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May 11, 2020

May 2020

May diary

May 31st Sunday

Covid 1649 mild and grey Worked on panel  and have tree and mountains in and started casting. Made a hook, tongs and crucible, tried to cast from a spiky ball but sand was too hard, did produce something, Furnace worked well, 6 people visited sold $250 in pieces, did fish and chips for tea watched stevie nicks and lady antebellum, then lethal weapon series 2 and cats and dogs and adam hills

May 30th Saturday

Covid 1645 Fine and sunny,M to melb to see em. Stephen and Madge, start 2nd Rowbury panel and do boxes for casting created one with nature , 13 more flowers, people came and got shield and pumpkin, mowed lower sculpture garden and around house,1 person visited, shopped pizza for tea watched 2 lethal weapon and 1 Miriam Margoyles

May 29th Friday

Covid 1634, Fine and sunny, worked on Rowbury panel,did another dragonfly did 10 flowers andcut out another 10, started on rainbow tree 2,M to help mind mae while theo has meeting, went and got extra colourbond, 2 people visited, parma from caf for tea, watched Lethal weapon and 2 silent witness.

May 28th Thursday

Covid,1628 Fine and Grey cleared up, was to take Eleanor to school but took caleb to school, M went and helped with kids I worked  on Rowbury panel most metal sorted and cut, help with kids til 4.00  went and bought Caleb a new battery for his car, did curry for tea, watched lethal weapon,who do you think you are Bert, and Cardinal

May 27th Wednesday

Covid 1618 Fine, flu shot for me ,shopped for welding rods ,work on Rowbury panel Wayne came and took more photos, help with kids in arvo, did Greek lasagne thing from recipe,book club zoom meeting discussing the miniaturist, watched Lethal weapon and Joy Tom Gleeson

May 26th Tuesday

Covid 1613 Fine and mild,M to dr for flu shot then to Melb to see madge, Belinda,did 3 flowers, I tidied bench more and started Rowbury panel 1, also did a dragonfly and 2 small ballerinas, refurbished shield and washed Mercedes and also kitchen floor,Wayne took photos in shed, did rissoles for tea Helped Caleb get car back, watched Lethal weapon, Mrs Maisel and martin and lewis story

May 25th Monday

Covid 1605 Fine and clear,the boys,worked on their projects, The big spider was attached to the wall, I did a peacock and a chook, finished the teapot, Margie and Ivan came for lunch and part of the afternoon, M was notified about Madges poor condition,Caleb still hasn’t got car back, I did pasta and tuna bake for tea, watched Killing eve and Mystery Road, and adam hills

May 24th Sunday

Covid 1603 Cool  and grey M worked on papers and shares,,lined furnace, did 1 chook and 2 pelicans and another teapot, had 15 people visit sold pumpkin and shield and camouflage and a small jewellery piece,did snitzel for tea watched lethal weapon, cats and dogs and wire in the blood

May 23rd Saturday

Covid 1593 cool and grey,M worked on Calebs stuff papers, Julieanne gardened I finish cat piece  and put on stand, cut up last of boxes pallets,Grant and Helen from Meeniyan came andgot a load of stuff, did sausage slowcooker for tea Watched Lethal Weapon,cats and dogs and the great.,

May 22nd Friday

Covid 1585 Cool 3 people visited and bought face form 2, get metal get rid of water heater, shop for prescription and, add to cat face did anchor/ keeping me grounded and extreme surfing unloaded trailer added ears to cat and circle shape, fish and chip tea from caf, watched lethal weapon and 2 silent witness,

May 21st Thursday

Covid 1581 Cool and showery, weld cat face 2/3 done help with kids from 10.30,shopped, home to make 1st box for green sanddog planter,David picked up characters, did slow cooker for tea, watched mrs Maisel, Lethal weapon, at home alone and Miriam Margoyles almost australian

May 20th Wednesday

Covid 1580 Cool showery sunny breaks,cut up old underfloor vacuum to make containers for planters, did one base, set out cat face on bench, helped with kids from 10.30 watched videos on green sand, did pie for tea watched the great cats and dogs and lethal weapon and home delivery

May 19th Tuesday

Covid 1584 Fine and breezy, Belinda did 2 flowers, I did 3 roosters and a fish, help with girls from 11.00,bit of gardening at front,did sausages for tea, watched the Great, lethal weapon

May 18th Monday

Covid 1570 Fine and sunny, M to get Mae and maybe Eleanor, Tony and Norm and peter assembled tree piece, paint Windsor piece, ordered metal,did more on birdbath,Pauline dropped in and paid for things help with mae in arvo, did nmore mowing and cut up 3 pallets, took wood up to pile, green curry for tea,watched killing eve Mystery road and historic walks and lethal weapon

May 17th Sunday

Covid1561 Fine and sunny,painted tree piece, finished Windsor piece attached shelves, started birdbath order,assembled 5 small characters did a teapot, mowed a bit moved more logs cut up pallet,bit more dirt moved, M did quiche for tea, watched the great and wire in the blood

May 16th Saturday

Covid 1554, fine and sunny, painted tree piece did 4 characters for windsors all together, shovelled 100 spade loads, moved dead pallets with Caleb did some mowing in middle section, did 2 shelves for casting area, tidied a bit did one pan pasta dinner for tea watched lethal weapon, Mrs Maisel and walking on sunshine movie.

