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November 11, 2020

November 2020

Nov diary

Nov 30th Monday

Fine and sunny, tidy shed do dog and bird and flowers, the boys did birdfeeders, arch and bits of rack, M has mae for most of day pick up car, 2 people came with an order ,pilates with Shari, kfc tea, home to watch Victoria and sc

Nov 29th Sunday

Rainy, windy and cool,k has sore back so no swimming, I did another 2 mice finished the owl drilled and painted the lady birds, sold several pieces to a couple from Raymond island, reading greenlights, did curry for tea, watched endeavour and queens gambit ,

Nov 28th Saturday

Fine and grey mild, assembled 5 kookas and 2 peacocks did a new owl and most of a second different owl, about 15 people over day including Linda Ronalds and hubby craig,M talked to Dave, Em Stephen and don on phone, moved toys so we could get to dvd player,Julieanne gardened, sold dinosaur, flowers and birdon stick, made pancakes and hamsteaks for tea,finished Thursday murder club started Greenlights watched Vera and Fargo, M had a restless night.

Nov 27th Friday

Fine and sunny, drop off car for service and fixing, finish dancers, did a mouse, cut up 6 kookas and 2 peacocks made one did 5 flowers,reading murder club , caf tea m to help k with shopping at k mart, watched mum, cats and dogs, truth seeker and longmire

Nov 26th Thursday

Fine and mild started dancers for caleb, painted dragon and small scrap vase kids all day on and off,tumble gym pick up Eleanor M took theo to speech therapy shopped home to bought chicken and salad tea, watched hard quiz adam hills and star trek.

Nov 25th Wednesday

Fine and sunny Deliver birdfeeder to N sth  M has Mae all day, tidy up dragon and paint, did a small vase, 4 people visited and one bought escape of the domestic prisoner,took barney to vet has growths ,booked in for next Tuesday for xrays tea at warragul thai with bookclub home to not watch anything.

Nov 24th Tuesday

Cool and mild, Belinda did 3 flowers, I did a dog and 2 chooks and started on dragon wings, M has Mae all day, I help from 11.Mae asleep due to falling off chair, 3 people visited bought copper bird, a peacock and heart thing for Janice ,Did enchiladas for tea watched vera briar patch and sc

Nov 23rd Monday

Cool and rainy, rained a lot overnight, tidy shed added to dragon did a chook,started cutting up BBQ cut out some flowers  the boys,did their work and left quite early M minds mae, took  diamond piece to Pack and send in Rowville, kfc tea, pilates sc

Nov 22nd Sunday

Fine and grey mild maybe showers,humid most of day rain at night, tidied gallery blow and vacuum,cleaned outside work and pedestals, bought 2 new tables and stuff for opening, Cathys opening, Ian Mcdonnell and phoebe coming 10 people at opening, nice afternoon,did fish and fried rice for tea watched Victoria the sound and endeavour

Nov 21st Saturday

Fine and mild add arms and hands to dragon also back swirls and some of neck scales and more on n sth birdfeeder all finished, people came and bought problem solver and lady came and picked up birdfeeder, about 10 people over day, mowed across, road, mary came and talked with boys, did slowcooked brisket for tea, M went with mae and K to fountain gate , M talked to em and don watched movie Richard Jewell good

,Nov 20th Friday

Fine and mild, add more to dragon and started constructing N sth birdfeeder, mowed most of sculpture garden, N sth class coming around lunch, Kids asked after Caleb and enjoyed the dogs,, lady coming to get flowers,caf tea sold ballet dancer, flowers kooka and flowers about 10 people including teachers did demos of plasmacutting to groups of kids,Mary gardened, caf tea, watched briar patch and good fight

Nov 19th Thursday

Fine and sunny hot, add more to head to dragon,added on other claws go to theo ot at 10, tumblegym at 11.30, Mary gardened, home here til 3  2 people visited pick up Eleanor and take to tumblegym and mind kids til 5 sausages for tea watched adam hills, hardquiz and condor

Nov 18th Wednesday

Fine and sunny, warm, complete 11 flowers worked on dragon and nsth birdbath, Helen coming to talk flyer,M to help mind mae then seeing twins Cathy came and did video, 2 people visited, did snitzel for tea watched George gently and queens gambit,

Nov 17th Tuesday

Fine and mild, Belinda did 3 flowers I did the modified birdfeeder started the base and dish for second, finished heart and balls piece, completed 10 flowers, Mae for part of day, valma brings 2 friends ( 3)  did email re cathys exhibition, spaghetti for tea, watched fargo star trek and sc.

Nov 16th Monday

Hot and windy night warm day, get mig gas ,worked on dragon, the boys did tractor pieces arches birdfeeders lady dropped off birdfeeder to be adjusted, mae from 12.00 2 naps pilates maybe last one as conella is moving, I didn’t go due to head cold, , kfc tea shopped then watched vera.

