over day, started second plant trolley, one wheel done and added to truck and did a dog, the boys ( 4) worked on various pieces, Mena and disabled group visit, ( 3) M to melb, pump in gallery playing up, taken in, got new tablets, did pinwheels and veges for tea watched endeavour and cats and dogs and 1 big bang, added last photos to wendy on website and did video and put it up.

March 1st Sunday

Cool and mild, became a mild to warm day Longwarry market for discs and videos,, cut down flower trolley did video of wendy for website, Hanging last works opening of Wendy Twyerould exhibition, 25 people, sold 4 pieces M did scrambled eggs for tea watched Taylor swift doco and Gemini man.

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