May 15th Friday

Covid 1543 fine and sunny, Kids from 11.00,did another character and cut out tree for autumn colours, made a shelf for furnace and cleaned out corner ordered wood and soil both arrived,played with mae and theo, bought 2 more wire brushes and looked at hedge materials, caf tea, parma burger, watched cats and dogs lethal weopon, and another supernatural thing and agent Hamilton, also elvis and James taylor and lyle Lovett.

May 14th Thursday

Covid 1535  fine and sunny,2 kids here until 1.00,looked at green sand video, ordered crucible, played trains walked played outside fed lunch, m took them back for theo speech therapy,I put together three characters 2 for dancing from the first note and some kind of nut, painted once, lasagne for tea, watched cats and dogs,wire in the blood and wilty

May 13th Wednesday

Covid 1509, cool and showers? Put note on base, Cut out 10 characters for sorted small pieces of flat bar, people bought catching a ride,  Kids here from lunch to 3.30, Mae birthday tea at K’s pizza with Jack and fay and K and D watched best of cats and dogs, agent Hamilton, and wilty

May 12th Tuesday

Covid,1496, fine and cool Belinda did 2 flowers, work on big note side 2  all welded including tail of note, still to put on base and make characters. Took scrap to metal recycler brought home a few wheels, did lasagne for tea watched lethal weapon, cats and dogs and tales from the loop

May 11th Monday

Covid1488 cool and grey,fined up, m helped K from 11.30 to 4.30, added to girl s bodice, start on new work, did a ½ teapot and part of sides for bignote, Norm did a cat cutout and helped load scrap into car, did spanakopita for tea, watched agent Henderson, hard quiz, killing eve and mystery road

May 10th Sunday

Covid 1484 , showery and coolish, worked on girl, did head and rest of panels of dress all assembled, but needs more in bodice,cleared out 2 bins, Mothers day slow cooker chicken legs for tea, M saw all kids, watched agent Hamilton, wilty and wire in the blood

May 9th Saturday

Covid1477 no julieanne garden, no Plumber, lady coming for a birdbath started on new girl, legs base and up to chest done 5 panels of 8 panels in skirt, 2 more bins explored, shopped for catfood, watchedagent Hamilton,wilty and lethal weapon

May 8th Friday

Covid 1454, fine and sunny, finished cat in the window piece and delivered balancing girl to Caroline,amy came and got ½ teapot, shopped, jindi caf for tea, watched agent Hamilton and Yesterday

May 7th Thursday

Covid 1440 Cool and fine  did 2 ring pieces night birds 2 and bird and flowers, started on a cat in the window piece,went to help M look after kids in arvo, shopped did fish and chips for tea, watched fragment of Leunig,agent Hamilton and Mrs Maisel

May 6th Wednesday

Covid 1394 Cool and grey, fine did heart monitor ,I finished 2 teapots, had kids in arvo, Elise coming to get a cat and kooka on stick,played with all three til 3.30 did pasta and meatballs for tea, watched Hard quiz, M rang em, watched Zoe,

May 5th Tuesday

Covid 1384 Fine and misty, sunny, Belinda, made a spider and a creature, Vicki came and got a teapot, I made 2 more teapots and started a third, M brought girls home and I helped with them after 11, took them back about 3, I napped and read, did chicken mustard for tea, watched lethal weapon , tales from the loop, and wilty

May 4th Monday

Covid 1375, cool and fine, M brings home girls, Norm worked on magpie cut outs I did another teapot and a dog, then played with kids in arvo, til m took them home , made chrorizo potato bake, watched Killing eve and mystery road and wilty and 1 hi fidelity ho hum.

May 3rd Sunday

Covid 1354 cool but fine, finish painting teapot, did landons handle,tipped out another box bid maddies mum frog, did a bird flying scene, pizza for tea M helped with kids in evening, I watched Fleabag, back to the future, started hunters Wilty,

May 2nd Saturday

Covid 1348 Cold and Rainy, Julieanne gardened, and both of us dug drains, I then did other side of teapot and put base and handle and spout on, chicken curry for tea, watched lethal weapon tv series, wire in the blood and mrs Maisel

May 1st Friday

Covid 1345 cold and rainy, rained overnight showers around,  did 4 birds, added to one side of big teapot, chiropractor, bought welding rods and wire, caf tea parma and burgers, watched the gentlemen( fun) and 2 Bosch and 1 wilty

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