Nov 15th Sunday

Fine and hot 33, M to take em home, I work on dragon all chest and back done started head, cut out another 20 flowers, 2 people visited, heading jane hawk book,did chicken kiev for tea watched Victoria and endeavour and 1 sc

Nov 14th Saturday

Cloudy and mild, worked on dragon, Julieanne to garden, Rokeby market, open studios, people coming to pick up surfer and whale about 30 people through the day, em helped M with pattern forming in excel, fish and chip tea, watched the sound and knives out.

Nov 13th Friday

Cloudy bit muggy,work on dragon, cut up jims white goods cabinets, talked to Cathy smith who set up more of exhibition Mary dropped in, 2 ladies visited, bought a teapot a peacock and ….go to melb drop off cat in window and pick up em came home via yarra junction caf tea watched bombshell

Nov 12th Thursday

No new covid cases,Muggy worked on dragon tail and legs then shopped at bunnings for paint, welding wire and cutting discs , jim dropped off 3 washing machine cases and corrugated iron, tumble gym at 11.minding kids in arvo, took Eleanor to tumblegym, put Ms car in for service, home to slowcooked lamb shanks, watched hard quiz and condor, M talked to Don Dave and Em

Nov 11th Wednesday

Covid no new cases, warm and cloudy storms coming ( well not here, light showers in evening) , brought in washing  fixed screwy teapot, finished float like a butterfly sting like a bee, mowed rest of sculpture garden, started small dragon base, thighs and some bits, popriveted car M with kids and k from 11, swimming in arvo Mae loving it and being very prepared! , finished trials of Morrigan crow( ok) reheated frozen lasagne for tea watched star trek queens gambit adam hills and sc

Nov 10 Tuesday

No new covid cases, fine and sunny warming up  Belinda did 2 flowers I did 2 dogs and a teapot M has mae again water play, hide and seek painting, 1 visitor, minded kids at ks house til about 5, basic shopping mixed grill for tea mowed ½ sculpture garden, watched vera and victoria

Nov 9th Monday

Covid 20345, lifting of travel restrictions on Melbourne, Fine and sunny, warm, the boys worked on their projects Mary came with vic and gardened, m has all three kids, theos kinder has no staff, Eleanor has a sore throat( couldn’t tell)  til 3,water play, bath for theo climbing mattresses in front room, painting 10 people visited I helped from 11.00 after assembling birds in the wetlands naps KFC tea pilates lots of legwork car had flat battery had to call racv then home to watch endeavour

Nov 8th Sunday

Covid 20345 Biden wins us election , put up piccys on website finished tea pot did 3 small birds worked on birds in trees 2 9 people visited sold softhearted and gold leaf tree and industrial detritus, mowed house block and across rd, shopped and brought home pizza, Caleb helped M use computer to do a knitting pattern

Nov 7th Saturday

Covid 20345 cool and fine, kerry coming to pick up birds in trees ,Caleb to Dr with M do stuff to replace meeniyan  did 2 peacocks, 4 birds on sticks,3 chooks and started a teapot, family group (2) visited did plasmacuts, did roast beef for tea, watched cowboys and aliens,sc and cats and dogs

Nov 6th Friday

Covid20345 cool and fine theo has ear infection so no kids today for m, people come to pick up triffid, home school group here to do plasmacutting bought sorceress, Cathy smith setting up more of exhibition, Helen coming to get stuff for meeniyan,Mary to finish gardening put together 3 birds for sticks, shopped to get angle grinder back, and pump dropped off small birds, caf tea, watched fargo and vera and sc

Nov 5th Thursday

Covid 20345 cool and fine, vacuum ,paint triffid again, grind soft heart, and assemble Theo to OT tumble gym, home to play mind kids til k get home,mary gardened a bit 4 people visited sausage rolls for tea , wrote up sculptures watched hard quiz, briar patch condor and sc

Nov 4th Wednesday

Covid 20345 warm and breezy showers coming,cooled over day, M takes kids swimming with K ,I did new base for triffid started soft heart, cut out new trees , painted book piece, 2 people visited, finished new lee child book, ok did chicken mustard for tea watched star trek and queens gambit and sc

Nov 3rd Tuesday

Covid 20345 Melbourne cup day fine and mild warming up Belinda, work on small pieces finished birdhouse piece, did cat,glued book still to paint,started heart, cut off birds in trees circle and refinished, started new circle and 1 bird on stick, no kids 2 people visited warmed up finished puppet show book, did tacos for tea caleb still crook, watched good fight, and come fly with me and sc.

Nov 2nd Monday

Covid 20346 Fine and mild warming up the boys worked on 2nd arch, tractor piece and fisherboy, tidy up shed work on small pieces,finished handbag piece, most of birdhouse of soul started flying book, painted ball, 7 people visited , M has Eleanor and Mae K has curric day, Cathy still to add to exhibition, no Pilates kfc tea watched Victoria and vera

Nov 1st Sunday

Covid 20347 fine and mild,warmed up later, update website, paint regrowth ball and start small pieces help cathy set up her exhibition.replace pump on gallery still a bit dicey,5 people visited  stuffed at end of day, did tuna spaghetti, Caleb still a bit crook, watched endeavor sc and the sound

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