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October 11, 2020

October 2020

Oct diary

Oct 31st Saturday

Covid grey and mild working on infills of ball all done and leaves added, Cathy brought more gear 2 people came and bought Belinda stuff 2 came and bought my stuff, I bought penetrol and d rings and box, did snitzel for tea, watched cats and dogs, condor and sc

Oct 30th Friday

Covid 20344 grey and mild  became a sunny day mowed around moved pallets minding kids in morning. Took caleb in for Covid testing, home school group (3) to do plasma cutting, Worked on finishing ball panels, Ray and jeanette came and got ballet girl , Cathy brought in some parts of exhibition, caf tea watched queens gambit cats and dogs and wire in the blood

Oct 29th Thursday

Covid 20342 fine and sunny, maybe rain later, mowed across rd in morning mower needed fixing, then minding kids mae has ot at 10.30 theo didnt have speech at 1.00 2 people bought a peacock and 1 lady bought a chook and a teapot  Mary gardened,I dropped in 2 anglegrinders needing fixing basic shop and picked up metal from Longwarry, pie for tea caleb crook, M talked to Pauline, watched Fargo house of games, sc

Oct 28th Wednesday

Covid 20341 cool and cloudy, do 5 chooks and emu, kids from midday to 3.00 lady and man came to see about birds in the trees, Greg and Jeff Finger came to discuss an exhibition, mowed most of house block and sculpture garden out to tea at chili bites in warragul for book club, home to watch briar patch .

Oct 27th Tuesday

Covid 20341 cool and cloudy, Belinda did 3 flowers  I added1/2 another panel to ball cut out chook parts and did 1 chook, helped cathy smith with 2 lots of casting. Played with Mae. Dianne came and  got sculpture, M has mae all day  did sausages for tea watched come fly with me, the good fight,sc and wilty

Oct 26th Monday

Covid 20343 fine and mild sunnyish but cold at times, M took mae to fairy dance but not on, added another panel to ball, the boys worked on table, archway and tractor part old bbq dropped off for cutting up, played with mae a bit  kfc tea went to pilates but not starting til next week watched vera.

Oct 25th Sunday

Covid 20336 Finer day than yesterday, worked on another panel for ball  added to ritchies screens, painted natural resurrection assembled makes me whole/split, Ray childe and wife visited re sign to be cut and ballet girl, Sue visited reading the enemy, chicken roast for tea watched endeavour and Victoria, and calebs school video

Oct 24th Saturday

Covid 20332 Rainy and showery,went to bunnings and bought chain and flap discs, some shopping at aldi , M to traralgon with K and kids, I add to ball,rest of frame 1 panel and a bit and started split piece  home made pizza for tea watched grand final Richmond defeated geelong

Oct 23rd Friday

Grandfinal holiday,Covid 20329 fine and mild greyish finished diane sculpture talked to val and barry Ritchie re panels, lady to pick up pear,2 people visited  shopped briefly, caf tea, watched George gently sc and wilty

Oct 22nd Thursday

Covid 20323 fine and mild day greyish, warmish in early afternoon, did a hemisphere frame kids ot at 10 at warragul helping mind kids all day, David came and picked up his guy price piece, Mary gardened m shopped spaghetti for tea watched Grantchester, hardquiz and sc

Oct 21st Wednesday

Covid 20321 fine and mild day greyish,julieanne didn’t garden  finish the other 10 flowers, finish second Ritchie panel, 2 people visited M minding 2 kids from 12.30, play with kids in arvo,scammed by characters, chicken curry for tea, watched fargo and Qi and sc

Oct 20th Tuesday

Covid 20319 fine and mild day greyish Belinda  did 3 flowers I cut out more panel details, finished spring cat and did base of sculpture made 10 flowers , m takes mae to music Help mind mae after 11.00, wayne visited, mowed rest of sculpture garden did steak and sausages for tea watched briarpatch, the good fight and sc

Oct 19th Monday

Covid fine and mild day cut out lots of flowers assembled 5 kookas welded on panel details , did Swedish saw dancer the boys worked on table base, birdbath and signs, 3 people visited M minds mae all day takes to fairy dance in morning I help after 1.00, mowed part of yard and nature strip and part of sculpture garden, chops for tea watched vera sc and cats and dogs

Oct 18th Sunday

Covid 20317 showered overnight , finish 2nd side of panel, painted,  start on 2nd panel and cleo and ermakovas cat, ready to weld details on one side of panel, 3 people visited, did snitzel and salad for tea, watched Victoria endeavour and sc.

Oct 17th Saturday

Covid 20317 rained overnight, showery today unload metal start on ritchies panels 1 mostly done and did diannes table frame, 3 people visited, mary and kids did a bit more gardening, M talked to David on the phone shepherds pie for tea watched spooks,and charlies angels

Oct 16th Friday

Covid 20315 fine and sunny, m goes to kids unloaded car of rocks and wood, I assemble free dive and finish off power dressing angel,2 people visited, I meet M and kids at OT kids home here til 3 I pick up Eleanor from school I get metal from Longwarry, Caf tea watched fargo,spooks start trek  and cats and dogs

Oct 15th Thursday

Covid 20311 fine and breezy warm, did a bit on the dress  read until kids came home minding kids til 3, picked up rocks at K’s house brought home Eleanor,Mary came and gardened, bought new blower at geoffs,Natasha and Vickerman girl from N sth came and talked about excursion here, did prawn things for tea watched endeavour and hard quiz M talked to Stephen, rained in evening

Oct 14th Wednesday

Covid 20305, mild and breezy, fineish, minding kids from 12.30, Julieanne gardens Cyndi goes away, finished free dive and new machine added to dress,4 people visited played with kids 2 naps, reading golden maze did chow mien for tea watched Wallander and wilty and sc

Oct 13th Tuesday

Covid20295 grey misty rain Belinda,did a spider on a web and finished big flower,I do nude, character for new machine, and lucky in love, wooden flys things Minding mai til 3.00 David to Melbourne made skewers and snitzel for tea, watched emma and sc

Oct 12th Monday

Covid20281  fine and sunny, M takes mai to fairy dance, the boys did a spanner table house archway and birdbath, I did an emu and 2 peacocks and did a bit on wood turned pieces, lady picked up whirlygigs and I posted off 4 pieces to Peta  in Koroit ,minding mai til 3.00, shopped for steel at longwarry and shopped at drouin, home to do sausages and chips for tea, watched vera and sc

Oct 11th Sunday

Covid 20269 mild and grey, fixed mower, clean shed finished pear, mowed rest of garden,fined up in arvo 8 people visited, did tuna pasta for tea, watched endevour, good fight and sc

Oct 10th Saturday

Covid 20255 Cool and grey, no rain, Rokeby market, that I am not at, go buy grinding discs, welding rods and wire, shop. Mowed part of grounds Work on pear 8 people visited bought peacocks and emu and kookas, did red curry for tea, watched marty feldman doco and the bourne identity.

Oct 9th Friday

Covid 20247 grey and rainy no kids work on pear and other work laminated signs for pieces, adjusted reader, and recycled point of view into star cat, did another owl like creature, cut up 7 of 8 pieces for pear, shopped for groceries but glitch meant I could not buy any, caf tea, watched my spy, good and funny, also wilty and sc.,

Oct 8th Thursday

Covid 20237 grey and showery, house work until 9.30 theo to OT warragul mind kids with M until 3,put together an owl, cancelled Rokeby payment, M was phone scammed, rung dynaweld re welder, did beef slowcooker stew for tea Caleb looking at house in Pakenham, watched hard quiz and name show,and wire in the blood

Oct 7th Wednesday

Covid 20233 grey and fine, work on Cyndi and couch surfing and finish dog from yesterday, mind mae and theo, 2 people visited,played with kids chicken slow cooker for tea watched my octopus teacher( excellent) criminal and sc

Oct 6th Tuesday

Covid 20220, grey and fine, Belinda did 2 flowers and started on a heavy flower, M minds mae, do 3.5 dogs and more on couch surfing , play with mae, get prescriptions did taco pockets for tea watched a bit of every family has a secret and sc.

Oct 5th Monday

Covid 20205 showery and cool, swapped mig bottle over , work on Cyndi head, started couch surfing the boys did a birdbath, some more signs and some pegs for , M minds mae all day I played with her til 2.45, read book a bit did spanakopita for tea watched last Murdoch empire, Wallander and sc.

Oct 4th Sunday

Covid 20197 daylight saving, fine and mild, work on Cyndi  mostly covered have to do head and hair and add to base. 8 people arrived sold 2 dogs 2 flowers and a square vase,talked to lots, reading grey man book, did chicken parcels for tea watched endevour, and cats.rained at night.

Oct 3rd Saturday

Covid 20191, fine and warm breezy, drop off specimens ,shop, lady to discuss walking stick Valma and Barry work on assembling girl treble and face, reading book, 8 people visited did demos, chicken roast for tea watched everely bros doco, vera and sc

Oct 2nd Friday

Covid 20183 Fine sunny and breezy, work on and assemble small pieces, M has day at home calebs taxes, I did tortoise ride, girl treble, tried to swap over gas but not there, bought wire brush and welding wire, sharmi visited, graham duell visited 2 family groups, caf tea, watched james bond, sc, and criminal

Oct 1st Thursday

Covid 20169, fine and coolish fined up for some of day m helps k today with kids, theo speech, girl coming to pick up angel orbit, still a bit wobbly worked on doing small pieces, bird on branch, manga girl, short trip, Julieanne gardened, sausages for tea, watched one 404, mediocre, trip to Greece, hardquiz sc,

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